View Full Version : Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide Classes

2010-07-23, 11:01 PM
What are peoples opinions on the new classes presented in Pathfinders' Advanced Players Guide? I don't personally like how the Alchemist's abilities work, but I quite like the Cavalier, especially compared to the Fighter.

2010-07-23, 11:10 PM
The classes all seem fine compared to the core classes, but they're fiddly. If you aren't keeping track of at least two things at all times, they're going to seem weak compared to the normal classes.

Whether that's a good thing or not is entirely up to how you play D&D.

NB: I've only seen the Witch, Alchemist, and Inquisitor in a game so far.

2010-07-23, 11:27 PM
That's why they're Advanced :D

2010-07-23, 11:49 PM
i have been playing an Alchemist for a few sessions now and i am LOVING it

2010-07-23, 11:50 PM
I'm currently playing an Oracle (Heavens Mystery) in a RotRL campaign. He's good fun, but I'm having trouble finding the right feats for him. There just aren't too many feat resources for divine casters without channel energy.