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2010-07-28, 09:17 PM
Path of the Desert Sun
all abilities and spells that deal fire damage deal a additional 1+ damage and gain a additional 1+ in damage for every 4 char levels

The grave chill of the desert night: requires path of the desert sun
As a swift action once a encounter you can change all spells and abilities that deal fire damage to instead deal cold damage cold spells and abilities gain the effect of all path feats you can can change back into fire and vice versa you also must choose when you recharge spells and abilities for the day to have it be to have all your fire/cold spells to be fire or cold

example if you prepare fireball and you prepare cone of cold you cannot simply leave them be you must choose for them and all other applicable spells and abilities to deal just fire damage or cold damage

any effect that normally catches a creature on fire and deals ongoing Fire damage when using cold damage requires a fort save rather then a reflex save to resist the effect or end the effect

path of the penetrating flame: requires path of the desert sun
you ignore 1 fire resistance for every char level you have

Path of the Searing Sun: requires path of penetrating flame
even creatures immune to fire still take half damage rounded down

The long road of the Desert: requires The grave chill of the desert night,Path of the Searing Sun
all spells that deal damage of the acid, lightning or sonic subtype deal fire damage or cold damage depending on your choice when you prepare/refresh abilities/spells

2010-07-28, 09:32 PM
in truth its geared toward spellcasters but a none spellcasting class that deals alot of fire elemental damage would have high gains from it as well.

2010-07-28, 09:51 PM
+1 damage per die is about a 1/3 increase in damage. That's almost as good as empower without boosting the spell level. For zero adjustment I'd do something smaller like "your caster level is 1 higher for..." or make the spell deal an extra die of damage and/or increase the damage cap by 1 die.

Switching the energy type is powerful, but not any stronger than energy substitution. i.e., a little power creep there but it's already been done before.

Requiring a fortitude save screws over those with evasion and those that rely on a reflex save for that matter. the low HP low fort rogue facing a cold spell with the full might of a fire spell... is hosed. That d6 is the same as his hit die. Again a powerful effect that needs to be toned down or be treated as metamagic with a boosted spell level.

Penetrating Flame: Roughly a 20% increase in damage, but circumstantial... except fire is one of the most commonly resisted types so not that circumstantial.

Purified/Descecrated/chaotic/lawful flame: Similar issue. Except this is way over the top b/c spells dealing hard to resist damage typically have 1/4-1/2 as much damage as fire spells already.

Long road of the Desert: Doesn't introduce any new issues, and fire and cold spells are usually the strongest spells anyway.

Short version to all of the above: Too much for a feat. Enemy rogues and casters could be dropped in 1 or 2 rounds without much they can do about it. Needs to be toned down or changed into metamagic with a spell level adjustment.

2010-07-28, 10:01 PM
Path of the desert sun: Free semi-empower on all spells, too much.

Grave Chill: It's a weaker energy substitution that, instead of being free, takes your swift action. The fort save makes it OK, I suppose.

Path of penetrating: Free searing spell, sort of. Possibly too powerful.

Purified: How does this work with the other one? Is it now half untyped half fire, or half untyped half "fire immunity bypassing, may as well be untyped anyway since nothing has fire resistance and immunity" damage?

Long road of the Desert: You lose versatility at the cost of a feat slot. I'd rather take weapon focus: Underwater baskets or Skill Focus: Interpretive Shrimp Fishing.

2010-07-28, 11:28 PM
i was not clear enough but for mostly all cold spells and effects it would still require a reflex save to avoid

but those fire spells that have catch you on fire effects are not catching you on fire instead makes you extremely extremely cold which is not quite a reflex save but more of a fort save

i understand readjustments in progress

2010-07-28, 11:42 PM
Also bear in mind cold gains all of the wonderful benefits of the other feats as well