View Full Version : Stormarch Mage... or not.

2010-07-26, 04:00 PM
Well recently I set about to make myself an Epic prestige class. The basic Idea is that they are in tune with magical energies from a number of sources and have happened upon a powerful source of power. Lightning... Frozen Lightning to be exact. The class utilized their Frozen Lightning in a number of ways from attacking enemies to controlling constructs. The class arose from a combination of Skyclad Practitioner (for the magical sensitivity), Effigy Master (the familiarity with mechanical devises (semi-mechanical that is)), Cryomancer (do I really have to spell what part that effects?), and a character who used to be a Druid (the lightning part).

I came up with "Stormarch Mage" at fist but we decided to look for a better name. If you have any questions just ask and give names even if they don't quite sound good, mixing and matching can fix that.