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The Pressman
2010-08-01, 11:06 PM
Today one of my friends ran a simple module, and it ended well, we all leveled up, and a good time was had by all. Also, there was an amazing trick involving flour and fire, but i digress.

My character was named Kjård McVan Der Brændøn, he was a dwarven druid, and his animal companion was a medium Monstrous centipede named Nikolaj.

So my question is this:
What has been your favorite and/or most fun to play character over the years?

2010-08-01, 11:07 PM
A smooth, suave, sinister warlock called Iago.

2010-08-01, 11:09 PM
Definately the original version of Sanguine Dragon, a Half-Hobgoblin Half-Orc Gladiator

2010-08-01, 11:13 PM
That's easy: A Changeling Factotum/Chameleon named Terris. Disguises are basically the most hilarious thing to roleplay ever, and I always used disguises. It got me into trouble about 30% of the time, which was its own kind of entertainment. Combat was always a new and refreshing thing because I was always changing Aptitude Focus. I had so much fun being a Chameleon I was inspired to homebrew it as a base class, since while I sometimes used Factotum abilities, all I really wanted to be was a Chameleon, start to finish.

2010-08-01, 11:16 PM
Well, I like all of my recent ones, for various reasons.

-Molten Steel (magma para-genasi (http://www.wcbvaults.com/gallery/images/magma2.jpg) Duskblade 1): Molten Steel, called Mo by his friends, looks identical to a standard magma para-elemental, but his elemental connection is weaker than it should be, so he lacks all of their powers. He's like playing a living lava flow (which is about as awesome as it sounds).
-Thaxos, Elder Serpent (Elder Serpent of Shikinester Cleric 5/Divine Oracle 1, look at the avatar): He's a small-sized viper who casts spells, has floating runes drifting around him, and is generally totally awesome. Love him.
-Nikola Aristar, aka War Machine (http://www.mltimelines.net/images/warmachine1.jpg) (human Artificer 4): Check the picture. Ask yourself if that's awesome. If yes, you get the idea. If no, go check your head out professionally, cause you're broken.

-Prototype Soul-Holding Module: Design 0.01 (silentium (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8244752#post8244752) Binder 3//Barbarian 1/Fighter 1/Rogue 1): Playing a robotic armored starfish who slices and dices things into cubes is totally freaking awesome. Playing that and also binding the spirits of creatures that exist beyond reality itself? :smallbiggrin:
-Marchaud and Vinton (dvati (http://downloads.open4group.com/wallpapers/matrix-reloaded-the-twins-os-gemeos-045b6.jpg) Warlock 1/Binder 2): A pair of psychopathic murdering assassins, Marchaud and Vinton are bloodthirsty and very very interesting to play, due to their dvati nature and a generous DM (I get those a lot, it seems).

Those are all the ones I've got on deck right now. Might have more later.

2010-08-01, 11:18 PM
I played a Changeling Rogue in Sharn, started at level 5 or so, got into Cabinet Trickster later on. Con man straight up, had connections all over Sharn. It was a neutral/evil game, so I played him against the party as well. After a few sessions the entire party was completely paranoid and he had dirt on nearly of them, blackmailing the more vulnerable characters. Everyone (the players) was having fun, so it wasn't a problem of conflicting gaming styles.

I retired him for a few levels for story reasons. Even when he wasn't in the party anymore, there were still repercussions from his machinations and some of them were still continuing in his absence. When he finally did come back (as a vampire, plot reason), it was really fun to see the players instantly switch back into paranoid mode. That was a great campaign. :smallsmile:

2010-08-01, 11:27 PM
Mortimer Ezekiel Black, Dread Necromancer gardener.

...why else would he walk around in dirty work clothes with a shovel?

And Mortimer can't be a necromancer, he loves life! He respects all living things, because they're materials when they die he's just such a great guy! Why is he carrying all of those holy symbols around? Oh, he uses them to sneak into church graveyards dressed as a priest is just so accepting of all the various religions!

Oh that wacky Mortimer Black! He's a gardener, you know.

2010-08-01, 11:32 PM
Jared, Paladin-of-Helm (full name), the Halfling Bard turned Cleric of Dallah Thaun turned Divine Prankster (adapted). Retributive against anyone unkind to anyone, especially halflings themselves, "small" in stature or place in society. His name gives an air of trustworthiness and buffer against simple lie detection, and he has a terrific set of underhanded skills with which to vandalize, steal from, or otherwise hamper the arrogant and pompous.

2010-08-01, 11:54 PM
An incubus/succubus who was the terribly skilled dart-thrower in the equivalent of a traveling circus. His/her favorite past-time was to get as many women pregnant with half-fiend children in every city as possible, without the use of charm abilities.

