View Full Version : What Was That RPG About Toys?

2010-07-23, 04:24 PM
Hey, guys. I was just thinking about toy story and toys in general, and I remembered hearing about an rpg that came out a few years ago in which the players play as toys, and, if they have them, use actual toys as their models. Does anyone remember what it's called?

Shhalahr Windrider
2010-07-23, 05:29 PM
Well, itís structured more as a miniature wargame than an RPG, but there is Fuzzy Heroes (http://www.fuzzyheroes.com/catalog.php).

2010-07-23, 05:38 PM
It might also be Tailsteak's All The Little Things (http://tailsteak.com/archive.php?num=473), but that sounds a little bit off.