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2010-07-20, 01:06 PM
The idea is that if a group of people are all listening to music they enjoy, someone who knows how can draw upon that unity of thought, that synchronicity to increase their own power as long as he can hear the musical performance his power sources are listening to. The premise is based on one of the later chapters of Pantheocide by Stuart Slade, any suggestions for giving this rules? (My idea for that is below)

If an individual with at least 5 levels in a class that can manifest psionic powers is within earshot of a coordinated musical performance by at least 3 bards with a combined perform score of(10*number of bards) and the bards have an audience of at least 10 people, the manifester gains bonus power points equal to (the total perform score of the bards/10)(fraction rounded down) +(The number of people in the audience/2)(Fractions rounded up).

If the manifester is no longer able to hear the performance, all bonus power points are lost. If a second manifester attempts to draw upon the bonus power points provided by the performance, they make opposed concentration checks to determine who will possess the bonus power points.

2010-07-20, 02:21 PM
Sounds like something setting specific... also, if they spend them and then lose them what happens? Can they spend them, the song ends, then restarts, and they can tap it for power again?

2010-07-20, 03:23 PM
Thanks, these questions help. The temporary PP are treated like temporary HP, they are lost first in the event the manifester loses PP, if the Manifester has already spent some of the bonus PP, he simply loses what he hasn't spent.

Also, I'm going to say each performance has a finite amount of energy, and the Manifester has access to that energy as long as the music is playing and he can hear it. It doesn't matter if the band starts playing a new song. For the sake of game balance, a manifester may only draw power in this way once every 24 hours.

2010-07-21, 05:43 AM
DUDE this looks a little like that stephen king book Insomniac..... and I love it:smallamused: