View Full Version : Dark Hersey: Combat Techpriest?

Wings of Peace
2010-07-14, 05:25 PM
Hey Playegrounders, it's been... a very long time since I've asked any Dark Heresy questions but I finally have a few again. My grasp of the rules is slightly better than last time but only marginally, so apologies if I make any incorrect assumptions/just get things plain wrong at times.

I've been looking over the Techpriest and really like the idea of making some manner of combat oriented version of the career. Here are the ideas I've had so far, criticism and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Among the first things that caught my eye was the Mechanicus Secutor option. Is this worth it? Being able to arm a Mechadendrite with a sword for parrying seemed potentially helpful.

Later on as wealth and resources are gathered I thought acquiring a Twin-Linked Ryza-Pattern Storm Bolter could work for being a mobile gatling gun. As I've read it this isn't required but I would for RP invest in two servo arms to help hold the gun as it would from my reading of it be four linked together bolt guns.

Finally, I've been reading through ascension and the time related psychic powers caught my eye, specifically the Warp Time power which grants an additional Full action. Is there any way to acquire it or should I leave the powers of the mind to those who don't plan to replace 3/4 of theirs with metal?

For now lets keep this between us, but we'll assume heretical materials if necessary is available for accomplishing our purposes.

If there are better ways of making a combat oriented Techpriest please do inform me, these ideas are just the ones I've come up with and wanted to bounce off of you all. All help and advice is appreciated so thankyous in advance!