View Full Version : PHB Feat Alteration

2010-07-25, 02:44 AM
This is just some quick idea i had for a simple game with a guy playing the master class from War of the Lance (pg 20) which offers most of the +2/+2 feats for free.

Toughness: Combine with Improved Toughness (+3 at 1st level, +1 every level afterwards)

+2/+2 Feats: Double bonuses upon reaching ten ranks in appropriate skill. Skills that have bonuses granted to become class skills.

2010-07-25, 06:38 AM
These alterations look very similar to what was done in Pathfinder - they're a good way to make otherwise weak feats more useful.

Now, with a class that was created around the RAW version of the feats, it might get a little more powerful if the free feats get more useful - but I don't think it'll break the game.
(Of course, I've not seen the class in question, so I may be wrong.)

2010-07-27, 04:11 AM

Seriously, what's all this about, now?

2010-07-27, 04:35 AM
Basically, there are a lot of feats in the PHB which are utterly useless. This thread attempts to make a few of them a little more worth their cost. If you get seven feats in your career, you don't want to waste them. Imagine this: you have the choice of getting +3 hit points, or power attack. Or +2 to two skills, or quicken spell. And so on. Feats are not created equal.

2010-07-27, 06:16 AM
What feat alteration ive always liked was making Cleave a standard action, attack one target, use the same attack/damage bonus on another target within reach. Even if the initial target isnt killed or downed. And then make great cleave a straight aoe like whirlwind - full-round action, use the same attack bonus and damage bonus to attack all enemys within reach, again, without needing to kill or down them to get the additional attacks.