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2005-12-22, 04:14 PM
The lizardman and drow stand side by side as they watch the longboat's lantern recede into the distance.

The drow removes his plate armor, leaving the pieces stacked neatly on the shore. The lizardman stands motionless, lost in thought.

Neither speaks for a long time.

OOC: Both the lizardman and the drow have darkvision. Unless otherwise specified, communication is assumed to be in draconic ... This thread is a "spin off" from The Sea of Starry Night II (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play;action=display;num=1134343283). The OOC thread is here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play_ooc;action=display;num=11352825 65).

2005-12-22, 06:43 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark finally breaks the silence, "I regret that we are separated from the rest of the group. I vow that I will watch your back to the best of my ability. I will work with you to see that you and Sheyra are brought back together."

"I suggest we try to find food as soon as possible. I can create water magically if necessary."

2005-12-23, 01:57 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardman doesn't understand the word of what the lone drow says but the calm in his voice and his gestures indicate that he was willing to help find sheyra again.

The lizardman nods in agreement. He puzzled over Trinark's removal of his armor until he realised that Trinark moved more silently now.
I will be alone with this darkskin..drow..for much time in this place.... He offered himself as a sacrifice to the squid-thing..... It is as worthy as the others. It CANNOT have been the cause of the one killed

He comes to a decision and mimics a gesture he had often spied among pinkskins, he hoped the drow would respond. He held a open palm side-ways at waist level and offered it to the drow

"Together. You and I"
He points with his other hand in the direction of the ferry.
"To find Sheyra and our packmates in Tefff-lam"

2005-12-23, 07:53 PM
The two accidental companions turn their backs to the Sea and look up at the imposing cliffs that form the semi-circular cove. The carved footholds lead back up to some caves, but the black pudding lies that way, and they are not eager to backtrack.

Dark openings along the base of the cliff to the left and to the right indicate additional passages leaving the beach. The opening to the left is large and regular, as if it has been worked. The opening to the right is a narrow triangle and appears to be a natural opening in the rock.

2005-12-23, 08:40 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

In Draconic, "Well my Lizardkin friend, what should I call you? I don't want to offend."

Trinark suveys the cave passages, stroking his chin. "I suggest we take the smaller of the two, I am hoping you can find some more of those mushrooms. They can sustain us for a little while longer, and I can purify them if we find the poisonous ones. What do you think?"

2005-12-23, 11:32 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The Lizardkin lowers his offered handshake. Perhaps the drow are unfamiliar with the pinkskin custom.

He nods as the drow points to the narrower passage.
"Agreed. Allow me to look at the ground"

{OOC: Survival check: looking for tracks and signs of creatures}

"You may call me Druid or any namesake you wish"

He turns his neck to look at the sea in thought.
"It might be wise to not leave just yet. There might be fish in the sea.. or beasts may come down to where there is water"

He frowns in thought and walks to the water's edge to taste it. He wonders if is freshwater or salty.

2005-12-24, 02:00 PM
The lizardman looks carefully at the tracks on the beach. Most were made by his companions on their way to the dock. The other markings are indistinct. It appears that the Glimmersea is subject to the pull of Selune as much as any surface sea, and the tides seem to have erased any signs of previous visitors.

The lizardman's nose already indicates that the Glimmersea is briny. He tastes the seawater anyway, and confirms that it is salty and undrinkable.

The two of you consider whether it would be better to wait here by the beach for other passersby or whether you should move on, hoping to find food or another path to the surface. Neither of you have eaten for several days, and you are both beginning to feel weak ...

2005-12-25, 05:30 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin druid had considered fishing to feed themselves but had reconsiderd it. They were weak enough to begin with and the exertions of swimming and fishing would only wear them out quickly with no guarantee of success.

Secondly, when it came to fish, there was one rule.

If you were bigger, you eat; If you were smaller, you were eaten..

Looking at the size of the Sea, he had no idea as to what dwelt in its dark depths and the size they grew to. Considering the aberrations that infested this place, it was quite likely they would simply run into more inedible trouble.

Shaking his head at having to turn his back to the chance at a meal, Ssathiya folds the net and stows it into his back pack and hoists the backpack and shield tied to it on.

He marchs to the narrow opening and looks at the drow expectantly.

2005-12-25, 11:36 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark watches the Druid silently go through his search for tracks and checking the water. He then follows him over to the smaller entrance and takes the lead.

"I will lead for now, I believe my vision is a little better than yours." Trinark says trying to be friendly. [OOC: Darkvision 120']

[OOC: Trinark will move at a typical pace. If there are any signs of danger, or something edible he will stop. Edible to include moss, lichen, mushrooms...etc.]

2005-12-25, 12:50 PM
Lizardkin Druid

He frowns slightly at this new piece of information but is not surprised. He politely nods to Trinark's smile and moves aside to let him take the lead.

He stands, a tall silent silhouette against the cliff face staring into the sea of starry night in the direction of the disappeared ferry before looking up at the preternatural night sky.

Semuanya.. may my path return me to the green grass and moonlit sky...soon

He turns and walks steadily into the shadows unslinging his shield into his left arm.

The cliffs are silent and empty once more.

2005-12-25, 05:43 PM
The two of you are both reasonably comfortable without light, and since neither of you are encumbered with heavy, noisy, metal armor, you both are able to move quickly and relatively silently through the darkness.

You explore a narrow natural passageway, climbing above, under, and around large natural rock formations. There are signs that this passageway has been used by others before, though no tracks are alarmingly fresh. No doubt others have used this way to get to the ferry in the past.

The gnawing hunger pains eventually fade into a dull background discomfort. This part of the Underdark seems to be unusually barren.

With no destination particularly in mind, the two of you meander through the bowels of the Underdark for an indefinite period of time. You stop to rest when tired and drink when thirsty.

An unknown number of days pass, hours blurring into each other. The two of you are thoroughly lost. You both shrug. What does it matter?

You are both exhausted and starving. If you don't find food soon, there is a real possibility that you will both die here in the Underdark.

You have just recently entered a series of vaulted caverns filled with numerous stalactites and stalagmites, hoping to find some edible fungi. Suddenly, the drow halts in his tracks. There is sound and movement ahead. In a few moments, the lizardman can sense it too ...

2005-12-25, 08:43 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Hearing the movement, Trinark stopped and remained motionless. He glanced left and right judging the distance to the closest cover, probably a stalagmite.

[OOC: DR, if nothing or noone is visible, Trinark with attempt to silently move to the closest cover. If there is something visible, he will attempt to identify it before moving.]

2005-12-26, 01:33 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The long hunger and fatigue were wearing Ssathiya down. He talked less with Trinark. Merely nodding or shaking his head and wordlessly following his lead.

Seeing the drow tense and remain still causes him to focus his attention ahead. The sounds of something moving ahead shook him out of his self-reverie. The usually cautious lizardkin was now simply too hungry and too much of a bad mood to simply evade an encounter. He stood there teeth bared,breath quickening with all the signs he was about to fly into a svage fit and butcher whatever lay ahead.

[OOC: I'm fighting shield and claw and if it's a friendly Yoric, you'd better restrain me]

2005-12-27, 11:29 AM
Lizardkin Druid

As the two heroes remain motionless, the only noise that is heard is the approach os something ahead and the breaths they exhale.

As the noise gets nearer, the two tense, ready to react.

2005-12-27, 07:39 PM
The footsteps and noises cease.

It seems that whoever they are, they are aware of your presence as well ...

Tense seconds pass in silence and darkness.

2005-12-28, 10:27 PM
Trinark and the lizardman freeze in their positions. They breathe as quietly as possible and strain their ears for any sound.

After a long time, they make out the faint scrape of stone against stone. The sound seems to have come from behind them ...

2005-12-29, 03:42 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilian had been standing at the back. He spins around on hearing the sound.

WE're surrounded! Semuanya! We are being hunted.

His anxiety gives way to a new thought as he braces himself for assault.

Strange. If they have the advantage of position and numbers, What are they waiting for? Why haven't they attacked already?

2005-12-29, 09:09 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark glances behind him to see if he sees anything.

(Assuming he doesn't...)

Trinark will attempt to move silently to the nearest cover, even if he has to crouch. (But he doesn't want to go prone.)

[OOC: DR, do we have weapons ready or not?]

2005-12-29, 03:28 PM
Trinark holds his sword ready. The lizardman is ready to fight with tooth and claw. Both move slowly, cautiously, and silently until they are behind rock formations.

The stalagmites scattered about the cavern provide cover for both the two of you and the approaching intruder or intruders.

In the dark, Trinark thinks that he sees a flicker of movement behind one of the stalagmites, but he can't be sure.

The two of you huddle almost back to back as they peer into the darkness. The tension thickens, like a noose tightening ...

2005-12-29, 05:23 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Hefting his shield, the lizatrdman turns his head to whisper to the drow cleric who stood at his back.

The enemy does not attack! They may not know how many of us there are and may not stike yet.

"We are surrounded. All that remains for us is surprise. Your word. We charge back."

A dire thought comes to him at the end.
A hunter who gives himself away may be poor or so sure of victory that caution and stealth did not matter any longer

He frowns at the thought but says nothing. He tenses for Trinark's signal.

2005-12-29, 09:50 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Attempting to sieze the advantage, Trinark will cast Dancing Lights (racial ability). He will select the optional "Humanoid" shape. To appear near the entrance to the cavern that Trinark and the Druid entered through. He will have the "light" remain stationary for the time being.

Trinark will be ready in case something is revealed or moves when the "light" appears.

2005-12-30, 08:38 PM
Trinark turns and casts dancing lights back the way the two of you had come.

For a moment, three figures are silhouetted against the glow - drow! Apparently, they had circled around and were attempting to sneak up behind you. One waves a hand and the dancing lights are snuffed out.

With their presence discovered, there apparently is no longer any need for stealth. Footsteps converge on the two of you from ahead and behind.

One of the three behind you calls out in Undercommon, "There are only two of them!"

A voice replies from in front of you, "Take them alive!"

OOC: Please make your own initiative rolls. There are three drow warriors in front of you and three drow behind you. Both sets of drow are 30 ft away. Random stalagmites provide 25% cover for everyone.

2005-12-31, 06:13 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilia curses. Expecting surprise to be on their advantage, he was dismayed as his partner casted a spell that gave their last advantage away.

He sprints towards the drow at the back, his shield held before him.

All my fighting spells are used. I will have to fight tooth and claw

OOC: My initiative is 18. My plan is to charge and break through the line of drow at the back and then turn so I can flank them if Trinark is behind me. Once we both can break through, we run for it.EDIT: I obviously choose the path of least AOOs

2005-12-31, 05:13 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

This is going to get *ugly* very quickly...

[OOC: Init roll 15 + 6 = 21]

If the Drow have not closed to melee range, Trinark will cast Shield of Faith on himself. Then move toward the Druid.

If they are too close for safe spellcasting, Trinark will activate Fighting Defensively. He will attack the closest enemy with his Longsword. (+3 to hit.)

2006-01-01, 05:09 PM
With a fearsome roar, the lizardman charges the three drow to the rear. He hears the thwip, thwip, thwip of hand crossbows discharging, and he feels three small bolts thud into his shield.

A split second later, the lizardman is crashing through the center of their line, dropping the drow warrior in the center to the ground with a single blow of his club.

Trinark follows close on the lizardman's heels, casting a protective spell as he runs. He hears two bolts whiz past him until they strike stalagmites. A third bolt passes close enough for him to feel a thrumming in the air as it just barely misses. Trinark mutters a prayer of thanks to Eilistraee for shielding him and readies his sword.

OOC: Trinark casts shield of faith and delays his move to follow the lizardman. The three drow to the rear are unable to overcome the lizardman's charging AC of 20. The lizardman charges and drops a drow warrior with 5 points of damage. The drow from the "front" (now the rear) fire at Trinark. Two miss completely, while the third narrowly misses.

2006-01-02, 10:05 AM
Ssathiya, Lizardkin Druid

Roaring Semuanya's name, spittle flying from his bared maw, the lizardkiin whirls like a dervish, fighting the two drow remaining upright. Alternating between the two, blocking one's attacks as he swung his club at the other with breakneck speed.

The drow would not dismiss one of the people so easily again. The words of their pack-leader echoed in him.

There are only two of them...

Take them alive..


Semuanya did not intend his offspring as any kind of prey!..easy or otherwise...

He snarled as he struck again.

OOC: The description's for style. As i stated, turn around. attack one of them and 'scare' the other until I drop all of them if possible and run off with Trinark. If i'm allowed more than a single attack, as a full round action, I choose to 1 club/ 1 bite attack(secondary).

2006-01-03, 02:01 PM
Another drow falls under the lizardman's frenzied attacks. The third drow warrior draws his rapier and thrusts desperately, but the lizardman easily deflects the point of the blade off of his shield.

Trinark takes advantage of the drow being distracted to slash him deeply across his back. The drow hisses in agony, then whirls to protect himself, only to be clubbed across the back of the skull by the lizardman.

Another series of small crossbow bolts streak through the darkness. Trinark and the lizardman take cover behind some stalagmites.

Trinark peeks around the stalagmite and sees the remaining three drow closing in on his and the lizardman's position. Two of them carry bucklers and have rapiers held ready. The one in the center wears a sergeant's insignia and is wielding a spiked chain. Due to the close quarters, he is holding the chain close to its two ends, which are being whirling gently and skillfully.

OOC: Combat continues ...

Round 2: The lizardman kills a second drow. Trinark flanks and slashes the third drow. The other set of drow move and reload.

Round 3: The lizardman finishes off the third drow. Trinark fights defensively. Three more bolts are fired but miss. The three remaining drow draw their melee weapons and move.

2006-01-03, 08:02 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

"Be careful my Druid friend, I don't have an offensive spells available at the moment. Now would be a very bad time to take a dirt-nap." Trinark is unable to surpress a smirk.

Trinark maintains his defensive fighting style, staying close to the Druid and looking for an opening to strike.

[OOC: Trinark keeps up his previous tactic of fighting defensively. He will take advantage of a flank if the opportunity presents itself.]

2006-01-04, 09:42 PM
The three drow close in cautiously, seeing the fate of the rest of their squad. Two soldiers attempt to flank the lizardman, while the sergeant stays back, whirling his spiked chain overhead.

The lizardman shifts his position, stacking the two drow skirmishers. The closest drow attempts to parry the lizardman's attacks with his rapier as best he can, but he doesn't seem to be trying to counterattack for some reason. The sergeant's chain whips over the skirmisher's head and harries the lizardman unpredicatably.

Trinark, meanwhile, stays behind the lizardman and waits for an opening. He sees the sergeant switch to a one-handed grip on the chain. The sergeant's free hand makes a series of quick movements.

Too late Trinark recognizes the trap. A flurry of small bolts explodes from the left flank. At least two bolts strike both the lizardman and Trinark. The lizardman roars in fury, but within seconds, the drow poison begins to take effect and both the lizardman and Trinark slump to the ground.

As their consciousness begins to fade, they look up toward the ceiling as roughly a dozen drow encircle them. The sergeant coils his spiked chain carefully and the other drow reload their hand crossbows.

Their voices sound muffled as if they are speaking underwater and you can't help wondering ...

2006-01-05, 11:06 AM
Time passes ...

You are aware of gentle rocking and the sound of boots marching on stone ...

More time passes ...

You regain consciousness slowly, and find yourself lying on cold natural stone. Sitting up, you realize that you are chained by the neck to a number of other humanoids.

A single dim lantern casts a purplish glow over the cavern. Fifteen drow warriors are scattered about the cave. Some are watching the exits. Others are gathered near the lantern, sitting on a number of sturdy wooden chests, chatting and eating.

Two dozen grimlocks, who have been acting as porters, huddle together in a separate group.

Some of the other prisoners are awake, others are either sleeping or still unconscious. Sitting on the ground near you is a small cage that contains some kind of lizard. A pot full of water has been placed in the center of your group, along with some pieces of bread.

2006-01-05, 01:31 PM
Gnoll way out

The large Hyena headed humanoid wakes slowly and groggly, then takes in the situation. With a look at bread, he exhales a gutteral kufaw, and turns to look at whoever is next to him on the chain gang, right and left. Which one of these other clowns looks the most edible

"Does anyone know if we lost or won?" he asks loudly.

2006-01-05, 03:55 PM
Somber-Looking Human

A battered-looking human male, brown-haired and of a medium build, sits in the underground twilight on the gnoll's left. He grins wryly. "I'd say we lost," he murmurs out the side of his mouth, "as it's more'n passin' unusual for the winners to wind up in chains."

He sighs inwardly. In retrospect, the Underdark was perhaps not the best place for a man of his talents. Still, he and the rest of the Silver Hand had very nearly made it back to the surface with the gear and baubles they'd found in Auzergrym's lair when the drow had hit them. The others would probably be here with him now if one of those thrice-damned-by-Beshaba crossbow bolts hadn't hit Thauvan's wand and snapped it, blowing the rest of the Silver Hand and half the darklings straight to the Nine Hells. Scorched, blinded and alone, he'd summarily been hit by no less than four crossbow bolts before sinking to the ground with their subtle posion running in his veins.

And so here he was. He notes the latest additions to their sorry little cabal -- a reptilian humanoid and, Lady Luck smile, another drow. No real surprise there -- the dark elves were nearly as well known for their capriciousnes as their viciousness. He whispers carefully to the new faces.

"Hoi, down the line. Be yerselves 'wake?"

2006-01-05, 04:17 PM
human male
Description: this man stands nearly six feet tall, with curly dark hair, blue eyes, and sun-tanned olive skin.

Well then. Let's survey the damages...Tools? Weapons? Fellow Harpers? Torri?

The man subtly checks himself and his surroundings out, looking for anyone he recognizes, for his pet, and for where they're keeping his belongings.
If he sees any comrades, he'll get their attention with a slight nod or wink.

2006-01-05, 05:02 PM
Tiny Lizard

Damn it. DAMN IT! the lizard cried telepathically. It had just been knawing at the lock in a futile attempt to break it, and had finally given up in frustration, pacing around its cage, momentarily taking pause to smash it's body against the bars every so often again trying to break them. It had been doing the same thing every few hours or so after it had recuperated from the last bout, but was now so weakened and exhausted by its previous attempts that any chance to succeed was most definitely now gone.

After a short while, after it had finally lay down on the floor of his cage, it noticed that someone new had come in. Opening a single eye, it watched as the newcomers came in. His stomach began to grumble at the same time, and as he shifted uncomfortably he asked the new lizard-human telepathically, Hey, you, new guy! Hand me some bread!

2006-01-05, 08:12 PM
Blue-haired elf in elaborate, if dusty, blue robes

The elf ended his meditative trance when he sensed his fellow captives begin to stir into wakefulness.

He looked down again at his filthy hands and dirty robes and shook his head sorrowfully. He reached up with one hand and felt the iron band surrounding his neck, and the chain that ran through the ring at the front of it. And not a thing he could do about it...

To human Hell with that thug Rafaros thought the elf, picturing the rogue who barged into the bathhouse and shackled him while he was totally unarmed. I should have known he was traffiking in slavery! It was poor planning indeed to have crossed him.

For the umpteenth time, he looked over toward the grimlock porters. He tried to spot his haversack among the gear and supplies the creatures were responsible for. The sack was in the pile somewhere - he had seen Rafaros's thug hand it over when the drow slaver bought him. The human and drow had spoken in undercommon, which the elf didn't know, but he was pretty sure the cursed rogue had talked up his wizardly status to make him sound as valuable as possible.

He noted that among the new members of his chain gang were a gnoll, a pair of battered looking humans, some sort of lizard man, and a drow, of all things! The gnoll and the nearer human conversed among themselves, so he assumed they were already acquainted with each other. The human then called out to the chain gang in general, he assumed. Were all the new prisoners from an adventuring party together?

"I'm awake, fellow prisoner. And you're wise keeping your voice low," whispered the elf. He took a quick head count, wondering how many people were in this lineup, and how many were newcomers.

2006-01-05, 10:26 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark slowly clawed his way back to consciousness, which was a slow and agonizing process. And when he suddenly realized where he was and what happened, he to wanted to be unconscious again.

NO! Dammit not again!

He gripped the chain dangling from the collar around his neck. His knuckles bulged in the grip. "NO!" he howled at the top of his lungs.

Trinark dropped the chain, and began pounding his fist on the stone floor. His shoulders begin shaking as he can't hold back the tears and grief any longer. "Its not fair!" He collapses to the floor, rolling on to his side. His sobs lapse into a soft moaning.

2006-01-05, 10:52 PM
Tiny Lizard

The caged lizard jumps as Trinark cries out and suddenly starts sobbing, and is not very pleased. Damn Drow... Too busy pitying itself to do something about its situation... Suddenly, the tiny beast lets out a great deafening roar at the top of its lungs with quite surprising volume for a creature of its size from its cage, not only in disgust at the Drow's sobbing out of self-pity and cowardice, but also in its frustration at being trapped itself, his hatred towards his captors, and everything else he had been unable to release while trapped in its cage.

Suddenly feeling a sweeping wave of relief at releasing its pent of feelings, it growled triumphantly, and now set about sensibly trying to unlock the door of its cage, threading its long tail (which was actually twice as long as its body once uncurled) through the bars and using the tip of its... was that a stinger? as a lockpick.

(Open Lock check, please)

2006-01-06, 02:14 AM
Blue-haired elf in elaborate, if dusty, blue robes

The elf watches the drow suspiciously as it pounds its fists on the cold stone beneath them.

