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No Idea
2010-08-01, 11:31 AM
Perhaps this has already been discussed but Google is reluctant to provide an answer. Being that 90% of everything I know comes from that source and the Daily Show (the rest I learned in kindergarten) I find myself coming to the experts here for an answer.

My Pathfinder character has recently come into the possession of a powerful set of magic robes but it seems as though the designer was either blind or deliberately trying to invoke the wrath of the viewer. Are there rules for altering the appearance of a magic item without destroying the magic inherent to the item? It would be a shame to have a friend break out a pair of scissors and go to town on them without being sure it wont ruin them.

Thanks in advance.

2010-08-01, 12:58 PM
Off the top of my head? It's a bit overkill but i have a hard time thinking a Wish wouldn't be able to handle it. If only the color is bad, memorize a whole pile or prestidigitations and just color it for an hour per use. If your DM is reasonable maybe he could rule a wizard with a proper item creation lab could transfer the magic from one item to an equivilant item.

No Idea
2010-08-01, 01:08 PM
I was thinking more along the lines of actually having it altered by a tailor or seamstress. Would it be required that the craftsman have ranks in item creation do you think?

2010-08-01, 01:14 PM
I wouldn't see why not. It'd be reasonable that if you can give it a little jolt of magic energy to make up for the lost energy, I'd think it can be repaired or changed completely.

The Glyphstone
2010-08-01, 01:25 PM
What is it, and what are you trying to turn it in to? The more information we have, the better suggestions we can give.

2010-08-01, 02:45 PM
Can you afford a hat of disguise or cast Disguise Self enough to cover a day?

No Idea
2010-08-01, 03:51 PM
Well they are robes to start with, which by definition is fine. Its more the cut and style of the robes that bothers me. They have long oversized sleeve and puffy pantaloons and while my character doesn't currently have a girlfriend he would like to keep the option open in the future. I'm not looking to change the stats or even cause them to take up a different item slot. The change would only be cosmetic. I know there are illusions and the like to make them look different but if I wanted to just hide it I'd turn invisible. Any thoughts as to a caster level or skill check DC or price to make them more appealing?

2010-08-01, 03:53 PM
Have you considered just talking to the DM about it?

2010-08-01, 03:54 PM
I'd have thought that so long as you're not changing it to alter the body slot(s) it takes, you could do whatever you want to it. Though a neon-green Armour of Shadows may possibly be pushing it.

No Idea
2010-08-01, 04:26 PM
Have you considered just talking to the DM about it?

I have every intention of bringing it up to him as he's very reasonable and fair. He is also popular with the ladies and well known for his keen sense of humor (just in case he's lurking here). I find, however, that if I present my intentions to him with a variety of options for him to choose from he tends to rule in my favor as opposed to tugging at the hem of his shirt and begging please please please and hoping to get my way. He does have a penchant for cleverly twisting my intentions towards the worst if its clear I have made a key mistake in my research and planning though. Hence the reason I ask for advice before approaching him.

2010-08-01, 05:14 PM
You could just wear something lightweight over it. As long as whatever you're wearing over it isn't magic, there shouldn't be a problem.

2010-08-01, 06:16 PM
I'm pretty sure that you'll be fine altering it. If you actually cut anything off, it might count as "damaged". I'll check the DMG to see if I can find anything about damaged magic items, but I'm pretty sure it won't diminish it.

2010-08-01, 06:32 PM
Its more the cut and style of the robes that bothers me. They have long oversized sleeve and puffy pantaloons
Hmmm. Is this character of yours by any chance a sort of dangerous cross between Belkar and Vaarsuvius who is repeatedly frustrated by the idiocy of his teammates?

(Eh? Oh, no reason. (http://www.nuklearpower.com/2006/02/02/episode-656-simply-stunning/))

2010-08-02, 12:17 AM
Both as a DM and a player I'm a proponent of letting PC's look however they like. I don't describe generic loot very much and the appearance of custom items can be discussed.

2010-08-02, 01:00 AM
In the DMG it states that magic items which are not destroyed completely can be repaired through mundane craft checks. Using this guideline, I would assume that mundane craft checks can also be used to alter the item.