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2006-03-03, 05:35 PM

Ginevra slips her daggers back up her sleeves, and draws her shortsword, quietly. She whispers to the others, "I don't think we should move in right away. There are probably still drow soldiers hidden in there, and we have to be careful about them, or they'll massacre us."
And that rumbling can't be anything good, either...
Ginevra will try to identify or at least determine the location of the rumbling sound.
(OOC: Listen +6)

2006-03-04, 08:46 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

If any of the others moves forward to attack, Trinark will follow up in support.

Otherwise, I suggest move forward in a concerted effort to engage at least a few of the soldiers guarding the rear.

2006-03-05, 04:24 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf moved up alongside the others at the opening to the fungus forest cave. His 'detect magic' attempt had revealed nothing unusual, so he felt somewhat confident that the area was minimally secure.

"So, what's the plan ladies?" he asked, unsure of how to proceed. It seemed to him that their enemies had many advantages in their chosen campsite, including excellent cover and knowledge of the area. On the other hand, if the party stuck together, they could surely defeat small portions of the drow complement separated from the rest. Surely the drow defense, if one existed, couldn't be concentrated in one place.

2006-03-05, 07:14 PM
The party gathers at the tunnel entrance to plan its assault on the fungus grove.

To everyone's surprise and horror, Tychus breaks cover and begins to charge across the 100 ft of open space by himself. Tychus' sword is sheathed, instead he unfurls a serpentine whip, which he whirls in complex patterns overhead.

Before Tychus has covered half the distance to the fungus, a series of bolts streak towards him - thwip, thwip, thwip, thwip, thwip. The bolts spark as they strike the ground all around the bard.

By some miracle, the bolts all miss Tychus, but when the bard realizes that no one is following him, the song dies in his throat, and he scrambles back to the tunnel opening, sheepishly joining the others.

The stunt wasn't completely useless, however. Thallios and the others were able to note subtle movements behind the mushrooms, revealing the general locations of roughly half a dozen drow, concealed behind the giant fungi.

Trinark digests Ginevra's observations and suggests that the drow may have left a single squad behind to cover their retreat.

"It looked like the drow and grimlocks were leaving in a hurry," whispers Ginevra.

The rumbling increases in intensity. The source of the vibration is difficult to localize. It feels like it might be approaching from ... below?

OOC: The drow make astonishingly poor attack rolls at 3 range increments - 3, -1, 2, 1, 6! All 5 bolts miss.

2006-03-06, 04:26 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf compared notes with the others, indicating particular fungi that shielded drow bowmen.

After Ginevra revealed her observations of the drow and grimlock evacuation, he replied "So, the drow commander wanted to stall us while they flee..." It didn't make any sense to Thallios. Why would the drow fear an open confrontation in a controlled environment? "Or... she wanted to stall us for some other reason..."

Thallios looked at the ground, thinking about the mysterious unexplained rumbling. "Perhaps we should not wait to see why she wanted us to stay put."

He gauged the range to the nearest drow; it must be about 100 feet, which is not quite extreme for a hand crossbow, but still it would tax the abilities of the drow bowmen to strike the party accurately. Thallios readied a fireball spell, planning exactly where to strike in order to take out the most foes in a single blast.

2006-03-06, 11:29 AM
The drow remain silent for now.

A faint pulsation can almost be heard coming from within the fungi. The frequency seems to be just below the threshold of human and elf hearing, but the subtle subharmonics set your teeth on edge.

The rumbling continues to increase. Small pebbles begin to dance on the rocky floor of the cavern ...

2006-03-06, 04:09 PM
Andrea, Wandering Harper

Andrea watches the grove with a faint smile, though it lingers more from habit than from any real amusement.

"It's some reassurance that they seem to be poor shots..."

He strokes his sword hilt in idle fondness as he watches the fungi a moment longer, before turning back to the group.

"Five shots... and it's reasonable to assume that not all of them are shooting. I'd say that there are at least another two foes in their with melee weapons at the ready... maybe more than that. But then, we've taken their like before, haven't we? They've got cover, but if we can close with them then it'll be working both ways, won't it?"

He shifts uneasily as the pebbles clatter around them. " 'Sides, I don't like this screeching. It's got me on my toes. And this infernal precipitation isn't helping either. Makes hail feel like a spring shower..."

2006-03-06, 08:05 PM
Ginevra, worried rogue

Ginevra uneasily glances at the pebbles before returning her sword to its sheath and loading her crossbow. "This... earthquake? ...it isn't natural... I don't know, it could be a spell... Thallios, what do you think it is?" Nervous, not waiting for an answer, Ginevra slips into the shadows beside the wall and starts pacing up and down, looking for a drow target.

(OOC: Ginevra will move along the wall after she shoots, so that her location can't be immediately pinpointed. She'll take the first clear shot she has. Attack bonus with crossbow +8.)

2006-03-06, 09:19 PM
As you look at the ground more carefully, you realize that the pebbles aren't falling from above like precipitation; rather, the pebbles are "dancing" because the ground is vibrating.

Whatever is approaching seems to be doing so from below.

Thallios rubs his chin. "I don't think the rumbling is magical, but perhaps that strange vibration is ..."

Ginevra slips into the shadows and starts circumnavigating the cavern, looking for an opening between the fungi. She finds a spot where the fungi are positioned in such a way that she can see all the way through to the center of the grove. Although she is still 100 ft from the edge of the fungi, she can make out a motionless humanoid figure ...

2006-03-06, 09:40 PM

Looks like its time for me to save the day again, nobody can stay away from my sting for long Yix thinks to himself as he stealthily makes his way towards the crossbow men. Hmmm I wonder whether or not they taste good as well Yix feels a slight rumbling in his stomach suggesting that it has been long enough since he last ate for a little snack of sorts.

(OOC: Hide modifier: +22
Move Silently: +10))

2006-03-06, 10:13 PM

Ducking low, Andrea draws his sword and begins to make his way slowly across the floor toward the grove. He is light on his feet, ready to leap away, and makes use of any cover he can get his hands on.

I need somewhere I can stay and hide for a bit, get a peep at the surroundings without being too exposed.

((Full Defense, looking for something with 50 ft. of the fungi that I can get significant cover from.))

2006-03-06, 11:16 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Seeing that the party is moving against the enemy, Thallios decided that his Fireball would not only injure or kill some of their enemies, but it would also serve as an excellent distraction from his fellows who were moving toward their foes.

Thallios unleashed his spell, targeting as efficiently as possible.

(He'll then look for a target for Scorching Ray)

As for the rumbling/earthquakiness, Knowledge Check:
Arcana +13
Dungeoneering +9

2006-03-07, 12:59 PM

Tiriel hesitates only a moment before joining Andrea in his march across the cavern. She's puzzled as to why he's moving so slowly though. "I understand that you're worried about being hit, but wouldn't it make more sense to run? They will have less time to reload that way, and a moving target is harder to hit..."

OOC: I'm off my normal computer so the text color is funky...

2006-03-07, 09:42 PM

Ginevra, seeing Thallios about to loose his fireball, takes sight on the motionless, soon-to-be doomed figure in the center of the grove, and shoots.

She then moves along the wall, away from the main group, so that her location cannot be determined by the direction the bolt came from.

2006-03-08, 07:52 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark moves to close to those moving up the center. He shouts over the rumbling...


Trinark points toward the closest cavern wall. "THIS WAY!"

Even if they don't move, Trinark follows his own advice.

2006-03-08, 09:43 PM

"Say what, now?"

Nonetheless, a slightly incredulous Andrea dashes for the wall, shaking his head. What could possibly be causing... ALL this?

2006-03-08, 10:03 PM

Having already tried to move the others to attack once, he gives up and scrambles towards Trinark.

2006-03-08, 11:13 PM
Ginevra fires a crossbow bolt into the heart of the fungus grove towards the figure she sees there.

Almost simultaneously, Thallios' fireball detonates at the outer perimeter of the "forest". The luminscent fungi at the outer edge of the cluster are apparently fairly fragile - the explosion creates a 20 ft wide crater as the smaller fungi are blown to bits. Burning, luminescent chunks arc through the air like white phosphorus, filling the cavern with the pungent smell of roasting mushrooms. A number of the surviving luminscent fungi are knocked down, exposing an open central area in the middle of the grove.

The party members scatter, even the tiny dragon, looking for cover along the perimeter of the cavern. There is no "return fire." In fact, there is no sign of nor response from the drow ...

As the smoke clears, the gnoll and the lizardman become visible. they are both standing in the center of the fungi, each is chained to a different woody mushroom stalk. Both are struggling mightily with their manacles, without much success. A crossbow bolt is buried into the trunk of one of the mushrooms, just inches from the lizardman's head.

The two monstrous humanoids are about 20 ft apart. On the ground in between them is some sort of glowing, pulsating crystalline device. The subharmonic vibrations seem to be emanating from that item.

The rumbling grows even louder, and small cracks begin to appear in the center of the mushroom grove in between the gnoll and the lizardman.

OOC: Data thread updated.

2006-03-09, 06:40 AM
Lizardkin Druid

He winces as pieces of hard fungi fly and cut him. Then realising the futility of breaking the metal chain, attacks the trunk of the mushroom he's chained. He bites and claws at it as best as he can.

His heart lifts at the sight of the drow packmate in the distance. It then sinks as he realises that it was a trap and that HE was the bait.

Despite the heal spells, fatigue lags at him and he is weak from hunger. The humming device in front of him spelled an inevitable doom and he falters momentarily.

I have come too far to fail...I am the DRUID of the people, Semuanya's chosen....my death..... willbe bought dearly...

2006-03-09, 10:28 PM
Trinark, Drow Companion

When Trinark catches a glimpse of his companion, the druid, through the smoke he dashes over to him.

If he is the first to get there, he will attempt to kick the crystal item away from the (former) prisoners. His goal is to protect and free them.

2006-03-10, 12:19 AM

Yix growls in he direction of the mushroom grove. It is hard to tell exactly what he is growling at, whether its the crystalline object, or the cracks beginning to form, or the situation in general. I know, Yix will save the day! Yix thinks to himself as he flies towards the lizardman, looking for any mechanism that is holding the chains together.

((Open Locks +8; Disable Device +6 Don't know which one is more appropraite.))

2006-03-10, 11:38 AM
The tiny dragon is the first to reach the two prisoners. It immediately begins to attempt to pick the manacles' lock with its tail stinger.

The lizardman, who had been straining against his bonds, tries to relax so as not to make the flying lizard's job any more difficult.

Trinark sprints through the smoky haze, and kicks the crystalline device away from the prisoners. It tumbles and skids to a halt 20 ft away, but continues to pulsate ominously.

The cracks grow ever larger, and the ground beings to shift. Something large is tunneling up through the rock from below ...

2006-03-10, 12:16 PM

crap crap crap. I knew the drow were twisted, but this plan... it's just foul. what to do what to do. save two unknowns or flee...
She looks over at Ginevra, "You wanted to save them, so now what?!"
Tiriel thinks she might have a decvent chance of destroying the mushrooms the two prisoners are chained to (2 handed atk w/flaming longsword vs mushroom=not much of a fight) but the whole shaking ground thing doesn't look good...

2006-03-10, 03:33 PM

The Gnoll, seeing the cracks in the floor, is obviously fearfull, but not to the point of histeria. Instead of continuing pointlessly trying to free itself from the bonds, it starts to work itself arrond the trunk of the fungi, in an attempt to put it betwen itself and the cracks. Hsaving done this it tries to, rather than pull the chains apart, tries to uproot or break the fungi it is attached to in an attempt to escape, while making growling sounds in it's throat, most likely inaudiable to anyone in the area due to the incessant rumbling.

2006-03-10, 07:05 PM

Ginevra sprints over to the prisoners, pulling the lock picks from her belt pouch. She immediately goes to work on the bonds of the gnoll. She shouts over the rumbling, "Lie still while I free you! The less you struggle, the sooner you'll be free."

2006-03-10, 07:46 PM

The gnoll haults it's actions at the vaguely familliar sound of the voice, trusting it as it's only real hope of survival.

2006-03-10, 11:39 PM

Andrea looks up, a rather dubious hair accessory added in the form of a large, melancholy lump of luminous mushroom.

"Well... shroom."

Drawing his bow, and knocking an arrow, Andrea began to lope towards the prisoners, raising the bow, half-drawn, to point uneasily at the widening hole.

"Careful out there! We don't know what's coming through. Hang on, I'll be there in a sec!"

((Draw ranged weapon on the move toward the prisoners, take aim at crack and ready an action to shoot anything that should emerge and take hostile action.))

2006-03-11, 03:00 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

(OOC: DR, what happened with my knowledge checks? And as long as we're at it, I want to see what I know about that pulsating device, please.
Arcana +13, Dungeoneering +9 )

Thallios made his way quickly around the perimeter of the cavern toward the direction the drow fled. He kept his eyes on the area in the center, where the floor was breaking apart.

He prepared to cast Scorching Ray upon whatever appeared...

2006-03-11, 03:15 PM

"Don't worry I will get you out of here!" Yix broadcasts to the Lizardman continuing to work the lock.

2006-03-11, 07:58 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin nods to the dragon as the words form in his head. A calm had settled on him. In a land of all kinds of unnatural horrors, he did not expect what was coming to be something that could be dealt with easily.

He remembered the companions he had lost, Dragon-heart(Taern) and Walks-in-balance (Graevic) in the last battle they had fought under the tower of his visions.

Looking at the new pinkskins rushing to his aid, his drow companion brandishing his sword and the dragon hatchling attempting to free him from his binds, he wondered how many would fall if they did not flee.

His eyes fall on where the cracks appear and do not waver anymore. He begins chanting. The endsong of the people.

2006-03-12, 12:37 PM
The lizardman begins to growl. It takes a few moments before you figure out that his vocalizations are some sort of chant.

Yix continues to work on the lizardman's lock while Ginevra tackles the gnoll's lock. They work as quickly as they can as the cracks grow ever larger. Tiriel steps forward raising her flaming longsword, "This is taking too long! Stand back!"

Her sword arcs downward and bites deeply into the chains binding the gnoll, sending sparks and chunks of mushroom flying ...

Trinark, Thallios, Tychus and Andrea take up defensive positions and ready themselves to attack. Si'rene climbs atop one of the smaller mushrooms and draws back her bow, aiming at the center of the fungus grove.

A giant clawed limb bursts through the stony ground, a second limb follows, then a massive pair of mandibles with jagged teeth. The creature's head is dominated by a pair of compound insectoid eyes. As it clambers to its feet, it casts its gaze about, causing a wave of disorientation to wash over each of you ...

OOC: Everyone will need to make a DC 15 Will save or be affected by Confusion. The creature's AC is 18 (touch AC 10). You can make your own save rolls, attack rolls, and damge rolls.

p.s. Thallios has never seen anything like the device before. It appears to be some kind of homing beacon or a lure. Perhaps it is unique to the drow or to the Underdark.

2006-03-12, 03:19 PM

The gnoll starts with an inarticulate cry, recoiling away from the creature emergingfrom the cracks in the ground, and scrambles to find something to use as a weapon.

(Ooc: I assume I'm naked at the moment. Will save d20+1=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=386758). Good roll!)

2006-03-12, 08:30 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark stares as the beast heaves inself out of the ground. A look of concern, then grim determination crosses his face. [Will save: 12+5=17]

A prayer of blessing immediately comes to his lips. "Eilistraee, we ask for your gentle hand to guide our actions in our time of need!"

[OOC: Initiative: 17 + 6 = 23]

[OOC-2: Cast BLESS on our group, 50' radius to get as many of us as possible. Everyone gets a +1 to attack and +1 on saves vs. Fear effects.]

2006-03-12, 08:39 PM

Tychus drops his whip and starts a battle dirge, whilst moving towards the gnoll. He tries to pass to him a Longsword, and pulls out a dagger for himself, readying for battle with a song on his lips.

[OOC: Will save 1d20 +6=23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=386007)
Initiative 1d20 +2=19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=386009)
Bardic Music +1 to attack, damage and saves]

2006-03-12, 11:23 PM

Yix lets out a growl, but then croons his pleasure at seeing this beast, only to then growl again. Yix makes no movement, rather just hovering there with a glazed look across his face (as glazed as a pseudodragon can get)

((Will Save 4+4=8))

2006-03-12, 11:58 PM
Thallios, Elf wizard

Thallios gasped at the size of the menacing creature, and felt the enchantment break against his defenses -- effectively rattling but not crushing his will.