He runs through his mind the list of spells he has prepared which do not require material components. It occurs to him that some other spells of his require rudimentary components that he might be able to find while captive. I must keep my eyes open for soot, iron powder, salt... oh yes, and any kind of wing feather. He scans the group to see if anyone has feathers adorning any of their clothing.

No sense starving he reasoned, and reached out for some bread and water. The bread was hearty, though a bit stale. The water was potable, at least.

Seeing the condition of his fellow prisoners, he surmised that he might just be the only uninjured and undrugged one. There was a human between him and the gnoll, so he offered a piece of bread to the man.

"Here, you look like you could use this," he whispered. "My name is Thallios." Thallios pronounced his name with a soft 'th', as in the word 'worthy'.

2006-01-06, 08:54 AM
Female Human
(OOC: She's fairly tall, with long, though orderly, brown hair held back with a headband. She has striking green eyes and a determined look on her face.)

The human opens one eye when the newcomers stir, then the other. She eyes the drow with some distaste, and the lizard man with some interest. Looking around the room, figures out who's new and who's not, and quickly counts the guards.

She turns to Thallios, on her right, and says, "Hand some over here."

To the drow, she whispers, "Shut up, you crybaby. Do you want to draw the guards' attention on all of us? They don't like whiners, as you'll quickly learn if you keep up that nonsense. You're a prisoner; get used to it."

She gives the little lizard an appraising look, then looks for anything that can be used to subtly pick a lock.

2006-01-06, 09:04 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The eyes of the supine lizardkin snap open. Orbs of inky blackness swim in his vision. A throb in his head does not improve matters...

He is still hungry.

The druid'ss pupils narrow into slits in the dim light. He swallows to clear a dry throat and discovers a binding around his neck. He moves a hand up to touch and examine the binding and realises he was in chains. A Druid of the people in chains like some beast.

The cold fury that gripped him was like a splash of cold water which shook him into full wakefulness. He sat up and looked at the surroundings.
Noting some other prisoners, his attention was on the drow guards and grimlock porters. Ssathiya's eyes narrowed as he silently vowed that the drow would painfully learn the folly of chaining a lizardkin. whatever their ability, they were yet another breed of pinkskin and the audacity of these lesser creatures to chain one of his ilk. Children of Semuanya. Bloodkin of the Dragons themselves. His nostrils flared and the spines on his back and neck grew erect.

The growl of his stomach presses his mind to more urgent matters however and he sniffs around before reaching for the bread but not the water.Sniffing it carefully, he ventures a lick before deciding it was safe to consume. The taste of stale bread did little to improve his mood howver and he found himself craving for meat. His eyes lit upon the dog-man in chain and he remembered how the one he killed had tasted. Tough and stringy but certainly more fulfilling than the bread he forced himself to chew and swallow.

He returns to studying the guards and surroundings as he moves over to Trinark and sits beside him. Rapt in thought, he did not notice the nudging in his mind or that Trinark was crying and shaking until an outburst from him drew his full attention.

Momentarily taken aback, he asks,
"Are you in pain? where is your wound?"

2006-01-06, 04:05 PM
The Gnoll looks at the caged lizard appraisingly. Turning to the human next to him, he asks "Do you think that lizard is meant to be food for those of us who don't eat bread? I could split him between the lizard man and myself."

2006-01-06, 06:20 PM
Tiny Lizard

I'd like to see you try, runt, came the quick reply from the tiny lizard who, upon hearing the Gnoll's suggestion, took a momentary pause from its efforts to unlock its cage to turn its head, glaring and growling at the dog-faced humanoid menacingly. Damn arrogant tallfolk... Think that anything that doesn't have freakishly long legs is good for only one thing, and that's for food... it thought as it resumed its work with a final snarl. Realizing it still hadn't recieved its food, it called telepathically to the lizard-human (whatever it was, it was a reptile and hopefully more likely to be a friend). I thought I told you to get me some bread! Do you need me to show you how, or what? it snapped, as, despite releasing much of its tension in its roar, it was by no means in any sort of a good mood.

2006-01-07, 02:34 AM
Somber-Looking Human

He accepts the bread with a nod and a strained smile, still keeping his voice low.

"Tychus Helder. I don't suppose you're a spellcaster, friend? I've a scant few in my repertoire that don't require some sort of focus or component, but they've not bound our hands, so we might be able to use that to our advantage."

He consumes the bread ravenously, taking the edge off of his hunger, and grins wryly once more after he's swallowed the last of it.

"Much as I'm appreciating the hospitality of our darkling hosts, I'd say our chances of making it out alive are much better if we make a break for it before we have more guards to contend with."

2006-01-07, 06:27 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

"Ill met, I'm afraid, Tychus Helder. Aye, it is true I'm a wizard." Thallios looked around to be sure none of their captors were within earshot before he lowered his voice even further. "I have a handful of spells that I can cast, but those alone won't free more than myself. Unless I could get my hands on a bit of powdered iron... then maybe. Of course, freedom from these chains and escaping alive are two different things. And the grimlocks have my gear, and possibly yours as well."

Thallios looked over to the striking human female, and nodded with a grim smile. He reached out a hunk of the bread to her. She was here before the others, but he hadn't learned her story yet. As he reached, he looked over to the guards again, to see if they had deviated in any way from their routine.

"Their numbers are thinnest when they send off a team to collect more slaves," he added in a poor attempt at gallows humor.

Hearing the gnoll's question about the strange lizard with the stinger for a tail, Thallios reflected that he had wondered the same thing the first time he saw the caged creature. But it most certainly is not meant for food, he was now sure.

2006-01-07, 09:15 AM
A couple of humans, an elf, a telepathic lizard with a chip on its shoulder, a grouchy gnoll, an emotional dark elf, and a racist lizardman - all find themselves sharing an undetermined fate as captives of the drow.

The lizard uses its tail to fiddle with the lock to its cage, but the drow workmanship is of high quality and is difficult to pick.

Meanwhile, the green-eyed human and the elf examine their surroundings for objects or materials that might be useful. Unfortunately, the stone floor is bare. Most of your possessions appear to either be lying next to the grimlocks or perhaps contained in the chests surrounding the lantern.

Some of junior drow soldiers turn their heads to look at the crying drow captive, but most of the drow ignore the emotional outburst, and continue to eat and quietly chat. After a while, the lantern is turned down to just a minimal glow, and most of the drow settle down for a rest period.

You have little to do but eat the bread and water provided to you and get to know your fellow captives. The more observant of you notice that small groups of six drow routinely leave and arrive in the cavern, presumably scouts or rotating guards.

2006-01-07, 01:45 PM
Tychus Helder

Tychus watches the guards carefully, looking hard for clues as to which one of them might be carrying the keys that would free them from the bindings around their necks.

"I'm thinking," he says quietly to Thallios, "that 'tis better to die in freedom than under the lash, or rent apart in some arena for sport. If we can determine which of the guards is carrying the keys that will unlock these chains, I may be able to conjure them over here. The spellcasting does make significant noise, so we'd have to make some manner of distraction."

He frowns. "Or mayhap I could charm one of the guards into giving us the keys and looking the other way while we bolt. Still, that's requiring a distraction. Have you a better idea, friend?"

2006-01-07, 02:38 PM
Lizardkin Druid

After some sniffing and examination of his drow packmate, the druid determines that the drow was not crying from pain but merely crying like a hatchling that had its tail badly trodden on.

Puzzled he wondered, why he would do so. The drow had certainly proved a fierce fighter and no coward many times. Remembering that he had been left by others of his breed for the spider-abominations, he wondered if the ordeal of being an outcast among drow was truly painful. It still disgusted him mildly. He resolved to wait a little longer before hitting him repeatedly to stop his crying.

It was not improving his headache or the throbbing. As he relaxed his mind and massaged his temple he was startled to hear a voice. Remaining seated by the drow he twists around to the seeming source of it. Frowning at the intrusion of his mind he leans down until he is level to peer into the cage.

He immediately recognises the creature within as some kind of tiny dragon. Eyes opening wide in surprise, he bows his head a little and formulates a reply.

"Greetings. I am unfamiliar with the customs of your kin, kin-of-mine. How may I respectfully speak to you."
He pushed the thought in draconic towards the creature.
He sensed its frustration at being trapped and softened his features. He ran a clawed hand on the chain that chaffed at his neck. At the repeated urging, he will tear bits of bread and push them into the cage and examine the cage itself.

2006-01-07, 04:12 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios frowned wryly at the human's typical impatience. Not that he wanted to be a drow prisoner any longer than necessary - but.

"I agree, Tychus Helder; however, that doesn't mean we should throw all caution to the winds. As far as charming a guard goes, try to remember that all elves, even drow, are resistant to such enchantments."

Watching another handful of drow go out on some kind of patrol, Thallios decided to watch carefully and see if the same drow return or if it is a different group.
EDIT: (Spot +2)

Thallios clapped his hands together once, loudly. The drow didn't seem to take any particular notice. "Well, they really don't seem to care what kind of noise we make. I suppose we can have a proper conversation."

"I think we need to have a better idea what our assets are before we move. I'm a wizard, though a young one, and I can also swing a rapier when I must and let loose the occasional arrow. I was sold to the drow by an unsavory human merchant; a fat thug named Rafaros." Looking at Tychus, he continued, "You, too, appear to have some spellcasting abilities but I don't know anything about our female friend here." he concluded, looking over at the tall green-eyed woman to his left.

2006-01-07, 05:37 PM
Human Female

The green-eyed woman thanks Thallios for the bread. "No, I don't have any spellcasting ability. My talents lie in other directions, the kind that are excellent for getting you on the wrong side of the law." She smiles briefly and knowingly.

"However, if there was some way I could find a lock-pick, and if there was some way I could make sure the guards didn't notice us, I could spirit you away one by one. Of course, the guards would probably punish the rest of you for my actions, but that's the risk you take. I'm also a good climber, so if we escape with our equipment, we could presumably get out of the Underdark that way. I also have a way with animals. They've always liked me. And I'm very knowledgeable about the Sea of Fallen Stars coastal regions." She looks at the lantern.

"If I managed to get my equipment back, I could excercise my talents more freely. However, working with what we have now..." She leaves it at that.

"I'm Ginevra, by the way."

She studies the rotating guards, trying to recognise the cycle of when they leave and come back, and trying to get a better idea of how many there are total. She also listens to the drows' hushed conversation, trying to figure out their plans for her and her fellow captives. (Listen modifier +6)

2006-01-07, 06:42 PM
Tiny Lizard

The lizard growled approvingly, munching contentedly on the bread. It didn't know what exactly the lizard-human was saying, but it recognized the language the reptile was using as the language of his larger relatives, Draconic, as one of its former masters had tried in vain to teach it to it way back when, and also was quite pleased to note the respectful tone the lizard-human was using. Feeling much better after the bread, it turned back to his benefactor. Thank you very much for the bread, friend, but I regretfully don't speak Draconic. Could you repeat yourself in common-speech? he said as politely as he could, trying carefully not to say or do anything that might offend this possible ally.

It also added, after listening to the she-human speak, If you wish, you may use my tail stinger as a lockpick. It's not the best, but I would think it would work fine anyhow. It extended its tail towards the she-human in offering, letting it fall limp to her touch to allow her to weild it more efficiently.

2006-01-07, 08:29 PM

The man slaps his own forehead. "Tears of the Lady!...you are right, of course, my friend." He returns the wry expression. "As you may have gathered, I am eager to be out of this place, certain." He nods to the woman seated next to the wizard. "I am a poet of some talent, lady, and there is magic in my words; if you manage to procure a lockpick of some sort, I may be able to render you some assistance."

2006-01-08, 12:40 AM
Bah, why is it the weaker you are the more you talk? Hargut thinks to himself, then he grabs the collar and chain and puts all his effort into breaking it.

2006-01-08, 01:35 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardman's brow knit together as the little dragon admits to not knowing draconic and instead requests the common tongue. He wonders how this came to be so.

"Greetings kin-of-mine. Distant our bond may be but recognise you as some kind of dragon, I do. A scaled creature of intelligence. If I may aid you, little brother..."

He formulates the words slowly in common, in his mind. Not wishing any of the common speaking races to overhear him, he did not speak them out and pushed them mentally at the little reptile.

He leaves the words hanging and inclines his head slightly before twisting back to an upright sitting position beside his packmate. Glancing at the emotionally overcome drow, he studies the surroundings in detail, the drow guards, the other creatures that served them and the prisoners. When he was done physically studying them, he hunched his kness up and hung his hands in the dark shadow in betwedd them. Hanging his head, he quickly starting muttering the words to the spell that would allow him to see the suras of magic. His eyes glow faintly as the spell completes and he raises his head and looks around for significant sources of magic.

In the little time he had spent with his drow companion, he had found out that the drow embraced corruptive magic far worse than the surface pinkskins.

2006-01-08, 11:30 AM
The cavern is quiet as the drow observe a rest period, meditating in seated or kneeling (seiza) positions.

As Tychus observes the drow, he decides that it is likely that the key (or keys) to the chains are likely held by one of the officers, rather than by the "regular" drow soldiers. As he watches the drow interact with each other, it would appear that there are two or three sergeant-level leaders under a higher grade lieutenant or captain.

Thallios observes that when one set of six soldiers returns, a different set leaves. He calculates that this unit is probably composed of four squads, each containing five drow soldiers and a sergeant. The entire unit appears to be led by a single commander, who does not go out on "patrol" with the squads. At all times, at least one squad is out on patrol and another is responsible for securing the perimeter of the cave.

Ginevra uses the lizard's tail/stinger as a makeshift lockpick and attempts to unlock its cage. She mutters under her breath as the drow device stubbornly remains locked.

The gnoll growls as he worries his own collar, trying to rip it apart with his bare hands.

Meanwhile the lizardman scans the area for magical auras. The packages by the grimlocks and the chests near the drow apparently contain magical items (many of which were likely taken from the prisoners). The lizardman is surprised to note that Ginevra radiates a faint magical aura as well.

2006-01-08, 11:42 AM

"Thank you for your help, little lizard," says the green-eyed woman absently after trying to unlock the cage. She then rambles off into a stream of curses.

When she is finished expressing her frustration, she says,"However, it is likely that even with Tychus's help, I would not be able to free myself before I was noticed. If, however, some sort of diversion were to occur, I might be able to free myself and escape, and I could come back to free more of you later. From what I little I know of the drow, though, they may well punish you for my escape. I don't know.
"What I do know is that I was traveling with two capable, strong companions before I was captured. I think they were able to escape, and if they were, they will probably try to rescue me. One can cast spells, the other is a capable fighter. I hope for their help soon, but I don't know how they would find this prison. I don't even know most of the way here, I only woke up just before they brought me in here."

She studies the drow. "From what I can tell, there's only twenty-five drow. I don't know if any of them can cast spells. My companions might be able to deal with one patrol at a time."

2006-01-08, 11:56 AM
Tiny Lizard

This one must be smarter than the rest to recognize a dragon when it sees one and give it the proper respect, the lizard concluded. I thank you for your kind offer, but as this she-human is now working on freeing me from my cage, I would suppose that the best help you could give me, if you wish to do so, would be to watch out for her and make sure she is protected while she picks this damned lock. the tiny lizard suggested, more confident now but still cautious with its words. It continues to let its tail hang limp in the she-human's hands.

2006-01-08, 12:07 PM
Human male

Deciding it's time to speak up, Andrea introduces himself,
"Well you all seem friendly enough - mind if I chime in?
I'm Andrea, and I can handle creating a distraction, if you think you can get us free from these bonds. Still, these dark elves are smart (smarter than all of us, by the looks of it...), and they won't be fooled by my simple tricks for long...

Also, Andrea looks to see if we're chained as a group to the ground or wall, or if we're only chained to each other.

2006-01-08, 03:16 PM
It appears that you are chained to each other (except for the tiny lizard who has been locked up in a small cage). As a group, you are not affixed to the ground.

You have been left in the center of the cave, roughly equidistant from any of the cave walls, which lie approximately 100 ft away in any direction.

2006-01-08, 03:52 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

After a period of self pity, Trinark reaches deep down inside again and summons inner strength. He takes a few moments to calm his breathing and pull himself together.

He pushes himself into a kneeling position, scrubbing the tears away with the heels of his hands. Glancing around his immediate area he notices the bread and water nearby. Turning to his Druidic companion, "Give me a few moments, they we can talk about our predicament" he murmurs in Draconic.

Trinark crawls over and breaks off a hunk of bread, gulping it down quickly. He follows it with a long draught of water.

[OOC: DR, Trinark will begin observing the Drow trying to hear any of their conversations or look to see if they are using Drow Sign Language.]

2006-01-08, 06:21 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios watched Ginevra attempt to pick a lock with nothing but a lizard tail. She must be a crafty operator indeed if she can open a lock like that. He decided not to interfere - she would need all the concentration she could get.

The other human introduced himself as Andrea, and from the look of him, he was some kind of fighter-type. It reassured Thallios to know that the melee specialists like Andrea and the clearly agitated gnoll were ready to take action. "Andrea, I'm glad to know you. We may have to make our move soon, if an opportunity presents itself. I know not how long we'll be in this cavern before moving on, and our next destination could well be a drow city. Then again, perhaps an opportunity will arise while we march."

Thallios looks closely at the packages near the grimlocks to see if anything was laying unattended that might be useful to the lockpicking woman. If it was within 45 feet, he could perhaps retrieve it with a simple cantrip. He also keeps his eyes open for any drow gear that might be temporarily unattended. Perhaps some unthinking drow mage had abandoned his spell components...

yeah, right!

2006-01-08, 07:10 PM
ooc: can a ranger use survival to detect how far underground he is? if not, he'll try to figure out which way is North.

Andrea squints, scrutinizing the rock around them in all directions. Then he scrunches his face and rolls back his eyes as if trying to remember something.

survival: 2 + 8 = 10

2006-01-09, 01:53 AM

The bard grimaces and tugs at the binding around his neck absently.

"I'm not seeing a way clear to snag the keys from whoever they've got in charge; you'd think he'd have to sleep sometime, na? Or as close as elves come to it, at least," he amends.

He frowns for a while, lost in thought, then looks up.

"It's something of a long shot," he says, "but I might use the magic of my poetry to hold our captors' attention, then get one of them to unlock our bonds. It's not bound to be easy -- it's usually harder to do with elves, y'see -- but it is a thought."

2006-01-10, 08:14 AM

"That's a good idea, Tychus," she says. And if there was any way you could quietly help me pick this accursed lock, I would appreciate your doing it."
(OOC: Unlock, unlock, unlock the annoyingly well-made and secure chains... ;) If Tychus can help, she keeps trying to open the lock. If he can't, she tries once more, then gives the lizard back its tail. Ginevra also looks around to see if there are any other life forms in the cave, and she studies the collars to see if they have an ordinary lock or appear to be solid iron, i.e. they open and close by magic.)

2006-01-10, 11:52 AM
Lizardkin Druid

I wouldn't call her human
is the thought that echoes back to the little lizard in the cage from the lizardkin druid.
Turning his back on the other prisoners and sitting away from the gnoll and magical human, the lizardkin studies his drow friend before sighing. He nudges him and imparts what he believs are priorities.

"Eat. Rest. Strange but we could not be safer for now"

He flops belly down, protecting his softer abdomen and underside and rests.
OOC: Rest and recover hp and spells

2006-01-10, 01:26 PM
Gnoll rest for the wicked

"Bah! the gnoll exclaims as he gives up trying to break his bonds and instead trys to wiggle out of them.

2006-01-10, 03:44 PM

The man shakes his head, grinning ruefully. "'Fraid not; like most of those of my profession, my only real skills hinge on making a lot of noise." His grin fades as he settles down to staring at the small lizard in his cage. "I wonder," he says softly, looking to the struggling gnoll. Surely the lock on a cage of that size couldn't be thatdifficult to break... But no, there would be little use in trying to convince that one of anything. Instead, he looks to the lizardman.

He leans over, speaking to the reptilian humanoid and speaking clearly. "Can you understand my words, friend?"

2006-01-10, 05:01 PM
As Tychus attempts to engage the lizardman in conversation, Trinark peers intently at the drow soldiers.

He recognizes their insignia, which indicate that this platoon is based out of Undrek'Thoz, the Segmented City (specifically from Phaundakulzan).

The scattered words he can overhear suggest that the entire group is moving toward Phaudakulzan, where the prisoners will presumably be sold as slaves.

There is particular interest in selling the gnoll and the lizardman to the Thayans that live above Undrek'Thoz.

Beads of sweat break out on Ginevra's brow as she continues to work on the lock to the lizard's cage. After an hour of work, the lock finally turns with a soft snick.

She quickly looks around, but none of the drow seem to have been paying attention to her activities. Most of the drow continue to kneel, eyes closed in meditation.

2006-01-10, 08:35 PM
Tiny Dragon

The tiny dragon stares in disbelief as the door of his cage, which he had just nudged experimentally with his nose, swung open with a quiet squeak. I... I'm... free! I'm free! the small lizard exclaimed telepathically to the she-human and lizard-human, so far the only proven allies that he cared to tell. Flapping his wings experimentally, he almost shouted a triumphant roar when he suddenly realized just where he was.

Looking around cautiously, his ears pricked for the slightest sign of Drow coming (Spot +5, Listen +7, if he hears/sees Drow coming he will try and blend into the shadows near the wall with Hide +20 and Move Silently +10), the tiny creature crept towards the lizard-human after a moment of consideration between who of his two 'allies' to choose, deciding in the end on the burly lizard-human simply for its strength. Sure, the she-human could pick a lock pretty well, but she looked much to scrawny to be worth much in a fight, and the consequences for lacking a strong ally were now quite clear the tiny dragon thanks to these Drow. Flapping his wings as quietly as he could, he flew to the lizard-human's side and began fiddling with the lock, quite anxious to get out of here and often pausing to look around at what he thought was a noise behind him.

