View Full Version : Gestalt Dread Necromancer// Suel Arcanamach

Dusk Eclipse
2010-07-22, 03:20 PM
I am bored, and it just ocured to me that it might be fun to make a Dread Necro//Something /Suel Arcanamach

my first idea was Dread necro 20// Duskblade 3/Hexblade 4/Suel Arcanamach 2/Abjurant Champion 5/Impure Prince 6/Spellsword (or dragon slayer or whateverer with full BAB and advancing casting at first level)

My reasoning

Duskblade 3 for channeling since dread necromancer have a lot of nasty touch spells (bestow curse, ghoul touch, vampiric touch, harm, etc)

Hexblade 4 for dark companion to become an even better debuffer (combine withfear effects, hexblade curse, and other debuffs like enervation to have even more fun.)

Suel Arcanamach to diversify the spell list and because I like the class, cha synergy

Abjurant Champion to improve the Suel Arcanamach CL, also the swift abjuration might help with dispelling enemies.

Dread Necro: Great debuffer, some nice spells to channel, fear effect abbundancy, a great familiar, some nice defensive features ( a decent DR, self healing, fear aura, etc).

Impure Prince: needed something with full bab and good casting advancement, also adds some spells to the Suel Arcanamch list, more defensive features (another burst attack, fortification, etc)

So what do you think? crazy? unplayable? might work? shouldn't bother with it?

Keld Denar
2010-07-22, 04:01 PM
Looks fine. Normally I'd advocate against waiting till ECL8 to take your first SA level, but you'll have full DN casting, so you won't miss it much. Make sure you get Versatile Spellcaster so you can swap slots and lists, or just combine all your slots into one big pool and write your list as all DN spells + your 3 DB spells + your SA spells and cast whatever you want, since its pretty much all the same with Versatile Spellcaster.

I'd suggest going at least to SA4, you won't lose any more BAB, and the autoextender is pretty nice, especially when combined with AC's extended abjurations.

Suel4/AbjChamp5/Spellsword1 is full SA casting with full BAB. If you add 3 more Spellsword levels to that, you won't get any benefit from the +spellcaster levels, but you will pick up the rather neat Spellsword channeling ability. It can be combined with your Duskblade channeling, since they take seperate actions to perform (you charge your blade as a move action with Spellsword, while cast/attacking as a standard action with Duskblade). Heck, with a Quickened spell, you could in theory cast 3 spells per round AND get to smack someone, which is kinda neat.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-07-22, 04:06 PM
Hmm good points, I forget you could max SA casting on 10 levels...... also I seem to recall that the spellsword channeling was some times per day.. that could damper a bit the fun stuff.... but in this case I think it would be fun to use it for a nice Nova.

Also this was just a thought I had since I was bored, I wish I could play this build though.