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2010-07-29, 04:47 PM
One of the players I will be DM'ing for in a upcoming gestalt game wants to run a dungeoncrashing-warblade-psion half-dragon (human). He submitted the following build for consideration. Also note that this wont be the most optimized group so leeway is given for suboptimal choices. As this is gestalt and power levels are higher, no flaws are available.

We are using Pathfinder rules and the half-dragon template is cr+2, so I had him split the attribute bonuses over two levels. With the massive bonuses to the HD template, we axed the human +2 to one attribute. One Monk level is flavorful for the character's transition from 'savage-to-social' then going into Psion. The martial side is fairly straightforward, as in move fast and hit things hard.

The one thing he isnt certain on is feat selection as he would like to get Reinforced Wings (RotD, p101) to fly in Medium armor, and possible Improved Speed (Draconomicon, p71)

Point Buy - Pathfinder 25 pts
Base Str 12|Con 10|Dex 16|Int 16|Wis 14|Cha 8
1) Str 16|Con 13|Dex 16|Int 17|Wis 14|Cha 9
2) Str 20|Con 17|Dex 16|Int 18|Wis 14|Cha 10

1) Barbarian 1 // Half-Dragon 1
2) Barbarian 2 // Half-Dragon 2
3) Barb2/Fighter 1 // HD2/Monk 1
4) Barb2/Dungeon Crasher Ftr2 // HD2/Monk1/Psion 1
5) Barb2/Ftr2/Warblade 1 // HD2/Monk1/Psion 2
6) Barb2/Ftr2/Warblade 2 // HD2/Monk1/Psion 3

tl;dr help on feats please :smallsmile:

Keld Denar
2010-07-29, 04:53 PM
Monastic Training + Tashalatora!!!

Monastic Training is in the ECS, and allows you to freely multiclass between Monk and any one Psionic class of your choice.

Tashalatora is in Secrets of Sarlona and allows you to stack your monk and levels in the above Psionic class together to determine your damage die, AC bonus, and flurry progression.

You'd probably want to be an Egoist, or similar, and use Expanded Knowledge to nab a couple of PsyWar powers like Expansion and Psionic Lion's Charge.

Spend your fighter bonus feats on things that make you a better grappler or unarmed fighter. Things like Imp Grapple, Scorpion's Grasp, Embrace of the Earth, Martial Stance: Crushing Roots of the Mountain, etc.

2010-07-29, 05:28 PM
Would the Tashalatora + Monastic Training combination be that useful if the player doesnt intend to take anymore levels of Monk? I asked, and they said the level was mainly for the 3 good saves, 4+Int skills(vs. 2+Int from Fighter) and bonus feat:combat relexes

Keld Denar
2010-07-29, 07:54 PM
Yes. Thats the glory of Tashalatora. It gives you all the best things about being a Monk (flurry, UAS damage, AC), but you don't have to take hardly any levels of Monk to use it! By a very very strict reading, you wouldn't even need ANY Monk levels to use it. It would NOT be worth it if you didn't plan on taking more levels of Psion though, because then you'd be blowing 2 feats for a very mediochre return, and thats never good, but if you plan to stay straight Psion through those last 17 levels, if you can pick up a Monk Belt or take Superior Unarmed Strike, you'll have the UAS damage of a full level 20 Monk on top of whatever else you can do with your awesome Psionics and Warblade and half-dargon stuff.

The correct answer to how many Monk levels you should take is usually "as few as possible". In your case, 1 or 2 would be ideal, since they are very front loaded. Fill the rest up with Psion.

2010-07-29, 08:56 PM
sounds like a plan, after a careful read-through they are worth it, and i will recommend they be taken, but a re-fluff of the Tashalatora name might be in order..... thanks :smallbiggrin: