View Full Version : A Dinosaur Anthro. More importantly, these things need to be re-done.

For Valor
2010-07-19, 11:28 PM
I just made the Deinonychus...

HD: 2d8
LA: +1?

Speed: 50 ft.


1 "talons" (1d8 + StrMod)
2 "claws" (1d3+.5xStrMod)
1 "bite" (2d4+.5xStrMod)

SA: Pounce
SQ: Darkvision (60 ft.)

BAB: +2
Saves: +0 Fort, +3 Rfx and Will

Ability Bonuses:
Str +6
Dex +4
Con +8
Int +0
Wis +4
Cha +4

Skills: (2 + IntMod)x6

And this got me thinking... well, the anthropomorphic race system is screwed, right? It seriously means you get +6 Wis to make your CoDzilla without any LA...

but what would a rehash look like? I was thinking a race, plus 3-5 class levels that give you scaling benefits.

Before I start, has anything like this been done before?