No real aim or goal for his/her kids. He/she just thought it was deliciously ironic that he/she, a demon, was running about and creating life instead of destroying it.

2010-08-01, 11:59 PM
It's so hard to choose!! Hmmm...
Its between my Tech-Specialist (Simon Boush) or my Monk (Augustus Cornelius Terranis [St.])

I will merit both, cause after 15 mins to deliberation I still cannot decide.
Spoiled for Size

Enter Simon Boush, a wasteland refugee just trying to survive and make ends meat in a post-apocalyptic / futuristic world. He was very adept at technology, mostly droid technology of all sizes and aspired to create a perfect race to replace the "weaklings" that died out due to the "Great War." His animal companion was an automated robo-backpack called "Jack" who spoke in a deep English accent with a butler over-tone. He never lifted a single weapon in combat, his presence demanded respect (Frightful Presence, Dreadful Wrath, Imperious Command, etc) all it took was him to lift a finger and direct his robotic horde into the fray whilst he sat back, when personally confronted he would Intimidate them into oblivion and on the off-chance he was challenged by a mechanical being he would simply hack it to make it his own. All and all, Simon was a simple man with a Chaotic nature, respecting no laws but the laws of physics.

Epic Feats:
Stop'd a missile barrage from destroying a settlement by Bluffing his way into the enemies fortifications, then proceeded to booby-trap them so they would shoot straight up and fall back down on their base.

When thrown in prison, he rallied the entire place using Diplomacy and Intimidate and over-threw the system, charging into combat on the back of a fellow prisoner. When we rowed across the lake, it was picture-esk of Washington.

Managed to roll a "Bad-ass" roll on the final boss to Intimidate him, I rolled a 20. Since I had Imperious Command I made him Cower, we ended up Curb-stoping the Boss to the point where we asked the DM to make another encounter. (Still ended fun).

I loved Simon for the simple fact that he was PURE RP, very Sub-Optimized damage wise. Pure Utility and support, always had an answer to things.

Enter St. Terranis, short for August Cornelius Terranis, he started out in a monastery (as most monks do :smalltongue:) in a setting akin to Diablo. A master of the fist, his preference of combat was to disarm and if that failed he would disable. (Falling Star Strike, Pharaoh's Fist, Weakening Touch, Medusa Strikes, etc). Upon sacrificing himself for his fellow teammate by way of throwing himself in-front of a disintegrate ball (I forget the name, it was one of those giant black-hole things) he barely managed to survive. (I was allowed 1 savings throw, with a DC 45, my save was only a 13 so I had to make the 20. After about 2 mins of rubbing rabbits feet and picking clovers I rolled the 20) Augustus became the a Saint [Template] his domains were Luck, Courage, and Mercy. Abiding by his lawful nature, he deceded into the rings of Hell to vanquish the demons and devils who sought to destroy his home world. The party and Augustus made it down to the last ring, to face the dark prince himself. However, he once again was forced to sacrifice himself for the good of a party member (who's character was a young Boy who was adept at magic, Sorcerer). Augustus was risen on the Upper-Planes where he diplomacy'd to send an army to Hell to finish destroying the dark-prince. Rolled another 20 on a will-save (to see "god") and came down to the rings of hell reborn as a Saint/Celestial. Bring the party back on their feet with the reinforcements Augustus made his only Fatal kill the entire campaign on the Dark Prince with 18 flurry's of punches. Hero-pointing for max damage, with Smite in effect.

A master of the Shinto ways, a master of the Fist, and a way-layer for man-kinds virtues, Augustus finally ascended to the Upper planes and joined rank in "gods" divine army.

Epic Feats:
Everything, but mainly his RP. Cause combat with him lasted so few rounds even the Sorcerer was impressed.
Disabling my opponents and converting them to "The faith" (Think the new Dante Inferno game, where he liberates the demons souls)

Anyway, thats my Wall-O-Text. Hope you enjoyed it.

2010-08-02, 12:09 AM
human ranger/rogue in "The Age Worms" campaign. first DnD campaign i ever played in, and our DM is great (so that probably helped)!! close second, a dwarven rogue in our current homemade campaign.

2010-08-02, 01:33 AM
A rogue/fighter/ranger of malar in a core only campaign. Led a pack of wolves into Selgaunts noble district during a festival and laughed as the wolves mauled the nobles. Use to live with a chosen of Malar which was a demonic wolf that would only appear on the full moon. Was such a crazy guy.

2010-08-02, 01:38 AM
Miles Cale Skystrider, a completely idiotic sorcerer/fighter. He had plenty of optimism and enthusiasm, but was about as bright as an obsidian shard painted black. He had an over-inflated view of his own abilities, but had a good heart, thinking that his (oft wasted) sorcerous abilities gave him a responsibility to protect others (like those poor wizards, who don't have their own magic and have to read to get it!)

