View Full Version : Pathfinder Vampire ideas

2010-07-25, 04:42 PM
In a Pathfinder/Ravenloft esk (think Castlevania) I'm running, I need a little help trying to decide what class the big baddie vampire should be. Its been driving me nuts sure I have about 3 weeks to make him but I want to get an early start on him so he is worthy of being the being the evil bad guy behind it all. The party first met him in the beginning of the campaign in a different world, he opened up a portal to the domain by doing an ancient evil ritual, the domains used to seal away a primal god of evil and thus blessed his new champion with being a vampire so he could find away to free him, so what classes should I make the vampire guy?? All ideas welcome all 3.5 books are up for use too around lvl 15-16 plz

2010-07-25, 05:02 PM
Sounds like a spellcaster of some sort, probably Archivist, though Wizard and Cleric might work too.