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2010-07-29, 11:16 AM
In an evil hi-power oneshot my DM is going to run, one of my friends wants to be a vampire. Is there any item she can buy to keep herself from burning up in the sunlight?

2010-07-29, 11:21 AM
Endure Elements, perhaps?

The Dark Fiddler
2010-07-29, 12:11 PM
Hello Kitty Umbrella?

Anyway... not sure if there's something that exists already. A custom item shouldn't be too hard. Even just an item with permanent darkness could work, but watch out when you're sleeping. It'll brighten things up and that might make it hard to sleep.

The Glyphstone
2010-07-29, 12:13 PM
Theres a 0th- or 1st-level spell in BoVD called No Light that simply negates all natural light within its radius. A custom item of that is your cheapest option.

2010-07-29, 12:20 PM
I don't think you necessarily need a magical solution. Just have someone craft mundane clothing or armor that totally covers her body. Add a wide brimmed hat and some dark goggles and she's good to go. She'll look really weird, and there should some kind of -1 or -2 dex penalty for having your entire body covered that way, but that should work.

BTW, I don't think it's the UV radiation itself they're vulnerable to so much as the fact that the sun is considered holy.

2010-07-29, 01:15 PM
Don't the goggles of day from the MiC give you a full round action before disintegrating in daylight or something? Probably not what you need, but maybe you can extrapolate a price from there for a bodysuit that gives all-day protection. Just dont let anyone cut it open..

2010-07-29, 01:45 PM
This is a stationary defense, but you might want to consider it if you have a high level wizard handy. It's from here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/fw/20050114a

Illusion (Shadow)
Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Components: V, S, M, F, XP
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Area: One mile radius
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Skyrift cloaks a large circular region with a radius of one mile in eternal night. The focal point of this region must be an obsidian stele of at least 10 feet in height carved with arcane runes by the caster. Once the spell is cast, the sun never seems to rise in the region. The affected area is either dark or lit with shadowy light, depending on the conditions outside. For example, the area has shadowy light when the sun is up on a clear day. Artificial light sources work normally within the affected area. Creatures and magical effects that rely upon night to work can function at all times in an area that a skyrift cloaks. Likewise, beings and objects that sunlight harms can exist with comfort anywhere in a skyrift at any time of day.

This spell may be cast in outdoor areas only, although its area can contain structures provided they are wholly within the area affected. Viewed from outside, a region blanketed under a skyrift seems to be dark and gloomy, as if on an overcast day late in the afternoon.

Material Component: A scepter of onyx and obsidian worth no less than 5,000 gp which must be broken upon the face of the spell's focus.

Focus: An obsidian stele. Preparing the stele takes one week and costs 2,500 gp.

XP Cost: 500 XP.

Tanuki Tales
2010-07-29, 01:47 PM
Why not have her roll up a Venerable Dragonwrought Kobold Vampire Dragon? :smallbiggrin:

Small Grey Cat
2010-07-29, 01:53 PM
Meh, skyrift is cool, but you can't exactly haul it to another plane. High-level campaigns tend to be pretty travel-heavy.

Glyphstone mentioned no light, from the Book of Vile Darkness. It's a cantrip, so a permanent item of it will run you 2,000 gp. The caveat is that a light spell can negate the protection, so you're pretty vulnerable.

I think the best solution, though, is Lysander's. Wrap up snug before you go out and play in the nasty sun. I don't think you'd suffer a DEX hit for that, more likely a -2 or -4 armour check penalty, depending on the bulkiness of the clothing.

2010-07-29, 03:33 PM
In an evil hi-power oneshot my DM is going to run, one of my friends wants to be a vampire. Is there any item she can buy to keep herself from burning up in the sunlight?

Liquid Night (Libris Mortis, p. 74, 150 GP). Allows a creature to ignore vulnerability to sunlight for 1 hour.

2010-07-29, 05:36 PM
@^: Good, but it would get very expensive unless Minor Creation works on it.

2010-07-29, 06:40 PM
All right, I think I got a solution based on Liquid Night.

Let's treat Liquid Night as a potion of a spell - a 3rd level spell that we'll call "Sun Guard", that lasts one hour per caster level. What this does is slightly different than Liquid Night - it protects from the natural sunlight, but the creature is still treated as being sensitive to daylight for the purposes of magic spells (with the advantage that such a spell would not burn the Liquid Night away).

Now, let's treat Liquid Night as a wondrous item - specifically, as a single-use, use activated spell effect item. This prices it as 150 under the wondrous items guidelines - a 3rd level spell inexplicably (and rule-breakingly) at caster level 1 (making the duration one hour).

Now that we have a spell that does what we want, let's make a continuous use item at caster level 10th - it only needs to be 5, but we'll make it a bit higher to make sure it's not super easy to dispel. A continuous 3rd level spell at caster level 10 would cost 60,000 GP. A bit expensive, but chump change for the level we're playing at (16th), and definitely worth it. We'll discard the hypothetical "Sun Guard" spell and substitute something else for the item's creation.

And here we are:

Amulet of Solar Negation

Aura moderate evocation [darkness]; CL 10th

Slot neck; Price 60,000 gp; Weight -


This small, ornate amulet depicts the holy symbol of a sun god defiled in some way (perhaps scratched out or hung upside-down). The wearer cannot feel the warmth of the sun; however, it has a more useful effect when worn by a creature sensitive to sunlight - as long as the creature wears this amulet, he or she is shielded from natural sunlight, and suffers no ill effects due to exposure to it. The wearer is still treated as being vulnerable to sunlight for the purposes of determining the effects of spells.


Craft Wondrous Item, deeper darkness; Cost 30,000 gp

2010-07-30, 07:27 AM
Wait! I found the perfect solution:

Apparatus of the Crab

This item appears to be a large, sealed iron barrel, but it has a secret catch (Search DC 20 to locate) that opens a hatch in one end. Anyone who crawls inside finds ten (unlabeled) levers: The device has the following characteristics: hp 200; hardness 15; Spd 20 ft., swim 20 ft.; AC 20 (-1 size, +11 natural); Atk +12 melee (2d8, 2 pincers).
Lever (1d10) Lever Function
1 Extend/retract legs and tail
2 Uncover/cover forward porthole
3 Uncover/cover side portholes
4 Extend/retract pincers and feelers
5 Snap pincers
6 Move forward/backward
7 Turn left/right
8 Open "eyes" with continual flame inside/close "eyes"
9 Rise/sink in water
10 Open/close hatch

Operating a lever is a full-round action, and no lever may be operated more than once per round. However, since two Medium characters can fit inside, the apparatus can move and attack in the same round. The device can function in water up to 900 feet deep. It holds enough air for a crew of two to survive 1d4+1 hours (twice as long for a single occupant). When activated, the apparatus looks something like a giant lobster.

Strong evocation and transmutation; CL 19th; Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, continual flame, creator must have 8 ranks in the Knowledge (architecture and engineering) skill; Price 90,000 gp; Weight 500 lb.

Vampire by night, steampunk mecha-crab by day!