2010-08-02, 01:40 AM
*Sniffs.* Bandit Steve Davidson-Smith, you will be missed.

2010-08-02, 02:58 AM
Corb, a nerdy and slightly gothy wizard with no self-esteem, terrible social skills, and a wisecracking raven familiar. I had to argue with the DM to let me lower his Charisma to an appropriate level, given the ridiculously overpowering stat-rolling method she had us use.

Corb (or Corbinzar, as he called himself, thinking it sounded more impressive) was obsessed with gathering as much arcane knowledge and power as he possibly could -- as a substitute for the love and acceptance he secretly craved but didn't feel he deserved and didn't know how to ask for.) He fell in with a party of elves who were orders of magnitude cooler and sexier than him and stubbornly refused to show even polite interest in his long-winded ramblings about obscure magical theories.

They went on some adventures. Corb rarely knew what they were trying to accomplish, since he was too busy sitting in a corner with his nose in a book to pay attention to all the boring expository talky bits. But when it was time to fly over the battlefield lobbing fireballs left and right, buff the party rogue into a one-woman killing machine, or phantasmal killer a particularly unlucky white dragon to death in the very first action of what was supposed to be a long, difficult combat, he was always ready to rise to the occasion -- desperately hoping to earn a pat on the back from his fellow party members that never came.

Eventually (after singlehandedly killing an entire army of orcs by turning some poorly thought out DM magical cheese back against its wielder) he fought his strongest enemy yet and, after exhausting every last spell, sacrificed his very life to save the lives of his "friends", even though he knew they didn't give a rat's ass about him.

Or at least he would have if the DM hadn't, despite my strenuous objections, spontaneously houseruled that death no longer occurred at -10 but at minus exactly one more hit point than whatever my negative total was.

We played a few more sessions after that and some stuff happened, but I just didn't care anymore.

Octopus Jack
2010-08-02, 03:42 AM
My Chaotic Evil Gnome Bard/Barbarian/Ragemage in a very strange adventurers guild type campaign. He was a chaintripper tripped a t.rex just to prove that he could. Didn't like the party sorcerer and accidentaly killed him in a very complicated plan gone wrong. The plan was basically to get a group of bandits to accept him into their number so he could slaughter them all to do this he needed to attack the convoy he was hired to protect, along with charming several of them. The sorcerer didn't know about this plan and thought he had turned to the bandits side and promtly empowered scorching rayed my poor gnome who wasn't very happy about that one bit

2010-08-02, 04:17 AM
My old d20 modern shadowrun character was a kobold mage who liked to summon elementals to give him cover while he went crazy with a shotgun. The little bugger was a freaking genius, and had a great DEX score. He once managed to jump high enough to roundhouse kick a dragon in the face.

2010-08-02, 04:22 AM
Lets see there is Thigardo my Prinny Deity of Legend.:smallbiggrin:

Thigardo became a prinny-immortal embodiement of failure- was kicked around for most of the campaign, but toward the end he shone very brightly. In a sandbox homebrew game Thigardo's backstory took over and became the campaign. He used to be a norse deity (divine rank 0) that gave up his divinity to go on a quest that Frigga had sent him on most likely to restore them back to power since they fell before Ragnarak. After dieing twice in the his first session he became the homebrew prinny race. After traveling back in time with a time lord (yes like the time lords from Doctor Who), and we proceeded with our partly new group members to try to get back to our time. My character ended up getting sent to the Abyss in particular Baphomets layer. My character met a gnoll where we worked together and defeated one of Baphomets personal guards. Well in fact I mostly did it by making the guard commit suicide, and if you die because of a prinny you become a prinny. We then procure a portal out of there, but on the way me and the gnoll plus 5 ogres I had bought defeated a Purple Wurm and I am only level 3!:smallcool: After that when I am out my character with his band plus the other PCs and their band defeat the BBEG who is very optimzed. Well partially defeat for half the party is dead the other half are captured, but we did stop her plot with a several thousand years setback. Next session back in the present we meet the BBEG who has learned her lesson that then helps us by getting us in touch with the last remaining human deities to whisk the nearly extinct human race away for rehabilition. This process incured the party into becoming deities.:smallbiggrin:

When my DM for that campaign left he had a custom MTG made of that character.

Sorry for the wall of text.

2010-08-02, 04:25 AM
A swashbuckling hero-type in 7th Sea. A knight of the Rose and Cross from Avalon.

2010-08-02, 05:22 AM
Ubar the goblin wizard. Ejected from the underground goblin city for reasons I'm not sure I ever nailed down, he set out to forge an empire on the surface through the power of magical mind control and blackmail. He had a Strength of 4 (Hissy, his tiny viper familiar, was Str 6) and rode around on a flying siege crossbow wearing nothing but a turban, a loincloth, and a crocodile-skin cloak - all dyed luminous orange.