The elf weaves his fingers into the necessary contortions, and spits out the necessary power words. Fiery rays lance out from his hands to strike at the monster.

[OOC: Do we know what this is? I don't think bulette's have 'confusion' abilities...
Will save: 9+5+2*=16
*+2 racial save vs Enchantments
Initiative: 5+2=7
Ranged touch attack: 7+5+1=13
By the way, Thallios' Mage Armor should still be in effect...]

[EDIT: forgot to add the +1 from Trinark's Bless - thanks Trinark!]

2006-03-13, 09:12 AM
Ginevra steps back as Tiriel cuts through the chains, hastily returning her picks to her belt pouch and closing it, then going for her sword. As the gaze of the strange creature passes over Ginevra, she takes a deep breath and exhales slowly, her eyes unmoving, staring into space.

(Will Save 1d20+3=8)

2006-03-13, 12:26 PM
(OOC: I'm guessing that she's right next to it now...)
Grinning, Tiriel turns toward the beast and trys to strike it with her sword.
Attack: (1d20.each(8)=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=386449)
Will save: (1d20.each(2)=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=386441)

OOC: see post in OC thread...

2006-03-14, 09:58 PM
The drow's eyes narrow as he mutters a prayer in Undercommon. The hairs on the back of your neck prickle as his spell takes effect.

Tychus begins to sing, lifting your spirits and helping to counteract the confusing effects of the monster's gaze. The bard tosses his longsword to the newly freed gnoll, and draws a dagger for himself.

The gnoll snarls disapprovingly at the human weapon, but with no better weapon available, the monstrous humanoid shrugs and accepts the blade for now.

The monster has now heaved itself completely out of the ground. It stands roughly 8 feet tall and is nearly 5 feet across. Its entire body is covered with dark brown chitinous plates with scattered feelers throughout. Above its multifaceted insectoid eyes are a pair of frighteningly intelligent, almost human, smaller eyes that seem to bore directly into your souls.

Si'rene and Andrea wobble gently on their feet babbling incoherently.

Yix stops working at the lizardman's bonds. A look of confusion and fear fills the little dragon's eyes. It streaks directly for the monster and begins stabbing at it with its stinger, heedless of any danger.

Ginevra, too, feels the effects of the hulking beast. She passes her hand across her forehead, then begins to draw her shortsword. The rogue feels like she is moving in slow-motion underwater, and it takes all of her mental concentration to accomplish this simple task.

Tiriel grins in battle-lust as she turns and slashes the beast with her flaming sword. Her weapon glances off of its rock hard armor in a shower of sparks.

Thallios' face is pale with horror, but he marshalls his wits enough to scorch the aberration with a fiery ray.

The lizardman growls with frustration as he is left helplessly chained to his mushroom.

OOC: Trinark casts bless. Tychus sings. Thallios hits with a scorching ray for 12 damage. Tiriel misses. Si'rene and Andrea are confused and can do nothing but babble.

Yix rolled a 6 and can do nothing but attack the umber hulk for 8 rounds. Ginevra rolled an 18 and can act normally. Both Yix and Ginevra can submit rolls this round if they would like.

2006-03-14, 10:22 PM

Ginevra shakes her head as if she's just woken up from a drugged sleep. She realises she's holding something, looks down at her drawn shortsword, looks at the monster, and circles around behind it before attempting to stab it between its insect-like armor plates.

(OOC: Attack roll 1d20=19+8=27! w00t! Critical! Critical roll 1d20=14+8=22. Ginevra will dodge out of sight of the insect-like creature behind the mushrooms after her attack, in case it tries to rip her head off.)

2006-03-14, 11:24 PM

Yix lets out a small growl as it attacks the creature. No one can tell why the growl was issued though, whether it was sheer hate of the Umber Hulk, or just putting too much effort into attacking it. Yix manages to score a lucky hit, his stinger doesn't penetrate too far, but enough so that his poison can seep into the Umber Hulk.

Damage 1d3-2=1))

2006-03-14, 11:44 PM
Not in the least undetured, Tiriel will continue to attack the Umberhulk:
attack roll: (1d20.each(9)=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=387696)
And hits dealing:
damage: (1d8.each(5)=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=387697) + Fire: (1d6=2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=387700) = 14

Realizing that most of the current party doesn't do well in straight meelee combat, she'll continue to stay near it and occupy it's attention.

2006-03-15, 03:29 AM

Realising the danger the party would be in if another one of these beasts were to appear, Tychus moves in to pick up the strange box, Casts Silence on it, and hurls it into the water, far away from them. After having done so, he stands with his Dagger at the ready, hoping to defend himself.

2006-03-15, 10:42 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark moves to avoid the threat zone of the creature if possible. He plans to remain out of reach in order to aid (and heal) his comrades as necessary.

"Someone try to circle behind the beast, spread out and harry it from all sides!"

2006-03-17, 12:00 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Seeing that Tychus took care of the thumping box, Thallios returned his attention to the monstrosity that had appeared from the ground.

Too many compatriots were fighting the beast for him to risk Fireball, so he bent his fingers again in arcane forms, and yelled out the incantation for Scorching Ray.

[Thallios casts Scorching Ray #2 at the Umberhulk]

2006-03-17, 04:22 PM
Tiriel moves with practiced grace, deflecting the umber hulks claws as she slashes its armored limbs. Her flaming sword almost instantly cauterizes each would she inflicts, and the umber hulk seems oblivious to its injuries.

However, when Ginevra sneaks up behind the beast and jams her shortsword between two of its armored plates, she definitely gets the umber hulk's attention. It whirls and slashes viciously at her. She barely manages to duck and roll away from the attack, but the creature is definitely focused on her now.

Thallios burns the umber hulk again, leaving another scorch mark on its armored carapace. Yix, in a frenzy, plunges its stinger into the umber hulk's body, but the tiny dragon causes the monster about as much discomfort as a gnat.

Trinark keeps off to the side, ready to aid any of his companions as necessary. The lizardman, meanwhile, continues to thrash about impatiently, forgotten for the moment it would seem.

Tychus turns away from the melee and scoops up the pulsating drow device. Silencing it with a word and gesture, he then hurls it down one of the passages exiting the cavern. Immediately, the annoying pulsation ceases ...

2006-03-18, 03:34 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Chanting the endsong, the lizardkin had almost accepted the inevitability of his death. Wishing in his heart that the pinkskins would flee from the monstrosity he was filled with regret as they placed themselves between him and it.

What am I doing?.... these strangers fight for me.... with the loyalty.. of a pack

He ceases the chant and instead slashes at the hard trunk he is chained to, repeatedly. Looking up at the peril of his packmates, a switch flips in his mind and something primal takes over. He slashes with a frenzy, ignoring the numbing pain in his claws. He remembered the remains of his kin, the last sight of a spear-wielder, the fall fo a dwarf. He pushes the memories aside and gives in to the rage. An emotion un-natural to a cold-blooded reptile.

No more... no more..

2006-03-18, 11:04 AM

Seeing the others engage the massive creature, the Gnoll takes the proffered sword and charges the creature yelling, "I will bite your tendon's and you shall fall" in it's thick Gnoll accent.

[Ooc: d20+10=12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=390163). Oops, forgot to factor in charging bonus. => d20+12=14]

2006-03-18, 03:32 PM
Seeing her friend become the monster's next target, Tirel continues her assault:

attack(+2 for bless/bardic music)= (1d20.each(10)=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=390291)

damage(+1 for bardic music)= (1d8.each(6)=13) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=390293) + Fire= (1d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=390295) =17

OOC: I assume this happens after the Gnoll's charge...

2006-03-18, 05:02 PM

Yix continues to feel a deep loathing towards the Umber Hulk, and keeps stabbing at the beast. He manages to stab at the beast again, but the blow doesn't seem to do anything.

((Attack: 15+6+1=22
Damage: 2-2+1=1 (Haha Damage thank you bardic music)

Forgot the music))

2006-03-19, 06:58 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios readies his third and last Scorching Ray. If the beast is still going strong, he will cast it.

[OOC - I'm leaving on vacation in the morning. I expect to have internet access at my hotel in Vienna, but in the event that I am unable to log in, DR, I'm terribly sorry. Please run Thallios as an NPC]

2006-03-19, 07:13 AM

Unsure of what actions he could take to aid his allies, he tries to blind the beast, and make it easier to focus on. After doing so, he tries to move around to the Lizardman, to see if he can aid him in any way.

OOC: Casts Glitterdust, Will save DC 15 to not be blinded.

2006-03-19, 11:22 AM

Ginevra dodges the beast's attacks, looking away from its face, trying to avoid its crushing gaze, watching its movements out of the corner of her eyes. She hisses in annoyance as the dust from Tychus' spell falls over her. Blinking it from her eyes, she makes a darting attack towards the beast, stabbing quickly at the area between its armor plates, and moves away around a mushroom, trying to evade its pincers.

(OOC: Averts eyes--50% chance Ginevra doesn't have to make a will save against the umberhulk. 20% concealment miss chance. Will Save +1 from Bardic Music (1d20+3=19)
Attack Roll +2 from Bardic Music and Bless (1d20+10=17)
Concealment Miss Roll (d%=48))

2006-03-19, 07:26 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Since no one needs any immediate aid, Trinark changes his focus. He moves over to his Druid friend, and attempts to help free him. If necessary he will use his longsword to shop through the fungus trunk.

He occasionally glances over his shoulder at the melee, just in case someone needs him.

[OOC: I will leave the details of helping the Druid to our distinguished DM.]

2006-03-20, 06:25 PM
The gnoll charges in, holding the longsword in both paws. As the gnoll swings, the umber hulk raises a heavily armored arm, deflecting the attack easily, almost knocking the gnoll off-balance.

Perhaps it is the tiny dragon's ferocious attack, or Ginevra's natural agility, but when the umber hulk attacks the human rogue, it slashes nothing but air.

Thallios burns the umber hulk again, singing off the hair-like feelers that cover the monsters carapace. As if noticing the bard for the first time, the umber hulk slowly turns and fixes its gaze on him.

With a shout, Tychus showers the area with a glittering dust that coats everything in the melee area, highlighting Ginevra, the gnoll, the flying lizard, and the umber hulk.

His intentions are good, but both the gnoll and the pseudodragon shake their heads as the dust blinds them. Ginevra manages to avert her eyes, but the dust prevents her from blending into the shadows as is her usual evasion strategy ...

Meanwhile, Trinark has managed to make his way over towards the mushroom where his lizardkin friend is chained. With a prayer to Eilistraee on his lips, the drow raises his sword and cleaves the lock in two.

With a hiss of satisfaction, the lizardman raises his freed arms, broken chains dangling from each wrist ...

2006-03-21, 01:14 AM
Lizardkin Druid


His frenzy lifts for a moment and he looks at his packmate with a smile before he charges the umber hulk. Attempting to leap on it and bring it down.

He feels something begin to muddle his concentration but he tries to shake it off as he charges.

2006-03-21, 09:12 AM

Damn it! Ginevra curses to herself, shaking her head in a futile attempt to dislodge some of the glittering powder. As the beast turns to Thallios, Ginevra darts catlike around her mushroom to the beast's back, opposite from Tiriel and the agressive gnoll, and stabs again at a gap between the armor plates of the insect-beast, making sure not to look directly at the creature.

(OOC: Attack Roll, Die Umber Hulk! 1d20+10=28
Concealment Miss Chance d%=23)

2006-03-21, 06:55 PM

A growl echoes forth from Yix as the dust settles in his eyes, but it doesn't stop him from lashing out with his stinger. His mind compels his to attack where it remembers the hulking figure last.

(Attack Roll:12+6+1-Blindness=?))

2006-03-21, 08:01 PM

Ignoring his initial failure, the gnoll keeps on at the monster.

[Ooc: Full atack action: 1d20+8=9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=393504) not going too well.]

2006-03-21, 08:09 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark stares dumbfounded at his "Blessed Longsword", then to the shattered lock on the ground. Grinning, he turns in place to survey the raging battle.

Seeing that none of his comrades looks injured, he looks for an opening to join the fray.

[OOC: Activate Fighting Defensively {+2 AC, -4 to hit}]

[OOC2- Don't forget about the Bless spell in effect.]

2006-03-21, 09:48 PM

Fast running out of options, and not wanting to make things worse, Tychus pulls back out of combat and starts up his song again.

Might not be able to take that beast down, but at least I can help the others a little.

[OOC: Move back 30 feet and start Bardic Music up again.]

2006-03-22, 10:58 PM
Si'rene and Andrea continue to wobble in confusion, still subject to the effects of the umber hulk's gaze. Tychus steps away from the melee, raising his voice in inspiring song.

Ginevra and Tiriel are joined by Trinark, the gnoll and the lizardman, as they surround and harry the umber hulk, like hounds trying to bring down a wild boar. The pseudodragon continues to flit about the monster's head like an angry hornet.

The umber hulk's gaze switches away from Thallios to the nearby melee combatants - whom the beast determines to be the greater threat.

The gnoll howls as he fumbles with the unfamiliar weapon designed for human, not gnoll, hands, but his attacks give Ginevra another opportunity to thrust the umber hulk when his back is turned.

Unfortunately, the umber hulk is able to catch the gnoll by the scruff of his neck, lifting the gnoll into the air, then smashing him down onto the ground, leaving him broken and bloody.

The monster then clamps its enormous mandibles around Tiriel's waist. Only her elven chain prevents her from being cut in half. She reverses her grip and drives her flaming longsword deep into the beast's neck, forcing it to release her.

At just that moment, the lizardman, newly freed, leaps through the air, scrabbling at the umber hulk's armor with his claws. The beast slaps the lizardman aside almost as an afterthought.

OOC: Tiriel hits with a 28 (18 + 10) for 15 damage. Ginevra hits for 10 damage (including backstabbing bonus for flanking). The gnoll misses. The lizardman hits with a 25 (18 + 7) for 4 damage.

The umber hulk hits the lizardman with a 19 (8 + 11) for 10 points on an AoO. It hits the gnoll with a natural 20 and crits with a 15 (4 + 11) for 20 points. It misses Ginevra with a 16 (5 + 11). It misses Tiriel with a 13 (4 + 9).

The umber hulk has taken 120 points of damage so far.

2006-03-23, 09:50 AM

Ginevra, seeing her companions, her... friends wounded, growls and stabs at the beetle-beast again, not bothering avert her eyes.

(OOC: Attack Roll 1d20+10=20)

2006-03-23, 10:15 AM

Brused and bloodied, but by no means out of the battle, the Gnoll heaves itself off the floor and Makes yet another attempt at attacking the creature with a grunt of effort.

(ooc: Attack against Umber=d20+8=22 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=394717) Finaly a decent roll)

2006-03-23, 01:31 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Wincing from the pain, the reptilian holds his bruised ribs and recovers his breath.

Picking himself with a grunt, he strategically moves to flank the freak of nature and moves in for the kill.

OOC: (1d20 + 4 = 13 + 4 + 2(flank) +2(BM&bless) = 21 )
Damage: 3+3= 6

2006-03-24, 12:22 AM
Tiriel realizes that most of those involved in the fight don't have much of a surival chance unless the creature is dealt with quickly. As such she positions herself across from one of those still in melee with the Umberhulk and attacks with an upward swing:

Attack roll: (1d20.each(12)=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=395484) with +2(flank) +1(bless), (+1 b.music) factored in

Damage: (1d8.each(7), 1d6,=[[3, 7]], [6]) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=395491)=(+1 for b.music)17

2006-03-24, 04:26 AM
The umber hulk seems almost surprised by the ferocity of the attacks from all directions.

Ginevra's backstabbing, Tiriel's flaming slashes, and the ferocious attacks from the lizardman and the gnoll (not to mention the frenzied stinging from the tiny dragon) combined prove to be too much for the umber hulk.

It collapses under its own weight, twitches for several seconds, then is still.

Slowly, the confused members of the party regain their senses, while the others inspect the enormous cadaver. Although none of you have seem many umber hulks, this monster's thick, scarred carapace and enormous size suggest that it was much older than the "usual" members of its species.

The drow and grimlocks seem to have made good their escape in the meantime.

You note two exit tunnels (other than the tunnel you entered through). The lizardman indicates that the drow took the downward sloping tunnel. The other tunnel slopes upward.

OOC: Ouch! The elder umber hulk absorbs a grand total of 156 points of damage.

2006-03-24, 12:19 PM

Huh? What's going on? And whats that thing doing there. Ha ha I must have one it! Yix thinks to himself as he flies over and lands on the dead beast trumpeting a growl of success. Yix throws out his chest like a returning conqueror, and makes sure everyone knows he is proud of himself.

2006-03-25, 02:00 PM
Once Andrea regains his senses, he smiles as the party is reunited with the gnoll and lizardman.

The Harper winks as he unslings a large pack from his back. Opening it, he reveals that he has been carrying the lizardman's and gnoll's weapons and armor.

"I thought you might need these once we rescued you!"

2006-03-25, 02:34 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilian takes the offered backpack and hangs his head in shame.

One of the people hunting beside pinkskins.. one of the people owing his life to pinkskins... how times have changed...

He nods his thanks to Andrea.

He looks to Tychus and musters an appreciative look
"Freed me again. have you"

Placing an arm on Trinark's shoulder, he relaxes certain jaw muscles on his face. Not quite a smile but a lightened expression. Even though a savage race that fought among themselves, the lizardpeople were a communal race who found comfort in each other's company. This lizardman is no exception and his comfort in the drow's company was clear.

"We are still due a blood debt from your ki..kind". He stops from saying 'kin' at the last moment, finally acknowledging that the lone drow who stood by him was an outcast and no kin of the drow who had captured and chained them like lesser beasts.

Grim determination had settled on his features but looking at the battle-weary starngers and after considering the delay this had been from his true objective: finding Sheyra, he untensed his shoulders and simply said:

"There is food here. We should rest and then choose our paths". He waves his arm indicating the expanse of fungi and looks at the others.

2006-03-25, 07:54 PM

The gnoll bows his head in thanks as he accepts the equipment back.

"I suppose that I too owe you my life twice over now," he says, strangely subdued. "I thank you all the same."

He growls at the lizards comment. "We can't stay here, not while the drow are running. I would dearly like to sink my teath into their flesh."

2006-03-25, 09:32 PM

The green-eyed woman hesitates, looking at her friends.
"I don't know about us... S'irene, Tiriel, am I correct in thinking that all three of us want to get back to what we were doing before?"

2006-03-26, 02:41 AM

Tychus smiles warmly at the Lizardman, and clasps his hand.

Nothing more than you would do for me.

He gratefully accepts his sword back from the gnoll, shocked at the state of his wounds

I hope my sword served you as well as it has me. Would you like me to heal you some? You don't look so healthy...

2006-03-26, 05:53 AM

The gnoll's gruf voice speaks again. "I do not desire to be further in your debt than I am, but I doubt that my desire to rip out the throats of those drow will be sated while I am in this condition."

2006-03-26, 06:06 AM

There is no debt to be repaid. If you were my ally, and you were injured, I would heal you. But you are more than an ally, you are a friend. Your wounds, I will gladly heal.

Tychus sets about healing the Gnoll.

[OOC:Casts Cure Light Wounds twice to restore the gnoll.
HP recovery 1d8+5=13, 1d8+5=6, total 19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=397275) ]

2006-03-26, 10:20 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark goes about tending to the wounded, binding folks up as necessary. He seems surprised at how well the party fared, given the size and strength of their opponent.

He observes the Bard curing the gnoll, and doubles back to check on his Druid friend a second time.

2006-03-26, 11:41 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardman appeared surprised to have his hand grabbed by Tychus. Considering it another pinkskin custom, he reciprocated until tychus let go.

As Trinark returned to his side, he ***** his head to his side awaiting his reply to the suggestion of rest and resumption of their previous quest.

2006-03-26, 12:44 PM
Tiriel looks at the two tunnels and frowns before turning back to the party.
"I agree with the gnoll, but frankly the chance to leave this dank ****hole far outweighs my desire for revenge."
Tiriel will then clean her sword and check the damage done to her armor.

2006-03-26, 01:42 PM

Yix croons his agreement with Tiriel. It had been a long time since he had ever smelt fresh air, but he also did want to take on the elves. With him it should be easy enough to take them all out. He begins walking around the Umber Hulk's body looking around the room, however not for anything in particular it seems.

2006-03-26, 02:16 PM

Ginevra nods in agreement to Tiriel.
"Yes, I feel the same way. I've had enough of the Underdark."
Ginevra replaces her weapons in their sheathes, checks that the daggers in her sleeves are secure, and replaces the lock picks in her belt pouch into her kit.

2006-03-26, 09:16 PM
Although no one is happy to let the drow escape without being punished, all seem to agree that survival should take precedence over revenge.

Once the party has had a chance to heal its wounds and re-equip the lizardman and gnoll, it chooses the upward sloping tunnel, leaving the drow commander and her mysterious packages to complete their journey to Undrek'Thoz.

The gradual upward incline means that the surface is growing ever-closer, but the going is slow and your thighs burn with exertion after only a few hours.

You take frequent breaks, sharing your rations and water with each other.

Ginevra, Si'rene and Tiriel tend to keep to themselves, often whispering to each other in undertones that keep the others from hearing their words.

You take turns napping while the others keep watch.

The passage gradually narrows until you are all walking single file through the endless darkness.

Trinark, the gnoll and the lizardman generally move at the head of the line. The others tend to hang back closer to the single everburning torch that provides the only illumination.

Tiriel seems to be equally comfortable in the light or in the darkness, though she generally stays close to Ginevra and Si'rene. The pseudodragon flits back and forth from the front to the rear of the party as its mood suits.

"Days" pass with little to break the monotony excepts for occasional forks in the passage. In general, the party takes the upward of the two passages. If neither passage is obviously different from the other, a coin is tossed and the choice is made randomly.

It is roughly the fourth or fifth day (as best you can reckon) when the lizardman (at the point) raises a clawed hand and crouches down. The torch is hastily doused. A whispered message is passed down the line. "There is a figure blocking the passage ahead. It looks human."

2006-03-27, 02:57 AM

Tychus moves through the party, eager to get back to the fresh air and warmth of the surface, an obvious frown on his face.

After everything else, what now?

He heads up to the "human" and raises his hand.

Hail and well met. We are weary travellers, glad to be near the surface and hoping to be out soon. Who might you be?

2006-03-27, 06:43 AM
Lizardkin Druid
On the journey

Ssathiya experienced the first of dreams he had had in a long time. In it he had been guiding the new strangers back to safer lands above. The dream zoomed into his feet. As he disturbed the dust, the dust resettled into its earlier position. A footprint remaining a moment after his feet lifted and then fading into nothingness.

As he woke up, the ley lines of his surroundings and auras of the sleeping companions lit up in a brighter haze then before and a wealth of insight dawned unto him. After praying in gratitude to Semuanya and affirming his connection to the Balance, the druid quietly prayed for his spells. The still darkness was punctuated by his low chanting.He finished before the first of the others arose and they continued on their journey towards sunlight..

The impulsiveness of his new human packmate surprised him. Before he could react, Tychus had sprung past him.

Semuanya!...It must be the hot blood in them...

Tensing into a fighting posture, he leans against a wall and tries to remain hidden. A feat not easy for a 7ft reptilian with tail and hide armor.

2006-03-27, 09:08 AM

Ginevra flattens herself against the wall, not wanting to be seen until she knows the newcomer intends know harm ...if he intends no harm. Why would he be traveling in the Underdark? Seeing Tychus walk forward and greet the newcomer, Ginevra listens and tries to watch without giving away her position.

2006-03-27, 10:57 AM

Newly reunited with his armor, the gnoll is not too woried about his own safety. He is more interested in protecting those that have saved him from whatever dire fate the dark elves had in store for him. As a result he stands strong in the passageway infront of most of the rest of the party, his hand goes to his trident, while the other takes up his shield.

2006-03-27, 11:14 AM
In the total darkness, Tychus slips forward until he has edged past the armored gnoll and the surprised lizardman. He calls out, hailing the lone figure.

"So much for the element of surprise," mutters Si'rene under her breath. The gnoll growls in annoyance.

There is no reply to Tychus' friendly words.

Those of you with darkvision are able to make out a humanoid figure standing about 60 ft away.

The figure sways gently from side to side, but makes no attempts to approach. It has no weapons and wears only some tattered rags. Its jaw hangs open loosely and there seem to be only dark holes where its eyes should be ...

2006-03-27, 03:48 PM

Yix flies to the top of the cavern, trying to sneak its way by the humanoid shape. Yix will take care of this no problem.

Move SIlently:+22))

2006-03-28, 02:24 AM

His senses prickle as he feels something abnormal... something not part of the Balance. He wrinkled his brow in puzzlement. Nothing was part of the Balance in the Deep Earth. His dim wit not aiding him in infering the solution. He intuitively reacts.

He drops to his knee and with palm on the ground attunes himself with his surroundings and casts a simple spell to see the auras of magic.

A trap...?....No being knows we come this way...

(OOC: Cast Detect Magic and Know(Nat): 9 +5 =14 I suspect undead)

2006-03-28, 06:26 AM

The Gnoll snarls. This is no natura creature. It readies the trident as though expecting the creature to charge.

2006-03-28, 08:48 AM

Being unable to see in the dark, and not wanting to give away her position, Ginevra tries to reach out with her mind. Yix? she thinks as clearly as she can, can you see what the creature ahead is? Hardly any of us can see in the dark, myself included.
Ginevra will continue to try to identify the creature by listening. Why would it not reply unless it wants to attack? Damn it, I wish I could see in the dark.

2006-03-28, 01:50 PM
Tiriel puts a hand on Ginevra's shoulder saying quietly "I'll go check it out," before moving up the line. When she joins the gnoll and lizardman, she notices their unease which proliferates the air. Drawing her long sword, she motions to them to stay back and cautiously starts to walk towards the figure...

(ooc: Tiriel will move closer until she can get a better look at the man-thing. If it is undead (which I think we all suspect it is) she will close with it and try to...kill it? destroy it? well whatever the verb, she'll cut it, scorch it and generally beat the snot of it.)

2006-03-28, 05:56 PM
Yix sends a mental image to those of you without darkvision. Through his eyes you perceive, in ghostly black and white, a living corpse blocking the passageway.

The zombie sways from side to side, its empty sockets staring straight ahead.

The lizardman and gnoll both growl quietly, finding the scent of nearby undeath unpleasant.

Tiriel steps forward, unsheathing her sword. The flames illuminate the passageway as she advances on the zombie.

As Tiriel approaches, the zombie opens its jaws wider and a coarse rattle emanates from its throat. Tiriel dispatches the zombie with two swift slashes of her sword.

As quickly as that, it is all over. Tiriel nudges the rapidly disintegrating pieces of the zombie with the toe of her boot.

The narrow passageway stretches on beyond the zombie. There is no sign of any other creatures nearby.

OOC: The zombie's flatfooted AC is 11. Tiriel hits easily with a 16 (8 + 8) for 17 damage (8 + 4 + 5). The zombie is destroyed.

2006-03-28, 06:39 PM

Ginevra rolls her eyes, not for the first time and not for the last time thinking, I hate how she does that... I wish I could see in the dark. How does she do it, anyways?
Ginevra wrinkles her nose at the smell of the zombie, and waits till the party gets moving again, dropping near the back when they do.

2006-03-28, 10:15 PM

Tychus grins sheepishly at the party again as he moves towards the rear again. Both recent times he followed his eagerness for action it was misplaced.

By the gods, I should be more careful! One of these days I'm going to get myself stuck on the end of a sword!

2006-03-28, 11:18 PM
The passage continues its ever so slight upward progression. Eventually your tunnel joins a second tunnel, then later a third tunnel.

You find another zombie. Tiriel cuts it down without breaking her stride.

You note that the farther you climb, the more passages you encounter, all of which seem to be converging and enlarging as you go.

The passageway is now a bit wider and taller, perhaps 10 ft by 15 ft. The walls are dark with condensation. A damp breeze seems to be wafting down the passageway from somewhere up ahead.

After another few hours, you encounter a pair of zombies, standing side by side. Both sway slowly side to side in some kind of asynchronous rhythm, as if neither is really aware of the other.

You don't even bother to darken the torch this time. Instead your party stands 60 ft away, just looking at the two zombies with curiosity.

"What does this all mean?" asks Andrea with a puzzled expression on his face.

2006-03-29, 12:33 AM

Yix doesn't seem himself now, he seems rather defeated. Knowing that even his great sting is almost useless against the living dead. He flies up higher to get a good vantage point, but other than that remains away from the zombies. He doesn't bother trying to sneak this time around, I wonder if the surface is so great, if it is filled with zombies...

2006-03-29, 06:25 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The druid had been silent throughout. Although he was on the lookout for something that he sensed was amiss and that they were not seeing.

It was more important that these unnatural abominations be destroyed than personally seeing to it. He was content to let the human female with the flaming sword destroy the things as long as she went throughly about it.

Ever since the first one, he had been expecting more. The imbalance in the natural order had only been getting greater. With an expression of distaste, he squatted by the remains of one and sifted through the remains.

There is always a source......corrupt arcane magic or something else
(OOC: Search= 17-1=16 Spot =6 :P. I'm guessing the Det Magic revealed nothing more than necromantic magic.)

(He will get up wash his hands with water from his skin after)

2006-03-29, 12:40 PM

The gnoll growls, his lip twisted into a snarl. "More carion walking! We must be nearing something if they are growing in number." He moves towards one, knowing that his armor will slow him down too much for a charge to be effective at this range. most likely that female would cut them down before he got there. For once he mentally cursed his heavy armor.

[Ooc: move 20ft forwards unless haulted by someone]

2006-03-29, 01:06 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark would like the opportunity to examine the zombies closer.

If someone approaches the zombies...do they attack? Or do they continue to just sway and moan?

If it is possible to get closer, Trinark would like to take a closer look and use his "Divine" knowledge to gain more information.

[OOC: DR, knowledge Religion roll perhaps?]

2006-03-29, 10:10 PM

"More zombies?" says Ginevra, wrinkling her nose at the smell. "Why so many? I'd expect to meet more of a variety of creatures in the Underdark, and likely fewer as well." Fingering the hilt of her sword, Ginevra advances toward the zombie.

2006-03-30, 03:26 PM
With a flick of his tiny wings, the pseudodragon slips over the heads of the zombies and disappears into the darkness.

Meanwhile, the rest of you move forward to examine the zombies a little more closely.

Like the other two zombies that Tiriel destroyed, these two appear to have once been human. They are dressed in filthy rags, in which they were presumably buried originally.

You inch forward cautiously hands on weapons, but the zombies simply sway from side to side. One or the other occasionally moans, but otherwise, they make no hostile moves against you.

Neither the lizardman nor the drow note anything "unusual" about the zombies other than the aura of necromantic energy that animates them.

You stand and wait for the pseudodragon to return, while the zombies sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth ...

After what seems like an hour (but is probably much less), Yix returns.

He telepathically shares mental images of a maze of converging tunnels that all seem to be heading upwards toward a central location.

Zombies appear to be scattered about at irregular intervals. Usually they are found in small groups of one or two. Occasionally a larger group of five to eight might be seen slowly shuffling along the tunnels ...

2006-03-30, 06:57 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The druid moves forward with a grim look on his face. When Trinark grabs him by the shoulder to ask where he's going, he only says one word:

OOC:Ssathiya's intentions are to wipe out the individual zombies wandering abt the various tunnels. He's willing to accept help but just as willing to go it alone. He will then approach the central chamber cautiously.... as opposed to others who may want to find an alternative safer route.

2006-03-31, 07:35 AM

The gnoll starts at the images that suddenly invade it's mind, but recovers quickly. It looks puzled for a moment. "Watchers perhapse?"

2006-03-31, 11:39 AM
Baring his teeth, the lizardman tears into the two zombies blocking the passageway.

The lizardman's claws shred the zombies' rotted flesh, leaving him coated in gore.