2006-01-11, 01:15 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The blue-haired elf stared, mouth agape. She... DID it! He was, as he found himself increasingly often, amazed at what humans could do in adverse situations.

Well, things were in motion for better or ill. Now that the little dragon was free and capable of sneaking about - and possibly even retrieving weapons, magic items or spell components - perhaps this was the right time for the 'distraction' Tychus Helder and Ginevra had both expressed a wish for. But will the diminutive winged lizard be willing to help the rest of the prisoners? he wondered.

"Ginevra," he began quietly, nudging Tychus Helder and Andrea to get their attention as well, "you've talked to the creature. Do you think the little... dragon... could be convinced to retrieve gear? Like a proper lockpick, or spell components, or weapons?"

Thallios looked pointedly at the other non-humans before continuing. "We could stage a confrontation between prisoners as a cover for it's activities."

2006-01-11, 02:14 AM

Distracted by Ginevra's sudden success, Tychus nods to the elf. "I believe that could be arranged, if the fellow in question is willing to help us out." He grins widely, with the first honest humor he's displayed since finding himself bound by the drow. "Always hated you damned pointy-ears, mucking about in everyone's business, looking down your noses at all of us, someone ought to teach you a lesson, so on, so forth, and forthwith."

2006-01-11, 09:11 AM

The green-eyed woman looks at Thallios.

"I don't know. It'll probably be willing to get some of our stuff, but I don't know how much it'd be able to get us without being noticed. Most of the drow are sleeping, such as it is, but all drow are alert and watchful. I don't think the... dragon... would be able to remove anything from a chest unnoticed, but if spell components or something like that were lying on the ground, the dragon could probably retrieve them for us."

Little one, can you hear me? She thinks this as loud as she can, staring at the little dragon. If we could distract the drow, could you try to retrieve some of our equipment for us? If you could retrieve spell components or lockpicks, more of us could be freed. She pauses. Also, what is your name? Even when I was little, I never enjoyed being called 'little one'.

2006-01-11, 05:25 PM
Your group remains chained together and isolated in the center of the cave, so the walls are too far away (100 ft) in all directions to provide much cover, but Ginevra tries to keep the small, now-empty cage behind her back so that the tiny dragon's escape won't be noticed.

The little winged lizard creeps over and hides in the lizardman's shadow and begins working on his lock. The lizardman opens his eyes briefly, takes in the situation, then closes his eyes again, breathing slowly and deeply so as not to alert the drow that anything special is happening.

Some of the meditating drow begin to stir. A whispered conversation takes place near the dim lantern, then three drow stand and begin to walk toward your group.

One is a drow sergeant who carries a spiked chain coiled over his shoulders. The other two are drow soldiers from his squad, who **** and load their hand crossbows as they approach.

OOC: The three drow are approximately 60 ft away ...

2006-01-11, 05:35 PM
Tiny Dragon

I am Yix. I-- the little dragon's answer to the she-human's question is cut short he notices as the Drows' approach. He immediately gives up trying to unlock the lizard-human's chain and jumps down to the floor, moving quickly to its cage and closing the door as quietly as he can behind him with his tail. (Move Silently +10)

2006-01-11, 08:27 PM
Unable to wriggle out of the collar, Hargut yells at the approaching drow. Hey, I am getting a cramp here, and my fur is getting rubbed off, you guys got any lotion?"

2006-01-11, 08:36 PM

The bard's face turns grim as he notices the three drow on their way over. "Hold, we're havin' visitors," he hisses. "Friend Thallios, I hope you've whatever spells you can cast ready; I'm not sure what they're wantin' with us."

He sits back and runs through the few spells he can still cast, holding them at the back of his mind, poised and waiting to coil forth on the approaching drow.

2006-01-12, 12:36 AM

The Harper, on seeing the captors angry approach, makes a quick stab at appeasement. In a moment of surprising calm and focus, he speaks to their arrogance and business sense (not their mercy...):

"Most incomprehensibly graceful masters, surely we are less than no threat to you under the best of circumstances. How might we best help ensure that we're delivered to our our destination in the best possible condition to serve?

Diplomacy: 18 + 12 = 30

2006-01-12, 12:54 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The blue-robed elf saw the approaching drow and considered the potential threat. Drow armed with crossbows. If they approach closely, then they don't anticipate real trouble. When the archers maintain distance is when you really have to worry...

He loosened up and shifted slightly so he wouldn't look conspiratorily close to his neighbors. At the same time, he limbered up his arms to make sure they were free of constraint. His spells would require some gesturing to be effective - if it came to that.

As Andrea began to speak persuasively, Thallios decided to observe for a bit. He looked closely at the drow sergeant... did he have keys? Did he wield spell components?
EDIT spot +2

Perhaps they will be their own distraction... what I wouldn't give for 'protection from arrows' right now!

2006-01-12, 09:20 AM

The green-eyed woman decides to observe the drow as well, looking for weapons within reach. (Spot +11) If they have daggers in their boots... damn. I was never good at picking pockets. She puts on a catlike expression, like being chained up and threatened by armed drow was totally her idea. Then she thinks at the dragon, Yix, is it possible you could take a dagger out of one of these guard's boots, and remain unseen and unheard? If it's too much, don't do it, I don't want you to be responsible for jeapordizing our safety...

2006-01-12, 11:08 AM
The winged lizard stealthily slips back into its small cage and closes the door behind. Its actions are hidden by Ginevra's body. Some of you sit up or even try to speak as the three drow approach.

The two soldiers flanking the sergeant step to the side and take up flanking positions 30 ft away from your group, covering you with their hand crossbows. The sergeant steps forward alone, murmuring to himself.

He shifts his coiled spiked chain, which clinks softly, and pulls an iron key from a small pouch on his belt. He is armored in some kind of chain shirt. Its links are finely crafted, and the mail moves quietly with the sergeant's movements. Besides the spiked chain, he carries a pair of fine daggers on his belt. He is handsome, as are all males of his race, and his movements are graceful and sure. But his eyes are hard, suggesting that he is experienced and battle-hardened ...

The sergeant ignores Andrea and instead addresses Trinark in Undercommon.

"Stand, citizen!"

2006-01-12, 12:11 PM
Female Warrior
Moving as quickly as she can, the warrior will throw her enchanted stone as hard as possible, while still maintaining accuracy, at the drow sergeant's head.

She will then draw her sword and attack the nearst enemy.

2006-01-12, 12:42 PM
Bright light floods the cave as a human female steps forward and hurls a daylight enchanted rock at the drow sergeant.

Although she is too far away to actually hurt the drow, the light emanating from the rock is so bright that the sergeant, and the other drow in the cave (including Trinark), are temporarily blinded.

The female warrior begins to lay into the nearby drow soldiers with her longsword. Her weapon is already bloody, suggesting that she had already dispatched some sentries on her way into the cave ...

The sudden, painfully bright illumination and the chaos that occurs as the blinded drow stumble about is confusing and disorienting.

Each of you can't help thinking, What in the hells is going on?

It would appear that someone is trying to attack the entire drow encampment single-handedly. Not exactly the kind of prison break one might have hoped for, but it might be the opportunity you have been waiting for ...

Ginevra spins around, squinting against the bright light. She spots the female warrior as she cuts down a blinded drow soldier, and immediately recognizes her as one of her companions. Tiriel!

Ginevra shakes her head at this crude attempt at a "rescue", then focuses her attention on taking as much advantage of this distraction as possible ...

2006-01-12, 01:42 PM

In spite of himself, the bard can't help grinning as the woman takes on an entire platoon of drow by herself. Foolhardy, sure, but it was a foolhardiness he admired. Seeing the drow are blinded, he figures the startled sergeant must have dropped the little iron key which he'd had in hand when the lady warrior had charged the camp, and strains for a glimpse of it.

[[Spot +2...if he can see where it fell, he will mage hand the key into his possession and free himself, then set to work freeing the other prisoners as quickly as humanly possible.]]

2006-01-12, 06:17 PM

Tiriel! They found us after all.
Ginevra wastes no more time thinking for the moment. She grabs for a dagger from the blinded drow's belt (OOC: If she gets it, she'll stab him), while looking for any other companions. (Spot +11) Yix! she thinks at the dragon. Can you distract any of the guards?

2006-01-12, 07:08 PM

If he has any opportunity to grab a key or let Tychus unlock him in the initial confusion, he'll do so.

If he's near a Drow that doesn't have keys, he'll grapple the knave, trying to rip away its bow or other weapon.

If he's standing all alone, with nothing to do, he'll sing a boisterous song about the unpredictable ways of Lady Luck with a more than a hint of irony (bardic music inspire courage +1).

2006-01-12, 07:25 PM
Lizardkin Druid

Recognising the drow warrior that stood nearest to him as the one who had captured and chained him like some lesser animal, the lizardman controlled himself and kept still and his eyes closed to a degree as he approached the prisoner group.

In the instant of the bright light, he shut his eyes tightly until he felt his eyes shift into the normal spectrum of vision before snapping them open and lunging for the sergeant with his bared claws.

As soon as he could free himself, he intended to kill as many drow between him and where their equipment lay.

OOC: My character knows the importance of Trinark's sword. He will try to retrieve it as well as as anything that he recosnises as belonging to them. After that I'm grabbing the blinded Trinark and running.

2006-01-12, 07:51 PM

Yix turned away quickly as the bright light shot through the room, shutting his eyes tightly. Never one to waste an opportunity, though, he waited only a few seconds before he snapped them open again and, though still blinking furiously, burst out of his cage and charged at the nearest Drow, lashing out his tail aggressively as he flew.

2006-01-12, 11:23 PM
Tychus reaches out his hand and the iron key flies into his grasp. He immediately unlocks his collar and turns to the others.

Though still chained, Ginevra draws a dagger from the sergeant's belt and plunges it into his shoulder. He grunts in pain, then spins away as he fumbles for his spiked chain.

The tiny dragon (about the length of an arm from its snout to the tip of its tail) streaks like a bullet from its cage and attacks one of the two drow with hand crossbows. The stinger at the end of its tail plunges into a gap in the drow's armor. With a sigh, the soldier drops to the ground unconscious.

As the drow sergeant stumbles away from you prisoners, suddenly the sound of hand bells pierces the air - he has inadvertently triggered the ward placed around your group.

The magical ringing only adds to the confusion and chaos. There is shouting and cursing in Undercommon from the drow, murmurs of consternation from the grimlocks, and the sound of boots stumbling about on stone. Above the cacophony, a clear voice rises in song - Andrea sings his thanks to Tymora, lifting all of your spirits.

The other prisoners stand, eager to be released from their chains before the drow can reorient themselves.

OOC: Tychus can free two prisoners per round. I will need to know which other prisoners (if any) he frees and in which order. By the way, don't forget about the OOC thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play_ooc;action=display;num=11352825 65). It's a good place for discussing the game and getting to know each other.

2006-01-12, 11:40 PM
Elf Sorceress/Fighter

Following the commotion, she strides swiftly - but calmly - twoard the illuminated room. Entering the room, she scans it quickly - squinting slightly - and notices that the drow are, at the moment, defenseless. She also sees Ginevra, Tiriel, and the other prisoners rushing to maintain power over the drow.
She takes a step or two back, slightly behind the door frame, standing at an angle so as to be able to periphrially see those entering the room. She dislodges the longbow from her shoulder. Raising it, she aims slowly at the Drow Sergeant's temple.
She breathes in. Breathes out.
You know, I always considered your kind much prettier dead....
.....than alive.

2006-01-12, 11:53 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios saw the crossbow-wielding drow take up positions at medium range. If it's Larethian's will that I die... then I will go proudly.

But just as the sergeant calls out to the prisoner drow, there was shouting and a brilliant glare of daylight breaking the perpetual dimness! The elf in blue robes grinned at the audacious attack, unsure exactly of how many rescuers had arrived.

Thallios stood, wasting no time, and began to speak words of power and gesture. He chose a target within range and let loose with scorching ray.

OOC: Thallios plans to follow up by casting Magic Missiles twice at drow at the perimeter of the cavern unless he is released from the chain sooner, in which case he'll head for the dubious cover of the chests containing all of their gear. However, if the drow cast a spell or spell-like effect such as darkness, he will use his 'signature spell' to dispel magic.

As I'm new to this pbp thing, please let me know if there are any character stats I should be supplying such as Scorching Ray's save DC, which is 16.

2006-01-13, 03:20 AM
Tychus, human bard

Against his better judgment, Tychus turns first to the gnoll, sliding in the key and unlocking the savage humanoid's bonds then standing back hurriedly. With all haste he turns to Thallios, Andrea and Ginevra, unlocking their chains as well and leaving them free to pursue their own agendas.

"We need our gear!" he shouts, trying to be heard over the cavalcade of sound. "Get me my spell components, if you can! Small brown leather pouch!"

He will turn his attention to the lizardman and the drow, unlocking their collars as well, and then weave his poetic homage -- the first stanza of the saga of Eldric the Bold -- into Andrea's song.

2006-01-13, 04:13 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The sound of tiny hand bells was surprisingly loud. Thallios spared only a moment to see the results of the scorching ray he unleashed.

"Thank you, Tychus Helder," Thallios said to the man freeing him from his bonds. Though his neck was chafed and aching, he ignored the discomfort as more pressing matters had his attention.

Over the racket of the alarm, Helder was saying "... my spell components, if you can! Small brown leather pouch!"

Thallios looked Tychus in the eye and nodded once in acknowledgement. "Right. Small brown leather pouch."

The elf sprinted for the chests, even as the remaining drow began to regain their composure. Fortunately, the chests were in grimlock territory. Though the creatures were grumbling, they didn't seem to be an immediate threat. I hope. Just in case, he detoured as necessary to maintain some distance.

Once he arrived, he quickly looked for non-drow gear. Once he found it, he knew exactly what to look for - his own Handy Haversack, and Tychus's small brown leather pouch which would smell like spell components. And weapons.

OOC: Search +6 ;-)

2006-01-13, 09:25 AM

"Thank you," the green-eyed woman says hastily to Tychus when he unlocks her collar. Not wasting any time, she slips into the shadows.

(OOC: Ginevra will go around to the chests and look quickly for her gear, specifically her bracers of armor and her shortsword. If she sees her bracers, she will put them on, and get into flanking position with Tiriel so she can backstab. If she sees her sword, she'll grab it and get into flanking position anyways. If she sees both, she'll put on the bracers and get into flanking position and backstab. Hide +16, Spot +11)

2006-01-14, 02:34 AM
Until she see's what Ginevra's next move will be, Tiriel's sword will continue to strike down the closest drow, each hit giving off a small burst of flame upon impact. While she hadn't truly planned on having all of the prisoners freed, she's well and glad that they are. Tiriel will be watching the sergeant, if Ginevra or any of the others attack him and have trouble, she will move in to help. Tiriel will be happy to work with Ginevra (or any of the others) in trying flank the enemy..

2006-01-14, 03:11 AM
An arrow streaks across the cavern, striking the drow sergeant in the chest. The female warrior cuts down the last of the sentries.

Quickly, Tychus frees the gnoll and Thallios (the elf wizard) who blasts the other drow soldier (that had accompanied the sergeant) with a gout of flame, killing him instantly.

The tiny dragon, the gnoll, and Thallios are free. Thallios begins to move towards the grimlock porters.

Tychus works on Andrea's and Ginevra's collars next. The lizardman and the drow prisoner wait impatiently for their turn to be freed.

Whatever you may think of the drow, their discipline and combat prowess are not to be underestimated.

Though still dazzled by the daylight spell, they quickly form ranks and rally to their leaders. One squad forms up near the grimlock porters. The sergeant of that group (armed with a pair of hand crossbows) hisses a command at the porters. Twelve of them pick up crude clubs and begin to shuffle forward (somewhat unenthusiastically) toward the cave entrance where the female warrior and elf archer are positioned.

A second squad forms up around the unit commander (next to the now irrelevant lantern) and his second in command, a tall (for a drow) soldier wielding a large two-handed curved blade.

The sergeant with the spiked chain, pulls the arrow out of his chest, and unfurls his weapon. His chain whistles through the air as tries to keep his prisoners at bay. He coughs, and blood drips down onto his chin.

OOC: The two drow with the hand crossbows are down (one dropped by the tiny dragon, the other scorched to death). Their sergeant (significantly wounded) holds position about 30 ft away. The commander and a unit of six drow are positioned near the lantern and several chests, 60 more feet behind the sergeant. (3 o'clock relative to the prisoners.)

Six more drow are positioned in the other direction 90 feet away, by the packages that had been carried by the grimlocks. (9 o'clock relative to prisoners.)

A dozen grimlocks are shuffling toward the cave entrance, where the "rescuers" are positioned. The drow sentry/patrol squad that had been positioned there has been annihilated. (12 o'clock relative to prisoners.)

In the upcoming round, Tychus continues to unlock the prisoners, so Ginevra and Andreas can move freely. The lizardman and Trinark, the drow prisoner, remain chained.

2006-01-14, 05:51 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Before he moved a few steps toward the porters, a sextet of drow soldiers formed up there. Are they guarding the packages? Or is it a coincidence?

Thallios detoured instead to the more intact drow archer. The one that the tiny dragon killed. As he reached the body, he paused and wove a brief pattern in midair. Yes, I believe I am going to get myself killed. Power words flew from his lips, and he released a trio of magic missiles at the leader of the soldiers near the porter's packages. The bolts of energy flew toward the dual-crossbow wielding dark elf.

The elf wizard, his blue hair stark in contrast to his pale skin and white shirt, dropped to the floor beside the drow body, hoping for partial cover. He then took the hand crossbow from the body. Let's hope my dark cousins aren't immune to their own poison!

OOC: okay, so that's what he does instead of searching the packages. In case it matters, Thallios is still prepared to Dispel Magic if need be. He plans to grab the drow's additional bolts and use the crossbow to fight. If a more combat-oriented fellow slave can make better use of the crossbow, he'll hand it right over.

2006-01-14, 03:35 PM
Will attempt to intimidate the grimlocks who now stand in her way: intimidate check (1d20.each(10)=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=335609)
If that fails, she'll go back to hack & slashin' them.

Scene 24: Won't casting dispell magic also disspell the "daylight" I cast on the rock? I'd hate for most of the prisoners to suddenly be plunged into near darkness...
Grey_angel: what are the chances that you can finish up the sergeant before he causes more trouble? ;) I hate reach weapons.

2006-01-15, 12:29 AM
Elf Sorceress/Fighter

Without hestiation, she reaches for another arrow and loads her longbow. Her actions are quick and smooth as she raises her bow and aims once more.
Back talk me, will you? Let me show you what I do to those who do not perish when their time has come.
She lets loose the arrow, aimed for the Drow Sergeant's heart.
This, sir, is your time.

2006-01-15, 06:48 PM
A second arrow buries itself in the drow sergeant's chest. He drops without a sound, his spiked chain sparking as it skitters across the stony cave floor. From her protected vantage point, the elf archer smiles with grim satisfaction.

With the drow in the immediate area dispatched, Tychus can continue to concentrate on freeing the last prisoners. The bard raises his voice in song as he works, providing a vibrant counterpoint to Andrea's inspirational song. Soon, the lizardman and the drow prisoner are freed.

Andrea kneels down and scoops up one of the drow hand crossbows. He has never handled one before, but its operation is intuitive, and he has no trouble pointing it and firing it toward the combined drow/grimlock unit. Unfortunately, the bolt misses and Andrea is unsure exactly how to reload the weapon.

Thallios also picks up a hand crossbow, but not before sending a pair of magic missiles spiraling into the center of mass of the dual crossbow wielding sergeant near the grimlock bundles.

The gnoll warrior, once freed, howls in rage and charges the command unit. The drow soldiers, including the drow commander and his lieutenant (the tall drow wielding a falchion), have taken cover behind the wooden chests. The drow send a flurry of poisoned crossbow bolts into the gnoll. At first he appears unfazed by the small projectiles, but within seconds, his legs begin to wobble, and he collapses in a furry heap just in front of their makeshift barricade.

A dozen grimlocks shuffle toward the cave entrance. The blond human female turns to face them, pointing her longsword directly at the musclebound creatures in silent challenge. Flames flicker and spark along her blade as crimson blood drips from its tip. Unseeing, the grimlocks march forward under orders from the other drow sergeant. The grimlocks lumber forward until they are only about 30 ft from Tiriel. At that point, something makes them pause. They hesitate, even though they outnumber Tiriel (literally) a dozen to one. Is this human female being brave or foolhardy? None of the grimlocks seems to want to be the first to find out ...

The daylight imbued stone lies near the prisoners, making it difficult for the drow near the grimlocks to see the escaping prisoners well. The drow soldiers squint as if trying to stare into the sun.

The bright light casts stark shadows across the floor and walls of the cave. Ginevra slips into one of the shadows and seems to disappear. The tiny lizard likewise seems to have vanished (probably hiding somewhere nearby). The rest of the prisoners, however, are dangerously exposed.

Crossbow bolts hiss through the air, but between the blinding (for the drow) daylight, and the combined songs of Andrea and Tychus, fortune seems to be with the prisoners for the moment. One bolt glances off of the lizardman's thick hide. The other bolts zip overhead as Andrea and Tychus take as much cover as they can behind the bodies of the fallen drow.

Ginevra's voice whispers from the shadows to Thallios, Andrea, Trinark, and the lizardman, "We are too exposed here in the middle of the cave. We have to move!"