(Hissy survived Ubar's death and hid in my next character's voluminous ginger afro without anyone noticing, since we were all so spectacularly bad at Spot checks.)

2010-08-02, 05:43 AM
My favourite character was

Jake Diamond P.I.

A private detecive in a flm noir style struggling making a living in 2050 Seattle. A former secret service agent and trained mage he would be able to make a much better living on the light side of the street but life forced him into a life with a fake ID and taking what job comes along.

Was so much fun to play a mage P.I and have the skills / spells to find out information. It worked really well with me finding the bad guys then the samis and real mages in the group making them all dead.

The film noir just fitted perfectly with the world and feel of shadowrun too, even down to Jake never having any money and always having to choose between two evils, I did get some small victories tho.

2010-08-02, 06:00 AM
Kraghen Righthanded Thunderroar, Chameleon, main personality of a poor, distressed boy (Chasketon the Shoe-boy). He basicly had a personality for every possible chameleon combination and role, everyone with strong traits and everyone unwilling to leave the body to the new come or to Kraghen.
That was particularly funny, becausa it meant to role quite a few PCs: George the Right, paladin of Tyr; Kraghen himself, a gishy cleric of Gond (yes FR based); Phylias Flamefire, a blaster wizard; (pretending to be) Artemis Entreri; Rabbit, a nameless thief; Gordon of the West Coast, former bard, now talent scout and so on to no less than thirty different personas. Switching to one another during the campaign is sweet.
And sweeter was the end: Kraghen managed to discorporate any identity and leave the body to the original Chasketon, now that he's free from harm (soundtrack: "The days I had with you", Kings of Convenience) and then, in-game years later, imagine/roleplay the death of any of them.
Two years after the end of the campaign, I still smile to the death of George and Chasketon.

Mr. Anon Omys
2010-08-02, 10:35 AM
Northrup Forkineye, Lord of the Trout, and his familiar, Morris, the Astral Trout. Northrup is a nearsighted gnome wizard out to learn the secrets of trout based magic under the tutalige of Morris, the lord of the astral trout, who floats over his shoulder on the astral plane. Needless to say, the other party members cannot see Morris, and beleive him crazy. Fun to play because I get to trout theme all of his spells and skills. (Favorite spell: Summon trout. Cantrip, summons a live trout. What problems cannot be solved with a trout?)

Sorry for the rambling, but I love this guy's concept.

2010-08-02, 11:06 AM
I don't know if I am crazy or is it like this with everybody. I feel that my character is an extension of me and my favorite character is always my current character. Havelock the Traveler, lesser aasimar, CG; lvl 5 Bard/lvl 1 Mindbender / lvl 3 Virtuoso/lvl 1 Marshal/ lvl 10 Sublime chord is my current alter ego.

He is a plane traveler 47 years old (or he thinks so). He uses all sorts of nonviolent means to end encounters including illusions, morphing, bluff, diplomacy, and when all fails he is telling jokes and then casting Tasha's hideous laughter if people don't laugh. He is a VoP char dedicated to increasing the number of lesser aasimars on the plains all by himself with help of local females. And he has got an insane charisma (31 at lvl 8)

2010-08-02, 11:20 AM
The best character ever is always the one I am currently playing or will be the very next one I play. Everything else is just nostalgia. (Current character: Toran Balthasar von Trontsand, the Bastard of Trontsand; warrior, protector, pacifist and explorer; friendly, introvert, involuntarily heroic and extremely shy when it comes to all things related to romance).

2010-08-02, 01:11 PM
My favorite character ever was the first serious one I ever played. It was for an role playing MUD, fantasy based.
Ganlo Stonefist. A TWF fighter. He was as naive as all get out (a cover for my noobness), and he worshiped an ingame god (played by an admin) who thought it was a book (because it was very insane/innocent). The game even had a "chosen" system, where a god would pick you amount their followers and give you a Branding, which gave extra powers/boosts; and Ganlo and become chosen as the 2nd ever chosen of Fizzfaldt, which at the time included de-aging Ganlo to being a child.
It was fun as a whole. My best friend at the time had even decided we'd be twin brothers (non-identical) through RP. He played a crane-style monk.

Following that, I've had an ideal character that I've never gotten to fully play through RP, though did personify a few times in avatar form in MMO's. (Though he'll be making an NPC appearance in the solo campaign I play with my gf soon)
Ryal Crossblade. TWF Theif. Stated out as a Rogue/Ranger/ShadowDancer, a danger loving, fast thinking, over confident desert thief, who has a policy of never leaving anyone behind.

2010-08-02, 04:32 PM
Grand Duke Jacob Corleone-Sigmar, Elector of Nuln, Count of Sommersland, Bogenhafen and Detrich, Lord of the Shining Marches, Knight of the Knights Crusader and Holder of the Order of the Bear (second class)
It was a very long ( over 6 years) and fun Warhammer Campaign:smallsmile:

2010-08-02, 04:45 PM
Currently I've got a level 13 human duskblade, named Fregnus, who one-shots lot of the mobs the DM throws at us. So that's fun. Also my level 7 dwarf duskblade (seeing a theme here?) who I have lots of fun rping as a realist with an idealist bend guy rising through the ranks of an hardcore pragmatist organisation.

2010-08-02, 06:52 PM
Best/favorite character was an AD&D 2Ed Minotaur fighter named Barag of the Bloodhawk. Most memorable encounter was one-hit-critting an owlbear at 3rd level. Eventually went on to be a very respected business owner (leathershop, blacksmith and shipworks) and a feared military captain

2010-08-02, 07:09 PM
Yog:1/2 ogre weretiger(free La and HD)barb/frenzied berzerker

his motto:

2010-08-02, 07:11 PM
For a single session, I played an insane halfling sorcerer, in a skill challenge combat. It was epic. Favorite moment was when he bluffed divine favor, to inspire the troops against the zombie hordes.

2010-08-03, 09:44 AM
Tefnakht- a 2E cleric/mage who had body dysmorphic disorder (he believed he had a migrating, hideous scar) that was accompanied by other, less socially-adaptive issues. He was a lot of fun to roleplay.

2010-08-03, 10:29 AM
Razputin, a Mastigos mage in NWoD

He was a charming cockney burglar/thief and an expert traceur. Magically he was focused on Space, which is basically the teleportation arcana.

Massive coke and booze addict. I used to drink during sessions to roleplay him better.

Poor bugger had his soul ripped out, and was turned into a mindless pawn by the secret society bad guys (Seers of the Throne)

The reason he was so fun to play was because he didn't ever think things through, acted on impulse, and followed his genitals over his brain.

2010-08-03, 10:44 AM
Clarence the Grinder, a character from an Age of Giants Eberron one-shot that served as exposition for our modern-time Xen'drik adventure. The DM of the adventure built all the PC's for this one-shot, and handed them out to the players at the start of the session. Everything below other than the first three sentences was improvised.

He was a Frost Giant Boneclaw Pathfinder Barbarian/Warhulk that came back wrong. He wasn't bloodthirsty at all. He grinned literally ear-to-ear due to a combination of his undead nature and his disposition. He generally couldn't be brought to harm somebody unless they hurt him or his elven lich master. Animals loved him, and the ones that didn't couldn't hurt him enough to convince him they were doing anything more than playing with him. Despite living in a jungle he wore a winter wolf toga and had a pet snow rabbit that lived in the wolf pelt's skull. The top of Clarence's head was completely devoid of skin due to frequent scratching.

The party got mission, went out into the jungle. Clarence plucked his enchanted club out of a tree en-route. We found the enemy and engaged in over-complicated planning that lasted roughly ten out-of-game minutes. Combat was finally initiated when Clarence walked up to the enemy while his allies were plotting and said hi to the bad giants. After half of said giants immediately attacked him in melee range, he was a little upset at the poor greeting. He raged and.... well... turned into a blender. The fight didn't last long after that.

The session was just short enough that my undead Minsc/Lenny tribute didn't get old.

2010-08-03, 10:54 AM
A scab-orc from a sandstorm game named Kra'alhamed al-Ulgar, He got an orchish barwench pregnant and I later played as his son Ka'alhamed Jr. The dad was a Ranger who was a bandit, but changed his was after the birth of his son, Jr. was a paladin.

2010-08-03, 10:55 AM
Fitzgerald 'Fitz' Scott Mason, Mad Scientist at large. He wore a lab coat over a Victorian era gentleman's suit, wore pink pince nez glasses, and wielded grey-goo grenades. It was for a homebrew game but that was one of the most awesome campaigns I've ever played in. He even had a grey-goo based 'animal companion' that, by the end of the game, had eaten most of a continent and still tried to follow him around like a puppy.

2010-08-03, 12:09 PM
mmm 2 correct answers for this :

1- a kender in krynn, before the tanis and cia. saga, just 1 or 2 years before. i really enjoy that char so much cause i put on him all the rol and interpretation of the most annoying kender ever XDDD i f** with anyone and laught at their faces. XDDD

2- a ""wizard"" in MERP, i was a user of the force of nature " " XDD, well my DM just make the mistake of allow me to run that wizard using rollemaster rules, after year and half of being playing with him and get to damn powerfull i start to rol more and more conservative with the look's like. but for be fair i start to do that when i get the "1 shot to kill spells" (without save or anything) and only 1 time unleash my all mighty power when all my party was dying or unconscious and was awesome, no one see me and i save the day.

