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Edge of Dreams
2010-07-22, 02:52 PM
So, I'm thinking about taking the (AWESOME) new Dresden Files RPG and adapting it to make an Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG. Seems like not very many changes would be needed for this to work.

The main reason I think this will work is that Dresden/Fate is a very open, plot-oriented system, in which magic is very very easy to adjudicate. This means that bending can be done quickly and easily at the table, because no matter what crazy flavor the player wants on a move, all that really needs to be decided is whether it's an Attack, Block, Maneuver, or Counterspell, and the dice do the rest.

My thoughts so far on how to make it work, for those familiar with the system:

-Bending is basically Evocation (or, more specifically, the Channeling power)
-The mental stress for 'casting' needs to be reduced (but not removed) to match the bend-all-day-long style of the ATLAB setting
-Advanced techniques (e.g. Healing, Lightning, etc.) could be done up as additional Powers, kind of like taking Refinement for spellcasting, with the cost adjusted to how powerful/useful the ability is
-Stress tracks need to be longer, since ATLAB is a much less gritty setting, and people are going to be throwing around lots of power
-A few skill names and trappings may need adjustment (Drive, for example)

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Edge of Dreams
2010-07-24, 09:36 PM
So, anyone got anything?

Human Paragon 3
2010-07-24, 10:08 PM
I've never played the game or seen the rules, but I must say this sounds awesome, and I strongly encourage you to keep at it!

I do feel like in ATLAB one of the cool things about bending is you can go around and learn a new technique. You mentioned the lightning bending, sand bending etc. stuff, but there's other simpler techniques like Aang's scooter and the water whip that I think it would be cool if you could go out and learn. Although the simplicity of being able to say OK, the scooter is a maneuver, the water whip is an attack... that is extremely useful. On the other hand it takes a little bit of the uniqueness out of your particular style. Under this system, what is the difference between a Water Bender and Fire Bender? Nothing so far as I can tell other than how you describe the actions.

Also, what about utility spells that transport or heal or whatever out of combat? Is there a separate system for those?

2010-07-25, 12:18 AM
So, anyone got anything?

I've never really looked at the dresden RPG, but I love the books. I'm constantly faced with a group that wants to play d&d, WoD, l5r, cthulhu, etc. ALL AT ONCE, so I've become a bit of a system designer. What I have to say is that if you're adapting the setting, make absolutely sure you have everything ironed out when you give it to players. If you're making a system for the setting, make sure you have the important rules running smooth, then see what gets house ruled in.

2010-07-25, 01:59 AM
Also, as always I suggest mage the ascension, it handles magic very well, but it's kinda broken.