The drow near the packages take cover and busy themselves reloading their hand crossbows. Their sergeant, still smoking from Thallios' magic missiles, notes the hesitation of the first set of grimlocks. He hisses again in Undercommon, sending the remaining dozen grimlocks toward the cave's only entrance/exit. It is clear that he intends to cut off the prisoners' only escape route, using overwhelming numbers if necessary.

This leaves only six drow (including the sergeant with dual hand crossbows) guarding the large packages. There are a dozen large bundles, covered in tarps and wrapped with heavy hemp cord. Each bundle forms a soft cube, roughly 5 ft on each side.

The uniform appearance of the packages makes it seem doubtful that the prisoners' gear is kept there. It seems more likely that any valuable items taken off the prisoners would have been secreted in the wooden chests and kept close to the unit commander until they could be identified.

The prisoners therefore face a dilemma. One option would be to break for the exit, hoping that Tiriel and the elf archer can keep the 24 grimlocks at bay long enough to allow everyone to escape. A second option would be to make for the large packages, hoping that they contain something useful. A third option would be to charge the command unit positioned behind the wooden chests. A fourth option would be to try some combination of the other three strategies. If the prisoners do not move, eventually they will all be picked off by poisoned drow crossbow bolts ...

2006-01-15, 07:48 PM
Grinning, Tiriel will take a step forward while contiuning her stare down with the grimlocks.
Intimidate (again) (1d20.each(10)=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=336591)
If they try to move in closer, she will use her free hand to snap her fingers and activate another spell (protection from evil) before attacking them.

OOC: woot! an okay roll finaly.

2006-01-15, 08:14 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark hears and senses, more than sees, the chaos going on around him. He takes a step or two trying blindly to move away from the sounds of melee. He is stopped short by the chain still hanging around his neck.

"Quickly, someone release me and help me find my sword!" he shouts in a random direction.

2006-01-15, 08:25 PM

Lying flat on his stomach in the grit of the Underdark as poisoned drow bolts zip by overhead, Tychus Helder grits his teeth, thinking hard. There isn't much he can do without his components, and his words would not affect the enemy much with the dangers of combat all 'round. But...

It is a long shot, especially considering the nature of his target. But pinned down, unarmed, unarmored and nearly helpless, he can't help but grin. For he is a worshipper of the Smiling Lady, and is this not her own domain? Daring, bold, foolhardy rescue and thousand-to-one chances?

Truly, if the Lady is with him, this might well win them the day. And does she not favor the brave?

"Right," he mutters to the rocks and silt before his face, "enough thought. Time to act."

He rolls to one knee, crouching near their light source, and weaves the subtle tapestry of a spell together, one of his few that requires no components. He draws all the pieces together, sliding one under the other, around a third, into a fourth. He weaves them around the drow commander and offers Tymora his prayer. It is all he can do.

OOC: Charm Person on the ever-popular drow commander, +2 saves against enchantment etc. notwithstanding. Here's hoping.

2006-01-15, 11:49 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The druid had been shielding his packmate as they waited to be released. He had realised that from the direction the human had been working from, they would be the last to be released.

He snarled in anger as the drow who had captured him fell, killed by another. He channeled his ire to other targets. Spying a group of the darkskins behind packages where their items were probably kept, his eyes narrowed into slits as he settled on his new kills. As soon as the chain came off, he grabbed trinark and flund both of them on the floor, minimising their exposure. He heard his packmate earlier and knowing he was blind, whispered in his ear:

"I WILL get back the weapon. Stay down and safe and crawl that way soft skin"

Steering him towards the side, away from the range of the crossbows, Ssathiya watched him crawl to safety. Turning back to the drow who sat behind good cover, firing crossbow bolts, he wondered as to how he may bring them down. He notices the stone still glowing with brightness of full day and then glances back to them. He crawls towards the stone, intending to grab it and hurl it at the drow before charging into their midst.

2006-01-16, 05:20 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf, feeling exposed despite the blinding daylight stone, grabs a dagger from the body of the drow soldier beside him and runs toward the perimeter of the cavern in the direction that the lizardman and drow prisoner went. He does his best to run evasively, though it certainly isn't a skill he has ever cultivated.

Arriving at the edge, in the closest thing to shadows available, he considers his condition. No armor, magical or otherwise; virtually weaponless; among strangers with unknown agendas; opposed by well-armed and disciplined drow soldiers. I'm tremendously fortunate to be uninjured!

Thallios looks for Ginevra. If anyone would know how to use a hand crossbow, it would be her he was sure. He tucks the dagger into the waist of his pants and drops the crossbow and whatever bolts he acquired to the ground in order to free up his hands for spell-casting. It occurred to him that the range on the small crossbow can't be particularly long.

He was more comfortable with a dagger anyway. It reminded him of Arialthina, the love of his life, who taught him the fine ways of wielding a dagger and how to use his deftness rather than strength when wielding it.

The lizard man started to head toward the center of the cavern again. Now what is HE doing? he wondered. Thallios looked around for the others. Tychus Helder was still out there, casting some kind of spell. Where was Andrea? Ginevra? The little dragon?

Realizing that if they sat still they would be taken out one by one, he decided to join an offensive against the command party of drow. Focusing his mind, he gestured and spoke ancient words. He cast the spell Bear's Endurance upon himself before moving out.

OOC: If no one else is planning an attack, Thallios will join Ssathiyaa and Thychus Helder. Thallios still has one remaining Magic Missile spell which he would try to use while still at several range increments for the drow hand crossbows.

2006-01-16, 12:10 PM

After warning the other prisoners, Ginevra slips around behind the dual-crossbow wielding drow commander and his group. Waiting in she shadows, she watches the lizardman. If he charges... the drow will be confused. Me attacking from the shadows won't help them either...

And if those crossbows have sleepy poison on them, that won't help me at all.

Meanwhile, the green-eyed woman studies the packages from her hiding place. They looked to be about the same size and shape, which could mean they belonged to the drow and probably did. However, if they had some sort of obvious weapon in them, she'd go for it. A sword especially. This dagger, enchanted though it may be, won't help me much if the drow have longswords

Ginevra glances at Thallios. He's a powerful mage. Good. Hopefully he won't get himself killed, he could be very helpful in saving all our lives.

(OOC: If the lizardman charges the drow, she'll attack the commander from behind in the confusion. If she can, she'll take a crossbow from him and try to take out one of the drow, if not, she'll go for the hands of as many drow as she can, trying to incapacitate them. If the lizardman doesn't charge, she'll initiate the confusion the next round by attacking the commander anyways. Search +5)

2006-01-16, 02:48 PM

Andrea hears the other bard stop singing and begin another enchantment.
Is that...? That'll never work against... especially not now. Least it'll distract the drow over there. Here goes!

Andrea charges toward the warriors guarding the chests. He'll try to grapple the first drow he comes to who's weilding a ranged weapon (with an attack roll total of 20). The goal in upcoming rounds is to grab a weapon.

2006-01-16, 05:45 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark allows himself to be guided by the Druid. He continues to blink, trying to clear the spots from his vision.

[OOC: As much as possible Trinark will try to assess the situation. If possible he will take refuge behind any available cover.]

2006-01-16, 07:17 PM
Tiriel holds two dozen grimlocks at bay with her flaming longsword. They shuffle laterally, forming a loose semicircle around her position at the entrance to the cave. The grimlocks in the front row, closest to her, shuffle uneasily, some of them actually tremble nervously. The grimlocks to the rear, grip their clubs and try pushing the grimlocks in front forward.

The stalemate at the cave entrance nevertheless prevents the prisoners from simply sprinting to freedom.

Thallios and Trinark crouch toward the back of the cave, as far as possible from either the drow near the packages and the command unit near the chests. Trinark's vision has cleared, but he still finds the illumination from the daylight stone uncomfortably bright.

Unseen, Ginevra skulks in the shadows until she is positioned behind the drow who are taking cover near the cubical packages. The sergeant with the dual hand crossbows is focused on the grimlocks, exhorting them to move in and overwhelm the human female using their superior numbers. The other drow seem to be taking up defensive positions, as if they are more concerned about protecting the packages than in recapturing their prisoners.

She peers at the packages, trying to ascertain their contents. Based on their labels, several appear to contain reserves of food and water, necessary for the journey through the Underdark. Five, however, are marked FRAGILE and THIS END UP in Undercommon. She sees that the "special" packages are have individual labels: BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, RED, and WHITE.

In the center of the cave, Tychus attempts to enchant the drow commander standing near the chests. In response, four crossbow bolts streak toward his exposed position. One strikes the bard in the thigh. Tychus rips the bolt out as quickly as possible, but he feels the drow poison seep into his veins, and he has to fight to stay awake.

The lizardman tackles Tychus and tries to shield him from the other bolts. From his lying position, he fumbles for the daylight stone, and he hurls it towards the drow command unit like some kind of grenade.

Just as the lizardman and Tychus prepare to charge, they see Andrea sprint in toward the drow command unit (hoping that they are busy reloading). The second-in-command steps forward to intercept him, raising a wickedly sharp falchion over his head.

OOC: Andrea has 30 more feet to cover before engaging the drow in melee. The lizardman and Tychus can also reach the drow in one round if they take a full move. The chests serve as a minor obstruction, but will prevent any attacker from charging.

2006-01-16, 07:46 PM

His leg throbbing and drow poison seeping through his veins, the bard smiles grimly at the lizardman shielding him. "And sometimes," he murmurs, "the Lady's smile isn't on you. My thanks, friend, but we'd best get in there fast; I've a spell of heroics I can cast on you, and I won't be far behind you."

He reaches and lays a hand on the lizardkin's tough hide, speaking the initial words of a spell to make his scaly defender more effective in combat.

OOC: Casting Heroism on the lizardkin druid, then moving as far as he can towards the drow commander's party.

2006-01-16, 08:25 PM

Yix growled in triumph as the Drow fell before his mighty sting, but soon realized the situation he and his... companions were now in. They were vastly outnumbered by the Drow and their henchmen, their only exits blocked, the enemy closing in and their time running short before they were overwhelmed by sheer force of numbers.

Now, Yix was no great strategist by any means, but he knew that the poisoned crossbow bolts were likely to be the biggest asset of the Drow and the most trouble to the escapeť's. Therefore, he immediately set about taking out the crossbowmen with his sting as stealthily as he could, one by one, starting with the closest and moving on from there.

2006-01-16, 08:37 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios winces as the black drow bolt drives into Tychus Helder's thigh. The poison's effects are evident, though the bard appears to be fighting them for the moment.

The elf watches Andrea head for the drow commander's party, and sees the falchion-wielding one interposed ahead of the human. I have one more spell to throw into this mix... Let it be enough to help these men.

Thallios casts a volley of Magic Missiles at the lieutenant.

Now, the center was swept clean, but maybe here in the back of the cave I can find something I can use. The blue-haired wizard looks on the floor for a pinch of sand; he could take out a few grimlocks with a simple Sleep spell. He also is on the lookout for a forgotten droplet of candlewax. He checks his own and Trinark's clothing - is it made of wool?

OOC: if he has access to wool, he'll use his dagger to scrape up a fluff of wool and prepare to use it to cast Ghost Sound... Likewise if he can find some forgotten wax.

2006-01-16, 10:21 PM
Things are not looking good at the exit. Tiriel's never cared about a fair fight, but 2 dozen to 1 is just ridiculous. "Damn it." she swears silently to herself. She watches the drow commander shout and provoke the tentative Grimlocks. She looks at the drow commander and then back to the grimlocks, who as a mass, outnumber even the drow, and she smilies.

She lowers her sword a bit and adresses the silghtless humanoids in common:
Hail, citizens of the deep. Unless I am mistaken, you and I have no reason to fight. Instead we should work together so that all here can walk free after our common enemy,the Drow have been disposed of.

edit: Diplomacy roll: (1d20.each(3)=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=337908)

2006-01-16, 10:59 PM

Skulking around in the shadows behind the packages, Ginevra decides to make her move while the drow commander is distracted screaming at the grimlocks. She slips around the packages and stabs him in the back.

(OOC: She's still trying to get the crossbow. The more drow she can knock out, the better.)

2006-01-17, 12:10 AM
]Lizardkin Druid

After guiding Trinark to safety, he turned to see the human who had freed him hit by a dart being fired by the starnge weapon the drow carried. Alarm vsibly showing on his face, he rushes to him and tackles him shielding him from further missiles.

The human smiles at him and whispers words which he catches partially over the din. Realiising that human intended to assault the group of drow with him, he scrabbled forward and flung the glowing stone at the dorw, blinking as he did so.

As he fell down for cover again, he felt a light touch and snatches of words. At that moment images and sounds of sitting around a crackling fire back in the hunting grounds of the people, listening to the chants of great heroe sung by the loremaster or the tribal brethren. The shadows of the re-enactment of the deeds swim in his mind's eye. He shakes his head to clear his head but the drum beat does not die away and he feels his spirits rise. A deep desire to take his place among the Revered names comes over him.

As another naked human charges blindly to the drow and runs to certain death, he springs up and lets out a deafening roar. His claws spread out and his arms opened wide; He stood there, a prmial being of terror. He lets out another open mawed roar before charging straight for the drow who raised a sword in readiness to cut the human down. His claws and tail raise up as he lumbers with gaining momentum to make the leap onto him.

OOC: Jumping Charge at liutenant and declare dodge vs him. I love going all velociraptor ;D

2006-01-17, 12:29 AM

OOC: Do the chests with (supposedly) our stuff have big menacing locks on them or do they seem quickly openable?

Andrea will avoid charging the falchion-weilding warrior, but if there's a drow reloading a crossbow (and not in AOO range of the melee guy), he'll continue going for him.

2006-01-17, 03:54 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

After launching his magic missile attack at the falchion wielding drow, and once he had collected a pinch of sand and some wax or wool (or failed to do the same), Thallios looked at the drow prisoner.

The dark-skinned one seemed genuine enough; stripped of all posessions, slightly wounded, desperate. A drow presumably so chaotic that the lawful evil drow hunted him down and enslaved him. But perhaps it could also be an indicator of a good streak in him. Thallios decided that he had no choice but to trust the other prisoner.

"Hello, stranger. My name is Thallios. I'm sorry there's not more time to chat, but can you operate one of these small crossbows?" He pressed the hand crossbow into the stranger's grip, and tapped the small wooden container that held the spare bolts on the ground in front of him. "Here are the spare bolts. The others are taking the offensive. And for now, we'll need to defend ourselves against any attacks."

2006-01-17, 11:13 PM
At the cave entrance (12 o'clock)

Tiriel attempts to win over the grimlocks, but they either don't understand her words or aren't swayed by them. Their courage returns, bolstered by their numbers, and they close in to attack.

Tiriel backs up into the cave entrance so that only a few grimlocks can attack her at the same time. She parries most of their clumsy blows. One of the grimlocks manages to slip under her guard, striking her thigh with his club. In return, she cuts him down with a single flaming downward chop.

At the lantern/chests (3 o'clock)

Tychus and the lizardman charge the command unit from one direction while Andrea dodges in from the side. A set of magic missiles converges on the falchion-wielding lieutenant, just before the lizardman leaps through the air, claws and teeth bared, knocking the drow to the ground. With surprising agility and speed, the lieutenant rolls to a kneeling position and slashes upward, slicing across the lizardman's flank.

Andrea lunges at the nearest drow soldier, who fires his hand crossbow at point blank range. Something seems to punch Andrea in the gut, but before he consciously realizes that he's been shot, he has tackled the drow soldier and is busy attempting to wrestle the hand crossbow away.

Unable to use their projectile weapons for fear of hitting their comrades, the other drow draw rapiers and move to protect their unit commander.

Up close, it is apparent that the commander is a female. She is armored but appears to be unarmed. Waving her hands, she casts darkness on the lantern at her feet. Although the darkness is unable to dispel the daylight spell radiating from the rock (which has lodged near the chests), where their effects overlap, the drow are no longer dazzled.

At the bundled packages (9 o'clock)

Ginevra slips out of the shadows and plunges her dagger into the drow sergeant's back. He curses and spins around, trying to bring his hand crossbows to bear. The other drow react quickly, tossing aside their crossbows and drawing razor sharp rapiers.

With the daylight stone having been hurled to the other side of the cave, these drow are no longer dazzled. Ginevra moves with panther-like grace, but the soldiers have her surrounded, and one manages to slash her across the arm, causing her to hiss with pain.

One of the drow soldiers unexpectedly drops his rapier and slumps to the ground. Yix is a blur, his stinger poised to strike as he zips through the air, looking for another target.

At the back of the cave (6 o'clock)

Thallios picks a small tuft of wool from the drow prisoner's tunic. The moon elf then presses the small crossbow into his cousin's hand. The drow doesn't seem to understand the common tongue, but the meaning of the gesture is clear enough.

2006-01-17, 11:22 PM
Elf Fighter/Sorceress

She takes a step forward into the cave and places her oathbow back on her shoulder. She quickly scopes out a small group of grimlocks that are relatively nearby, but distant from any allies.
She faces their direction, closes her eyes, raises her hands, concentrates....and casts Burning Hands.

2006-01-17, 11:59 PM
At the cave entrance (12 o'clock)

The elf steps forward and a sheet of flame splashes into the massed grimlocks. The grimlocks in the front row take the brunt of the blast, screaming as their bare skin blisters and smokes. Many grimlocks in the next two rows also howl in pain and rage, suffering serious burns.

OOC: Nine grimlocks are affected by the burning hands. Four take full damage, while five take half damage. The grimlocks look angry.

2006-01-18, 02:06 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The moon elf saw the incomprehension on the drow elf's face. "Don't speak common? I don't speak undercommon..." He asked "How about elven? Good!"

Thallios took a look at the action across the cavern. The two packs of drow were fighting his fellow prisoners in opposite directions around the perimeter of the cavern. He needed to move in closer to use his magic and create a ruse with any hope of success, but he had to move inconspicuously.

The elf ran a hand through his short blue hair. Between the fingers of his other hand, he held the tuft of wool that would enable him to cast Ghost Sound. He looked at the spell component for a moment, determined to cause that small gray clump to vaporize as he enforced his will upon the senses of other sentients.

Turning back to the drow beside him, Thallios said "Cousin, I need your help. Can you cast darkness on this?" he asked, holding out the hilt of his stolen drow dagger.

OOC: if Trinark agrees and can cast darkness on the dagger, Thallios will suggest they move under cover of darkness in the direction of the chests and the competing daylight stone and darkness spell. Enough chaos existed in that area that he had a chance to arrive undetected and do some good - not to mention that Trinark should be relieved of his dazzlement by hiding in a darkness zone.

2006-01-18, 01:04 PM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilian grunts as the falchion connects but does not seem the least deterred. He spins around the drow, seeking to find an opening an end the creature's life before it gets up.

2006-01-18, 01:34 PM

Not far behind his lizardkin companion, Tychus sees the drow commander -- strikingly beautiful, as seems par for the course for the drow -- cast a spell and lay hand on the lantern, dimming the radiance of the light-enscorcelled rock and allowing the drow full use of their vaunted eyes.

Weaponless, there is little enough the bard can do against their enemies at this point -- but perhaps he can turn the tide back in his reptilian companion's favor. Still running flat-out, he ducks and weaves his way through the drow clustered around their commander. Snatching up the lantern on his way through, he skids to a halt about fifteen feet beyond the entrenched drow, using his momentum to hurl the lantern with all his might towards the far wall.

[[EDIT -- OOC: Tumble +10, to avoid all of those AoOs I'm almost certainly incurring.]]

2006-01-18, 05:59 PM
Tirel will continue to do her best to hold the entrance.

(ooc: yeah, uh that seems to be her only choice at the moment. She'll act defensivly, waiting for an opening before attacking. Go ahead and roll for me DR, I'll be at work until late tonight).

2006-01-18, 06:51 PM

Yix clenched his teeth and growled as the darkness spell was cast, immediately spinning around and searching for the caster. After all, for a caster to cast that spell, they must be at least more powerful and would be likely to cause much more trouble than a few measly crossbow bolts. Without giving the matter any more thought, the tiny dragon's eyes narrowed as he spotted and made a beeline towards the Drow Commander, his tail raised and his jaw clenched.

2006-01-18, 07:55 PM

Ginevra backs up against the cave wall behind her, trying to fight defensively, as Yix speeds towards the drow commander.

(OOC: She'll go for the most dangerous opponent first.)

2006-01-19, 11:42 AM
At the cave entrance

The grimlocks swarm forward, overwhelming Tiriel, who does her best to keep the cave entrance clear and to protect her elf companion.

The mass of grimlocks pushes both would-be rescuers back, even as another grimlock goes down beneath Tiriel's sword.

OOC: The grimlocks use bullrush to push the characters out of the cave. Tiriel slays another grimlock.

At the chests

Tychus dodges and tumbles over to the lantern and hurls it away from the melee. By removing the protective darkness, he ensures that the drow will remain dazzled.

He avoids the slashing rapier of one drow, but a second drow picks up his crossbow and shoots Tychus in the back. This time, the drow poison does its work, and the bard slips into unconsciousness.

The lizardman and and the drow lieutenant remain locked in combat. The lizardman fights tooth and nail against the stylized, flowing techiques employed by the falchion-wielding drow. Both draw blood, but neither is able to decisively wound the other.

Off to the side, Andrea is not faring so well. Two other drow join in grappling the harper into submission. One places a dagger against Andrea's throat. The meaning is clear, "Surrender or die."

The drow commander draws a wicked-looking dagger from beneath her bodice as she watches the lizardman and her lieutenant locked in combat. She begins to circle around behind the lizardman, but then she spots Yix streaking towards her like an arrow from across the other side of the cavern.