2010-08-03, 12:15 PM
My favourite character to play was King Minos the Minotaur. He had been abandoned as a baby, and was found by a farmer who took him home. At the farm, the cows nursed him back to health and over the years, he came to sympathize with them. They were butchered for food! They were fondled for milk! They were locked up in cells! When he entered into adulthood, he rebelled, killing the cruel farmer and setting the farm free, declaring Minotopia a place where all cows could live free from persecution. He then went out as a cleric to spread the word, which is how he met the rest of the party.

Needless to say, it was great fun to roleplay King Minos and many bad cow puns were made.

Saint GoH
2010-08-03, 12:44 PM
Kaitlan Whisper-Knife. Rogue 3/Fighter 2/Swordsage 1/Invisible Blade 1/Master Thrower 5. Can anyone say hurling daggers 2 at a time at touch AC, dual-wielding with 5 attacks a round? Beautiful. Plus she had some SA dice+ Craven, triple dex to damage, and almost no one knew what she could do. Half the time I walked a ragged edge of bluffs, trying to convince the other PC's my character couldn't do anything. She always played the damsel in distress, then when no one was looking blow enemies up. Daggers magically returned to her sheathes so they were none the wiser.

2010-08-03, 12:50 PM
my best character would have to be the pladium fantasy character im playing now. an elf paladin named Sir Johnathan Baltimore

2010-08-03, 01:08 PM
[Pathfinder] I have recently enjoyed my Half-Elf Sorcerer named Raslondius Archimedes Blackstone III. He was a stage magician who went by Raslo the Marvelous. It was a Pathfinder game using the Kingmaker Adventure Path. We only made it through about 5 sessions this summer, but they were fantastic.

[D&D 3.5] I also enjoyed playing Gildoran, a Dwarf Wizard who specialized in close combat, specifically Fist of Stone, Enlarge Person, and other such spells. He was began with no equipment in an underground dungeon, so his feats were Spell Mastery, Eschew Materials, and Improved Unarmed Strike. Unoptimized, but a lot of fun. Also, he had a thick Russian accent.

[Wushu Open] Finally, my favorite character was The Dread Captain Obi-Wan Skywalker of Tortuga Prime. He was a "Solar Buccanneer" (read: space pirate) with a Cheddar (http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0003.html) Monk (http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0004.html) bloodline, and a laser cutlass. Basically, he had an enormous space pirate ship (complete with solar sails and a gangplank), the ability to use the Force, and a bad pirate accent. His weakness was a love of booty which got us into lots of trouble.

2010-08-03, 02:24 PM
Mortimer Ezekiel Black, Dread Necromancer gardener.

...why else would he walk around in dirty work clothes with a shovel?

And Mortimer can't be a necromancer, he loves life! He respects all living things, because they're materials when they die he's just such a great guy! Why is he carrying all of those holy symbols around? Oh, he uses them to sneak into church graveyards dressed as a priest is just so accepting of all the various religions!

Oh that wacky Mortimer Black! He's a gardener, you know.

This made my day.

I honestly really liked a first level sorcerer I played for one session, had a lot of fun there.
I haven't exactly gotten to play quite as much as I like, I more tend towards being the DM.

2010-08-03, 03:46 PM
Klaus the character who was built using the stats for a warforged warlock.
He might be a gnome in a power-suit, which is what he claims to be.
He has only the kinds of invocations a power suit could feasibly have as upgrades (Flight, flamethrower, etc)
Whether he's a gnome stuck in a power-suit or just an insane warforged would be up to the DM...

2010-08-04, 01:35 PM
My first character.

A male female human teifling ooze-thing true neutral neutral evil chaotic evil jerk fighter/wizard specialist transmuter who is immune to polymorph. Strength 17, charisma 4. Sold her soul, got geas'd twice (at the same time [with conflicting instructions]), saw the face of god (he didn't like her), convinced one of his followers that she was that god, got run out of town, smooshed by a flying whale, and eaten by a vampire rosebush. More adventures to follow.

2010-08-04, 01:45 PM
Jo Pistachio was my favourite character. When asked as to why his name was so stupid, and a girl's name, I explained that "his parents let him name himself when he was 5." His biological father was a renowned British spy, and his mother a scientist for a secretive agency of some sort, who died in child birth. He was then adopted by her freinds, who were slightly crazier scientists.

During the campaign, he was a 14 year old protege scientist, who worked for CSIS as a workplace safety inspector. It was D20 future, so he had a bunch of medical conditions which I pulled from the mutations table, such as "your blood is poisonous and you need a pill for that" "your blood is an acid, and you need a pill for that" "you are producing radiation and need a pill for that" and my favourite, "you burst into flames when you are exposed to UV light." So he spent most of the campaign popping pills and making very unsafe explosives.