The zombies fight back, beating the lizardman with their forearms and fists, but they are no match for his armor and claws, and they are quickly dismembered and left in pieces on the ground.

The passage lies open ahead, continuing to slope gradually upward. There are alternate passages branching off, but they all seem to be heading back downward, in the direction from which you came.

After a short hike, you come to a larger intersection where two 15' passages join. Six zombies sway here, facing towards you blankly.

OOC: The lizardman attacks with a 11 (6 + 5) and a 22 (17 + 5), hitting twice for 9 damage. The zombies respond with a natural 20 and a 17 (15 + 2), hitting once for 5 damage.

The lizardman attacks again with a 20 (15 + 5) and 13 (8 + 5), hitting twice for 8 damage, destroying one zombie. The remaining zombie misses with an 8.

The lizardman attacks with a 15 and 14, hitting for 9 damage. The zombie misses with a 14.

The lizardman attacks with a 21 and 6, hitting once for 6 damage. The zombie misses with an 11.

The lizardman kills the zombie with an 18 for 4 damage.

2006-03-31, 07:24 PM
OOC: can we clarify the language Ssathiya's and Trinark's exchange was in. It sucks having only knowing common....

2006-03-31, 09:36 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf sized up this newest pack of undead sentries (monitors? canaries?). Curse me for not having a nice cleaving weapon...

Thallios turned to Ginevra and commented, "I tire of watching the others wade into these meat puppets. Part of me wants to be done with it and simply meet up with the animator. But the other part of me would prefer to bypass them all together and just get to the surface. Have you ever encountered their kind before?"

2006-04-01, 07:43 AM
[Ooc: Just a q... How far away are the zombies?]

2006-04-01, 02:25 PM

Si'rene looks to the elf, Thallios she believes his name is, and smirks to herself while changing her view to Tiriel and the lizardman they went through all that trouble to save make little to no work out of the zombies. Why they have wasted so much time here in the Underdark is a mystery to her. Ginerva's willingness to help these others is all she needs to continue onward, just so long as they reached the surface soon...

2006-04-01, 09:37 PM
While the lizardman and drow murmur to each other in draconic, the others watch the zombies warily.

They stand only 40 ft away or so, certainly within charging distance but, like the other zombies, they make no moves towards you.

Ginevra shrugs noncomittally when Thallios asks her about the zombies.

As you move forward slowly, the six zombies shuffle aside slowly, leaving the passageway clear for you to continue to move forward and upward.

OOC: Check out our new OOC thread The Golden Griffon (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play_ooc;action=display;num=11439171 67)!

2006-04-02, 04:18 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The reaction to their presence is not lost to the reptilian who swiftly dispatches them with a look of disgust on his face.

Spending time away from my people has made me rash and emotional as a pinkskin. I must remember what it means to be one of the people

2006-04-02, 11:46 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

With a look of resignation, Trinark follows behind the Lizardkin Druid.

"You have my support, my friend. Lead the way and I will follow."

He pauses for a moment, then adds, "If its all the same to you, I would prefer not to die today."

2006-04-02, 12:39 PM

Yix continues to fly around above the group. He will move back and forth trying to give them advance warnings when there are zombies up ahead.

2006-04-02, 01:08 PM
The party edges past the zombies cautiously, then continues the journey onward and upward with Yix flying ahead as a scout.

There is a flurry of ferocious growling and hissing behind you as the lizardman tears the six zombies to shreds. After a few minutes, he rejoins the party. He is breathing heavily and his armor and shield are covered in zombie gore.

OOC: The zombies surround the lizardman and pummel him mercilessly. It takes 16 rounds for the lizardman to destroy all 6 zombies. He takes a total of 20 points of damage.

Eventually, the passage changes from a rough natural tunnel, to hewn rock, then to a wide, but low ceilinged tunnel with niches carved in the walls. Many of the niches still contain decrepit skeletons. You seem to have found your way into some ancient catacombs.

The catacomb passages intersect at irregular intervals, forming a maze-like warren of tunnels.

You periodically catch sight of groups of zombies, but they shuffle away as rapidly as they can (being zombies, they are rather slow moving), leaving your party undisturbed.

After wandering the catacombs for an endless, dizzying time, you eventually spot a light in the distance, coming from the end of the passage up ahead ...

2006-04-02, 03:09 PM
Tiriel murmers to herself, "So far it's been easy, maybe now it'll get more interesting." before speaking at a more audible levle, "Now is probably the time for caution."

2006-04-02, 06:09 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The word had no meaning in the lizardkin dialect but the reptilian was beginning to understand....

The meaning behind the word and the bond it implied. As strong as that of a packmate. Possibly stronger. Cloudhair(Trinark) had been a stranger days before. A completely different race. One whom he had suspected harbouring Sethra as well. And who had come to his rescue when he was chained as a sacrifice.

The word had echoed in his head as the undead tore at him. Trinark had valiantly rushed and hit some aside and killed a few although it hadn't prevented them from surrounding him.

Looking into his dark worried face examining his wounds as he walked out, he stretched out an arm. Placing it on his shoulder, he says

The two trudged off side by side. The lizardman looking much more at ease. Trinark assumed that the imbalance his comrade had sensed had been corrected.

As the lizardman caught sight of the new undead, he bared his teeth and prepared to start off after them.
He turns to look at Trinark when he feels his arm being grabbed.Shaking his head, the drow warrior points towards the light with his sword-tip and utters,
"The source"
Ssathiya pauses then nods in understanding. He gives a last look in the direction of the undead and then places a hand in his chest chanting a spell of healing before marching behind Trinark.

OO: CLW on self (7 +3= 10)

2006-04-02, 11:23 PM

Familiar with her friends body movements, she could tell what she was going to say before she even said it. Si'rene smiles to herself and begins to move into shadows, watching all around as she keeps up with the group, although a few paces behind to make sure nothing unexpected happens, her hand on her oathbow, she keeps quiet.

2006-04-03, 11:48 AM
As you move forward toward the light, you hear a soft shuffling from behind you.

Looking backward, you see that the passage is filled with zombies. They appear to be keeping their distance from you (at least 60'), but they are clearly trying to prevent you from retreating back the way you came. Their shadowy forms sway back and forth, and one or two make low groaning noises.

Ahead, the passageway opens into a large square (40' x 40') chamber with a towering arched ceiling. Dim torches sputter at the four corners of the room, each held by a motionless zombie. There is a dark passage in the center of each wall.

An intricately carved slab of stone lies in the center of the room. The table or altar is bare, but the stone appears to have been deeply stained by some kind of dark fluid.

Besides the 4 torchbearers, there are 24 other zombies lining the walls of the chamber, 8 per wall.

You hesitate at the entrance to the room. None of the zombies make any aggressive movements towards you.

2006-04-03, 11:56 AM

Tychus swallows reflexively. He hasn't been this freaked out in a long, long time.

This can't be good, this REALLY can't be good.

He looks around, there should be someone here besides the party and the zombies. Zombies don't make zombies, after all...

This doesn't make any sense guys. What's going on?

2006-04-03, 12:23 PM

Damn... that's not good. Ginevra looks back and forth between the zombies and the room, trying figure out what best to do. That table... that's for sacrafices. Someone must have put these zombies here for something. But... why? Ginevra decides to try to do what she does best, and slips into the shadows. She will try to estimate the number of zombies blocking the passageway and look at the passages leading out of the altar room to try and determine if anything is in them, and if the party could easily escape through them.

2006-04-03, 07:18 PM

Yix lets out what appears to be a sigh, or as close to a sigh as can be had by a pseudodragon. He is not a fan of feeling useless, and the walk towards the surface has just seemed like a long string of that. Even scouting was not exhilirating knowing that the zombies couldn't attack him. He merely floats in the room, and looks for a suitable perch as the events unfold.

2006-04-03, 09:07 PM
There must be at least 20 zombies filling the passageway behind you. There might be more, but in the darkness it is hard to tell.

Ginevra almost instinctively vanishes into the shadows and peers into the darkness of the three other passages leaving the chamber. They appear to be empty, but there could easily be more zombies waiting down those passageways.

The pseudodragon finds a carved alcove to perch in, and watches the room from above. He looks almost bored, feeling completely unthreatened by the slow moving earthbound zombies.

Andrea rubs his chin thoughtfully and answers Tychus. "It looks like they are waiting for us. The undead don't need light. I assume that the torches are for our benefit."

The Harper looks behind the group uneasily. "I don't know whether I'd prefer to take my chances with the 'welcoming committee' ahead or our 'fan club' hanging out back there ..."

2006-04-03, 09:32 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Looking behind to the zombies gathered there, Trinark's look of resignation turns to one of determination.

Fortune favors the bold...

He pushes past the Druid and steps into the room, fulling expecting all hell to break loose...

2006-04-04, 08:16 AM

Thinking that she will never see the light of day again, Si'rene turn to face the zombies behind and brings her hands in front of her. By the fire inside my soul! she says quietly as she casts Burning hands.

Smirking she then readies her longbow for action.

Any creature in the area of the flames takes 1d4 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 5d4).

2006-04-04, 12:43 PM
Trinark strides boldly into the illuminated chamber, expecting an imminent attack, but the zombies lining the walls sway impassively without reacting to his presence. The lizardman is close behind the drow. His claws and teeth are bared threateningly.

The others cautiously step into the chamber, looking about themselves suspiciously.

As you enter the chamber, the zombies behind you shuffle forward to prevent any attempt to escape the way you came.

Si'rene, guarding the rear of the party, has had enough. Flames radiate from Si'rene's outstretched fingers, searing the front ranks of the zombie horde. The smell of charred, necrotic flesh is nauseating, but the elf hardly seems to notice as she nocks an arrow in one smooth motion.

The zombies in the passageway groan and shuffle forward. Andrea, who had also been lingering near the back of the party, goes down with a cry as he is overwhelmed by a dozen zombies.

OOC: Trinark, the lizardman, Ginevra and Yix are in the main chamber. Si'rene and Andrea are at the rear of the party (still in the passageway). The others are somewhere in the middle.

Those who wish to attack the horde in the passageway may make their own attack and damage rolls. Each zombie has AC 11 and DR 5/slashing.

2006-04-04, 01:27 PM

Seeing his comrade fall, Tychus becomes hysterical. This situation just goes from bad to worse.


Quick, we've got to save him!

EDIT: Stupid non-gender specific names!

2006-04-04, 01:36 PM
Lizardkin Druid
Spinning around, seeing the fair-haired human going down, his nostrils flare as he lets out a ferocious snarl.

He braces his shield in front of him and holds out a hand and chants. The large tooth hanging on his neck catches fire which does not burn him. It roars out to his hand coalescing into a burning scimitar of flame. He twirls it experimentally but with the flourish of an experienced swordsman.

His own widened eyes betray his surprise. Then looking at the zombies pouring forth at the archer, his eyes narrow.

"Find the ssource...."
He barks at Trinark and then pausing , in a lower tone he hisses, "...and.. sstay alive"

His expression sets into one of determination and he lumbers forward.

One more... one more ..obstacle in my hunt for Sethra..

OOC: Flame Blade (30 rounds duration) melee touch
1d8 +1 fire dmg.. {crap that slashing dmg resis explains the 25 dmg i took. well lesse how well they burn} + move action

2006-04-04, 09:14 PM

From his perch Yix notices the swarm of zombies. He growls loudly as his discontent at the situation. He flies full force into one of the zombies hoping to give Andrea a chance to escape.

2006-04-04, 10:25 PM

Smiling, Si'rene knocks another arrow, aiming at the closest zombie. Thinking about all that have done her wrong, she draws back gracefully, and lets another arrow fly.

2006-04-05, 08:55 AM

From her position in the main room, Ginevra sees Andrea fall. Whispering curses in more than a few different languages, and making sure her back could be against the wall, Ginevra quietly draws her shortsword and attacks the nearest zombie from the shadows.

(OOC: Attack Roll (1d20+8=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=405427)
Damage Roll (1d6+2=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=405429))

2006-04-05, 11:59 AM
Tiriel hisses out a colorful discription about those who act without thinking as her two companions charge into the hoard. She notices the exchange that the lizardman and drow cleric had. Making a descion she hopes she won't regret, she will quickly join Trinark hoping that her friends can hold their own...

ooc: damn langauge barrier!!!! the translators are in battle!

2006-04-05, 12:09 PM
For a moment, Andrea's face appears, twisted into a grotesque mask of pain and fear, then he is swallowed up again by the zombie horde. His screams are silenced abruptly, sending a chill up your spine.

With elegant grace, Si'rene buries two arrows into the skull of one of the zombies. The undead rocks backward, but is then pushed forward by the zombies behind. The arrows stick out of its head like a pair of antennae but the creature continues to march forward.

Yix streaks to the attack, flapping his wings and stinging furiously. The lead zombie waves its arms in a futile attempt to bat the pseudodragon away. The zombie is too slow to catch the tiny lizard, but neither is Yix able to do much to stop the monster from continuing its approach.

As the zombies close in, Ginevra darts out of the shadows and impales one of the creatures from behind. Her precise blow would have been instantly fatal to almost any living human, but the zombie is not alive and hardly seems to notice the attack.

With a roar, the lizardman charges into the fray, shouldering aside Tychus and Thallios. His flame blade disembowels the nearest zombie, but the creature keeps on coming, almost tripping on its entrails.

Tiriel joins the druid, her flaming longsword chops into the same zombie the lizardman had injured, slicing the creature neatly in half. Its torso tumbles backward, but its legs and pelvis continue to stumble forward for a few seconds before they collapse as well.

The party falls back into the lighted room. The doorway is only 5 ft wide, so it may provide a critical bottleneck to hold the zombies at bay.

Of course, there are also more than two dozen zombies in the chamber with you, but those zombies continue to sway in place, lining the walls at regular intervals.

OOC: DR 5/slashing means that all damage is reduced by 5, EXCEPT for slashing damage. Si'rene's arrows and Ginevra's piercing attack cause almost no damage. The lizardman hits for 7 damage. Tiriel hits for 10 damage, destroying the zombie.

The zombies in the passageway can only enter the room one at a time.

2006-04-05, 02:18 PM

The gnoll starts at the huge hord behind him, but quickly recovers. Finally, a chance to repay some of the debt that he owed these strange creatures, and an honourable, albeit almost certain death that was to follow, attempting to save the life of one who had helped free him.

[Ooc: Charge into zombie hord at the point where Andrea's face was last seen. Charge against Zombies inclusive of the +2 bonus from charging. (1d20+10=29, hit, 1d8+4=7 damage) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=405620)]

2006-04-05, 06:34 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

[ooc: sorry I was out of it for a few days. After my vacation I came down with a terrible cold...]

The elf in blue robes gasped in surprise as Andrea went down under a torrent of zombies. He'd been thinking of decimating the undead horde with a fireball, but was waiting for just the right moment. Okay, I guess I missed it. Things were quickly getting out of hand.

Thallios lifted his hands, appropriate material pinched between fingertips, and looked for a target that didn't include Andrea. "Friends, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO DUCK!" he shouted.

He picked a spot 20 feet behind the first few ranks of zombies, that would take out as many as possible with minimal risk to his compatriots, and let FIREBALL fly in an arc over the heads of the foremost corpses.

2006-04-05, 09:18 PM

Having little use for himself, Tychus starts up a Battle Hymn to aid his companions, whilst ducking low, behind the rest of the party.

Make it all stop, please make it stop...

[Bardic Music, add +1 to attack rolls, damage rolls, and saves against fear.]

2006-04-06, 12:08 AM

Targeting as she lifts her hands as best she can once more, by the fire in my soul, let these flames hit true!

((OOC I am looking for an angle where my cone of fire does the least damage to those on my side. None if at all possible. Burning hands again. I think i get this 5x per day?))

2006-04-06, 12:22 AM
Tiriel "Ginerva, ask the drow if he can do something about the mass of undead heading our way would you?" Tiriel trys to be as poliet...but she's still shouting.

ooc: I'm still going to use this color for Tiriel's talking...it's always in common anyhow.

2006-04-06, 11:55 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin switches to another zombie beside it and slashs with his flame blade.