She points her finger, and a series of four magic missiles blast the tiny dragon out of the sky.

OOC: Yix takes 12 points of damage.

At the packages

Left alone facing five drow soldiers, Ginevra attempts to defend herself with only a single dagger. She tries keeping her back against the packages so that the drow can't surround her.

The sergeant makes some hand signs, and two of the soldiers step backward, sheathing their rapiers and reloading their hand crossbows. The sergeant and the remaining two soldiers harry Ginevra with their rapiers, but seem strangely unwilling to make full force attacks against her, as if unwilling to risk damaging the packages behind her back.

At the back of the cave

Trinark imbues Thallios' dagger with darkness. Unfortunately, once the daylight effect is restored by Tychus' actions, the dark aura surrounding the dagger provides little cover. It does however, make Trinark much more comfortable.

They quickly survey the situation. It doesn't look good. The two "rescuers" have their hands full against more than 20 grimlocks. Three prisoners are already unconscious or restrained. The lizardman fights furiously, but the odds are stacked against him. Likewise, Ginevra is greatly outnumbered and surrounded.

Unarmed and unarmored, it seems unlikely that the prisoners will prevail against the drow in straightforward combat. Is there any other option?

2006-01-19, 02:34 PM
The Gnoll snores loudly.

2006-01-19, 02:48 PM
Elf Fighter/Sorceress

Takes a step back to her previous position and arms herself with her oathbow once more. Aiming for one of the grimlocks that is severly wounded, she takes a shot.
Immediately after taking a shot, she reaches for another arrow, preparing for another shot - at the same grimlock, or another one if said grimlock is not killed.
Thoughts race through her mind. Her hands are quick and experienced. So this is what my ex-boyfriend meant by "The thrill of the hunt." She smirks, pretending each grimlock is her former lover. Ah, much better.

2006-01-19, 05:18 PM

Yix grimaces and growls from the ground, having been knocked out of the air by the sorceress' missiles, blood dripping from his maw as he takes the air once again and continues his charge. Damn Drow, he thinks as he prepares his tail to strike at the Drow's neck, a malicious glint in his eyes.

2006-01-19, 06:03 PM

Ginevra quickly cuts open the packages, ready to break, smash, or otherwise damage what's inside.
"Move back and drop your weapons, or I'll destroy every one of these packages!" she says loudly.

2006-01-20, 01:23 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios took stock of the situation and quickly realized that his original plan would not work. The battle going on with the drow commander was no longer a chaotic frenzy that he could expect to slip up on unseen; rather, it was an orderly fight of several drow restraining one remaining human and the brave and fearsome lizard man facing off against a powerful adversary.

That was no place for the sort of trickery remaining in Thallios's repertoir.

The Grimlocks had seemingly swept their would-be rescuers from the room. He couldn't think of what to do for that situation.

But here's something, he thought. The rogue has managed some kind of standoff. But outnumbered as she is, it may only be a matter of time before the drow press their advantage...

He decided that whatever she was up to, perhaps his talents could be of use. Speaking over his shoulder to the drow prisoner, he said Well, my new ally, things go very poorly for our compatriots. I must go and see if I can still be of any help. Accompany me if you wish; we could use that crossbow.

With that, Thallios headed straight for Ginevra and the packages and the drow. He was counting on the concealing darkness emanating from his stolen drow dagger to make him an unappealing target, but just in case he tried to come directly from behind the rogue where the drow would think twice about firing at him.

OOC: If he makes it to Ginevra without being taken out ;-) Thallios will step up beside her, take a quick look at the package she opened, but otherwise watch the drow warily and pay attention to everything Ginevra does. With any luck, Trinark will also be there with the poison crossbow.

2006-01-20, 03:34 AM

Ah. This time... bold choice: wrong choice. Still, we may see yet.

Not seeing any immediate option, he doesn't struggle against the captors.

2006-01-20, 12:08 PM

Although the drow commander shouts out in Undercommon, her cry immediately freezes everyone in their tracks.

The drow and grimlocks cease their actions, though they continue to hold their weapons ready. The dagger is removed from Andrea's neck.

The cavern is still except for the ringing of the alarm bells. With a wave of his hand, the lieutenant silences them. He is breathing hard and bleeding from several gashes inflicted by the lizardman, but he does not lower the point of his falchion.

Ginevra looks down at the package she has just slashed open. Underneath several layers of heavy canvas is a mass of wet leaves.


In the sudden silence, the drow commander calls out in Common.

"I would not do that if I were you."

2006-01-20, 03:17 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf, surrounded by a cloud of darkness which obscured his vision substantially, froze in his tracks at the commanding drow shout. There was no mistaking the imperative in the voice, she wanted everyone's attention and she wanted it "NOW".

Thallios hadn't quite reached Ginevra's side - he was midway to her, which placed him about halfway between the center of the cavern and the edge, midway between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Despite the concealment of the illusion surrounding him, he felt dangerously exposed in the sudden silence.

Then the female drow gave her warning in common, "I would not do that if I were you." He knew immediately she wasn't speaking to him. It was something Ginevra was doing. She really has stumbled onto something!

2006-01-20, 06:44 PM

She clearly wants attention. She wants everyone to stop what they're doing and look at me. Damn... there's no way to get out of this. This is going to be stalemate if I don't talk out of it.

"Why would you not do it? For my benefit, or for yours?" Ginevra looks at the matted wet leaves again, then at the drow commander.

"What's so important in these packages? Dragon eggs? I can read Undercommon, I saw the colors on the packages. The colors are the same as those of the evil-hearted dragons of the realms. Even if they aren't dragon eggs, what are they for? Tell me, or I will destroy these packages. Don't tell me you don't care if I do, it's not true." She looks defiantly and confidently at the commander, all the while standing over the leaves with her dagger pointed at their heart.

(OOC: Sense Motive +0 for the drow commander, please.)

2006-01-20, 07:58 PM

His head swimming, the bard fights his way back into consciousness. He moves little, hoping to deceive his enemies into thinking that he is still unconscious. From what he can see, all the fighting has stopped -- at least for the time being. Have they been defeated? No, from what he can see, several of his comrades are still up and armed, including their two rescuers -- and Ginevra, who appears to be threatening the contents of the mysterious packages. Likely why everyone's stopped fighting, he figures -- whatever's in there, the drow are apparently dead set on not having it destroyed.

Perhaps even to the point of allowing their captives to go free, in exchange for the cargo's safety?

Moving carefully, the bard pushes himself up from the undignified sprawl the viciously poisoned dart had left him in, pulling the offending projectile out of his back with a grimace. He pulls himself into a standing position, listening further to the conversation between the Drow commander and Ginevra. He is experienced in the art of delicate negotiation -- though rarely has he been in a situation more delicate than this -- and he watches both the Drow command post and Ginevra for context clues, something to give him a handle on the situation.

[Fort save vs. Drow poison: 16]

2006-01-21, 05:19 PM
The drow commander glares at Ginevra from across the cavern for a moment. Under "normal" circumstances, Ginevra would be flayed alive, then drawn and quartered by grimlocks for having the insolence to address the commander as if they were equals.

Drow officers are, however, above all highly disciplined and highly intelligent. Her jaw unclenches as she visibly forces herself to relax. She pauses, then speaks clearly but calmly in delightfully accented Common, her voice carrying easily to all of the prisoners.

"If you do that, neither you nor your fellow prisoners will ever see the surface again. You will all die here, and your bodies will be decapitated and left for the oozes, otyughs, and carrion crawlers ..."

She pauses to let her words sink in.

"But I must admit that you are bold and resourceful, qualities that we drow admire. Put down your weapon and step away. You may go in safety. You have my word."

2006-01-21, 08:28 PM

Ginevra throws the commander a scornful look. "Your word? As far as I know and as far as I'm concerned, your word is worthless. You obviously don't care about anything but the contents of these packages. You consider us beneath you, and you are likely to kill us even if we back down, just to get us off your nerves, because as far as you know, we'll follow you if we're set free." Ginevra looks the drow commander directly in the eyes. "And as far as you know, we're not willing to die to halt your efforts. I've met enough drow in my time, and I know how they think. Well, guess what? You're wrong. Now tell me what's in these packages, or they will be destroyed, though on my own life be it."

2006-01-21, 08:43 PM

The bard hesitates. His finely-tuned social instinct tells him that the drow commander is speaking the truth, on both accounts. She would not hesitate to have all of the prisoners slain -- likely in some manner considered excruciatingly painful, even by drow -- but she seems sincere in her promise that Ginevra will be free to walk away if she puts down her weapon and does not harm the packages.

The promise, however, makes no provisions for the other captives -- a subject, incidentally, that is rather near and dear to the bard's heart -- nor in truth for Ginevra's well-being after she walks away. Furthermore, the drow are not precisely renowned for their generosity.

Things are not looking all that hopeful.


Tychus clears his throat, silently offering a desperate prayer to Tymora as he does so. "Fair Lady, if you will grant me a word...I do not doubt that you will do precisely as you say if the items my companion is threatening are harmed. They must be objects of infinite value when weighed against the lives of a few paltry slaves, and the deaths you visit upon all of us should they be harmed in any way would doubtless be excruciating and terrible.

"I fear, however, that you may be in a more precarious situation than we, for it is also doubtless that your commander would hold you personally responsible for whatever damages are done to these objects of such great value by mere surfacer prisoners. Whatever horrible deaths await us should my companion damage your prizes, I can only assume that your own would be no less horrible for such failure.

"When compared to such a prospect, Lady, what value have a few surfacer slaves? For your sake and ours, grant us our meager belongings and allow us to flee unhindered, for if my companion makes good her threats, both our fates and yours will be sealed."

[[OOC: Diplomacy Check: 16 + 18 = 34]]

2006-01-22, 12:05 AM
Elf Fighter/Sorceress

Reloading her bow, she raises it and aims for the drow commander just as the cave falls silent. Everyone is watching Ginevra, while the elf keeps her attention on the commander, ready to execute if necessary.
She does, however, listen closely to the conversation. She quicly switches her aim to Ginevra and the packages, glancing at the contents of the open package. She returns her aim to the drow commander, this time concentrating entirely on the base of the commander's head.
The elf is perfectly aware that whatever the packages contain could possibly be deadly. Or, perhaps, simply something a visitor to the Underdark would not wish to have in their possession.
But I have been know to be wrong.....once or twice, she thinks as she stands - half visible - steady and prepared to take action if the present conversation became more threatening.

2006-01-22, 03:09 PM

Andrea inhales through clenched teeth as the swordswoman makes her bold gambit. Still...can't fault her nerve.

He opens his mouth to speak even as the other bard attempts to smooth over the situation, then stops short of making a sound.
Well said, man. I should think I'd have spoke much the same. If Fortune's gold glint reaches us at this dark depth, your silver tongue surely shines as bright.

2006-01-23, 11:31 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The druid had rolled away and both had been poised to leap into the fray when the the drow leader had called out. The drow male had lowered his falchion and as he prepared to leap he noticed that everyone ahd stopped moving.

Licking his shoulder wound. He moved into a position where he could keep both the drow leader and his opponent in his field of vision.

2006-01-24, 12:53 AM
The drow commander's eyes flash at Ginevra's words.

"My word is all that you have and all that you will need. Whether or not you and your companions are willing to die is irrelevant. You all will die if any package is harmed."

It looks like she is about to order her soldiers to finish off the prisoners, but then Tychus clears his throat and speaks.

Almost against her will, the drow commander is forced to acknowledge the wisdom of his words. Her fists unclench, and she resheathes her dagger.

"You speak the truth, bard. It will do none of us any good if the packages are damaged or destroyed."

She pauses for a moment.

"Very well. Leave us the beasts." She indicates the lizardman and the gnoll. "The rest of you may go. Let the Underdark determine your fate."

2006-01-24, 07:17 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin had not been keenly following the discussion as he had been observing the now still grimlocks and a way to his freedom.

He was wondering what had made the drow leader puase her attacks.

As she waved to indicate him and the gnoll, his eyes turned into slits as he grew cold with anger at being compared equally with a dogman. He bared his teeth as he made a rattling noise at the back of his thtoat and prepared to fight with all who would dismiss him as a mere beast.

2006-01-24, 07:48 PM
Elf Fighter/Sorceress

The drow commander's words did not fall on deaf ears. As much as she would enjoy sticking around and putting an arrow through each and every drow and grimlock skull, the elf knew that now was the only chance there was to escape totally unharmed. If no one were to take the drow commander's offer, it might not stand for long.
The elf places her bow back on her shoulder and narrows her eyes in the direction of Tiriel and Ginevra, slightly nodding her head in the direction of the exit in an attempt to silently guiding them to her so they might make a quick getaway. She takes a step back but does not break her stare, hoping that one - or both - will make eye contact soon.

2006-01-24, 11:25 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Hearing the drow commander's offer, delivered as if it were a gift-wrapped boon from a feudal lord, Thallios quickly surveyed the arena. The woman, Ginevra, faced off against a handful of drow who could call her bluff at any moment - especially if they thought the package she threatened was a loss but they could prevent her from harming the other packages. The human men, one a bard and the other...? They were effectively removed from battle. The gnoll was still out. The lizard man appeared able to fight on, but could not hold off the falchion-wielding drow and his cohort forever. The drow prisoner seemed well enough to pitch in and lob a few poisoned crossbow bolts.

Thallios self-inventoried and came up wanting. A parlor trick or two, and a dagger were all he had left to contribute.

Meanwhile, most of the grimlocks remained standing, as did two handsful of drow.

He wondered for just a moment, if he could truly walk away leaving two sentient beings as slaves to the drow. They could be sold into servitude, or used in grim rituals, or even be fed to a hideous terror deep in the catacombs of the underdark.

He looked at Ginevra, then looked at Tychus Helder across the cavern. If either of them could see his face through the darkness, they would see his expression which said: I say we take it. Then we'll come back when we're ready and show these dark elves what we're truly made of.

2006-01-25, 01:07 AM
When the lizardman bares his fangs and growls, the four drow soldiers surrounding the commander immediately take aim with their crossbows. Their sergeant raises his falchion into a high guard.

The commander herself seems unconcerned with the lizardman's reaction. She addresses the other prisoners, "So, it is settled then. Your belongings are here."

She kicks one of the chests, and all can hear a dull clinking of metallic objects within.

"We will leave the chests that contain your possessions behind. It will only take you about an hour or two to pick the locks I suspect."

She makes a quick hand movement. The sergeant facing Ginevra calls to the grimlocks, who shuffle away from Tiriel and the elf archer/sorceror, back to the packages. Several of the blind creatures gently nudge Ginevra aside, then begin to gingerly cover the wet leaves with canvas and rope. The drow watch the rest of you warily as they quickly prepare to move out.

The injured or poisoned drow are revived and the slain drow sergeant is wrapped in a shroud and placed onto a makeshift litter. The gnoll is put back into restraints and is dragged off by a grimlock. The grimlock dead are left where they lie.

Within a surprisingly short period of time, the drow caravan is ready to depart.

A drow soldier approaches the lizardman holding a collar and chain. The falchion-wielding sergeant and his squad watch the lizardman expectantly as if to say, shall we do this the hard way or the easy way?

2006-01-25, 02:28 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The reptilian eyes the collar and spits on the ground before the dorw holding it. The steely determination in his eyes not showing the slightest dismay at his odds

The hard way...you balance-forsaken blackskin...the hard way

He spins but only feints towards the sword-wielder before running and trying to slam into a cross bow wielder. He tries to grab the drow and use him as cover.

OOC: I'm not sure how far I go before I'm cut down but If I can I will use a drow as cover against the bolts and head towards the packages.

Sorry everyone. The promise was made in my exclusion. Hence it doesn't apply to me.

2006-01-25, 09:12 AM

Damn. This isn't going to make our chances of rescuing anyone any easier. He's going to get himself killed...

Yix! she thinks as hard as she can, looking around quickly for the little dragon. Don't let the lizard-man give up his own life! Tell him we're coming back for him!

(OOC: Spot check=29 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=345644))

2006-01-25, 12:49 PM
While the Grimlocks may no longer be an imediate threat, Tiriel keeps her sword unshealthed and stands ready.
She glances at her friends, aknowledging the elf archer's nod towards the exit, but she doesn't move back.

(OOC: how far away is Tiriel from the archer??)

2006-01-26, 01:46 AM
Ginevra looks for the tiny dragon in vain. Either it is well hidden and camouflaged, or it has already made its escape ...

The drow fire almost before the lizardman moves toward the falchion-wielding sergeant, but the druid moves with the speed of a striking snake, and only two of four bolts strike his leathery hide.

The lizardman ignores the effects of the drow poison, and instead leaps and twists in midair, landing in front of one of the crossbowmen. The drow soldier's face registers surprise for a split second before his throat is slashed. The drow soldier topples backwards, twitches, then lies still.

The drow commander glares at the lizardman with exasperation, then raises her finger and blasts him with a series of magic missiles. The lizardman is blown off his feet by the blasts, landing in a smoking motionless heap on the cave floor.

She switches back to Undercommon to address her lieutenant. "Chain it, then bind its wounds."

The grimlocks shuffle out of the cave carrying the mysterious packages as well as the bodies of the slain drow and the unconscious bodies of the gnoll and the lizardman. They push past Tiriel and the elf archer/sorceress who stand aside as they pass. Two drow slip ahead of the grimlocks to scout ahead.

The remaining drow (now reduced to two squads), including the commander, follow behing the grimlocks. They leave without a word, slipping quietly into the darkness.

They leave behind two locked chests ...

OOC: The four drow shoot the lizardman (20, 20, 8, 16). Two darts hit for a total of 5 damage. The lizardman makes both Fort saves (20, 24).

The lizardman hits with two claws for a total of 8 damage, killing one of the drow soldiers.

The commander hits with MM for a total of 17 damage.

The lizardman had been hit by two bolts when he was first captured (for a total of 3 damage), and hit twice by the drow sergeant's falchion (for 7 and 7 damage).

The lizardman has therefore taken a total of 39 points of damage.

2006-01-26, 02:08 AM
Lizardkin Druid

The Druid snarls as he killed the drow crossbowman and was about to move when he saw, from his left, two balls of arcane energy shoot unerrringly towards him.

The pain was agonizing as they hit him sending his muscles into spasm as he crashed onto the ground. The force of the impact knocking the remaining breath out of him. As the drow soldiers approached with chains before them and his vision began to cloud, his thoughts turned back to his mission.

Recollections of a human hatchling and the doom upon her arose in his mind's eye. A dim memory of a promise made by a tenacious gnome. His only hope.

Taking a rasping breath in, "ssSeh..th..raaa..", he moaned.

A barely audible whisper as he shuddered. His face twisted with the agony of failure. It only lasted a moment before the darkness overtook him.

He lay motionless as the drow surrounded him and bore him away in chains.

2006-01-26, 08:46 AM

God dammit... Yix thought to himself from his hiding place. His instincts and brain were telling him to stay put, but his goddamn conscience just made him so jittery he couldn't stay in the same place and leave the others to whatever horrible fate awaited them. He was much too locked in his own personal conflict to even really listen to Ginevra's message. After a few moments (regretfully allowing the caravan to leave before he acted), the tiny dragon begrudginly gave in to his conscience and began carefully stalking the caravan as best he could, only hoping it wasn't too late. He stops just before he leaves the cavern, looking back expectantly at his fellow former captives to follow.

2006-01-26, 10:36 AM

The bard grinds his teeth as he watches the lizardman's courageous charge and subsequent defeat. If only...

"I will not let this stand," he mutters to himself, watching the drow drag the unconscious reptilian warrior off. How it ate at him to see any creature in bondage! And it could have been any one of them that the drow commander had chosen.

"No," he says, long moments after the drow have disappeared into the darkness with their prisoners and cargo, "No. I will not let this stand." He spins on his heel and walks toward the chests, looking to Ginevra. "How long would it be taking you to get these open, Lady?" His face is stony. "We'll be needing our gear if we're to rescue yon lizardman -- and the gnoll, I s'pose," he adds as an afterthought, "and I'll be needing my sword to separate that drow's pretty head from her shoulders."

2006-01-26, 06:03 PM

Ginevra watches the departing drow in anger, then controls herself and turns away. Once they are out of earshot, she says, "Tychus is right, everyone. I'm with you in breaking out the prisoners, but we have to get our posessions back and formulate a plan before we can sensibly attack the drow. Right now, Yix, the little dragon, is the only way we can get into those chests without the risk of damaging their contents. If he'd come over here, I could probably get them open in two hours, and less time if the first chest I open has my lockpicks in it."

Yix! Could you come over to me, please? We can't attack right away, or we'd all be killed. If I can get these chests open, we would all stand a better chance of survival, including you. And right now, you're the only way I have of opening these chests without the chance of damaging what's inside them. Ginevra looks towards the exit of the cavern, trying to meet Yix's eyes.

2006-01-26, 07:48 PM

Yix, grumbling at being forced to let the Drow and their captives get even further away and at literally being used as a tool, still recognizes the wisdom in the she-human's words, and begrudginly returns. Flapping his wings with no extra effort, he lands on the nearest chest and, with a sigh, drapes its carefully limp tail over its lock for the she-human to use.

2006-01-26, 08:46 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The thin, tired blue-haired elf dropped to his knees once the drow had vacated the cavern. "I am ever surprised by the cruelty of drow... the way she treated the lizard man. She was genuinely evil," he said, referring to the just-departed drow commander.

Thallios was struck by the conflicting emotions of joy to find himself free again, and shame for having left the lizard man and the gnoll in the hands of the drow so easily. Would I have surrendered them so readily if they had been moon elves? he asked himself pointedly.

