View Full Version : Random Encounter Tables (3.5)

2010-07-30, 07:52 PM
I've tried on one or two occasions to find examples from source books with no avail. And I've always wanted to make different tables to fit different regions. Also, I really just winged it (something I don't like to do) when it comes to even rolling for them.

So, Playgrounders, how do you guys handle random encounters and do you have any examples of tables?

2010-07-30, 08:49 PM
The DMG has some random encounter tables on pages 96 through 98. Obviously they aren't comprehensive or anything, but they are a good start. Or you can leaf through the MM's that you have or the SRD and find all the monsters for the environment and make a list of them, assign them a dice roll between 1 and 100 and roll away. It's easy enough to make the common encounters happen more, and what I would do is as you go up the list towards 100 have the monsters more powerful, and maybe have the 100 be something that the players have no hope against or be some very benevolent monster/person/deity.

I had a DM who had the Terrasque as the 100 on his table and he showed up 3 times in the same session for our level 9, very unoptimised characters.