Has the record of being kidnapped more often than any other character at the table, and slightly more often than princess Peach from the Mario games.

2010-08-04, 03:13 PM
Granumsk - my Orc Barbarian (made it to lvl 6) It was a b/s campaign and the DM let me trade off Int for Str, to the point that he had 30 Str by level 6, but could barely speak. Probably the easiest character to roleplay ever. Just jumps into a room yelling "Granumsk smash" and pretty much everything winds up deaded. :P

The Intelligence lack could get annoying sometimes though. One time he decided to tackle two skeletons and ride them like a sled, which worked, except the DM ruled I wasn't smart enough to see the pit at the end of the room before I was in it. :P Luckily I was strong enough to punch into the wall and climb out that way. Although when it came to helping the rest of the party across, I had to make an Int check to see if I was smart enough to hold the rope, and not just drop it. :P

Probably the most epic moment I've ever had though was winning a grapple check against some young dragon, and backflipping it onto the wizard miniboss we were supposed to fight. The DM, half in frustration, and half in impeccable comic timing ruled that throwing the dragon had also snapped its neck. :P Two minibosses in one hit.

Aside from that, probably Elendria, my female Elven Shadowcaster (level 10). Just because of what got pulled on the rest of the party by her. She was introduced as an NPC shortly after a previous character of mine had died. She was my character but the DM briefly used her for story purposes before I took control. Turns out she was the Queen of the rebel faction that's trying to kill the evil king who we hate, since he sent us into a dungeon to try to have us killed. My character, being a wonderful person (and under the DM's control) decides that before joining the rebellion the characters must prove their worth in her arena. So I get to sit back and sip a cold drink while half the party is wiped out my character being a huge jerk. Best entrance I've ever had for one of my people. :P

2010-08-10, 09:08 PM
Best character? No idea. Most fun? First time ever played, Regdar, human fighter 1. :biggrin:

2010-08-11, 12:52 AM
Greyfur -a Beguiler Beguiler, former familiar turned adventurer after his master died

2010-08-11, 01:11 AM
I've said it once and I'll say it again, Fritz Schwartzwald, the most stereotypically German character I could think of.

1. Tactical Warlord, with an emphasis on organization and efficiency, by taking only powers that move his allies.
2. Is the self-styled Reich-Stag (it's a kind of deer) of the Black Forest.
3. Wears a red suit of armor called the "Red Baron"
4. Wields a flamberge patterned two handed sword named the "King Tiger"
5. His Inspiring Word was literally "Achtung!"
6. He was the foundling son of a dwarf sausage artisan named "Dussel."

Unfortunately, after rolling him up, the rest of the party showed up with classes that are completely horrible at synergizing with this style of warlord, and I had to reroll a fighter... who became my second favorite character.

I wanted to do a different take on an elf, so I rolled up Aven, an elf teenager (in elf years) with no last name because nobody thought to give her one. She's basically a dumb, violent thug with a past as a bandit - exactly the kind of generic bad guy that the PC's are supposed to wipe out in random encounters. However, it's actually been pretty liberating to have a slightly ill-defined history to RP.

Oh, and when I play as her, I get to insist, out of character, "elfs are born in garbage. They are like nature's trash," because that's sort of what she is.

2010-08-11, 01:19 AM
i still have fond memories of my old 1ed Paladin.

stats were rolled up in the good old '3d6 down the page' method and i actually legitimatly made all the pre-reqs.

2010-08-11, 03:29 AM
I'll have to stick by Grimalken Wyrmeye (Grim to just about everyone), Goblin Conjurer/master specialist, and his ogre buddy Crunch, and Ogre Barbarian going into Suel Archanamach. Very much the mad tinkerer/scientist/wizard archetype. Renown amongst those who know of the Wyrmeye clan that he's...remarkably sane. Something to do with brain damage. Explosions around him tend to be intentional more often than not, and while eccentric, he really does have good intent. Also, strangely fanatical about oatmeal. Tried making an overly complicated clockwork wheelbarrow/cuckcoo clock to carry his earnings from the Ptolus arena in (When informed that they wouldn't be getting that much money, he just said they'd get it in copper!). Legs are crippled, though Crunch helps with that by carrying him on his back.