He stood and turned toward the rest of the group and the chests. He cleared his throat as he approached. "I share your strong emotions, Tychus Helder. Ginevra, I have this drow dagger, which you are welcome to have. Perhaps it will aid you in opening these chests." Thallios held out the dagger for her to take.

Addressing the two women who have recently arrived in the cavern, Thallios bowed slightly. "My ladies. I am Thallios Ilphunodel. Please accept my gratitude for your timely arrival and brave assault on our captors." Had he been clothed properly in his sturdy but handsome wizardly robes, the gesture may have seemed noble.

2006-01-27, 03:08 AM
Trinark, the drow prisoner, watched impotently as his kinsfolk dragged away the lizardman, his sole companion and friend here in the Underdark.

Trembling with helpless rage and still weak from the wounds he had suffered when he was captured, he collapses to his hands and knees, beating his fists on the cave floor.

Eventually, he sags to the ground completely and rolls over onto his back. Shading his eyes from the slowly fading daylight, he mumbles to himself in Undercommon ...

Ginevra uses both the tiny dragon's stinger and the drow dagger to work at unlocking the chests. It takes her only about an hour to get both chests open.

As promised, the chests contain your gear, neatly packed away by the drow.

The initial thrill of unexpected freedom fades as the daylight spell ends. As darkness descends upon the cave, a cold reality sinks in. You are lost in the Underdark with almost no idea how to get to the surface ...

2006-01-27, 08:50 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Frustrated and still quivering with rage, Trinark pushes himself up off the cold stone floor. In thickly accented Common he hisses, "We...must...follow. Take your...items, get ready."

Trinark immediately looks for his longsword, his only important possession remaining. He will also examine the chain shirt to see if he could wear it until they free the Gnoll.

[OOC: DR, is there anything left to eat? Did the potable water get overturned during the fight? Also, is Trinark's longsword among the items?]

[OOC2: Please see the OOC thread also.]

2006-01-27, 09:19 AM

Just before the darkness spell ends, Ginevra spies her backpack, and picks it up. Seeing the light from inside, she opens the pack quickly and efficiently and pulls out her everburning torch. She then starts looking around with the torch for anything else of hers that might still be there, especially her cloak, her weapons, and her bracers.

2006-01-27, 12:30 PM
Tiriel watches the drow pass into the cavornous darkness until they fade from her sight. She marks their direction of travel on the stone floor the point of her long sword. Satisfied, she sheaths her sword and walks towards the others.
When she gets close to Ginevra she folds her arms over her chest and smilies as she watches her friend struggle with Yix's tail to unlock one of the chests. It may work, but it looks absurd.
She'll stay silent until Ginevra finishes, not wishing to break her concentration.

When Thallios introduces himself, Tiriel tries her hardest not to laugh, the best she manages is a broad smilie.
"Well met Thallios. You may call me Tiriel and I am truly sorry that I didn't get to engage any of the troublesome drow.

2006-01-27, 07:27 PM

His pride insulted and his impatience growing by the second, Yix was by no means in any sort of a positive mood. Very annoyed at this waste of time (at least, as he sees it, as he has no equipment and doesn't need torchlight to see), he looked straight at the Drow and demanded, You. Drow. What do you know of these tunnels? Where do your kin take captives?

2006-01-27, 08:26 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios considered the smiling, longsword wielding woman. Her sense of humor puzzled the elf for a moment, until he considered the handful of other adventurers he had met in his travels who seemed to become energized and enlivened after a fight.

"Tiriel," he said, trying her name out. "I daresay you kept those grimlocks from interfering with Ginevra's inspired extortion scheme! We'll be getting to those drow soon enough." He looked over to the elf woman with the longbow. "And your friend's timely shafts prevented a slave bloodbath."

When Thallios noticed his Handy Haversack among the gear in one of the chests, he grinned widely and snatched the sack eagerly. Though the sack bulged slightly and hung from his grip as if it carried a few pounds of gear, it actually contained an extradimensional space which he hoped contained his spell book, potions, scrolls, clothing, etcetera.

He prayed silently Corellon Larethian, hear my prayer. Please help me to bring justice upon those who imprisoned me, and in particular the foul dark elves who shame us all, my evil cousins the drow. Thallios pushed the wooden hook that secured the sack through the leather loop one-handed, and threw the flap back from the top of the haversack. He reached in and felt around, his arm vanishing up to the shoulder as he bypassed the first few items he encountered and felt about for each of his belongings.

He pulled his arm out, and in his hand was a corner of his fine blue robes. It was all there! Thank you Corellon!

In short order, while others were still sorting armor and weaponry, and the mini-dragon flew about impatiently, Thallios was dressed and slinging his spell component pouch onto his finely-wrought belt.

The last item he pulled from his sack was his rapier. The hilt detail was a beautiful leaf and grape motif, while the guard was crafted in an intricate web of grape vines. He closely examined the blade, and satisfied himself that the weapon was in good condition.

He then offered his help to anyone who needed an extra pair of hands.

2006-01-28, 12:31 AM

Giving Thallios a slight nod of her head, she says in an aggravated tone, "I am the one that helped save your ass," she grins. "I suppose we shall see whether or not it is a pleasure to meet you," she says with faux sweetness, her words dripping with sarcasm.
Turning to Tiriel, she continues, "I do not feel comfortable continuing this 'rescue' mission for the...." she snarls ever so slightly "...lizard. I firmly believe that we should continue on our way. We need to get out of the boundaries of the Underdark, as soon as possible."

((ooc: sorry i posted a little late. i had to work 12 hour shifts two days in a row.))

2006-01-28, 11:16 AM
In the light cast by Ginevra's everburning torch, each of you is able to recover your possessions, seemingly undisturbed by the drow.

Ginevra is happy to be reunited with her friends, the bold fighter, Tiriel, and the somewhat dour elf archer/sorceress, whom Ginevra introduces as Si'rene.

Si'rene's point is well taken. Some would argue that pursuing a drow/grimlock force (almost three dozen strong) through the Underdark in the hopes of mounting a rescue is a fool's undertaking.

Aside from Trinark or perhaps the tiny dragon, none of you have any attachment to either the gnoll or the lizardman. You don't even know their names. Neither gnolls nor lizardkin are particularly fond of elves and humans anyway, and it is doubtful that if the situation were reversed that a band of gnolls or lizardkin would risk their necks to save one or two human slaves ...

On the other hand, none of you know the way out of the Underdark. An argument could be made that your best bet would be to follow the drow (if possible) at a safe distance, hoping that their path might somehow lead you close to the surface at some point.

One might counter-argue that you would all be better off heading in exactly the opposite direction as the drow ...

You introduce yourselves to each other and debate your next course of action while you recover your gear. Several of you seem to be fully equipped for an expedition, but others (like Trinark) seem to have little in the way of possessions.

Trinark clutches a longsword to his chest, his eye sockets sunken and his cheekbones protruding alarmingly. His hair is filthy and matted, and a crooked scar runs down the side of his face. He tries not to look desperate, but he can't help casting sidelong glances at the rations the others' possess.

OOC: None of you is badly injured. Please continue introducing yourselves, and work out whether you want to chase after the drow, or rest.

2006-01-28, 04:58 PM

The bard's hopes soar as the chests are opened and he sees the familiar glimmer of his equipment in the light of Ginevra's everburning torch. He had been silently afraid that the drow had left them two boxes full of rocks, leaving them helpless and alone in the Underdark and essentially sealing their fate. Tymora be praised, such was not the case.

He pulls his chain shirt from among the miscellaneous arms and equipment crammed into the chest and shrugged into it; he no longer feels quite so exposed. His amulet, his ring, his cloak, the small brown pouch of spell components, the handful of potions he called his own, and a wandful of healing magic -- all settle into their rightful places on him.

And finally, his sword.

He cannot help but grin as he pulls his swordbelt from the chest and buckles it about his waist, drawing forth the blade and acclimating himself to its balance again.

"By the Lady's smile," he murmurs, hefting the sword and sliding it back into its sheath, "good it is to handle a blade once more." And in truth, he looks better; a flashing smile comes easily to his lips. He is among strangers, lost in the Underdark with little enough in the way of rations, having narrowly escaped a life of slavery among the drow -- and yet he feels more lively than he has in a long time.

The bard moves to join his conversing acquaintances, giving a nod of greeting as he joins the group.

"Tychus Helder, battle-poet, tale-teller and swordswinger, at your service." He grins infectiously, obviously in a fine humor. "My deepest thanks for your timely rescue, ladies. Tiriel and Si'rene, I believe, yes?" He delivers a sweeping bow. "We are in your debt. You have risked much to help us -- or help your friend, rather -- and certainly owe nothing to the two who have been carried off by the drow." His grin dampens a bit. "Sure and I have no love for the gnoll, myself -- nasty, uncouth beast that he seems -- but the lizardman shielded me with his own body in the fight, and I'll not be leaving a creature of such courage and spirit to the cruel pleasures of the drow. 'Specially not when I'm beholden to him in any manner."

He shrugs. "As I said, you owe them nothing -- but I and several of the others, it seems, are bound and determined to track the drow and set the lizardman free. And, truth be told, there are worse things in the Underdark than the drow, things one would not wish to encounter with no more than a sword or two. Will you not come with us, and benefit from our blades and spells as we would from yours? If you are as lost down here as the rest of us seem, then any one direction's good as the other, and mayhap in tracking the drow we'll come upon one of the routes they use to reach the surface -- a way out of this forsaken place, to see the clear stars above."

The bard is, like most others of his profession, perhaps a trifle garrulous; nevertheless, his tone is earnest and there is no mistaking the keen light of battle-lust that kindles behind his eyes.

2006-01-28, 09:19 PM

Grumbling and swearing in various languages, Ginevra pulls out her dagger, shortsword, and crossbow. Sheathing the blades (and grumbling), she swings the backpack onto her back and hangs the crossbow from a loop over the top of the pack, and secures it--with one hand-- at the bottom, throwing in a few good curses in the tongue of the dwarves. She finds her cloak, though it seems almost invisible, blended in with its surroundings, and dons it, still grumbling, though this time in Elven. Her two throwing knives go up her sleeves, in sheathes, and her belt pouch, with a few useful potions (still luckily unbroken) clips onto her belt. Her bracers go on her wrists.

She looks up. "Tiriel, S'irine, I agree with Tychus. It could easily be any of us being dragged away in chains now, even you or I. Besides, we don't know the way out of here, unless our friend here can guide us." She gestures to the drow holding the longsword. "Our best chance is probably to follow the track of the caravan to somewhere where we can get our bearings, then pick a direction and go that way. If we can help the prisoners along the way, good. I don't like seeing any creature in chains, no matter their race. Besides, the lizard-man is obviously a warrior, who would rather die than live enslaved."
"Like Tychus said, we don't really know the way out from here anyways, unless you can direct us all to the... to the place I was captured. And the group of us, together, stand a much greater chance of survival than the three of us. And if all of them split up as well, they'll all lost very quickly and probably dead within a week. None of us can stand that on our consciences. We all need to help each other to survive."

2006-01-28, 10:50 PM

Yix, suddenly realizing his hunger, moves towards and quickly begins to devour the bread that had previously been set out for the prisoners. After only a couple of bites, though, he chances a glance at Trinark, and is suddenly filled with pity, despite his hatred of Drow and selfishness. After a few moments of internal conflict, he thrusts the bread in his claws angrily towards Trinark, glaring in another direction.

Its clear he's been paying no attention whatsoever to what the others are saying.

2006-01-29, 01:24 AM

Crossing her arms across her chest, she looks at Tychus, annoyed. "Please, do not waste words on appreciation for my efforts in your rescue. Sucking up does not, in fact, suit you. I am, however, slightly please to make your humble aquaintance, seeing as I have no choice in the matter." Looking to Ginevra, Si'rene's hard eyes seem to soften. She turns back to Tychus. "Far be it for me to interfere in your burden of rescue reimbursement." One hand reaches up to rub her forehead in thought as she turns her attention to Ginevra. "However, if you are hell bound on rescuing said animal, I suppose I could be inclined to assist."
Si'rene gently takes Ginevra's arm and guides her a few steps away from Tychus. "Let it be known that I have no loyalty to this creature, much less sympathy, and I am not keen on wasting arrows on him either," she whispers. "Tiriel and I came to rescue you. No one else." She pauses, turning to look Ginevra eye to eye. "So if you want to embark on such an obtuse quest, you know that I will help. Though do not expect me to enjoy, or take pride, in it."

2006-01-29, 10:18 AM
Ginevra, Looking Like a Wet Cat

"Maybe I won't do it, if you're going to complain the whole way. You'll set us up to be noticed." Ginevra smiles. "However, I thank you for your consideration. I'd like to remind you that we all stand a much better chance of survival in one large group than many smaller groups. We need to stay together, and we all need to trust each other. And even having one person constantly complain can make it lot worse for everyone. I know you hate the whole idea, but please, keepit to yourself." She moves away from S'irene and looks over at the drow holding the longsword.

It could be a problem, getting him to trust us. Actually, it'll probably be more of a problem getting everyone else to trust him. Well, we have to start somewhere.

Moving towards the drow, she says in Undercommon, "What is your name? Please, take some bread." She reaches down, and, taking the bread from Yix on the floor, lifts it up and offers it to the drow.

2006-01-29, 10:29 AM

As the Harper gathers his posessions, he appears to be thinking his way through the situation intently. Once things are in order, he rises and turns to the fellow former captives and addresses them rather somberly

"Greetings, companions. As Tychus here has made clear, it's only right to attempt to free the creatures. They are intelligent humanoids and well, frankly I'm embarassed at myself for this whole fiasco. Gods know that lizard man showed me how a warrior should act without his arms...
In any case, I know none of you and so I have little say in the matter, but for myself... I'm following our eloquent friend here and hoping for a smile from the Lady on the gold coin.

with this last bit, he nods toward the bard affirmingly. After a moment's pause, he perks up a little and gives a sly smile toward Ginevra,

Oh, and worry not about following their tracks... I'll be upon them before you've got your bodice strapped up.

he winks at the warrior woman and turns, inspecting the ground, walls, and even sniffing the air in the direction that the caravan exited the cave.

survival: 10 + 8 = 18

[ooc: well, he may not be able to back up his claim here. still, he'll take as much time as needed to get somewhere. hopefully the fact that there were a lot of them, and they carried unwilling hostages, will help...]

2006-01-29, 01:50 PM

Yix, shocked and quite offended that someone else would even dare to take his offering to the Drow, nevermind take credit for it, demands from Ginevra, Ungrateful lout! How dare you steal food from a dragon!, puffing out his chest as he telepathically spoke in an attempt to look larger and more forbidding, his nose high in the air in disgust at the she-human's actions.

2006-01-29, 02:56 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

As the elf checked the condition of his short bow and his quiver of arrows, he considered the skills and experiences that he'd accumulated over the previous few years. Testing the draw on his bow felt so natural, though his actual martial training had been minimal in his home village. In fact, he might have had no training at all had it not been for his lovely Arialthina who herself had been an avid sword fighter and archer. It was more than a little alarming to think about how many times over he'd be dead, had it not been for that minimal training.

But eventually, after enough encounters, even a wizard's skill at martial combat improves. He was sure that in a fight, were he to run out of spells, he could adequately defend himself against the average orc soldier.

Still, though examining his weaponry was now a mostly reflexive activity and the motions and sensations were familiar and even comforting, there was also a feeling of alienness to it. He wondered if he should make a point of enhancing those skills at some point, though it might slow the pace of his spell research.

Satisfied that his belongings were just as servicable as when he was captured by that lout Rafaros, Thallios set them by his side and arranged his bedroll into a meditation mat. Since the others didn't appear to be actually leaving the cave, he decided that a little meditation wouldn't hurt. And if the others decided to rest, he'd already have a head start. He didn't need as much rest as a human, so even if they decided on a brief rest, he might be able to prepare more suitable spells.

2006-01-29, 10:40 PM

Ginevra glares at Andrea, then, not looking at Yix, says to the drow, You give thanks to our dragon friend Yix, here, for the bread. I hadn't noticed any remained. I wish you good luck. Ginevra stumbles somewhat over the Undercommon words. She then sits down, looks right at Yix, and thinks, Without you and your help, it is very likely that none of us would be free or even uninjured, you included. I am trying to help all of us, not just me, and not just him. She forms a mental picture of the drow. I am sorry that I offended; I uneducated in the ways of dragons. Your race has inhabited Faerun long before mine, and your culture and ways of living are much different from mine. I recognise our differences, and I am eager to learn more of your ways, if you choose to reveal them. I realise my limited understanding of your kind, and I again deeply apologise for any insult I may have given you.

2006-01-30, 12:13 AM
Ginevra, Tiriel, and Si'rene debate their next course of action briefly but heatedly. It is obvious to the others that the three women know each other well enough to push each other's buttons as only friends or family can ...

The three women were part of a caravan that was planning to cross the Glimmersea to get from Velprintalar to Telflamm, but before it could do so, it was ambushed by slavers. Most of the members of the caravan were scattered, killed or captured. Ginevra, being judged valuable, was passed on to the drow unit heading back to Undrek'Thoz. Thus, she joined the other "special" slaves that were being transported back to the Segmented City.

Obviously, Tiriel and Si'rene escaped capture and managed to free their compatriot (inadvertently freeing almost all of the other prisoners as well), and they can lead the party back toward where Ginevra was captured. But even if they did backtrack, it might not actually be helpful, since they would still face the problem of being lost in the Underdark.

It might be possible to follow the drow, though the stony terrain won't make it easy to do so. Presumably, the dark elves will be navigating a relatively safe path through the Realms Below. Whether it would be better to just trail the drow, awaiting an opportunity to break for the surface, or whether the party should risk their lives for that of a gnoll and a lizardman might be a debate that will have to be settled "on the road."

Everyone is tired and perhaps a little cranky. It is agreed that it would be wise to take a brief rest before moving forward.

The cavern has a single entrance, which theoretically should make it easy to defend, but as Tiriel and Si'rene proved, it is possible to defeat almost any watch or sentry if you are determined enough, so no one is eager to let their guard down completely.

To avoid attracting too much attention, Ginevra douses the everburning torch while members of your motley group take turns catching some sleep. Some whispered conversations take place in the darkness.

"I am Trinark of House Tel'von." The drow with the scarred face introduces himself quietly in Undercommon.

"Thank you for the bread, but I am afraid that I seem to have little appetite ...

"To make a long story short, the lizardman druid was part of a group of adventurers who rescued me from a pair of driders. We journeyed together, facing many obstacles and horrors, only to find a mind flayer awaiting us on the shores of the Sea of Starry Night.

"Only the lizardman and myself refused to bargain with that unholy aberration. We wandered by ourselves for several days before being ambushed by those soldiers. The rest of our story you know.

"So you see, we are bonded by circumstance, by a shared morality, and by blood that we have spilled together ... I really have no choice in the matter."

He raises his sword into the darkness.

"I swear, druid, in front of these witnesses that I will free you as you freed me once and as these strangers have freed me now. I will do this, or I will die in the attempt."

He lowers his sword and falls silent, lost in his own thoughts ...

2006-01-30, 01:27 AM

Si'rene walks off by her self, obviously upset about the whole situation. It is understood that she will go along with what ever plans are made, whether she throughly wants to or not. She is, however, irritable and needs a break.
She takes a seat on the floor of the cave with her back against the wall, facing the entirity of the cave and all its present inhabitants. She takes a paper and tloose tobacco out of her bag and proceeds to roll a cigarette.
She is particularly fond of this tobacco. She happened upon it in a Market Place from a dwarven merchant. It comforted her during stressful periods, though she had been rationing it for some time now.
She finishes rolling the cigarettes and places it between her lips. Taking out a match, she strikes it on the cave floor, hiding the light with her hands. She inhales slowly and exhales with a slight sigh of relief.
She props her elbow on her knee and runs her fingers through her short, silvery hair and ponders the upcoming quest with slight contempt. More stress than I need right now. But if it has to be done, it has to be done.

2006-01-30, 12:30 PM
Not liking how her two friends have handled the situation, Tiriel decides that, yes, this is a time to be serious.

She walks through the darkness to where the drow lays and wispers, "I don't know if you can understand me but if you do, then please answer; it will speed our departure.
"The question of the hour is this: can you guide us out of the Underdark? If you can, then everyone will be more willing to help you find and rescue your lizard friend."

OOC: this is in common.

2006-01-30, 10:37 PM
Trinark looks blankly at Tiriel, but when Ginevra translates, he shakes his head sadly.

"Perhaps if we get closer to Undrek'Thoz, I will recognize some landmarks. I am not sure how long I was unconscious, but I assume that we are not more than a few days from the Glimmersea. More than that I can not say without a chance to get my bearings ..."

He stands suddenly.

"The longer we wait, the farther away the soldiers will be. Shall we be off?"

OOC: Marching order?

2006-01-31, 12:18 AM

The bard's mouth quirked slightly at being referred to as a "suck-up", but he refrained from response. The woman seems...abrasive, self-interested. But it is, of course, naive to assume that every potential alliy might share his views and his temperament. This Andrea, however -- he is both a bard and a follower of the Smiling Lady. The two of them might well establish some common ground. And both Thallios and Ginevra showed both initiative and good sense in attempting to escape the bonds of the drow; if he is going to trust anyone, he would likely do well to trust them.

With a bow, he had withdrawn from the group and made his rest some distance away, regaining the fulness of his spellcasting abilities.

As the group gathers later and begins to move towards the mouth of the cavern, Tychus makes his way towards Thallios and falls in step with the elven wizard.

