View Full Version : climbing while moving silently/hiding

2010-07-23, 02:55 AM
are there any rules to how this would work?

if there arent how would you think that the movement speed penalties for both would affect each other?

2010-07-23, 05:22 AM
With a successful Climb check, you can advance up, down, or across a slope, a wall, or some other steep incline (or even a ceiling with handholds) at one-quarter your normal speed.

You can move silently at up to half your normal speed at
no penalty.

RAW, your 'normal speed' is your base speed, so you do not take a penalty for moving silently while climbing. However, if you are climbing a rubble-filled cliff or similar surface, your DM might choose to impose the noise penalties to your Move Silently check, either -2 or -5. Too, your DM might simply rule that climbing is equivalent to moving on a noisy surface and impose a certain penalty to all your checks.