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2010-07-21, 06:31 PM
So i'm co-Dming with a freind in are next major campaign, we have been having trouble figuring out what to do with the focus of the campaign is.

Wall of Text!

The initial idea was that an invasion of Oni from a diffrent plane would happen led by the Fire Oni who was looking for the Earth Oni (His lost love) who had been locked away by Humans under the influence of the Arch-devil (Who incidentally has a lesser Oni trying to backstab the Fire one). (Because of this there is no tectonic activity what so ever in the world). That was the basic idea the problem was it is very hard to justify Oni even existing in the world. (It's very Anglo-saxon like, the main human empire for example worhips the lady of the lake.) The basic idea i.e. the main Oni concept is workible if we say they are incredibly rare almost godlike people that control the elements or something. But the big thing then is for the latter parts of the invasion what should the basic mooks be?

Some Backstory

Avonian Empire

The Avonian Empire was formed 300 years ago from the Avon tribe in the Northeastern part of the continent, at the height of its glory when it was led by King Aidan the Conqueror (His sons name is Darrel the Solemn His sons and daughter’s names are, Edward the Flame, Kenric the Wolf, Rowena the Just) he forged the empire into it’d greatest form. There are 3 provinces Greenwood (Capital is) ruled by Kenric the Wolf, Darkwater (Capital is) ruled by Rowena the Just and Isengar (Capital is) ruled by Edward the Flame. This the basic human kingdom that the players are starting in

Some of my ideas are, devils, undead, barabrian tribes, Other kingdoms, ?

I'm rather lost to say the least.
I will post even more stuff if You guys want to hear it.

Thanks for the help!