"Hail and well-met once more, friend," he murmurs in lightly-accented Elven, stretching and making certain his sword is loose in its scabbard. He nods in Si'rene's direction subtly. "What do you make of that one? Her friends seem willing enough to go along on our little quest, but I cannot shake the feeling that she is...unreliable." He snorts and shakes his head. "Likely it is simple prejudice, on my part. I do not take kind in particular to the rude. Have you all your spells prepared then, my friend?"

2006-01-31, 03:01 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf closed his eyes and pressed his palms against his knees. It was a part of his own personal ritual and a way to bring his study to a close. He then shut the cover of his spellbook and fastened the strap that secured it.

As he assembled his belongings again, folding the bedroll and checking the vials of potion and scrolls that he wanted to keep within reach as they travelled, he thought about his role in this little make-shift party they'd assembled.

From his observations, it was clear that the human men were both bards and at least one of them was also learned in combat. The elf woman, with the tendency toward foul-temperedness, appeared to be a spell caster of some kind. As far as he knew, the four of them were the only ones with spellcasting abilities.

Thallios began to consider the most effective way to support his comrades when they came upon the drow party.

When he walked toward the cavern's exit, Tychus came up alongside and greeted him. It didn't strike him as at all odd that the human was speaking elven... didn't everyone?

"Greetings Tychus Helder," Thallios replied. Responding to the bard's question about Si'rene, he said "She's a curious one. I do think she nearly laughed at me earlier. But despite her bluster, the fact that she came to the aid of her friend speaks volumes. And besides, Ginevra seems a dependable sort."

"Ah, yes, I prepared my spells. I'm about as prepared as I can be, though I fear my collection of arcana may not be suited for the underdark. I have a few buffs to dispense, and I'm trying to decide to whom they should be applied, and when..." Thallios shook his head, as if to say, 'enough, I can't decide so I will wait.'

He looked around at the assembly as they formed up in order. "So how did a devotee of the Smiling Lady end up in these glorious halls?"

OOC: the above assumes we did indeed get our needed rest. Thallios will form up beside Tychus, preferably near the center of the group where a mage belongs. ;-)

2006-01-31, 06:04 PM

Ginevra awakens, yawns widely, and listens in on Thallios' conversation, though only understanding a few scattered words. She quickly and efficiently packs her belongings and checks the locations of her blades, her crossbow, and the few potions she has. Then she ambles up to the forming group of mismatched would-be rescuers and takes a position at the back, where she could watch everyone and make sure the group wouldn't be ambushed from behind. She could also slip off into the shadows if need be.

(OOC: Back*stabbity*! ;))

2006-01-31, 06:59 PM

Si'rene silently watches everyone wake up and move to gather their things. No one noticed that she did not even close one eye for more than a second. Some say its a weakness, her random lack of sleep, while others are fully aware of how valuable it is.
She slowly stands and throws her bow over her shoulder. She stands, waiting for the others to move in a specific direction. She, of course, will bring up the rear.

2006-01-31, 10:47 PM

Yix growls approvingly at the she-human's haste in apologizing for her rudeness, giving respect where it was due. With the help of this little boost to his ego, he crawls back to his open cage, the safest place for him to sleep that immediately comes to mind. He paces in a circle for a few moments before settling down, making sure to keep his eyes open so as to not fall asleep for fear of traitors within the ranks of these so far unproven allies.

The tiny dragon's eyes had just begun to waver as the Drow suddenly arose. With a start, his head perked up, eyeing the dark elf suspiciously. As the others begin to stand and apprently prepare to move out, Yix slowly and meticulously emerged from his cage and, after looking around carefully for any enemies that might be hiding (you never know), flew to Ginevra's shoulder, still keeping a close eye on the other former captives in case one of them tried to pull something.

2006-01-31, 10:56 PM
Trinark volunteers to take the point, having the ability to see comfortably in the dark.

Tiriel walks close behind, holding Ginevra's everburning torch in one hand.

Andrea and Tychus follow, keeping a close watch to either side, occasionally exchanging ditties or short fragments of song. Thallios walks behind them, both for protection and companionship.

Hanging back to the rear are Ginevra and Si'rene. The elf keeps an arrow nocked at all time, frequently peering behind the party with her keen eyes to ensure that no one sneaks up from behind.

The little dragon (who had been waiting impatiently for the humanoids to rest and gear up) eagerly shoots off into the darkness, scouting ahead. It periodically flies back to the party, resting on Ginevra's shoulder briefly before dashing off again.

The drow caravan is not hard to follow at first. They obviously know where they are going and seem to be in somewhat of a hurry to get there. Occasionally, the trail takes unexpected detours down narrow, irregular tunnels or an unexpectedly circuitous route through what appears to be an open, uninhabited cavern. Presumably, the drow are avoiding known hazards or dangerous denizens.

After several hours of marching, everyone is tired and ready for a break. The dragon flies on ahead to seek out a good spot to rest. After a few minutes, it returns. It seems agitated.

Douse the light! There is someone hiding around the next bend ...

2006-01-31, 11:05 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

In Undercommon, "I can't guarantee that I can easily find my way to the surface. I spent a long time as an outcast and slave. When you are wondering if tomorrow may be your last day...you don't tend to notice where you're going. As I promised my Druid companion, I will aid you as best as I can. You have my word on that."

Trinark accepts any food or water offered to him. Lacking many possessions other than his Longsword, he begins walking toward the cave exit.

2006-02-01, 09:00 AM

Ginevra slips into the shadows at the sides of the passage, listening intently for any new or abnormal sounds, different from those made by her traveling companions, and if possible, to pinpoint the location of any possible attackers. She whispers a few words, and the everburning torch goes out.

2006-02-01, 10:22 AM

Notices Ginevra scurry into a shadow, and she prepares for the torch to go out. She takes slow, noiseless steps into another shadow that completely hides her entire body. She silently kneels down on one knee.
Si'rene pulls her bow up and looks through the scope in the direction that they were heading. Tricky little....she curses Trinarck mentally. That weasel led us into a trap!
She wishes it were lighter so she could give Ginevra that "I told you so" look. But instead, she waits.

2006-02-01, 12:23 PM

As the light goes out, the Harper taps Tychus to indicate that they split up. He slips out of line toward the wall of the passage as quietly as possible, notching his bow and listening for whatever approaches.

2006-02-01, 03:20 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

When the light is hooded, Trinark takes three steps forward and moves against the wall to the right. He doesn't take great pains to conceal himself, he simply looks like he is waiting.

[OOC: Ready action for Full Defense if he is attacked.]

2006-02-01, 03:48 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf's eyes open wide when he realizes that he just heard the telepathic warning from the little dragon. So it DOES talk!

By the time he realized that there was danger, his travelling companions had nearly all vanished into the shadows. (OOC: if there are sources of light to cast shadows)

Thallios retreated from the center of the passage, into any shadows he might find and behind the cover of stalagmites or other terrain.

Everyone had gone silent, so it was no time for a spell or a scroll...

Pressing his back against the stone he used as cover, he faced the opposite direction, hoping to spot any kind of flanking forces sneaking up behind. He quietly withdrew an arrow from his quiver and slipped it into place, putting a few pounds of pressure on the longbow.

2006-02-01, 07:23 PM

Tychus, too, is startled at the telepathic warning the little dragon had given them. Handy, that is...might've come in useful earlier. What an interesting creature, he ruminates, nodding as Andrea taps him on the shoulder and pressing himself to the wall on the opposite side of the passage.

Not for the first time during his sojourn through the Underdark, Tychus wishes for the ability to see through the darkness, such as the dwarves and drow were reputed to possess. Hand on the hilt of his sword, he breathes lightly and easily, knowing how little the wall would likely conceal him from something that could likewise see in the dark, as most of the creatures of the Underdark seemed able to. Still -- he waited.

2006-02-02, 11:50 PM
The darkness is total and impenetrable, even for those of you with low-light vision.

Everyone freezes and tries to remain as silent as possible. Each of you strains your ears for any hint as to who or what might lie ahead.

A faint wheezing reaches your ears. Whoever or whatever is hiding around the next bend isn't trying very hard to keep quiet.

The breathing is labored and ragged. Occasionally the creature coughs wetly.

OOC: PM's will be sent to those of you with darkvision ...

2006-02-03, 02:13 AM
Will hand Thallios the dead torch and draw her longsword as quitely as she can.

OOC: who "heard" Yix? And those who did, are you going to tell the rest what's goin' down?

2006-02-03, 03:01 AM
OOC: Yix communicates telepathically in Common. Anyone who can understand Common "heard" its warning.

2006-02-03, 04:45 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Straining to hear more than the quiet wheezing noise, Thallios began to imagine someone was right in front of him. Then something brushed against his arm!

It was a hand, holding something. He felt a piece of wood being pressed into his hand, and recognized the feel of a torch. He realized that it must be the everburning torch that Tiriel had been carrying.

In the darkness, Thallios ran his other hand up the torch's length until he came to the top of the torch and felt the cap that had been fashioned to cover and block the illusory flame. He familiarized himself with the cover so he would know how to remove it in an instant when necessary.

He wondered what the plan was. After the torch was capped, he sensed that those around him had melted into the walls and he tried to do the same. But without his sight, he didn't really know who was doing what. He supposed that somebody must be able to see in total darkness, but didn't know who.

So, he prepared to unleash light from the torch at some ill-defined point when it seemed to make sense.

Well, why not?

OOC: what? there's a deactivation word for the everburning torch? I assumed it was covered. shoot... I'll edit this post again once I know if Thallios knows the activation word... DR? Knowledge: Arcana +13.

2006-02-03, 09:08 AM

Ginevra slowly draws her shortsword, making as little noise as she can. She holds it down, by her right side. Almost cautiously, she forms words in her mind. Yix...? Can you tell what it is making the noise? As far as I know, you're the only one that can see in the dark...

2006-02-04, 03:54 PM
Thallios holds the stick and fumbles for its cover, only to find that there is no cover. Ginevra's everburning torch is apparently activated and deactivated using verbal commands, but Thallios does not them.


Suddenly the hoarse breathing stops. Whoever is up ahead has become aware of your presence and is trying to be as quiet as possible.

In the ominous silence, there is a faint hissing as party members quietly draw their weapons.

One of you moves forward quietly. This is sensed almost more by the feeling of moving air than by any sound. You presume that it would be Trinark, the drow, moving about freely in the total darkness.

Yix from somewhere up ahead sends back another telepathic message:

Someone is lying down on the ground up ahead. I think ... I think it looks like a grimlock perhaps?

2006-02-04, 05:41 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark moves up to the prone Grimlock, and performs a "Coup de Grace" action (if possible) by thrusting his longsword through its throat.

[OOC: I hope this will minimize the noise from the dying Grimlock. I will wait for DRs next message before posting more.]

2006-02-04, 07:14 PM

Keeps her position, not making a sound. She keeps her breathing slow and steady and her bow notched.

2006-02-04, 08:23 PM

Yix flies, hugging the opposite wall carefully and being as quiet and discreet as he can, trying to get a better view of his opponent. He swears to himself as the Drow stupidly plunges headfirst into battle, knowing nothing of his opponent but his whereabouts, and stops, poised to strike if need be.

2006-02-05, 01:22 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

If there were any light, Thallios would inspect the everburning torch for any evidence of how to activate it. But there wasn't. Frustrated, he set the torch down between his feet.

After the little dragon's announcement, and the sudden hiss of drawn weapons, there was silence again. Well, Thallios knew his hearing wasn't particularly attuned, so he resigned himself to being figuratively and literally in the dark.

A grimlock? Lying on the ground and breathing noisily? Perhaps he was wounded back in the cavern and has been abandoned by his brethren, the elf considered. He could tell us much! He might know where they are going, how far we are from their destination. Perhaps even where the drow party will camp next!

Thallios began to feel excited about the possibilities presented by the appearance of the grimlock.

2006-02-05, 10:00 AM

Ginevra whispers the activation words under her breath, and the torch comes on. If no one is in her way, she will bring her sword up to a ready position.

2006-02-05, 08:52 PM
Light flares up from the torch lying at Thallios' feet.

The light illuminates a gruesome scene. Trinark stands with his longsword thrust downward toward the ground, impaling a grimlock through the throat. The grimlock lies face up, with a grimace on its face, a pool of black blood slowly expanding from underneath its body.

The grimlock's body bears several cauterized wounds, likely inflicted earlier by Tiriel's flaming longsword. It would appear that this grimlock was unable to keep up with the drow caravan and was therefore abandoned here along the trail.

If it could have provided any information about the caravan - how long ago they passed this way, where they are heading, etc. - that opportunity has been lost now.

The drow shows no emotion as he pulls his longsword free of the grimlock and wipes it clean with a rag.

2006-02-06, 01:31 PM
Expelling her held breath in a hiss of frustration, Tiriel chokes on the choice words she was about to fling at the drow. Instead she looks at Ginevra and in an amussed tone says,
"How about I try taking the lead this time? That way the next time we find someone, we can try talking to them first?"

She will also suggest that someone else take the torch since it would only get in her way.

2006-02-06, 04:49 PM

"Hey, I've got nothing wrong with it," says the green-eyed woman, shrugging. "I'll try to talk to Trinark."

She walks over to the drow. "Trinark, we were just having a discussion. Tiriel would like to take the lead. She thinks that if we meet up with any other grimlocks or wounded drow, she could... force them to tell us how to get to their camp, or even Undrek'Thoz, before they die. Tiriel has quite a... convincing personality."

2006-02-06, 05:18 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

The blue-robed elf lifts the everburning torch from the stone beneath his feet. He gave it a look now that the passage was well-lit. "I will carry the torch for the nonce, if Ginevra will reveal the command words to me," he said matter-of-factly. The simple glamer intrigued him because it was an innovative design for a well-known device.

He smiled thinly at the striking woman, the best humor he could adopt under the circumstances. Then he turned his attention to the grimlock body on the floor. Poor ignorant creature. Just doing as it was told. I suppose it was destined to die one way or the other. He approached as closely as he could without stepping in the growing blood pool.

Thallios looked up at Trinark. He looked over the dark elf, attempting to appraise the man's intent. Was he deliberately sabotaging the troupe? Or were his intentions honorable?

(OOC: Thallios goes for an unskilled Sense Motive check.)

2006-02-06, 07:36 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark turns to Ginevra with a look of smoldering rage in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter to me whom leads, though I imagine she will have a harder time following the Drow Slavers. Grimlocks deserve no quarter, and I have no intention of granting any. Furthermore, I have no intention of granting an quarter to any of the Slavers should we be fortunate enough to catch up to them. I have fallen under their whips many times, and will take any means necessary to free my Druid friend from their clutches."

"I harbor no malice toward any in your group. As long as they don't come between me and the Slavers, all will be cordial."

2006-02-07, 10:41 AM
It is hard to get a read on the drow. His expression is grim, but he does not appear to be attempting to deceive the rest of you. On the other hand, drow are reputed to be masters of deception and treachery ...

As a compromise, Tiriel and Trinark will lead the party together through the darkness, with Yix flying ahead as a scout.

The others will follow some distance back with Thallios carrying the everyburning torch.

Si'rene volunteers to cover the rear of the party with her bow and low-light vision.

Trinark and Tiriel follow the slight scuff marks through stony tunnels and vast caverns. Occasionally, the trail is lost when the path crosses small underground streams, but with careful inspection, the fighter and drow are able to pick up the "scent" again.

As before, the caravan appears to be moving quickly, not bothering to remove signs of its passage.

Your party is forced to rest periodically, raising concerns that you will lose ground on the drow, but your party is travelling light, whereas the drow and grimlocks are bearing bulky packages.

Approximately two days into the pursuit, Yix flies back to the party with exciting news ...

I've spotted a couple of drow guarding the tunnel up ahead. Sentries? If so, then the rest of the drow are likely not far away ...

2006-02-08, 03:58 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios 'heard' Yix's warning in his mind. Drow sentries! Quickly, the wizard reviewed his short list of spells he could cast upon his fellows to tilt the advantage their way.

Ready in an instant to cast a spell, he waited only for the word to come back... Will we attack immediately, or bide our time and reconnoiter?

The tense moment of breathless anticipation brought a thought forward in Thallios' mind: Who will step up and lead us in this battle? He knew Tychus Helder, Ginevra and Andrea better than the others. It appeared to him that Tychus Helder was a superb, charismatic speaker who could inspire many followers. Andrea had a similar silver tongue... But, Ginevra was daring and brave enough to conceive and carry out a battle plan.

Tiriel was obviously bold in battle, too, and did step up to lead the group as they tracked the drow. The wild card was clearly Trinark, the dark elf. What would he do, and would he work with the party to accomplish their common goals? Would Tiriel rein in Trinark and insist on a planned operation?

2006-02-08, 09:11 AM

It would be best if we could attack on three sides, but I don't know who else could sneak around. Tiriel and S'irene would likely be needed at the front. I'm going to have to be the one to break out the prisoners anyways. Damn it... I wish I could see in the dark! They may still have the lantern, but I think gnolls can see in the dark, and lizardkin, so there's no reason for them to have it. That's the only problem.

Ginevra whispers, "I could sneak around to the prisoners, but I'd need some sort of distraction while unlocking their bonds. Even with my lock picks, it would take a while and I would almost certainly be noticed. It would also help if some of us as well as me could sneak around and attack from two sides. Also, if we could easily and quietly take out the sentries, I could sneak in more easily. There is still the problem, though, that we don't know if it's actually the same drow ahead, or if it's a completely independant group." She also translates this into Undercommon for Trinark's benefit.

2006-02-08, 09:45 PM

Yix, never one to pass up a moment to self-promote, replies to the she-human's concerns proudly with a puffed-out chest, Now, I don't like to brag, but... he begins, his practiced demeanor suggesting that boasting was something he did quite often and rather enjoyed, continued, It would probably be much wiser to trust me with such sneaking, as I most certainly would be able to sneak into the camp better than any human could. Those puny guards are no match for me and my mighty sting, fear not. Freeing the prisoners won't be a problem; not with me on the job, anyhow..., ending his boast while picking his nails, as if sneaking into Drow camps, subduing guards and freeing their prisoners were an everyday occurence for him.

2006-02-09, 09:19 AM
Drow Trinark, Cleric

"I do not recommend that you underestimate the guards, whether they are with the slavers or not. Drow are known for traps and deception. They could be expecting an attack, or they could have moniored us following them. Is is possible they have set up an ambush, expecting us to attempt a rescue."

Trinark waits patiently, occasionally glancing over his shoulder.

2006-02-09, 01:39 PM
Tiriel smilies at the thought of Yix trying to take on the camp. While she does admit that his size will allow for sneaky movement, she doubts he would be able to subdue the two dozen grimlocks and the drow alone.

Yix, is there a place where I could look at the drow without being seen? Tiriel asks, if not, do you recognize them or their armor...?

2006-02-09, 05:32 PM

Our dark -- companion... is right. The drow camp will surely detect any pincer attack far in advance. Their senses, especialy their dark sight, are fine enough to spot us with or without our torches.

As for the two guards, I say we go for a two-part attack. I will lead a small direct strike while the rest stay well behind, ready to move in if we're ambushed.[color=Blue]

2006-02-09, 05:40 PM

Ginevra translates Trinark's words to the rest of the group. "I still think that at least me and Yix should sneak in. I'm probably the only person that could free the lizardman and the gnoll, and certainly the one that could do it fastest. And Yix, as he said, could take out many of the drow.

However, I think we should refrain from knocking out the sentries, we would want to draw the encampment's attention away from our activities, and the best way to do that would be for the sentries to call for aid." Again, she translates this into Undercommon.

2006-02-09, 08:02 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

"I can make two persons invisible, which may help greatly. But remember back in the cavern? The commander used an alarm ward to babysit us. Surely there will be at least one ward between us and the prisoners," he warned.

2006-02-10, 01:00 AM
The tunnel is 20 feet wide at this point, zigzagging irregularly. It is the zigzags that have prevented the sentries from being aware of your approach.

Yix explains telepathically that the two drow sentries have chosen a vantage point that allows them a clear view of about 60 feet of relatively straight passageway. It would be difficult to get close enough to observe them without their being able to see you.

There are rock formations scattered about the passage that make it impossible to charge the drow outpost. Futhermore, the two drow have positioned themselves so that the rocks provide partial cover.

Yix has been able to peek at them around a stalagmite without being detected, but the tiny dragon was unable to determine exactly what unit the drow are from. It seems likely, however, that they are indeed the drow you have been trailing.

Ginevra proposes that she and Yix sneak by the sentries to locate the main group of drow and grimlocks. Once this has been accomplished, the others can mount an attack against the sentries, who will presumably raise an alarm, which will hopefully draw attention away from the gnoll and lizardman prisoners. Invisibility would obviously help.

Thallios wisely warns about the possibility of an alarm ward surrounding the prisoners. There is also the question of how the main party will know when it is the right time to spring the attack against the sentries ...

As you "listen" to Yix's description of the situation, some of you wonder if there is any way that the two drow can be ambushed and subdued or killed before they can raise an alarm - a simpler but possibly riskier strategy.

2006-02-11, 03:03 PM

Thallios worried that they were under pressure to act immediately, which could result in mistakes due to poor planning. But, there was no telling how soon the drow party would move out again. And once they were on the move, it would be challenging to pace them in their own territory without being discovered.

No, he concluded, it must be now.

"Consider this plan: I will cast an illusion to make Ginevra and one of the others invisible. You will sneak up to the drow sentries, then distract them with noises or something. Yix will take the opportunity to blindside them with his poisoned stinger. Then, the three of you can infiltrate the camp. If the opportunity is right, you make your move." He looked around to gauge the reactions of his new companions.