OOC: (own) dice roll =12 so hit dmg= 6 +2=8
2 zombies dmg taken: 7, 8
May be those with lower damaging weapons can hit those. More efficient, yeah?..I have a club hanging on my belt if anyone needs it.

2006-04-06, 01:01 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

At the Druid's urging, Trinark began scanning the room lined with zombies. He was looking for anyone or anything that might be the source for the zombies. He tried ignore the sounds of combat coming from behind him and focus on the task at hand.

Secretly Trinark began a silent prayer to Eilistraee, attempting to focus her positive energy. In the event the zombies decide to attack, he wanted at least the chance to repell them.

[OOC: Search roll = 14, is applicable]

2006-04-06, 04:56 PM

Feeling defeated Yix returns to is perch. He scans the area looking for anything strange.

2006-04-06, 10:11 PM

Hearing Tiriel's shout, Ginevra calls to Trinark, in his own tongue, "Trinark, can you turn these zombies away? With your holy symbol?" Sheathing her ineffective shortsword and muttering under her breath, she draws her dagger and uses its more effective cutting side to slash at the nearest zombie.

(OOC: Attack Roll (1d20+8=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=406563)
Damage Roll (1d4+2=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=406564))

2006-04-06, 11:09 PM
Tiriel will join in and attack the zombies until some other alternative appears....

Attack/dmg rolls, use as needed, and she does have CLEAVE, but I'll let you do that.
1. Attk=14, damage=12, fire=4

2. Attk=12, damage=9, fire=2

3. Attk=27, damage= 8, Fire=4

4. Attk=16, damage=12, fire=6


2006-04-07, 12:34 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Once finished casting fireball at the horde of zombies, Thallios reached into the pocket on the side of his pack, felt around for a moment, and withdrew just the right scroll tube. While the others take on the front rank of zombies and retrieve Andrea from the dogpile, it's time for me to apply a little PREVENTATIVE medicine.

Thallios opened the tube and withdrew the scroll of Magic Circle vs Evil. He pulled the vial of silver powder from his component pouch and began preparations for the Circle...

[OOC: if any of the party appears to be hazardously low on hit points, (including Andrea if his body is recovered alive) Thallios will postpone casting the Circle long enough to use his wand of cure light wounds a couple of times on the sufferer.]

2006-04-09, 07:15 PM

Tychus continues singing, taking his longsword out in case he gets attacked, ready to strike at the first foe that moves to him

2006-04-10, 12:56 AM
Tiriel decapitates a second zombie as she follows through with her flaming longsword.

A third and then a fourth zombie drop as her blade sizzles and sparks, mowing through the lumbering undead like a sickle through grass.

The lizardman wields a flaming blade of his own, slicing deeply into the closest zombie. Ginevra finishes off the monster, cutting off its head with a razor sharp knife.

As Si'rene falls back, she sprays the lead zombies with more flames from her outstretched fingertips.

Thallios detonates a fireball behind the front ranks of zombies, sending ragged chunks of dessicated zombie flesh in all directions. A dozen zombies are instantly destroyed. Gruesome shrapnel, fragments of bone and dessicated flesh, ricochets off of the ceiling and walls of the hallway, pattering onto the ground like rain.

The gnoll raises his shield and charges through the doorway into the remaining mass of zombies, howling a challenge as he impales the lead zombie with his trident. The zombie, which had already been struck by two of Si'rene's arrows and had been scorched by two of her spells, finally collapses, rapidly disintegrating into a mass of inert body parts. The gnoll is immediately surrounded by zombies and, like Andrea, quickly disappears from view as he is pummeled from all directions.

Tychus' warm voice echoes in the large chamber, a rousing song of battle that belies the fear in his heart. He draws his sword warily as he backs deeper into the large zombie-lined room.

Trinark seems to be lost in thought. Paying relatively little attention to the melee at the doorway, the drow instead surveys the chamber carefully as if looking for something important ...

Yix zips back to his safe perch, looking down at the zombies with irritation, his stinger-tipped tail twitching with annoyance. The pseudodragon watches Thallios read from an arcane scroll as he sprinkles a glittering powder into the air. The silver dust magically arranges itself into a 20 ft diameter ring that encompasses most of the party.

Yix's keen eyes spot movement behind the front ranks of zombies. He warns the party members telepathically - More zombies are coming!

OOC: Si'rene's earlier burning hands spell had hit 6 zombies for 6 points each.

Last round, the lizardman and Tiriel destroyed a zombie. Tiriel gets a follow-up attack, hitting with a 14 for 16 damage, destroying another zombie. This round, she hits with a 12 for 11 damage, destroying a third zombie, and cleaves with a 27 for 12 damage, destroying a fourth!!!

The lizardman hits a fifth zombie with a 12 for 8 damage. Ginevra finishes it off with a 16 for 5 damage.

Si'rene casts burning hands again, hitting 6 zombies for 8 damage.

Thallios casts fireball behind the front ranks, causing 21 points of damage for all zombies in a 20 ft radius (destroying 12 zombies instantly).

The gnoll's trident hits with a 29 for 2 (7 - 5) damage, but this is enough to destroy the lead zombie (who had been hit by two of Si'rene's arrows and two burning hands spells).

The gnoll is attacked by 5 (scorched) zombies, but only one is able to hit his charging AC of 21. It hits for 5 damage.

Trinark searches unsuccessfully for some kind of power source in the chamber.

(An amazing total of 18 zombies have been destroyed so far! There are 5 zombies up front that have been hit by Si'rene's burning hands.)

Thallios begins the next round by casting circle of protection from evil.

2006-04-10, 07:32 AM

Smirking at the bodies being laid to rest, Si'rene "hears" the dragon's warning. Consentrating as hard as she can with all the commotion going on around her she thinks a message back to him, hoping he can "hear" her as well. Any idea of how many more we can expect?

2006-04-10, 08:14 AM

Ginevra scowls, hearing the dragon's message, then continues to attack the zombies, going for the closest one with her dagger.

(OOC: Attack Roll (1d20+8=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=409035)
Damage Roll (1d4+2=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=409036))

2006-04-10, 09:17 AM
Lizardkin Druid

He thinks, mentally digesting the word.

He needs more time..

He spins hitting another undead.Working in concert with Ginevra beside him, they dispatch it efficiently.

2006-04-11, 09:28 AM
Si'rene steps into the chamber while the lizardman and Ginevra dispatch yet another zombie.

The pseudodragon zips down to the doorway and peers past the melee. There are at least another dozen zombies on the way ...

The gnoll reappears in the midst of the last 5 zombies. Most of the zombies have already been damaged by Si'rene's burning hands, but the gnoll seems to be having trouble destroying any of them with his trident. At the same time, the zombies seem to be unable to get past the gnoll's shield and plate armor. Their fists rebound harmlessly off of the gnoll with dull clangs.

Ginevra cuts down another pair of zombies, leaving only three standing. Andrea's broken body lies at her feet.

In the main chamber, Trinark calls out to the lizardman in draconic. Can you speed things up a bit? I think that we have company.

Looking back over his shoulder, the lizardman sees the drow standing beside the large stone tablet facing toward the opposite doorway from the one where the fighting is happening.

OOC: Only three zombies left, but about a dozen more reinforcements are on the way behind them. More visitors approaching from the opposite direction as well.

2006-04-11, 11:28 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Ssathiya slices into a zombie. He decapitates it but does not fell it. Ginevra , twirling in a tight arc between the two, emerges out of darkness. Shadows fall away from her like black wavy garments. Falling to one knee, she hamstrings the zombie. It collapses to its knees, keels to its left and ceases moving.

The lizardman catches sight of a slight smile on her face as she turns, before being masked by her hair whipping into it. She grips the edge of his shield with her other hand. With an acrobatic twist, she leaps and spins feet first, in mid-air, into darkness. The shadows wrapping fluidically around her. Undead hands reached out for her in vain.

Ssathiya snarls in reply to Trinark's warning. Stabbing another zombie in his chest, he telepathically projects an image of Andrea to Yix.


OOC: sorry to both DR and Blackfox. hope they'll approve of the artistic license I took.(Shadowdancing and battle etc.) My wrting needs more work, i fear.need more practice. :( milla jovovich-on-the-brain.. with shorter mid-cheek hair.

2006-04-11, 12:44 PM
Tirel uses the short break to clear the zombie muck off her sword. She frowns when she sees Andrea's body, but there's nothing she can do to help him. Insteed she'll start concentrating on helping the living. She'll wade in and help the gnoll finish the remaining 5(?) zombies and then attempt to get him back into the main chamber, willing or not.
ooc: Tiriel will first try talking to to him, if that doen't work, well I'm sure every one can imagine what a human dragging a gnoll across the floor looks like....

2006-04-11, 05:13 PM

Yix flies around the area looking for a way out as well as scouting for more zombies. As he flies near Andrea;s body he sees if there is anything can do, but he feels his help would be in vain.

2006-04-11, 06:40 PM

Roaring in anger at the dung smelling carrion, the gnoll lays about him at any zombie he can reach, trying to shake off the hands that are pulling at him.

[Ooc: Streangth check against Tirel (1d20+4=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410006). Attack Zombie 1d20+8=19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410000), dmg=1d8-1=1 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410003)]

2006-04-11, 11:07 PM

Glowering, Si'rene looks around for some cloth to tie onto the head of an arrow, if she finds some she will catch fire to the cloth, aim at the zombies, and aiming true, hit one in the center. I can't believe this is happening... Si'rene curses under her breath as she looks for a better way to get fire on a bunch of zombies at once.

((OOC))) I will be looking for rocks to tie cloth onto, or something like that.

2006-04-12, 08:25 AM

Ginevra bends down over Andrea and checks to see if he's still breathing and if she can feel a pulse. If so, she'll try to get him out of harm's way (into the main chamber, in a corner) and attempt to stabilize him. If Andrea is apparantly dead, then Ginevra will retreat into the shadows so she can get in a favorable position.

(OOC: Untrained Heal check, modifier +0.)

2006-04-12, 10:45 AM
Tiriel gives up on convincing the gnoll to retreat into the main chamber. She doesn't know him well enough to try more than once. She'll continue to hack away at zombies until Ginevra has confirmed that there's no hope for Andrea...

ooc: here are a series of attack/damge rolls, use what's needed Dr.B

attacks (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410398) 22, 25, 10, 24
damage: (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410399) 7+ 5 fire, 9 + 5 fire, 7+ 5 fire, 10 + 5 fire.

....okay so I didn't believe that rolling that many 5's was correct so I rolled another set which came out completely different, so I guess the first roll was valid.

2006-04-12, 11:13 PM
Yix flutters nearby as Ginevra crouches next to Andrea's battered body. Her fingers can find no pulse, and so she gently closes his unseeing eyes, shaking her head so that the others know that Andrea is beyond saving.

The gnoll continues to stab away at the zombies surrounding him, but the tines of the trident seem not to affect the undead very much. One of the zombies manages to punch the gnoll in the snout, bloodying his nose. Growling with frustration, he shakes off Tiriel's attempts to pull him back into the main chamber.

Shrugging, Tiriel cuts down two of the remaining zombies, leaving the last to the lizardman, who beheads it with his flame blade.

Breathing heavily, the party retreats back to the chamber while dozens of additional zombies slowly shuffle forward up the passageway, cutting off any hope of escape back the way the party came.

Si'rene looks around for some flammable material to wrap her arrowheads with while the others prepare to defend the chamber entrance.

"We've got company ..." whispers the drow.

Six armored warriors enter from the opposite side of the chamber, two by two, their faces obscured by their helmets' faceplates. They fan out protectively, forming a semi-circle in front of the far entrance. They carry two-handed swords, which they plant point-downward onto the stone floor. Their gauntleted hands rest on the pommels of the swords, ready to swing them into action at a moment's notice.

A tall, lithe woman steps into the room. She too is fully armored, but her faceplate is raised, allowing everyone to see her jet-black bangs, ivory skin, and deep-red lips. An elegant saber is sheathed at her side.

The giant stone slab lies between your party and the seven of them.

As one, the two dozen zombies lining this large chamber drop to one knee and place one hand on the ground in salute.

"Hail and well met, my friends! We have been waiting for you for a long time!" The woman speaks in lightly accented Common. Her voice is low and gravelly but lighthearted.

"HOLD!" She cries out suddenly, and the zombies in the passage halt in their tracks behind you.

Her voice returns to its friendly tone. "I apologize for the zombies. They can be so simple-minded, you know. They were instructed not to harm you, but ..."

"Oh, dear! Was he with you?" she asks as she notices Andrea's body.

OOC: The last of the 24 zombies is dispatched. The gnoll takes 6 points of damage.

2006-04-13, 01:13 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Seeing the dark one shake her head over the fallen Andrea, had caused him to brutalize the zombie remains even after he decapitated it. It wasn't the death that shook him. Death in battle was a good thing in the lizardfolk culture. It was the thought that as druid he had failed to repay his debt to one of the pinkskins who had risked life and limb to save him. A creature not of their pack.

As he stood drawing deep breaths, his eyes narrowed in measured fury at the creature who obviously commanded these foul mockeries of life.

Semuanya...grant me strength to cleanse all the things here with no place in the Great Balance..

He studied the creature that was talking and the guards surrounding it. Whispering the words of a basic orison, he cast a spell that would allow him to see the auras of the weave.

OOC: Det Magic. Sorry folks. instincts tell me this is an impt NPC. but just as Thokk isn't going to parlay with any demon. Ssathiya isn't going to see eye-to-eye with any aberration or individual who practices necromancy. He's a very orthodox druid.He was an orthodox lizardkin too but he's not an idiot so he unlearnt his prejudices.

2006-04-13, 02:54 AM

Now that battle has stopped, Tychus gathers his wits about him, and looks at the new arrival, trying to glean who, or what she is.

Yes, yes he WAS with us, and is no longer. Who are you, and why do you seek to hold us here?

What do you want with us? We are not a threat to one such as yourself, we only wish to escape from the Underdark.

[OOC: Diplomacy check, 1d20+15=19 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=410913) ]

2006-04-13, 07:50 AM
(OOC: Is Ginevra hidden, or did the newcomers enter before she could find a place to hide?)

2006-04-13, 02:37 PM

Yix growls as loudly as he can at the women. He flies closer, puffing out his tiny little dragon chest, and growling all the while. His tail flicks from side to side as a warning that the group will not take being emssed with.

2006-04-13, 09:24 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Realizing the group is surrounded and outnumbered, Trinark decides to take a more casual stance. At least until he sees how deeply in trouble they are...again.

Gripping his longsword loosely he rests it lightly against his right shoulder.

Addressing the strange woman, in common, "Who are you?"

2006-04-13, 11:35 PM
Tiriel stares at the woman and her guards with a bemused expresion before shooting the drow an iritated look. The fact that Trinark only now revels that he speaks common causes her much more annoyance than the new arrivals.
Keeping her sword in plain sight, she'll move towards the front of the group at a steady walk. She has no idea who this woman is or what she's talking about, but if it comes to a fight, they look like more of a challange than the zombies.

2006-04-14, 10:16 AM

Steps around for a clear shot, getting an arrow nocked and aimed at the obvious leader's throat. Holding aim like that until she is otherwise convinced not to, or the time becomes apparent she should let the arrow fly true.

2006-04-14, 01:44 PM

The Gnoll looks arround, wiping blood from his nose in a crimson streak along his hiry arm. The blood mingles with the fur, creating a glistening, slicked trail which gradually dulls and hardens into a scabby crust, but the gnoll ignores this, as it does the aditional blood which is starting to run from it's nose. Instead it's attention is taken up by the newcomers, heavily armored and heavily armed.

"What devilish scum are you, that you comand the loyalty of this walking carrion?" it growls, eyeing the weapons they hold ready. "If you are come to fight us to allow us an honourable death rather than be burried alive by these mindless abominations," it indicates the undead behind him, spitting the last word, "then let us have done with it and dance, for I grow weary of this place."

2006-04-14, 09:37 PM
The woman lowers her chin and steps back gracefully as she folds her hand over her heart in a formal curtsey. Her armor clanks softly as she does so.

"My name is Jessica Deirdre Alyssandra Valentine, and I am very pleased to meet you."

Eyeing Si'rene and Tiriel in particular, she continues, "You can lower your weapons. We mean you no harm. In fact, I have standing orders to assist you and escort you to the surface as expeditiously as possible."

"I am sorry about your friend. Rest assured, his body will be taken care of." She raises a hand, and six zombies detach themselves from the walls and move forward towards Andrea.

Ginevra observes the woman with interest from her hidden vantage point in the shadows. The lizardman's eyes narrow as he peers at the woman as well. The altar's strong aura of necromancy distorts his perceptions making it difficult for him to get a read on the woman.

2006-04-15, 01:14 PM
Lizardkin Druid

"Do Not... TOuch Him!"
, he roars in unaccustomed common. Brandishing his scimitar overhead, he wards off any undead that approaches Andrea.

"Thosse who break the (Natural) Order of thingss are no friend of I", he hisses at the stranger.

His druidic oaths made his greatest desire at that moment nothing more than to destroy that altar and kill the wretched pinkskin that surely must be the source.
Glancing at the people he had to guide to safety he restrained himself.
Hunt wisely.. echoed a thought in him.
Remembering his drow friend to possess some knowledge of the walking dead, "Cloudhair!, drive these things away!"

Staring defiantly at the woman,"If wish to live you, move away you will" lapsing into a direct translation of the draconic thought. He stands shoulder to shoulder with the gnoll as rearguard at the foot of Andrea's body, prepared to fight his way out if the woman would not budge.

2006-04-15, 01:43 PM
Tiriel does not sheath her sword but, in what seems a lazy manner, allows it's point to aim at the floor instead of the strangers.
"Lady Valentine I'm sure you realize that necromancy is seen as an abomination by all others not of the faith," she glances at the lizardman, the gnoll and the drow before contiuning, "So our suspicions are well founded. You said you have standing orders, who issued those orders?"

2006-04-15, 02:58 PM

From her hiding place in the shadows, Ginevra continues to observe the woman. She slowly removes her daggers from her sleeves and holds them flat against her wrists as she assesses the situation.
Who did send you? And what do they want? I don't trust them and I don't trust you. For all we know there's someone waiting to capture us and slit our throats when we get out of the damn Underdark. I'll follow if you drag my friends along, but I don't trust you.

(OOC: Sense Motive check (1d20=2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=412405)
Gah, I don't have a modifier. :P)

2006-04-15, 04:15 PM
Ginevra has no idea whether Lady Valentine is lying or not, but she knows that she doesn't trust her.

The lizardman, predictably, is overtly hostile toward the woman and her six escorts, who remain motionless, their swords held point-down. He bares his fangs and raises his flame blade in warning as the zombies approach Andrea's body.

Lady Valentine flicks her hand to the side, and the zombies back away. "As you wish, lizardkin."

Turning towards Tiriel, the woman shrugs. "I am no necromancer, nor am I a philosopher."

"Still, I find your use of the word abomination puzzling. There are many would call a sentient lizard an abomination, and we all know what the cold-blooded races think of pink skins, don't we? And since when did human, elf and gnoll fight side-by-side? And are not the accursed dark elves often called abominations?"

Her voice rises as she continues, "Yet, here I find the three of you (yes, shadowdancer, I can see you) wandering without permission among our most sacred ruins in the company of a gnoll, a bloodthirsty lizardkin warrior, and a drow elf (all arguably abominations themselves). I arrive here to find that you have destroyed dozens of sentient creatures simply because they don't fit into your narrow view of the natural order. Who, truly, are the abominations here?"

She pauses to regain her composure. Speaking softly, she concludes, "Still, I have not the right to judge you."

"I know my master simply as 'he-who-walks-again'. Through visions, he instructed me to watch for three women wandering lost through the Underdark and to escort them to the surface if found."

"The visions have increased in frequency and intensity within the past week. Therefore, I am very happy to find you at last."

"The most recent visions indicate that I am to provide you with protection against those who might wish to harm you, and to deliver you safely to the House of Relik in Telflamm."

2006-04-15, 07:41 PM

Practically snarling at the woman, oathbow not lowered, she asks and WHY should we trust you? You state you are not a necromancer, then what are you, and who is "he who walks again"?

2006-04-15, 08:54 PM
Lady Valentine gazes at Si'rene with perfect equanimity. "Why should you not trust me?"

"I am merely one of several custodians of the City of the Dead, created centuries ago by my master, 'he-who-walks-again', whom I obey without question." She lowers her eyes as she says this.

She then raises her chin, and you can see pride in her eyes. "But, though I am merely a servant, do not make the mistake of assuming that I am without power. I have three legions of undead under my command. You live now only by my grace.

"Is not the fact that you still live evidence enough that I mean you no harm?"

2006-04-15, 09:26 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The madness of the woman was apparent when she referred to his drow companion and himself as abominations. All natural creatures birthed by Otherwhere were of The Balance. Life and Death were part of the cycles of the Order of Things. Dead flesh that moved with a semblance of life were anathema to any of the druidic faith lizardkin or otherwise.

The folly of these pinkskins: humans, elves and gnomes as Wolverine-Heart/ Fizahn had taught him was their greed in baubles and their need to pursue corruptive magic that warped the Balance that would otherwise sustain them.

Looking to the Gnoll, he recognised its pack-instinct to protect the fallen human. He could not abide its smell but accepted its company and knew the words of the stranger to be false. It HAD a place in the Balance even if he had yet to understand it. As for his drow packmate who honored his weapon, he neither knew or sensed his place in the order of things but knew him to be a different breed of pinkskin and the only creature he had encountered in the Deep Earth other than giant ants and spiders that had a niche in the Great Balance.

The retreat of the zombies gave him pause to consider all these thoughts. He still held aloft his scimitar and began formulating a plan to kill the source of the undead. The word Teflamn distracted him but he would not accept help from this one any more than he would have boarded the boat with the hideous squid-man.

2006-04-16, 03:13 PM
Tiriel grins. ahh, now we will see your true colors...
"I didn't mean to offened you. Prehaps the word abomination was a bit, mischossen. It must have been the stench of rotten flesh that made me speak so, rudely. Forgive me."
Tiriel makes a shallow bow,
"I was only trying to express that some of our group will have more than the standard amount of trouble trusting a stranger since you walk with those most consider foul. Please excess their mistrust, the last few weeks have been very tiring."

diplomacy check: 12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=412918)
ooc: the goal of this piece is to throw Valentine off balance by seeming to use badly chossen words in seemingly well meaning sentances....
It probaly won't work, but it's fun.

@Dr.Bob: should "the House of Relik in Telflamm" be ringing alarm bells?

2006-04-16, 07:12 PM
Lady Valentine leans forward and takes a few sniffs of the air. Cocking an eyebrow she asks, "And how long has it been since your last bath?"

"Look at yourselves, unwashed and filthy from weeks (or is it months?) wandering lost through the Underdark! Your lizardkin friend hasn't even bothered to wipe the gore from his scales.

"Your collective stench almost makes me want to vomit, but common etiquette would suggest that it would be boorish to point out your lack of attention to hygeine."

Turning on her heel, she exits the chamber without further ceremony. Her escorts raise their two-handed swords to their shoulders and follow her, marching two-by-two with practiced precision.

"Well, are you coming?" her voice echoes from the passageway.

OOC: The city of Telflamm is one of Thesk's major cities. It happens to be where Tiriel, Ginevra and Si'rene were heading, and it also was where the lizardman's friends were going. The 'House of Relik' doesn't ring any bells for anyone except for the lizardman who feels like he might have heard the name 'Relik' before.

2006-04-16, 09:47 PM

Ginevra thinks over this latest information from her hiding place in the shadows. Not wanting to be seen or heard, she remains in the shadows, and concentrates on the thought: Yix? Can you hear me? If you would be willing to tell the others something, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to let Tiriel, S'irene, the lizardkin and the gnoll, Tychus, Trinark, and Thallios know that they should call me 'Katrin' until I tell them to stop. Also, they should know that I will be disguising myself, so they shouldn't be surprised that I'll look different when they see me next. I don't want to make you feel like a messenger, but I don't trust this woman and I don't want any more death.

If the group chooses to leave, Ginevra will follow, keeping unseen in the shadows. She will keep her daggers out and hidden flat against her wrists.

2006-04-17, 07:50 AM

Grumbling, and looking around at Tiriel and knowing that Ginevra is watching her, Si'rene nods her head slightly and starts walking to Tiriel, but never puts her bow away, mearly holding it down to her side rather than up in front of her, arrow still in her hand. To Tiriel: I am inclined to go, get back on track for our mission. If she can lead us out of here, so be it. Your feeling?

OOC: I am ready to march out, bow never leaving my hand, an arrow always in my other, for quick dispersal of any problems that will come up on our way.

2006-04-17, 10:32 AM
Tiriel shrugs."I'd rather walk behind her than before her. And personaly, I think she was telling the truth."

ooc: Tiriel's ready to go. She'll sheath her sword, but keep her hand on the pommel.

2006-04-17, 05:38 PM
Lizardkin Druid

With no apparent way out than to fight a losing fight where many if not all may fall, the reptilian slings his shield onto his back and scoops an arm around Andrea's shoulders. He looks to the gnoll behind him expecting him or another to help him carry Andrea.

He only hoped that the wretch that had captured them now would have an unguarded moment for him to take her out.
Something felt like he should have known that pinkskin name. It surprised him, shrugging his mind back to the present he prepares to move. He watches the undead warily.

2006-04-17, 07:45 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

See the rest of the group prepare to move out, he admitted to himself that it seemed like the easiest option. Which usually meant they were in for a world of trouble.

Trinark moved over to help his Druid friend carry their fallen companion.

One thing weighed heavily on Trinark's mind...he would have to say goodbye to his companions when they reached the surface. The world of sunlight was no place for one such as himself.

2006-04-17, 08:00 PM

The Gnoll shares a strange moment of recognition with the Lizardcreature. Their eyes meet and it seems to understand for the first time the similarity of their position, the fact that both come from repressed and what is generally considered barbarous backgrounds and that they both owe a debt to the same strange collection of creaturs. Noticing the others readiness dispite their intended aparanyt calm, the Gnoll feels strangely... safe, as though he didn't need to be on his guard because the others were. This is a new feeling, something he didn't even experience among his pack, and it disturbs him slightly that he should be so trusting of these weak creatures. But then her realises thatthey have shown repeatedly their toughness. Maybe he underestimated them. Maybe they did deserve his trust. Still pondering this, he helps the Lizard with Andrea, lifting the creature easily. Rogormortis is yet to set in, and the dead weight might be a greater toll on someone weaker, but the Gnoll is strong and willing to help those he can now trust...

2006-04-18, 01:18 PM
Bearing Andrea's body, your party reluctantly decides to follow Lady Valentine and her retinue.

She strides bodly through the labyrinth, seeming not to require any light to see by. Many of your party members are also comfortable in the dark, but for the rest, the single everburning torch at the rear of the party provides only minimal relief from the oppressive darkness.

After many twists and turns, you are grateful to be following someone who knows where they are going. It would have taken an eternity to navigate the maze of catacombs and blind passages.

At almost every intersection, zombies step back and bow reverently, allowing your party to pass unmolested.

Eventually you lose count, but there appear to be hundreds if not thousands of undead wandering the passages of the "City of the Dead." The entire complex of tunnels reminds of you of a bustling anthill.

The journey takes several "days," possibly half of a tenday. As always, it is hard to judge the passage of time without any sunlight to guide you. Lady Valentine is always careful to keep her distance from you. The other undead likewise do not molest you during your trip.

Your rations had run out long ago, but Lady Valentine's minions surprise you by providing palatable, if simple, food and clean water to drink.

The minions even provide a canvas cloth to wrap Andrea's body in. Perhaps through magic, Andrea's body seems not to decay at the expected rate during the final passage through the Underdark.

Eventually, you find yourselves in wider, more-recently dug tunnels.

"We are near the surface," announces Lady Valentine. "I can accompany you no farther. Follow this passage to the end. You will emerge in the sewers below the city. Find your way to House Relik, and fare well adventurers."

With that succinct goodbye, Lady Valentine sweeps down a side corridor along with her tireless escorts. As she passes through the penumbra of the everburning torch, you note for the first time that she casts no shadow ...

2006-04-19, 12:59 AM

"That was surprisingly odd." Yix thinks to himself while making his way further into the tunnels before him. He breathes the air deeply trying to tell if it is any fresher than before.

2006-04-19, 08:12 AM

Ginevra narrows her eyes and the back of her neck prickles as she realises the Lady Valentine is less (or more) than she appears. She tries to catch everyone's attention, and says quietly, "Do not call me Ginevra in Teflamm, I am to be called Katrin there. I will be disguising myself before we leave the sewers, so don't be surprised when I appear different to you."

2006-04-19, 11:13 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark turns to his Druid companion, "I am afraid here is where our paths seperate. The surface world of the sun is not the place for me or my kind. I would be instantly recognized by those above. I am familiar with the persecution my kind have suffered in the past. The brightness of the lights and especially the sun would leave me debilitated and unable to function except at night."

He turns to the rest of the group, "I wish you all well during the rest of your journey. If you ever return to the Underdark again, call my name and I will find you."

Looking sad but resolute, Trinark drifts toward the rear of the group as they prepare to enter the sewers.

2006-04-19, 11:28 AM
Tiriel mutters I knew it. when she observes that Valentine has no shadow.
well if she chosses to rot with the zombies, so be it. It's no buisiness of mine.

Tiriel's mood is steadly improving now that Valentine is gone and the surface is close. When Ginevra asks to be called "Katrin," Tiriel laughs a little. "Are we back to that again already?" she says as she smilies at her friend.[hr]
Trinark's annoycement that he is not continuing with the group strikes a nerve with Tiriel. While she can't understand the words that he and the lizardman exchanged she has a fair idea of their content. She turns around and grabs Tirnark's arm, "That's a crappy excuese. Comm'on, we need to talk."
::Tiriel wants to take Tinark around a bend in the tunnel where the other's cannot see. She doesn't seem egar to physicaly fight, but does seem pretty peeved about something. She's not using her strength to move him...yet::

2006-04-19, 06:20 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The drow's announcement came as a shock to the lizardman. The degree of imbalance in this hellish place that lay simply beneath their feet was startling and he had been expected to be betrayed at any moment.

Now Cloudhair wanted to remain here alone. He had no place among his own kind. And all kinds of horrors waited to devour you.

A pack of one..
He would not survive..

He had intended to speak with the drow but one of the ladies, the one with the flaming sword had cut in and seemed to want to talk to her himself. He had tried to follow but a look from her had told him that she wanted to be alone with him. He lagged behind, just within earshot, intent on talking to him after her. He hoped she spoke slow enough for him to catch and follow what she said.

2006-04-19, 07:24 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Looking resigned, Trinark allows himself to be steered away around the corner for a chat.

Folding his arms across his chest, he looks intently at Tiriel obviously concentrating intently to understand her.

[OOC: Trinark only understand a *very* little Common.]

2006-04-19, 09:02 PM

Sighing, Ginevra follows Tiriel, doubtful that Trinark knows enough Common to carry on a conversation, but unsure if Tiriel wants her conversation to be private. She will translate if Tiriel and Trinark have trouble communicating accurately.

2006-04-19, 09:53 PM
Gesters for Ginevra to remain behind and continues down the tunnel with Trinark.

ooc: sorry all'ya'll but I'd like to conduct the rest of the conversation via PM...Dr.Bob can forward what he wants to those who still insist on preforming "Listen checks."

Yoric_Steele/Dr.Bob - check your mailboxes.

2006-04-19, 10:15 PM

Yix continues blissfully unaware of his companions as his joy for finally reaching the surface paint images in his mind. He even begins silently crooning what appears to be some sort of melody, but it is rathee hard to tell what exactly it is.

2006-04-20, 08:00 AM

Not at all surprised that the one that was dark would feel the urge to stay here, but shocked he had less courage than she had previously attributed to him, Si'rene waits to see if Tiriel can fix whatever he feels the problem is. She is visually anxious to get out of this place, as she sits to roll another of her tobacco sticks, only to find she had finally run out of the precious commodity. Sighing in disgust, she sits down so close to out of this horrid place, yet forced to wait once more.

