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2010-07-17, 08:05 PM
I'm starting an Eberron campaign with my friends, and i need help with my character, we are a 5 character party, we have:
-Optimized cleric
-Optimized Wizard (conjurer)
-Future planar shepard(with DM's restrictions)
-Optimized glass canon melee fighter

I'm trying to build an optimized archer that takes the skill monkey's place, the scout's place, and the trap finder's place. And i want your advice.
The stats y got where:

So far i got this build:
Race: Shifter (Wildhunt trait)
STR: 13
DEX: 19
CON: 15
INT: 12 (I need the +1 to have all the skills i need/want)
WIS: 14 (I need the 14 for the ranger's spells)
CHA: 11

1 Scout - Pointblank shot
2 Scout
3 Scout - Expeditious dodge (Precice shot*)
4 Ranger (Shifter), Racial substitution level - Track (ranger)
5 Ranger - Rapid shot (ranger)
6 Ranger - Swift hunter, Endurance (ranger)
7 Ranger
8 Ranger
9 Ranger - Many shots (ranger), grater many shots
10 Ranger
11 Ranger
12 Ranger - Improved skirmish (improved precice shot*)
13 Ranger
14 Ranger - Improved precise shot (ranger)
15 Ranger - Mobility (Wildhunt elite*)
16 Ranger
17 Ranger
18 Ranger - Shot on the run
19 Ranger
20 Ranger
*I choose these feats firs them i retrain according to the level and needs. I retrain precice shot because a frient told me that thre's a magic item that provides me with the feat (is this true? what item?).

I actually want some help with the favored enemies, because i need to choose the most frecuent "critical imunne" bad guys, so i can use my skirmish on them. (Undead, constructs, elementals, plants, and i need the last one)
And i also need some tips on the magic item choice, maybe better feats, and skill tricks. I think the party starts at 3rd lvl, but is better to plan ahead.
Thank you for your time and help.:smallsmile:

(PLEASE: no faerun or Greyhawk tips, i play eberron.)

2010-07-17, 08:50 PM
Well, you want the Roleplay section, not the Homebrew section (suspect an admin will move it).

However, as long as I am reading this thread...
If all you want out of your wisdom is to be able to cast all your spells, then you don't need to put a rolled 14 into it... it simplifies matters, but it isn't necessary... even with an 11 you can probably put your 4th or 8th level ability score boost into it, and then get a +2 wisdom item a bit later than that, or vice versa (although you might want to be pumping your dex with your ability score boost and items, so that only leaves secondary item boosting)...

Short version, at the very least, you can afford to swap your strength and wisdom.