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2010-07-22, 11:34 AM
In a couple of weeks i'm going to try running a game of Hunter: The Vigil for the first time and thought that it'd be a good idea to run my basic plot and premise past the internet first to see what more experienced GMs think of it and foresee any potential plotholes or pitfalls with it.

Setting: Modern-day London

Core Premise: The players are all friends of a student of Oxford univeristy, she was the second victim of a serial killer who seems to be reenacted the Jack the Ripper murders. Angered by the lack of progress by the Police in tracking down the killer they decide on vigilante justice in attempt to bring the killer to justice.

The Twist: The Ripper's victims are all part of a secret cult that has been attempting to free their god (need a good name for it) and bring about its reign on earth. The London sewer system in addition to helping to keep London sanitary is also an immense mystical sigil designed by the Masons that keeps the beast bound beneath the earth.

The original Ripper murders were an incomplete series of ritual sacrifices, that if completed would have destroyed the beast. The cult attempted to summon the spirit of William Gull (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_William_Gull,_1st_Baronet) from the afterlife in order to torture him into revealing how the Masons bound their god and how they can free it. Unfortunately their ritual was faulty and the spirit broke free, possessed the body of one of their members and is now stalking and ritually murdering them in order to finish the grim work the original Ripper killings left incomplete.

My Situation: So far i've got the basics of the plotline down.

The players will investigate the scene of the third murder, find clues that lead them to the victims apartment, the cults front organisation (a club at Oxford University) and eventually lead them to the cults headquarters.

From there i'm starting to get hazy, i'd like to have them confront the Ripper for the first time after they investigate the Cult's headquarters, probably violently when he comes for the next cultist. He'd then probably flee from the scene of the murder, not wanting to murder uninvolved by-standers, which would give the group the chance to chase or track him back to his lair, where they'd then be able to corner him and force an explanation out of him.

After that i'm not really certain what i should expect from the players or where the plot should naturally progress to, it gives the players a nice supernatural ethical dilemma, but having them joining sides with Jack the Ripper to murder mundane human beings sounds a bit too insane.

The biggest problem i'm facing here is that i'm not really certain what level of lethality is a good match for a group or 4 to 5 rookie mortal characters in a nWoD game, i want to create a Ripper who's tough and dangerous but not one who's capable of slaughtering the players without breaking a sweat.

Anybody who knows the system care to help me out. Any ideas or inspiration for plot hooks, twists or other stuff that i could throw into the mix to keep my players interested as well.

2010-07-22, 12:17 PM
Random Points:

1.) Names for elder gods come in two forms - vague or unpronounceable.

Examples of the first type - The Crawling Chaos, The Sleeper, The Lord of Change.

Examples of the second: Cthulhu, Chzo, Tzeentch.

Type one tend to work better. Mainly because the players *will* rename the elder god otherwise.

2.) I like your plot, especially the sewer idea - reminds me of the M25 in Good Omens

3.) Oxford University is, unsurprisingly, in Oxford rather than London.

4) Decide want you want from Jack first, and then give him abilities that suit that. I recommend that you build up to a direct confrontation, showing glimpses first. If he ends up fighting the players, I would run a big hunt through a dark warehouse district, with him trying to pick them of one by one. Actually fighting him in combat tends to be anti climactic - you should probably have some spell or artefact that will defeat him in the right circumstances

2010-07-22, 12:41 PM
I have no idea why point 3 never occoured to me before now, thanks for pointing that one out.

Edit: thankfully the University of London was established in 1836 so that ties in with the Ripper murders and construction of the sewer system.