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2010-07-27, 09:33 PM
So, I'm going to be in a new hackmaster game tomorrow and thus have to make a brand new spanking character. I'm currently leaning towards barbarian, but I need thoughts and opinions. Monk sounds interesting, though the stats will be hard to roll for. I only have the core classes in front of me and not the others, so if I could possibly ask for what other classes there are (i.e. bloodmage) that would be nice. And I'm much more inclined towards fighter classes, so please keep that in mind. Thanks!

2010-07-27, 10:51 PM
I'd go monk if you can, or rogue. :)

2010-07-28, 12:39 AM

Though Wizard can be fun since IIRC the sleep spell has no save...

2010-07-28, 01:14 AM
i love the 19 diffrent variations of fireball :P

2010-07-28, 08:45 AM
The other classes are to be found in the character class splat books, including the blood mage.

I would stay away from the Barbarian as he does not work and play well with others, especially at low level.

In Hackmaster (and AD&D coincidentally) it's not so much a matter of what class you want so much as what class you can qualify for and what class your rolls will help you excel at. Roll a high STR and CON, then you might want to look at martial fighter types. High INT? Then a wizard is likely more your style.

I'd recommend staying away from the wierd classes for the moment until you get the hang of how things work. Besides, the classic Wizards, Fighters, Thieves, and Clerics work better together than the others.