Crunch is very much his own character, though, even if he's a cohort. Slow, lovable, and weilds a shiny greataxe he got after helping to punch a minotaur to death in an invisible maze of walls of force. Tends to make -sure- Grim doesn't do anything too obviously dangerous when sense is forgotten in the pursuit of something cool. Enjoys bacon. Killed grim once due to a bad case of Umber Hulk Confusion (It was so much fun roleplaying out my reaction at killing myself. 28 str greataxe vs unprepared wizard.) . Then almost killed a party member for insulting his recently deceased best friend. Particularly notable in Ptolus as "that ogre with a crazy goblin riding in a howdah on his back with advertisements all over the place". Been studying magic, and got a crash course in the nearly lost language of Elder Elven through time-condensed intervention by the God of Magic. Continually loses arm wrestling matches to the paladin, even though he's got a good 10 strength on him.

Not the most original of characters, but they're fun, and memorable in the campaign for ending up as the faces of the party alongside the paladin.

2010-09-09, 04:54 PM
Hmm I had a lot of fun with my half ogre fighter/ warhulk... I really wasn't so good outside of combat most of the time but I got a few lucky rolls in dealing with people... When I nat 20d a knowledge check and my DM described as my gigantic character pulling out a monocle and speaking with an english accent for a few minutes I couldn't help laughing... for... probably longer than I should have honestly. But I made the character themed on a brute chieftan with a gravity hammer ( from Halo ) so I had knockdown with the warhulk mighty swing and I really did knock a lot of people over with that thing ( goliath greathammer ) I also had fun shattering ballistas and jumping from crumbling cliffs carrying my smaller team mates on my back, stomping on floor boards in cheap bars on one end to have the other end hit some jerk in the junk throwing people into other people. Anyway His name was Potemkin and he was tons of fun.

I also had fun with my human warlord, Gron Stern, the one time I played 4e, even though I was the healer ( yeah, crazy ) but it really worked with my party ... 2 rangers and a sword mage later joined by a rogue. Nobody wanted to heal, and I pretty much always play melee, I found the warlord to be a nice compromise, I got to do all kinds of cool stuff. My favorite power was white raven tactics because I gave one of my strikers a whole extra turn... and now that I've gotten the tome of battle recently I see that I can use that power in 3.5. I am pretty excited for my upcoming campaign, my character for it is a warforged warblade named Blitzkrieg.

2010-09-10, 01:51 AM
Perry, halfling warlock son of a noble house, travelling incognito about the world. His entire family were warlocks, gaining their power from an ancient deal with the devils.

He only ever resorted to conflict as a last resort, preferring instead to talk his way out of problems, and if the opportunity arose, fleece and con anyone he could.

It was refreshing to play a non-pacifist character who still avoided violence at all costs.

2010-09-10, 02:25 AM
Deledhel: A Neutral Fey'ri Rogue dual wielding some "wakizashis" and "claws of darkness". Pity he lasted only during a summer-camp about 8 years ago...:smallsigh: I tried to reincarnate him but...it wasn't the same :smallfrown:

Any of you tried to reincarnate an old favourite character?

Dirty n Evil
2010-09-10, 02:36 AM
A half-elven bard named Runya Nantathren. Part of it was his backstory, and part of it was because he always seemed to come across like Errol Flynn. And while I'm infamously unlucky myself, for some reason whenever I played Runya my luck changed completely.

Born to a human Nordic war hero who tragically passed away months before Runya was born, Runya was nonetheless the recipient of his father's two-handed warhammer. Not exactly the expected weapon of a minstrel, to be sure. He was born to bluff and always inclined to do the unexpected. In a fight against a very tough to hit warforged while traveling over a wooden bridge suspended high in the air, Runya took a massive swing and aimed for the floor directly beneath the warforged's feet. His unpredictability seemed almost suicidal at times, but he was determined to live life recklessly and without regret.

Runya also seemed to be inspired by Captain Kirk at times. Anytime there was an exotic female of some race with which mature relations was even potentially imagineable, there were sparks between him and the female NPC's. He was a seeker in his own way, as he hoped that his outrageous life continued to provide him with material to always play on his lute. In an ideal world, Runya could see his finals days as being spent as a penniless troubadour sharing his songs as long as he still possessed the skill to pluck at the strings.

2010-09-10, 06:04 AM
Oh, so many to choose from! If I had to pick one, I would have to go with "Spooky", a secret agent who didn't believe in the supernatural but was haunted by the ghosts of his vietnam buddies and was slowly turning into a monster-under-the-bed style boogeyman. The system was Conspiracy X, and I'd taken both the most powerful flaw (Haunted) and the most powerful merit (I became inherently supernatural, I believe it was called Focus) in order to ENHANCE THE FLAW - I literally gave the ghosts an easier way of getting at me!

Somehow, I ended up the team leader of a group of misfit mystics, none of whose powers I believed in, and led them against an alien invasion, of which I was deeply sceptical.

My fellow party members eventually mind-raped me in order to get rid of that particular mental blind spot, but until then the entire thing was hilarious - mission planning was especially awesome since I wouldn't allow us to depend on the party member's numerous and power supernatural abilities!