View Full Version : DND - blog/email style?

2010-07-25, 01:39 PM
General "Have you done it and how did it work out" question -

My old group has spread across the country at the point, but we all caught the fever to game again recently. We had tried setting up an email game before, using reply-all threads to handle it all, but it failed due to frequency-of-play complications between party members mostly.

This frustrated me, as the DM, because I've been hoping to tell this story to this group for years now... ever since we all left college and had to break the group up.

Finally we have what seems like a successful method of play - I created a google site - http://sites.google.com/site/aneragame - and the players, while technically in the same world and running in parallel, are all participating in their own single-player campaign. As long as someone doesn't check out for months, frequency of play shouldn't be an issue. The campaigns are intertwined in that they will hear of major events, NPCs may travel from one game to another, and the actions of one player could change the situation of another in the right circumstances.

To streamline things even further, I'm hiding all numbers from the players. The most I'm giving them is what % their hit points and energy are at, and when I'm rolling a check. They don't even get the raw number of damage taken or received, it's all done through adjudication.

My big question to you though, is what would be the best way to handle multiple party members in a setup like this? I don't ever really plan for the players to form a permanent group, but little "crossover episodes" could be fun... if I can just figure out how to do it smoothly.

Anyway, thanks for the insight and keep loving the game!