View Full Version : premade adventure search? 3.5 (maybe dark heresy)

2010-07-22, 03:23 PM
I'm looking for a adventure or campaign that I can use for a group im (dm)gming for. my group is pretty non optimized and like these two systems.

For d&d I'm very experienced and want to make this into a campaign if I can help it. 10th level or below starting off would be nice. Any setting would be okay, greyhawk being the easiest. I've played the red hand of doom with the players already so that's out.

For dark heresy I'm really new to it and want something simple. the players haven't played either so ya. I know how the system works for both gm and player though so I dont need help with that.

Anyone know of any easy/fun premade adventures or campaigns that would be good for either system?