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Scarey Nerd
2010-07-20, 01:12 AM
OK, here's the 'sitch (Oh... I'm never saying that again...)

Anyway, I am, within the next few hours, going to start DMing for the first time a "generic" D&D 3.5e game. I had an adventure for today's session, but I looked into what I had written and I had made it far too difficult for the party.

The party consists of (Spoilered):
Dwarf Fighter 2/Barbarian 2
Human Swashbuckler 4
Elf Bard 4
Elf Ranger (Long-range) 4
Human Ranger (Close-Range) 4
Human Fighter 1/Cleric 3 (Don't ask)

My new adventure that I am frantically writing involves a large town, where a river goes through the centre of it, on one side the town is infested with undead, and on the other the town's entire populace is crammed in, trying to keep away from the horrors of the other side.

My question is: What kind of Undead should I include? So far I have: Skeletons, shadows, vampire spawns (Daddy vampire will be along another day), and zombies. I also have Carrion Crawlers lurking in crypts etc that are feeding on the dead flesh of the slain.

I can take from any of the five 3.5e Monster Manuals. Please help! :smalleek::smalleek::smalleek:

2010-07-20, 01:21 AM
Bone and Corpse creatures are templates from BoVD that make for more interesting skeletons and zombies. Also Boneclaws are neat from MM 3 i believe.

2010-07-20, 05:20 AM
I'm running an Undead heavy game. Open up Libris Mortis, it has nice ones. Also, include the Banshee from the MM2. Of course no Undead game is good without a Lich and you already have Daddy Vampire (there is a Master Vampire PrC in LM which is mostly flavor, but there is also the Evolved Undead template which is good)

This reminds me of the Old Quarter in the City from Thief: The Dark Project. As such you must include Hammer Haunts - Zombies with 4 Fighter lelves, wielding Warhammers, with permanent Haste and Expeditios Retreat effects on them.

Lord Loss
2010-07-20, 07:19 AM
If you have libris Mortis, a Dessicator goes beautifully with this, and entombers are always fun. If not, just make some aquatic animals into xombies and call it a day. Vasthaunts are also fun (MMIII), as are rot reavers (as a challenging fight)

2010-07-20, 07:22 AM
Dwarf Fighter 2/Barbarian 2
Human Swashbuckler 4
Elf Bard 4
Elf Ranger (Long-range) 4
Human Ranger (Close-Range) 4
Human Fighter 1/Cleric 3 (Don't ask)

It's a very melee-heavy, magic-light party. Incorporeal undead are pretty much out, except maybe as a one-off challenge. At least they have a cleric. :smallsmile:

Stock undead like skeletons or zombies (of various sorts) would be the best "minion" enemies, in my opinion. Odds are good that your party has more slashing than bludgeoning weapons, and so can do more damage to zombies than skeletons.

This, of course, is a good reason to pick skeletons. :smalltongue:

Then, fill out the selection with other skeletal foes, like the aforementioned boneclaw.

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-07-20, 08:06 AM
Though not undead, you might have interest in a Sloughworm (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10946)

Think dire-maggot if it helps, and they're eating the undead... and don't appreciate you killing their supper.