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2010-08-01, 03:39 PM
Initial description on approaching:

A tough, wiry, black, dessicated vine with small, bladelike leaves and succulent red berries grows thickly in a tall hedge, forming a curving wall which seems to contain a large chunk of forest. Closer inspection reveals that it's covered in 3-inch spikes.

(plant is Bloodthorn. If a character approaches, enough of a gap will open for them to squeeze throw the thorns, but will receive 1d4 Con damage on their way through as the plant's vines constrict and draw blood; that blood feeds the grove as a whole, and compensates for any damage done by a careless visitor. Anybody with the Trackless Step ability will be unaffected, moving freely through the vines without harassment. In this way, druids can enter easily because they are unlikely to cause damage on the inside, but others must sacrifice a bit of their own life force in exchange for entry)

Inside the hedge is a garden of incredible beauty. Ancient trees grow in two sets of concentric circles. On one side, circles of willows reach low to the ground and are embraced by vines which reach back up; the vines and the willows grasp each other as the hands of two lovers, and trees are incredibly ancient. Underneath, the ground is covered completely with gorgeous red forget-me-nots. The willows on the outermost circle appear to be hundreds of years old, and the tree at the very centre is unspeakably ancient. As your gaze is captivated with it, you get the distinct feeling that it is looking back at you.

(the great-grandmother willow in the centre is Awakened. She doesn't talk much, but if you speak to her earnestly of your sadness and pain, she will weep tears for you, and those tears will confer a Restoration ability)

On the opposite side, massive trees with fern-like leaves sway constantly. The very air around them seems to vibrate, and their many seedpods glisten with potential. They two grow in concentric circles, and under them is a ground cover of yellow flowers. Where the two sets of circles meet is a small clearing, sheltered completely by the combined canopy of the two sets of ancient trees. In the centre is a large standing stone, and many perfectly shaped, moss covered rocks.

(this is where the Druidic Circle has their annual meetings. Up to 100 Druids can gather in this space and take part in the rituals. The Standing Stone emanates a magical energy which encourages plant growth and instils a feeling of peace and serenity to any who look at it)

The grove as a whole is ovular, and in the two gaps outside the circles grow large mushrooms which appear to be feeding off of the blood harvested by the thorny hedge. Tendrils of ample, gorgeous groundcover seem to be feeding off of what the mushrooms process the blood into, and carry it toward the centre of the grove where the Stone stands. If you relax your eyes, you can see that the grove is full of recursive, flowing patterns: the life energy flows down the hedge, is processed by the mushrooms, continues along the ground to the and emanates up and out from there, rising from the centre, feeding the trees. No surface, except that of the Stone itself, is not covered completely with beautiful plants, half of which are in flower at any given time.

That's a first draft, and probably too lengthy. Any ideas?

2010-08-01, 03:54 PM
The three NPC Druids the PCs will meet inside the grove are Yopo, Yage and Locust.

Yopo and Yage are fraternal twins; Yage tends the half of the garden with the willows, and is named for the vines that grow up them. Yopo tends the other half, and is named for its trees.

(If a tea is made combining these two plants, those who consume it will experience intense visions during which their souls will be put in contact with the souls of many generations of Druids which have tended this grove, dating back nearly two thousand years.)

Locust is the current leader of the local Circle. Sie is an elf who, while not evil, feels that human encroachment on the forest is punishable by death, and has taken to luring those who would cut down trees into the woods, killing them and feeding their bodies to the bloodthorn.

Need descriptions for each of the three, and maybe a pre-written speech or two.

2010-08-01, 03:54 PM
Very descriptive and flavourful :) i like the vines at the start. But it should probbaly be alot shorter, although if your players love lengthy descriptions then it's perfect. But like alot of players they may zone out after the first paragraph, only to perk up when they take con damage, then fall back into their stupor.

I probably will steal the core ideas here though for a group of druids I'd like my PC's to ally with.

2010-08-01, 03:57 PM
Well, the first paragraph is when they arrive there. Then there'll be some playing and figuring out how to enter, taking Con damage, etc. Once they're past the hedge I'm not sure how much description to bombard them with. Maybe I'll have them enter on the side with the willows so I can describe that alone until they wander more, and then describe the rest when they see it.

(btw, Yopo and Yage are real world plants which, when combined do, indeed, cause visions and reportedly put users in contact with their ancestors. Just fyi)