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2010-07-20, 10:14 PM
Was making a cleric for the first time, and realized I liked some of the more evil-centered domains for their spells and special abilities (especially since he was designed to be melee-centric, making the Smite from Destruction Domain valuable, as well as the proficiencies from War Domain), but I didn't really want to be penned in by worshipping an evil deity, and thus not getting spontaneous healing spells. So the DM allowed me to cook up my own deity to deal with this, and I figured I might share it for anyone else who wants something that seems to at least be a semi-plausible explanation for why good people would have access to nasty powers. Comments are appreciated, but keep in mind it's my first homebrew. Also, that I have no books and thus no access to the profiles of actual deities (figured out domain lists and preferred weapons from a couple of pages I found searching on Yahoo), so it may be missing some stuff.

St. Esmeralda, Patron Saint of Good Intentions

So named because in life, she was a traveler known both for the good deeds she performed, and the terrible misfortune that often followed in her wake. She might stop in a town to cure a small child of malady, and the following day half of the population was running a fever. She would help build a house in the morning, and watched a landslide bury it that afternoon. In another case she happened upon a trader caravan being attacked by bandits; she stopped to aid with her trusty flail, and helped them win the day. She then joined with them as a guard, only to find that every day, the caravan was beset by enemies, everything from deserting soldiers to a crazed band of wild frogs. She then broke away from the caravan, which promptly reached its destination without further incident.

Eventually she retired to a cave to live out the rest of her days, deciding the last beneficial act she could perform was to no longer subject innocent bystanders to her strange curse.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Destruction, Healing, Strength, Travel, War
Favored Weapon: Light/heavy flail

Kuma Kode
2010-07-20, 10:19 PM
That's actually pretty nifty.

2010-07-20, 10:37 PM
Thanks! Feel free to use it. It's basically a mirror version of the Hextor deity mechanics-wise (which is why I did the light and heavy flails as weapons, otherwise it'd just be light, heavy flails are largely pointless).