2006-04-20, 06:53 PM

"City?" This comes out in a horse whisper. The gnoll looks visably shocked as though just hit over the head unexpectedly. Where there were cities there were humans, and humans tended to not like gnolls. For a matter of fact, gnolls tended to not lke humans, but then there seemed to be some humans here who did not dislike him, or at least human like creatures. It was difficult to tell the differences between humans and elves and then you have half elf, half humans. Now that was just going into the realm of imposibility, trying to distinguish between those...

The gnoll looks thoughtfull at his inner reverie, an unusual visage for a gnoll, but this one manages it quite well.

2006-04-20, 09:23 PM

Ginevra respects Tiriel's wishes for privacy and goes over to a corner with her disguise kit. With her back to the group and her hood up, Ginevra applies her disguise. It takes her about 20 minutes to finish. After she puts away her kit, she turns around. 'Katrin's' hair is now visibly shorter, about shoulder length, and it seems darker than before. It is pulled back into a horsetail. An almost-white scar runs across her face from her left cheekbone to the bridge of her nose.

EDIT: (OOC: Disguise check: 31 because I forgot to add the bonus from my disguise kit (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=419487))

2006-04-20, 11:17 PM
Tiriel and Trinark have a quiet conversation together while the others look down the passage indicated by Lady Valentine.

Indeed, the air does seem different from either the arid, stale atmosphere of most of the Underdark or the faintly putrescent odor that permeated the City of the Dead.

A gentle, damp breeze wafts down the corridor toward you. You catch a faint whiff of sewage, but sewage means civilization, and after weeks (or months) in the Underdark, no smell could be sweeter!

Yix seems to be whistling or wheezing, it isn't clear which, until you realize that he seems to be singing a song. Indeed, all of your hearts are lifted, except perhaps for those belonging to the lizardman, gnoll, and drow ...


While Trinark and Tiriel converse, Ginevra Katrin reveals her new appearance. The disguise is remarkable, and Tychus actually goes for his sword for a moment, as if she were a stranger, before he realizes his error.

Chuckling to himself, Tychus walks away. He steps over to Andrea's enshrouded corpse. Patting the body on the shoulder he whispers, "We'll be back on the surface soon, my friend! Just a little farther, that's all."

2006-04-22, 12:25 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

After hearing Tiriel's words Trinark pauses a moment. He closed his eyes, turning his head slightly off to the side. Slowly his head reclined until it looked like he was lifting his face toward the heavens.

Softly he wispers, "Valrae nep ga'est moren'em."

He opened his eyes looking directly into Tiriel's, his eyes seemed to sparkle in the dim light.

"Thank you Tiriel, you are most convincing." he stated in a normal tone of voice that carried down the tunnel. "I will continue onward with you, and learn what it means to walk in the light."

He turned on his heel sharply, and rejoins the rest of the group. Stopping only long enough to smile warmly at his faithful Druid companion.

2006-04-22, 01:31 PM
Tiriel smiles at Trinark. She knows that all of the unusual members of their party are going to have a rough time when they reach the city, but she feels confident that it'll be worth it.
She then rejoins the rest of the group. When everyone is ready, she'll suggest that they start putting as much distancee as possible between themselves and the zombie nest.

2006-04-22, 05:38 PM

The Gnoll has dropped to the back of the group now, and looks distinctly unhappy. Sholders hunched and face lowered, the only thing keeping him going is his debt towards the other creatures in this strange tribe.

2006-04-22, 09:22 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Unable to hear how the conversation had gone, he had stamped about and paced.

Returning from the rear, Trinark smiles at him.

"What is your decision? Do you remain with this one, pack-mate?"

He peers intently into Trinark's face.

"When we have guided these.. people up, we must search for and rejoin our former pack?... The little one may be in danger.."

He looks at his feet
..and so may be my people..

He waits for Trinark's answer.

2006-04-23, 09:13 AM

In seeing the dark elf return with Tiriel and seeing the look of success upon her face Si'rene knew that she has worked her magic again. The dark one would stay with this motley group for the time being at least. Standing and dusting off, Si'rene signals she is ready to go when the others are. Tired of the cramped dark caves. Even the sewers seem better. They at least bring hope.

2006-04-23, 02:56 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark answered the Lizardkin, "Yes, I will remain your pack-mate. I hope that we can soon resume the search for the one who is lost to you. Her fate is cloudy to me as well..."

Trinark turned to the rest of the group, "Perhaps you can tell me about the customs of those above. As I have heard only stories and rumors."

2006-04-23, 03:17 PM

"The customs above are as complex as those of the drow," says 'Katrin'. "Perhaps the best way for me to help you is to answer your questions; I wouldn't even know where to start if I were to try to explain it all to you." To no one in particular, she comments, "I'd like to get moving soon, if we can, I don't want to spend any more time underground then I have to."

2006-04-23, 05:04 PM
It is hard to know what changed the drow's mind. Was it Tiriel's persuasive argument? The memory of the other humans who rescued him from being sacrificed to Lolth? Or could it have been something else?

The party moves forward down the mortared stone passage indicated by Lady Valentine.

The passages appears to dead-end, but damp air can clearly be felt blowing between crevices in the stone. It takes Yix and Ginevra only a few moments to identify the small secret door in the wall. The lizardman and gnoll work their claws into the stone where the rogues indicate the edge of the door lies.

With straining muscles, they pull the portal open as stone grinds upon stone.

One by one, you pass through the small opening into a tiny cramped tunnel. The end of the tunnel is visible as a small square of not-quite-black. As you exit the tunnel and stand erect, you find yourselves on a 10 ft ledge, running along one wall of a large aquaduct.

The sewer stretches as far as you can see in either direction. The vaulted ceiling arches overhead (perhaps 15 ft high at its apex), punctuated at intervals by small grates. It must be night, because only faint moonlight spills through the grates, but after your time in the Underdark, the sewer seems almost brightly lit.

The sewer is not as digusting as one might have anticipated. Dark water rushes down the middle of the aquaduct. Perhaps it had rained recently?

Looking up and down the sewer, you wonder how you are supposed to find "House Relik."

Yix zips about through the air, overjoyed to have some room to spread his wings.

Suddenly the pseudodragon squawks and sends a telepathic alarm, Movement!

About 120 feet away on the same side of the sewer, a torch suddenly flares to life, revealing group of six heavily armored knights.

They raise their swords to their foreheads, then point them toward the ground in salute. "This way! Lady Sheyra has been expecting you!" one of them calls out ...

2006-04-23, 06:22 PM

The lizardkin breathed easier, knowing he needn't abandon his companion down in this festering pit of a place. As they picked their way through, he listened to Ginevra and the others advise Trinark. He didn't understand completely why Trinark was frigtened of the surface.

A moth may fear the world outside its coccoon, but it HAD to emerge..

He knew his companion'd be safe once they found the others. He wondered about them. Having been too busy to think about them in the danger they had. The one named Fizahn, with a ferocity even lizardkin might admire. The witch. The other bignose. The female one that watched the ..half-ling when she thought he wasn't looking. His immediate worry though was finding Sheyra before she got to Teflamn. Once in the city, he'd be in as much trouble as any pinkskin who dared walk into the middle of his tribal camp.

The moonlight had been a welcome sight and he delighted in pointing out the source to Trinark. It had been obscured by the clouds but Trinark nodded simply seeing the enthusiasm of the reptilian.

The men in metal had alarmed him but the common they spoke was undeniable.

Sheyra was waiting for them!
Was the creature down there Sheyra's servant?
SHEYRA!...She was alive!

With the recklessness that was becoming increasing prominent at the prospect of failure, he moved to them with arms lowered and out, palms outward. Showing that he was unarmed, he uttered
Take me... to her!!

2006-04-23, 07:30 PM

Yix flies slowly after his lizardkin companion, he was never one to trust strangers that well. He tails flits from side to side as he makes his way over. He flies over and lands one of the knights soldiers, crooning softly as he does so to show the innocence of his actions.

2006-04-23, 08:10 PM

'Katrin' narrows her eyes. "Wait a minute. How do you know Sheyra, druid? What do you want with her?" Ignoring the armored men, she walks towards the lizardkin, looking at him suspiciously. "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't know your intentions. I will not stand to see Sheyra hurt. Be assured, if you intend to do her harm, it will be over my dead body."

2006-04-23, 09:50 PM
Tiriel grabs Katrin's sholder and stops her advance on the lizardman. "Hold it, hold it. Who's this Sheyra that everyone's talking about?"

2006-04-23, 10:36 PM
Si'rene interjects, "Don't you remember the girl we helped out on the Sea Lion? She was travelling with that elf and his human companions. How the lizardman knows of her is beyond me ..."

The lizardman is stunned. "You three know the little one? How this can be?"

"Katrin", Tiriel, and Si'rene are likewise surprised to learn that the lizardman knows and traveled with the girl they had met while crossing the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Tychus listens with interest. "There is no such thing as coincidence. Tymora has brought you together, but for what purpose only She knows ..."

The soldier is frightened at first when Yix lands on his shoulder. Once the pseudodragon shows him that he means no harm, however, the soldier laughs, as do his companions.

The soldier reaches into his pack and pulls out some crackers, which he offers to Yix.

OOC: Soluna, BlackFox and kuja.girl should read a little bit of Into the East (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play;action=display;num=1107631389;s tart=242) to learn about Sheyra's previous interactions with "Angela", Tiriel, and Si'rene.

2006-04-24, 08:38 AM

Well, seems our paths will cross again. Spunky little one if I recall correctly, I wonder what this is all about... Si'rene is just as confused as everyone else, surprised at how well traveled "Lady Sheyra" was. Si'rene holds back, wondering if this is a ruse on one hand, anxious to see the light of day again on the other.

2006-04-24, 08:49 AM

The Gnoll is very confused. First there is all this bright light which blinds him momentarialy, causing him to throw up his claws to his sensitive eyes. Then there is all this comotion with the Armored creatures and now all the creatures seem to be talking about someone he doesn't know. He is also unsure wheather this person is good news or bad news, and is starting to regret following them. A blood debt is all very well, but a city...humans and elves and dwarves and halflings and... wh knows what else. His breathing quickens and eyes widen as he starts to panic. This is not good. I've strayed too far. I need to go home. He starts to move slowly back through the secret door. If he came here via the underdark, he could get back via the underdark.

2006-04-24, 03:10 PM

Yix greedily eats the crackers that are offered to him. He gobbles them down before giving the man a look of thanks. He knows he could just thank the man telepathically, but why waste the few surprises he has, and plus he doesn't want to scare his ride away.

2006-04-24, 04:44 PM
"But, wait that little girl on the boat, I remeber that she was being chased or something, but I don't remember anything being said about her being a 'lady.' Are you sure this Lady Sheyra isn't someone different?"

Tiriel's been thrown a bit off balance by this whole exchange. Prehaps the weirdest part was the fact that the lizardman also knows someone named "Sheyra" who he describes as a "little one."

"Well whatever. Let's just get out of this sewer, we can work the details out later."

2006-04-24, 06:33 PM

Grabbing the gnoll by the sholder, Si'rene stops him with a glare. Not so fast friend. You need us, we need you.

2006-04-25, 11:09 AM

The gnoll looks rather sheepish for a moment (don't ask how a hyena headed humanoid can look like a sheep, I don't know myself, but this one can ;)) and doesn't try to force an exit. He seems resigned to his fate. "I was going to check the tunnel..." His rough voice trails away as he sees her disaproving disbelief of what he is saying. Sholders hunched, he stands imobile, waiting for this torment to be over.

2006-04-25, 02:45 PM
The soldiers lead the way forward, with Yix perched jauntily on one's shoulder.

They seem completely nonplussed by the motley composition of the party. Either they are used to seeing drow, lizardkin and gnolls coexisting with humans and elves (unlikely) or they were warned in advance that the group they were meeting was unconventional.

You move quickly but cautiously along the wide ledge, passing several small cross passages. The sewer tributaries are small enough to leap over without difficulty.

Eventually, you come to a large central grotto with high arched ceilings. Moonlight floods the chamber and casts dark shadows into the corners. In one of the shadowy nooks, a hidden staircase is revealed, and you follow the soldiers upward to street level.

You emerge into a narrow hallway that opens into a large sitting room. The walls are covered with rich tapestries, and a roaring fire blazes in the hearth, the room's only source of light. A rich buffet is set out on a linen covered table. Glittering cut crystal decanters, filled with water and wine, sit on pewter plates.

The contrast between the Underdark and sewers to this opulent chamber is dizzying. You are acutely aware of your filth and hunger and thirst.

The soldiers bow courteously, then withdraw from the chamber, leaving you alone for now.

2006-04-25, 02:54 PM

Yix flies above the table looking at all the food before landing down amongst the fod. He moves from dish to dish smelling them as he walks by. He looks at the other with a sense of urgency. And a small growling noise, either made deliberately or by the makings of an empty stomach, tell the rest that Yix is hungry.

2006-04-25, 05:13 PM

"Is now to late to express my amazement?" Katrin whispers to herself. She quickly counts the pewter plates, trying to figure out if company might be on the way. She then attempts to clean her hands, motions for her friends to sit down, and does so herself and begins to eat.

2006-04-25, 07:23 PM

This food looks strange. It looks... arranged, neet, tidy, unnatural. Ginevra's lead seems to dispose of most of the restraints that the Gnoll feels as he immediately rushes to join her at the table with far messier eating habits.

2006-04-25, 11:17 PM
Tiriel grins, sits down, and starts eating. She'll encourage anyone who hesitates to join her.
Weither or not they know the host can wait. Though she does hope that she'll be able to take a bath soon.

2006-04-25, 11:38 PM

Wearily, Si'rene watches her peers jump right into food they don't know who set it out. She instead reaches for the last of her rations and sits quietly, hoping that it is she that is being rediculous.I don't trust the food of an unknown host. And since we aren't even sure if we are really in this LADY Sheyra's home, how can we possibly know that this food has not been poisoned?

2006-04-26, 03:02 PM

Seeing that a few others are eating, Yix begins to gorge himself on the food in front of him. He works first on the closest meat product, finishing his meal by plowing face first into any sort of sweet that is near him.

2006-04-26, 03:04 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark had been very reserved during the appearance of the Knights and their subsequent escort to the surface.

When the group is lead to the Dining Room, Trinark can no longer supress hunger. His stomach growled so loudly, he was sure someone would be able to hear it out in the hallway.

He didn't immediately recognise a lot of the food on the table, and the tools sitting next to the plates only vaguely familiar. Trinark grabbed a still-warm hunk of bread, and stuffed his mouth full before someone mentioned the possibility of poison...

2006-04-26, 06:42 PM
While Si'rene watches disapprovingly, the others dive into the prepared feast, eating and drinking until they are sated.

Yix ends up lolling about on the tablecloth, his belly distended, full of rich meats and delicious pastries. Even the drow and gnoll help themselves to the unfamiliar dishes.

Si'rene shakes her head as she nibbles on one of her last rations.

Once everyone (except Si'rene) has eaten their fill, another guard enters the room, bows and leads you down a different hall and up a flight of stairs where you find a half dozen guest rooms prepared for you.

As you climb the stairs, you peek out of a window. You can see that you are in one wing of a large enclosed compound. A number of armed soldiers can be seen in the central square, which is illuminated by a number of lanterns.

There are two beds in each room. Clean linens and robes have been laid on the beds for you.

The guard indicates a hidden staircase. "The springs are down below. You are invited to bathe if you wish ..."

Those of you who choose to descend the spiral staircase find yourselves in a subterranean chamber that seems to lie on top of a natural hot spring. The chamber is only dimly illuminated by small lanterns set into the walls at regular intervals.

An enormous pool lies before you. Steam rises from its surface, and the air has a faintly mineral tang.

2006-04-26, 07:40 PM

While not eating the food set before her was easy, the temptation to get the grime and filth off of her was too much, she takes the opportunity to bathe herself and feels much better for it. She watches the others to make certain that none of them start to look ill as she relaxes some of the ill will out as she washes the filth and stink off.

2006-04-26, 08:24 PM

Yix tries to fly to follow the guard, but finds it more difficult than he thought it would. He settles for walking behind the group, even though it is somewhat slower than the rest. When he finally reaches the room he plops down in the middle of the room, letting out a soft moan as he tries to fall asleep.

2006-04-26, 10:22 PM
Tiriel quickly follows Si'rene into the nearest room where she quickly exchanges her grimy clothes and armor for a robe. As an after thought, she grabs her sword before heading down the staircase indicaided by the guard.[hr]When she sees the springs she smilies wide and wastes no time disrobing and plunging into the water with an audible "whoop."

::before that she'll put her robe and sword close to spring's edge::

2006-04-27, 08:06 AM

Ginevra scowls at the staircases. She looks down at her dirty clothes and hands, and appears to make up her mind, though she doesn't like her conclusion. She enters the room with Tiriel and S'irene, emerges with an even bigger scowl, goes into the next room and comes out with a robe, re-enters her friends' room, and re-emerges wearing the robe and holding her sheathed belt dagger.

She descends the staircase, glaring at the water. She quickly removes her robe, and, after placing it and her dagger 5 feet from the edge of the hated water, she enters the pool almost gingerly, and washes off the grime and muck, staying in the water only as long as it takes to wash off her body and hair. She then exits the pool, dons her robe, grabs her dagger and almost runs back to her room, looking around for a towel and clean clothes.

2006-04-27, 11:56 AM
Lizardkin Druid


was the thought that entered his mind at the sight of the food. He was just as interested in the furnishings of the room as the alien food.

The only human habitation he had been in being Oden's home. Thinking of that reminded him of the marsh and his home and all the walkabouts he took in the forests near the marshes.

He sighed hoping that day would soon come.

Shuffling closer to the food he wished that he could visit a nearby river and bathe before eating.

He settled on something identifiable as meat. Casting a simple orison to ensure it contained nothing harmful to a lizardkin. He ate it measuringly, not wishing to gorge himself sick and squinting as the unaccustomed richness washed over his mouth.

He returned to the thoughts he had had when he first discovered that the 3 deadly warriors had known Sheyra. Semuanya had wanted him to break away from Sheyra. Somehow they would aid in his hunt. Marvelling at the complexity of semuanya's hunt and grateful he had not failed him, the lizardkin sagged his shoulders.

Any who observed the lizardkin would note that a lot of the nervous tension and paranoid aggression were gone.

When the meal had concluded and the bath was shown.,the Lizardman lagged behind. Letting the others go ahead, he dumped his pack and aarmor at a distant corner. Stripping his pants off, he plunged into the pool and happily submerged himself in the heat of it. With nothing more than a loin cloth, he swam in the bottom of the pool at distant end and did not notice Tiriel until he felt her actuall step into the pool. Coming up to see what had caused the disturbance, he watched the woman strip in a detached manner.

The naked human held no interest for the reptilian and he simply sank back into the warmth and to his thoughts.

OOC: sorry. was a bit busy. actually wanted to interact with Yix b4 we got to the house.. in any case I was wishing for a bath since i read that there was food. so ladies whther you bath or not the lizardman doesn't care he doesn't see you that way and everybody in his tribe use the river anyway

2006-04-27, 02:12 PM

The gnoll has gorged himself to sickness with the food. Eyes even larger than his stomache he wolfed down anything he could get his hands on, familiar or otherwise. As a result his own bloted stomache (though not as obvious as Yix's) is making his armor uncomfortable. Slugishly he follows the others upstairs and colapses on a soft rug, moaning in unison with Yix. Strange how creatures so diverse can have such similar reactions.

Gradually he removes his armor and lies there. He makes to follow those that go, but finds the effort too much and sinks back down onto the floor. Unsure of what the other furnature is for, he leaves it to the other creatures.

2006-04-27, 11:05 PM
The gnoll and pseudodragon sleep deeply, their bellies full for the first time in a long time.

Katrin, who apparently has an aversion to water, returns to her room as quickly as possible, settling down into an exquisitely soft mattress with down comforter.

Down below, the bathers find themselves especially buoyant in the mineral water. The lizardman swims gracefully with elegant flicks of his tail. The others float peacefully on their backs, letting the warmth of the pool seep into their tired and knotted muscles.

After weeks, if not months, spent in close quarters in the Underdark, modesty is not a big issue, but there are a few screens placed strategically at the poolside that offer some privacy for those who prefer it.

As you float in the pool, Si'rene and Tiriel can't help wondering who "Lady Sheyra" is and if she could possibly be the same forlorn girl whom they briefly watched over on the Sea Lion.

Likewise, the lizardman rewinds the dreams in his head, trying to figure out how the women he encountered in the Underdark could possibly be connected to the "little one" he last saw climbing onto the mind flayer's ferry.

2006-04-28, 08:13 AM

Tiriel, that girl we met, do you really think that it could be the same girl? she seemed to be in a bad place when she got escorted away, how could it be this short time later she can make it home? There is something about this that is not settling with me... Si'rene asks this as she is stepping out of the mineral bath and finding her robe to prepare for her journey back to the room for some much needed sleep. A bed. It has been so long since she has seen a bed.

2006-04-29, 10:48 AM
Tychus floats by, humming a little ditty, while Si'rene and Tiriel speculate about "Lady Sheyra".

The drow doesn't make an appearance, nor do the gnoll and pseudodragon.

Andrea's body is taken to the chapel where, you have been assured, he will be prepared for a proper burial.

One by one, each of you eventually retires for a long overdue night of complete, undisturbed rest.

Tirel, Si'rene and Ginevra share one of the rooms. The others find their own empty beds and collapse gratefully into the soft mattresses.

The morning dawns clear and cold. It is the first sunrise you have seen in a long, long time. Some of you simply stand at your windows in awe. Trinark draws the blinds, finding the morning light uncomfortable.

Apparently, it has snowed overnight, and the courtyard and outbuildings are covered in a blanket of white.

A simple meal of bread, preserves, and chilled juice is laid out in the dining room. After breaking your fast, you are lead to a different part of the building, a large great hall decorated with more tapestries as well as old portrait paintings.

A number of honor guards line the walls. Standing at the far end of the room is a young woman, dressed in white. Her chestnut hair has been pulled back in a ponytail, tied with a yellow ribbon.

Katrin, Tiriel, Si'rene, the lizardman and Trinark all recognize her instantly - Sheyra!

Sheyra smiles and opens her arms welcomingly toward the lizardman and Trinark.

"I almost didn't believe the reports, but it really is true! You made it out of the Underdark! The others will be so thrilled to hear that you are both OK!"

She then turns to the others smiling. "Welcome! I know that you must all still be exhausted. Please feel free to stay as long as you wish as my guests!"

Turning to Katrin, Si'rene and Tiriel, Sheyra adds, "And I know that you three have traveled far with the Kris, keeping it safe and overcoming many obstacles. I salute you!"

Sheyra bows formally to the three women.

2006-04-29, 02:01 PM

Sheyra? So this was the creature that had caused all the excitement. She didn't look all that spectacular. The gnoll keeps to the back of the group, feeling uncomfortable in these un-natural settings.

2006-04-29, 02:19 PM
Ssathiyaa, Lizardman Druid

Waking in the morning, and seeing his first sunrise in a very long time, the lizardman feels a weight off his back. He wasn't lost in the dark anymore.

He was close to sheyra and close to a confrontation with the damned being that caused so much death and pain in his wake.

Casting a spell on a sparrow, he attached a message informing his tribe that he was still alive and in pursuit of the real enemy and that they should cease their war preparations. He feared it migt be too late already but remembering the serendipity in the events and in meeting with strangers who would save him and be themselves somehow what he needed to defeat the evil spirit of a dead wizard, he held faith in semuanya taht it wasn't.

Releasing the bird, he gently comforted the distressed Trinark.
In the audience hall, at the sight of sheyra, even being a savage reptilian and a druid couldn't prevent his features from twisting into clear relief and joy , as though ,it was his own hatchling.

Taking one of her hands and covering with both his huge ones, he looks at her and says

"You are alive"
He then frowns slightly.
"The others?", he asks looking worried.

2006-04-29, 03:23 PM
Tiriel turns to Katrine and Si'rene. "Okay, now what?"

2006-04-29, 03:50 PM

Yix flies around the room taking in all the scenery, the guards fascinate him for some reason. He flies around a few of them looking them up and down. He stops in front of their faces and makes odd expressions (as odd as a pseudodragon can get). When this no longer fascinates him he lands next to one and stands on his hind legs trying to imitate their exact posture.

2006-04-30, 08:42 AM

Katrin looks briefly surprised at Sheyra's last statement, but composes herself and replies, "Thank you for your hospitality, Sheyra." She looks around briefly, and her eyes return to the girl's face, her eyebrows raised slightly. "Yes, we do have the kris. How did you know that we had it?" Katrin's expression returns to normal, and she says, "And are we to give it to you, or is there some other person who is supposed to recieve it?"

2006-04-30, 04:35 PM
Sheyra laughs.

"The irony is that you were headed here all along. I suppose that I could have traveled with the three of you rather than with Aeroz and the others!

"But I have no used for the Kris you carry. In fact, the farther I stay from that thing, the better!"

Sheyra indicates an arched doorway. A cloaked and hooded figure stands there. The figure steps forward and throws back her hood, revealing a porcelain mask. The woman removes the mask, and you see her face for the first time.

You are amazed to see a very familiar chestnut-haired young woman looking back at you. Looking back and forth between the young woman and Sheyra you find each to be the spitting image of the other.

The cloaked woman laughs as well, her laughter identical to Sheyra's.

"Yes, sister, who could have imagined that you would unwittingly cross paths with the very same heroes I commissioned to retrieve the Kris?"

Tychus looks from one to the other and scratches his head. "Twins?" He turns to the lizardman and the women. "And you four know these women?"

2006-04-30, 06:50 PM

Looking at the cloaked woman as she reveals her identity, Si'rene is taken aback. To Tychus she states simply It would appear so, yes. Si'rene looks at the recently unmasked woman, So you merely wanted to transport the kris to the same location you yourself would be going. I assume so no one would get it on the way. Is this the end of our mission, or do we have further to go yet?

2006-04-30, 10:39 PM
Tiriel is sick of surprises. What had seemed like a simple job had turned into a journey over seas, and both under and over the land. At this point she would very much like to tell these twins to take the Kris and jam it up their...
But, no. She'll wait. She knew the mood would pass and after all, why spoil everything just as it was about to finish?

Tiriel lets out a deep breath to vent her frustration. She prays that Si'rene's question is answered soon.

2006-05-01, 07:28 AM

Ginevra simply stands where she is, shaking her head to herself with an amazed expression on her face.

2006-05-01, 08:47 AM

The gnoll, seeing that there is nothing here for him to do, leans against a handy portion of wall. He is far from relaxed, as can be seen by the outligning of his muscles through the fur, and his eyes dart from the twins to the guards uneasily.

2006-05-01, 12:48 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin's eyes widen in shock before he recovers and growls out,
"Little one, what iss meaning of this?"

He looks at Sheyra's twin and back at Sheyra.
Kir-riss ?!? What was a kir -iss?

SEMUANYA!...two of them...Which one did I see die?

"You're sstill in danger. The wizzard will come for that and you", he says in a much more improved common. He moves over to the twin to sniff the air around her. There was nothing abnormal about her in a cursory examination. He bows his head slightly in apology as she eyes him askance and moves away from her back to beside Sheyra.

2006-05-01, 10:32 PM

Yix drops his "guard-stance" when he sees the twins, he spends a few moments in confused shock before broadcasting to everyone within range the word "pretty."

2006-05-01, 10:52 PM
Sheyra laughs. "The wizard? Do you mean Sethra?"

"Oh, of course, there would be no way for you to have known ... You were right all along, druid. Sethra was among us through the entire journey through the Underdark.

"And as you feared, he did make an attempt on my life, but we were able to defeat him, though it cost us the lives of two of our dear friends ..."

Sheyra's face falls as she remembers her fallen comrades.

Her twin changes the subject ...

"Oh, look at that adorable dragon!"

Everyone turns their eyes to Yix who is standing at attention by the foot of one of the guards. The pseudodragon puffs out his chest proudly and chirrups.

The twin then goes on to answer Si'rene's question.

"You three have done well, but there is much that remains to be done if we are to prevent the rise of the Order of the Serpent.

"If you and your friends are willing, we need to get a message to Yhelbruna, one of the hathrans that protect Rashemen."

She hands the porcelain mask to Si'rene.

"Deliver this mask and a message so that she knows that we have the Kris in our possession. The passage to Rashemen will be hard, and you may expect many battles and challenges along the way, especially in the middle of winter, but Lady Yhelbruna will undoubtedly reward you handsomely for your efforts.

"And speaking of rewards ..."

A series of servants enter the chamber and present three small chests to Si'rene, Tiriel and Katrin (one each). Inside each chest is 100 pieces of platinum.

A small embroidered pouch is given to each of the other members of the party. Each pouch contains a finely cut emerald.

2006-05-02, 06:21 AM

"Perhapse now would be a good time to enlighten my about your purpose. I owe you a blood debt, but I still would like to know what I will be facing."

The gnolls voice is husky[like the dog ;D], and sounds worried. Snakes were not his favourite creatures.

2006-05-02, 07:29 AM
Lizardkin Druid

Taking the pouch offered to him. He looks inside at the gem.
A hard rock... cut into a shape...

Holding it up, he sees it glitter in the light and he bites it to test its hardness.

pretty rock.and very hard..a hatchling might like it...what do i do with it?

He looks at Sheyra with a puzzled expression.

"Our..p..pack?". He is troubled to hear that the others had to face Sethra without him and frankly perplexed by it. If Semuanya had been guiding his hunt, it would not make sense for the kill to happen without him.

To the others that notice. His postue and demeanour is far less aggressive now that he is out of the underdark and its denizens and next to Sheyra. His muscles aren't bunched. His neck spines aren't always no lower than half-mast. He hisses his words rather than spitting them.

2006-05-02, 07:59 AM

Katrin accepts the chest, feeling its weight in her hands. Hearing Yix's words in the back of her mind, Katrin smiles, saying, "Thank you. I am willing. How would we get to Rashemen, though? It's not somewhere that any of us-well, at least me, Si'rene, or Tiriel has been before. What would be the best way to get there, and what would we need to know?"

2006-05-02, 08:11 AM

I am also willing to continue my journey. I see things to the end. How do we get to Rashemen, and once there how do we find Lady Yhelbruna? Looking around at her new group of adventurers that helped them in the end of this mission, Si'rene passes out 5 PP per person to them. Muttering a "thanks" to each of them.


OOC what is the final headcount of the group so that I can deduct the appropriate amount from my total?

2006-05-02, 02:55 PM

Yix takes off and flits his way over to the Lizardman's shoulder. "What do we do now?" Yix communicates mentally to the Lizardman.

2006-05-02, 08:11 PM
Sheyra's twin looks at your assembled group - Katrin, Si'rene, Tiriel, the lizardman, the gnoll, the drow, the wizard, the bard, and the pseudodragon - with approval.

"What a unique combination of heroes! I have no doubt that you will be able to make it to Rashemen if you work together ..."

The twin walks over to a table and unrolls a scroll lying there. She indicates the way to Rashemen by tracing a route along the parchement.

"The first part of the journey will be easy. You will follow the trade routes west, crossing Gref's Ferry and travelling through Phent, Phsant, and Tammar, until you reach Two Stars.

"You will then cross the River Mulsantir, which is frozen at this time of the year, to the City Mulsantir. The road will then lead you north until you find the Huhrong's Road, which will take you to Immilmar, the capital of Rashemen.

"Find the Iron Lord. He will lead you to Yhelbruna."

Sheyra chimes in.

"House Relik will be honored to provide horses, supplies and winter gear.

"But first, you will want to leave the Kris in one of our vaults. Our compound is shielded to prevent scrying. From the point of view of any prying eyes, the Kris will have disappeared!"

Sheyra and her twin escort your party down a different set of staircases to a dungeon and armory.

A pair of guards stands before a pair of massive iron doors. Sheyra and her twin each pull an iron key from their pockets. With one twin on each side of the doors, they insert the keys and, counting softly, turn both keys simultaneously.

The vault opens, revealing rows upon rows of iron boxes.

Choosing one, they open the box and pass it to the three women.

Seeing the others eyeing the armory, Sheyra offers to give each member of the party a weapon of their choosing, to aid them on their journey ...