"The rest of us must be ready to act instantly if you need us. But with any luck, you'll be able to slip in and do your work undetected. We need to time things so that once you're in place we can draw their attention away, perhaps by simulating an attack on the (now-dead) sentries. We will kill whoever emerges from the camp, creating an even bigger diversion."

He knew the plan was somewhat flawed, but the group seemed to be suffering from indecisiveness. Perhaps his proposal would simply serve to inspire better ideas from the others.

"We need to determine who's most qualified to join Ginevra in the camp, who would not detract too much from our ability to slay the drow who respond to our distractions. Also, does anyone have a silence spell or some other way to help disguise our invisible friends? Better still, a method of communication?"

2006-02-12, 01:58 PM

She rolls her eyes and chuckles slightly at Thallios' mention of "who is most qualified."

2006-02-12, 08:35 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Trinark listens to the discussion of tactics passively. Then decides to speak up.

"May I also suggest we have a plan if folks are detected before the sentries are taken out. Trained Drow soldiers can be very effective. Also, I believe we Drow can see further in the dark than you realize. I can demonstrate if you like."

2006-02-13, 12:10 AM
You huddle together, whispering in the darkness as you jointly formulate a plan. The everburning torch is kept partially covered so that the sentries don't spot any illumination from your position.

It has been at least a day or two since the pursuit began, and everyone seems to have fully recovered from any wounds that had been inflicted from the drow crossbow bolts. Some of you are impatient, wanting to act right away, while others recommend caution ...

A plan begins to take shape:

Ginevra and Yix are assigned to take out the sentries. Between Ginevra's backstabbing skills and Yix's poison, it is hoped that the sentries can be taken down quickly and quietly.

Si'rene stands, and her haughty glare makes it clear that she will accompany Ginevra into the drow encampment, which is presumably nearby, once the sentries are eliminated.

Andrea, Tiriel, Thallios, and Yix willl remain behind while the two women infiltrate the camp. At some point, the main party will create a diversion, hopefully drawing the drow away from the gnoll and lizardman prisoners, allowing Ginevra and Si'rene to free them.

And then ... well, only Tymora knows.

OOC: If there are any other ideas or reservations, now is the time to voice them. Thallios has to choose who to make invisible, and any buffs that will be applied need to be specified ...

2006-02-13, 01:13 PM

Tiriel frowns slightly as the "plan" takes shape. She realizes the practicality of her two friends sneaking into the camp w/o her, but she'd rather not be alone with a group of strangers. It's not that she doesn't trust the group's intentions, she'd just rather know them and their abilities first.

Nor does she believe that a cleric is more adept at "sneaking" than she is...None the less, she prepares herself for the upcoming conflict. She mentions that she can caste daylight again if needed.

2006-02-13, 06:17 PM

Ginevra acts as translator for Trinark, describing the plan to him. She motions S'irene and Tiriel over to the other side of the passageway, making sure that the rest of the group covers the torch. A whispered conference passes between the three women, with all three finally straightening up and returning to the group.

It's a good plan. Tiriel's not going to like it, but it'll probably work. She just doesn't want to be left out of the fun.

Ginevra smiles, and fiddles around with her theive's kit, moving some of the lock picks into her belt pouch, where they will be more easily accesible, wrappping them in a piece of cloth from her kit so they won't make noise as she moves.

2006-02-17, 12:18 AM
Thallios sprinkles silver dust in a circle around Ginevra and Si'rene. The two women kneel while Thallios murmurs, waves his hands, then places a dab of gum arabic on each of their foreheads. The two women vanish from sight.

"Good hunting," whispers Andrea as Ginevra and Si'rene stalk off invisibly into the darkness ...

Almost immediately, the two women run into difficulty. Since neither can see each other, they find themselves either bumping into each other or losing track of where the other is. Out of necessity, the two of them are forced to hold hands.

The second problem becomes apparent as soon as they follow the tunnel around the next bend. Neither of the women can see in the dark! Yix hovers in the air ahead of them, trying to coax them forward with telepathic directions, but neither Si'rene nor Ginevra are able to sneak very effectively without being able to see the ground beneath their feet. Both of them keep stumbling over rocks noisily.

All three soon realize that even if they were to make it to the drow sentries without alerting them (unlikely), they wouldn't even be able to see the drow in order to attack them!

Frustrated, the "strike team" backtracks to the main party. A quick whispered conference ensues ...

OOC: The plan will need some minor modifications. Any ideas?

2006-02-20, 02:56 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios selected a stone, a palm-sized one with reflective specks in it, and held it in his left hand. With his right, he drew from his spell component pouch a bit of pinkish moss, which glowed faintly, illuminating the flap of the pouch as it came out. He smashed the moss onto the rock and softly spoke a few arcane power words. The stone began to radiate light, faintly at first, but soon it was lit as brightly as a small lamp.

He held the glowing stone out, and said "Si'rene, you can levitate this somehow? Use it to light up your way and reveal the location of the sentries? I'll follow, as far back as I can, and when I spot them, I'm going to place a fireball right between them."

The elf looked at the others, the ones who were visible. "Somebody should come with me, somebody who can take out any survivor at range. The rest of you should get into position to kill anybody who comes to retaliate."

2006-02-20, 06:41 PM
Trinark, Drow Companion

It seems like I am going to have to be the sacrifice again. I sure hope Ellistrae is watching.

"Perhaps we could try another route, instead of waking up half of the Underdark with explosives? Here is my alternate suggestion. I will serve as the bait. I will move forward with a light, then appear to collapse in the passage way. The sneaky folks who are already invisible can be ready to attack the guards when they approach to investigate. And since I will have the light, they will be able to see and operate normally."

Trinark looks down at his clothing, or lack thereof.

"See...I already look like something a Hobgoblin dragged in."

2006-02-20, 07:13 PM
Thallios, elf wizard

Thallios nodded, "If you think the sentries will take the bait and not raise an alarm, then great. But, the ladies need to stay invisible to free the lizardman." He looked over at Yix, the tiny dragon. "Yix, if Trinark can distract the sentries, can you take them out quickly?"

"We need to decide now. In the interest of time, I'm for a fast elimination of the sentries. However, Trinark suggests a more subtle approach using him as bait. Ginevra, Si'rene, I think you should decide. You only have about 5 minutes left..."

2006-02-20, 11:29 PM
Trinark volunteers to act as bait, and Yix agrees to back up the drow.

Tiriel seems almost amused by the party's lack of disorganization, but she places a hand on the hilt of her longsword and nods that she is ready, whatever the plan is.

Andrea frowns, uncharacteristically silent, but he agrees to go along with whatever the rest of the party wants. Tychus, also, has no objections.

Ginevra and Si'rene remain silent at first, and you can imagine them both shrugging with indifference. One of them finally whispers, "Whatever. Let's just do this."

Trinark takes the softly glowing rock from Thallios, musses up his hair, and does his best to look even more disheveled than he currently is. Meanwhile the other members of the party prepare themselves using a variety of protective spells.

Trinark looks around to make sure everyone is ready, then takes a deep breath and stumbles around the corner, holding the glowing light as if it is some kind of cursed item. He staggers down the passageway, dragging his sword behind him as if he lacks the strength to lift it. About halfway to the sentries, he collapses onto the ground, letting the light-imbued stone tumble out of his hand.

Ginevra and Si'rene, who remain invisible for now, observe the sentries' reactions. The two drow soldiers crouch down behind some protruding rocks, peering suspiciously at Trinark's inert body, which lies some 30 feet from them.

Instead of approaching, however, one of the soldiers raises a light crossbow and aims it at Trinark. The other soldier stands and looks like he is about to head back for reinforcements.

"They're not buying it!" hisses Ginevra.

Dammit! thinks Thallios.

The elf quickly steps around the corner. His eyes are keen enough to be able to spot the drow sentries at the edge of the illumination from the rock.

With a cry and a pointed finger, he sends a small glowing dot streaking towards the sentries. Before they can react, it detonates with a tremendous BOOM!

A blast of heat buffets Trinark as he lies huddled on the ground. He raises his head then scrambles forward. Reaching the large rocks, he sees that the sentries didn't have a chance - both appear to have been killed instantly.

Trinark hears footsteps approach from behind him. He whirls only to see no one but Thallios far down the passageway.

Ginevra and Si'rene laugh as they sweep by him, their passage marked only by the sound of their footfalls and by subtle disturbances in the smoke filled air ...

Trinark takes up a defensive position behind the rocks and is quickly joined by Andrea, Tychus, Tiriel, and Thallios who scoops up the glowing rock as he approaches. Yix flies a short distance forward, and hides in a rock crevice in the ceiling that offers an excellent view of any approaching drow. Put out that light!

OOC: Thallios casts fireball. Both drow make their Reflex saves (+2 due to cover), but the fireball does 6d6 damage to each of them, and even half damage is enough to kill both of them (10 points and 11 points respectively).

Please make clear exactly what preparations are being made by the "visible" members of the party. Also please indicate exactly who has been buffed with what.

2006-02-21, 01:30 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

Frelling drow! swore the elf to himself. Can't count on them to be sloppy or careless.

He scooped up the glowing stone and quickly glanced ahead in the direction Ginevra and Si'rene were headed. The party still had the everburning torch, in case they need light, so Thallios hurled the stone as far down the passage as possible to give the ladies light as they navigate the last portion of their trip to the drow encampment. That should take care of it, little dragon! he sent his thoughts to the dragon.

Turning back, he moved quickly past the first-line defenders, and took up a position behind some rocks where there was some cover. He made sure he could benefit from partial cover while casting combat spells as needed.

Once in position, Thallios set the everburning torch within reach, ready to activate it when needed. He then checked his longbow and arrows, to make sure they were ready for use and would not get hung up in his robes. Once he ran out of spells, he would need the weapon...

Ginevra & Si'rene - protection from evil
Thallios - Mage Armor
Andrea - Bear's Endurance
Tychus - Bear's Endurance
Don't forget about the OOC thread, people!)

2006-02-21, 11:32 AM

Ginevra laughs softly as she moves catlike past Thallios, Trinark, and the dead sentries, amused at Trinark's reaction, and enters the corridor beyond, looking around for hidden drow. Through no one can see her, she wrinkles her nose at the smoke and scowls.
Damn smoke. It doesn't help me at all. The drow won't have any trouble seeing in it, of course. Think, Ginevra! They had some sort of alarm last time. You won't be able to see it, you'll have to work quickly.

2006-02-21, 07:49 PM
Thallios hurls the glowing rock down the passage to help illuminate the way for his invisible compatriots.

The rock bounces once ... twice ... then disappears with a splash!

Tiriel and Si'rene are plunged into darkness once again, but there is enough faint light emanating from the stone for them to see that the tunnel slopes downward gently here and that it appears to be filled with water to a depth of about two feet from here on out.

The tunnel goes on for as far as the two women can see. There is no sound from up ahead and the water is still.

After checking the situation out, the two women backtrack and call for the other members of the party to approach with the everburning torch.

The tunnel seems to continue on in a nearly straight line for as far as Trinark and Yix can see. Yix quickly scouts ahead then returns with news that the tunnel rises up out of the water about 200' up ahead. The tunnel then opens up into an enormous cavern.

Quickly! Yix urges, The drow can not be far ahead!

2006-02-21, 10:18 PM
Trinark (a.k.a. The Bait) - Drow Cleric

[OOC: To be clear, Trinark casts Shield of Faith on himself after the "incident" with the 2 guards. Which brings his effective AC up to 13.]

Trinark whispers before they continue, "I'm no warrior, don't expect me to lead the charge!"

"We should proceed quickly before our pre-cast spells expire."

2006-02-22, 12:55 AM

The long silent Tychus speaks up.

"Indeed. But before we go running into what is most probably a trap, we at least need to come up with some kind of battle strategy. We know they are intelligent, well prepared foes, and they have the "homeground" advantage as it were, we need to find ways to take that away from them.

I suggest a couple of silence spells focused on rocks before battle can be carried in and thrown into the area where spellcasters are, at least it will give us a chance to get into melee with them.

From there, I can cast Glitterdust if need be to help with sighting difficult foes, and I can disarm anyone who runs at me with my trusty whip.

What else have we got?"

{w00t, first post here! Hiya guys, hope to be of some use!]

2006-02-22, 03:19 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

"Tychus Helder, I like your idea - after all, a silent stone makes no 'thud,'" he joked in a whisper. "But remember, the drow soldiers must have heard the explosion - at any moment the drow should come at us, and here we stand in the open!"

He worried that by coming to the water's edge in response to Ginevra's call, they may have fatally revealed their position. He looked around for cover.

[SPOT +2]

2006-02-22, 09:23 AM

Ginevra whispers, "Be careful with your glitterdust spell. If S'irene or I were caught inside the spell, it would effectively end our invisibility, which we would need to give us the advantage."
And we dearly need that.

2006-02-23, 12:10 PM
Well...it's been an exiciting day so far. Tiriel can't help but think that this resuce attempt is going far worse than the last one. She looks at the standing water and sighs, it doesn't look like there is an easy way to avoid it....
She looks at the others, "There's no way but forwards," she says before steping into the water and slogging her way up the tunnel.
(she'll focus more on making less noise than moving quickly through the water. Dragging her legs instead of highstepping maybe???)

2006-02-23, 11:31 PM
Trinark has salvaged some gear from the charred corpses of the drow sentries. He throws on a charred chain shirt and helmet. He also slips on one of their packs, tucking his longsword through its bindings over his shoulder, where it can be easily accessed. The drow armor transforms him from a scruffy derelict back into a respectable representative of a proud race ...

With Yix flying ahead, you wade cautiously forward through the waterlogged tunnel, until the grade slopes upward out of the stagnant liquid.

The everburning torch is kept dark and, because many of you lack darkvision, you form a daisy chain, keeping hold of the person in front of you until Trinark and Yix signal everyone to halt.

A faint greenish glow in front of you marks the opening to the next cavern. Apparently, something is producing some luminescence in the chamber, providing some relief from the total darkness.

Si'rene and Ginevra sneak forward toward the opening and are able to peer into the cavern. They report seeing a vast gallery filled with massive luminescent fungi. They see no signs of any drow or grimlocks ...

2006-02-25, 03:58 AM
Thallios, elf wizard

The elf pressed onward under protest. He felt that continuing to move en masse toward the anticipated drow encampment constituted an unecessary surrender of control. But it would make no sense to resist the will of the group and split off from the party.

He thought about the sentries they just took out. One of them was clearly headed in the direction they now followed. He must have been headed for other drow soldiers.

With the light from the phosphorescent fungi, Thallios was able to let go of the person ahead of him.

Then, fearing a possible illusion or other trap, he quietly cast Detect Magic.

2006-02-25, 09:56 AM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

"Someone should take a look inside. I have seen chambers that hold large quantities of fungi before. I have heard stories of things called "groves" on the surface. I think it may be similar. This could be a source of food, and why it was being guarded."

Poorly guarded, but guarded none the less.

"I can go if no one else volunteers..." Trinark whispers.

2006-02-25, 03:16 PM

"I'll come with you, Trinark," whispers Ginevra, just ahead of Thallios. "No offense, but I don't trust this place, and I don't want anyone to get hurt, except the captors of our friends. Everyone needs someone to watch their back, including you and me."

If it's a food source, then why wasn't it more heavily guarded? There's little enough food in the Underdark, to be sure...yuck. I still wouldn't want to eat that.

To everyone else, Ginevra says, "If Trinark would like me to, I'll go with him. I don't trust the Underdark, I don't want any unnecessary injuries, and I certainly don't want anyone getting separated from the group or worse, killed."

2006-02-27, 12:12 PM
Thallios scans the "forest", finding it more mundane than arcane. It does not appear to be an illusion. The giant mushrooms stand anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall, with wide trunks. Their gentle phosporescence is greenish-yellow.

Before Trinark move forward into the cavern, Si'rene puts her hand on his chest. She and Ginevra are no longer invisible, but the elf archer will accompany her friend regardless.

The rest of the party waits at the cavern entrance, keeping out of sight, while Trinark, Si'rene, and Ginevra slip inside. Ginevra keeps to the shadows. Si'rene keeps an arrow nocked and ready to fire.

The three of them spread out, but remain in visual contact. They approach the forest cautiously.

A familiar voice calls out from within the fungus forest, "Are you lost, my friends?" The words drip with sarcasm and disdain ...

2006-02-27, 03:07 PM

Tychus just shakes his head at this unexpected turn

No, we're fine, thanks for asking though. Maybe we could help you out, as I doubt you want to be where you are right now...

2006-02-27, 05:53 PM

Ginevra, from her hidden position, turns to see the owner of the unexpected voice. You had better not be who I think you are, because if you are that unlucky person, you're about to get your head handed to you on a platter.

2006-02-28, 02:22 AM
The haughty voice continues in lightly accented Common ...

"I must say shadow-walker that I am surprised to see you again. One would have imagined that you would have had the common sense to flee while you had the chance, along with your friends.

"It was quite thoughtful of your wizard to warn us of your proximity with the explosion. Usually I depend on my sentries to rouse the alarm, but the fireball did the trick quite nicely."

The hidden commander switches to Undercommon to address Trinark.

"Hail, brother. You look much more civilized in our armor. One would almost think you were ilythiiri."

The drow commander tone remains conversational, almost verbose compared to your previous encounter with her, but her voice is raised high enough to carry even to those of you still hiding in the tunnel.

It occurs to you that she might be stalling for time ...

2006-02-28, 02:54 AM
As soon as Tiriel hears the commander's voice she will rush up to join her two friends (castes protection from evil on herself).

2006-02-28, 10:43 PM
Trinark, Drow Cleric

Upon hearing the voice Trinark initially froze. He quickly glanced around him hoping his Darkvision would help reveal the enemy.

Dammit, I really hate it when I'm right.

After hearing the commander's tone, Trinark knew it was a trap. He looked for the closest cover...expecting to be flanked!

Replying in Undercommon, "Hiding in the shadows again? You must really feel threatened this time."

2006-03-01, 09:25 AM

Dammit! She's seen me! It must be the light from these accursed mushrooms.
Ginevra slowly and quietly removes the daggers from her sleeves, hiding them flat against her wrists.
She might be bluffing, though... at least she had better be.

(OOC: Sense Motive check, please. Modifier +0.)

2006-03-01, 11:59 AM
The edge of the "forest" is about 100 ft away. Trinark stands exposed, flanked by Si'rene and Tiriel.

Si'rene draws back her bow and sights along the shaft of her arrow. She scans the "trees" for any sign of the drow. Tiriel's longsword is drawn and ready, small flames dancing along its blade. Trinark, now armored and helmeted reaches over his shoulder and draws his wickedly sharp sword as well.

Although the three of you are in the open, if the drow are hiding among the giant fungi, then they are probably out of effective hand crossbow range.

On the other hand, there is 100 ft of open ground to cover to get to the fungi, making a straight-on charge a risky proposition ...

Ginevra freezes in place. The shadows along the walls of the cavern are deep. Ginevra suspects that the drow commander may very well be bluffing, hoping that Ginevra will give away her position by replying to her taunting.

Cautiously, Ginevra continues to circle the perimeter of the cavern, hoping to get a better feel for the tactical situation.

While Trinark, Si'rene, and Tiriel draw the drow's attention to the cavern's entrance, Ginevra works her way to the side. There is movement at the opposite side of the cavern from where your party entered.

Although Ginevra is over 200 ft from the activity, in the glow from the mushrooms she can see that the grimlocks are sneaking out of the cavern, carrying the large packages on their backs. The grimlocks are accompanied by a number of drow soldiers.

OOC: The cavern is a rough dome, 100 yards in diameter. The "grove" in the center of the cavern is about 100 ft in diameter. The luminescence provides low-light conditions.

Trinark, Si'rene, and Tiriel are standing at 6 o'clock. Ginevra has worked her way around to 9 o'clock. The grimlock exodus is occurring at 12 o'clock, but only Ginevra is aware of it.

The other members of the party are crouched in the tunnel entrance, unexposed.

2006-03-01, 09:29 PM
Since Ginevra has effectively dissapeared, Tiriel decides that she'd rather not continue to stand in the open. With a nod to Trinark, she turns to Si'rene she wispers, "I think we should move. Do you want to tell the others?." Tiriel will start to walk towards the nearest wall in the closest direction of the comander's voice...

2006-03-03, 12:12 PM
The drow commander remains hidden among the luminescent fungi, which are clustered in the center of this vast cavern.

There is little cover to speak of between you and the fungi. Si'rene, Trinark, and Tiriel back up until they are back at the cavern entrance. The party hurriedly converses as they try to come up with a plan of action.

Ginevra step out of the shadows and rejoins the party, informing them of what she has seen.

It would appear that the grimlocks are carrying the packages to safety while the drow commander stalls for time.

It is not clear how many drow remain hidden in the fungus forest. Maybe just one; maybe the whole platoon.

A faint rumbling can be felt more than heard in the distance ...

2006-03-03, 12:28 PM

Ah, to the nine hells with this, I'm going in.

Having become tired of waiting, Tychus moves forward from his position in the tunnel, and when he sights his foe, he starts a loud battle song, almost screaming the words, and charges the lone drow, with his whip in one hand and his longsword in the other.

Moving to battle
Awaiting the slain
Calling for vengeance
And screaming thy name

The dead will all meet thee
Their pain you will mend
But for here and for now
I give them their end!!!

[OOC: Bardic Music for a bonus to hit and damage, followed by a disarm attempt against the drow. After that, I drop the whip and take to battle with the longsword]

[+14 to disarm with the whip ( +1 for Bardic Music, +2 for charging)]
[+6 to hit with the longsword]