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2010-07-21, 06:45 PM
Hey everyone, I have been watching a anime resently (Black butler) and it got me thinking about this class I saw from the Conan d20 game. The Noble.
When I first read the Noble class, I was interested, and I planned on playing one of these days, but never got around to it. Now that pathfinder is out, and thats basicly what we now play instead of normal 3.5, I have spent a lot of time converting old classes into pathfinder ones, Its usually not that hard, just make sure they get something special each level like the conversion guide says, but I am a little stumped on this class.

I was thinking of making two diffrent noble classes.
One thats a weak character (low bab, only good save is will), but the character is based around this concept, While the character themselves may not be good in combat, they are really good in social situations, and have a "butler" or "handler" that stays at there side at all times and its a good combatent.
Then make a noble that can handle themselves in a fight, but is not as good in social settings (even though still quite good).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

2010-07-23, 09:57 PM
For the first one, that sounds to me like a bard who took the leadership feat. Just reflaver the bardic performance from singing a song or dancing to giving a rousing speech. You might not need to change the mechanics at all, unless I'm missing something painfully obvious (it happens :smalltongue:).

The second one, maybe a fighter/barbarian with high intelligence who puts all skill points into social related things?

Seems like these things could be accomplished without homebrewing, but not having seen Black Butler, maybe I'm missing something.

That being said, homebrewing is rarely a bad thing, and if you really wanted to make a class like that, I might recommend taking the bard class and switching some things around, like maybe throwing out Jack of All Trades for a more noble like class ability. Hopefully other will chime in with a better example, but good luck. :smallwink:

2010-07-23, 10:14 PM
Dragonlance has the noble class, it's bard-light

2010-07-23, 11:44 PM
Its a npc class, however. Very, very weak.

2010-07-24, 12:07 AM
Its a npc class, however. Very, very weak.

Weak? Yes. NPC class? No. It was meant to be a PC class, and might work as a starting point for a good Noble class.

2010-07-24, 12:14 AM
THAT was a PC class?!... oh dear lord. Its worse then the samurai.

If im correct, isnt their a noble class, or at least, prestige class, in A Game of Thrones rpg?

2010-07-24, 12:27 AM
THAT was a PC class?!... oh dear lord. Its worse then the samurai.

If im correct, isnt their a noble class, or at least, prestige class, in A Game of Thrones rpg?

Scary thought huh? But most of the d20 noble classes I've seen are as bad. Star Wars, and Wheel of Time both have them, and neither is good.
For my D&D game I encourage using the Bard for the noble. A little refluffing and there you go.

I haven't seen the d20 Game of Thrones book, only the system created just for that setting. But I would think that they would have a noble base class, no idea if it is any good.

2010-07-24, 12:46 AM
Honestly, a Noble class can be assembled using multiclassing. Dipping some into Bard or Rogue crossed with Fighter/Ranger or Paladin, mix and mash to taste.

The end result is a well-educated, well-trained person who either has talent for inspiring folks while being a skilled knight, or a devout and skilled individual who knows his way around a combat while still making it to church on Sunday before the joust. Either way, you get what you're trying to accomplish. High social skills, good physical skills, and capability beyond what those unfortunately mediocre classes are capable of giving you.


2010-07-24, 07:48 AM
Well, offically.. noble is nothing more then a granted title. You can be a bloody wizard and still be a noble. Ironically, thats the same for a knight... though, I would laugh at the thought of a wizard being called 'sir knight'. >.>

2010-07-24, 09:36 AM
I have a work in progress class that was intended for my own system, but i could strip out all the unique mechanics and let you have that if you like.

It wasn't intended to be a "combat" class, though it can certainly meddle reasonably well. Was built to be Tier 4...