View Full Version : Master Craftsman [Pathfinder to 3.5]

2010-07-30, 11:14 PM
This idea is based entirely on the pathfinder feat Master Craftsman (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/master-craftsman---final). Essentially, i want to convert it to regular 3.5 and expand on it for my Master Craftsman (Dragonlance, War of the Lance pg 20).

The first would be almost identical to the feat from pathfinder but would use a system similar to the artificer to mimic components, replacing an appropriate Craft skill for UMD. Plus it would be limited to relatively "mundane" enchantments, such as throwing, returning, keen, etc. then expanded on by other feats, such as a feat that let's you add element based enchantments.