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2010-08-02, 01:21 PM
So I'm starting this thread about 4e Hackmaster or even 5e if anyone has that because I just saw a thread asking for bloodmage advice.. I don't so I'll just stick to 4e for the moment.

I have at least 2 builds that I think are pretty ridiculous (a monk build and a archer build) and will post them later when I get home later today. If anyone has cool builds/tricks then please post em!

2010-08-02, 08:47 PM
Okay, here's what I mentioned before, but I cannot find the monk that I talked about earlier. Ah well, another time I guess.

Here's the archer:

My Pixie Fairie Fighter
Name: Fego (Fire Petal)
Clan Name: Kul
Clan Location: Fra'Neer
Weight: 25 pounds
Height: 2 foot tall
Skin tone: Orange
Wing Color: Reddish

Racial Traits:
Cast Invisibility 1/day Be invisible for 24 hours until I donít want to anymore or I attack

Build Points:
Pixie Faerie 14
Fighter 10
Total: 24

Build Packages:
Archer 15BP Combatants Guide to Slaughtering Foes

Trick Knee (Major) +11 If I run with my right leg, my knee can give way
Animal Antipathy (Minor) +7 Snakes attack me on sight
Superstitious (Minor) +10 Snakes are unlucky
Total: +28
Total BP from Race, Class & Flaws: 52

Bowyer/Fletcher 0 BP Make arrows & bows (free with archer package)
Swimming & Swimming: Dog Paddle 4 BP
Flutter Talent 2 BP Move silently without penalty
Dirty Fighting 2 BP +2 to hit & damage, you get -2 to AC
Fairie Kind Martial Arts 5 BP +2 to attack and damage
Keen Sight 3 (w/archer) +1 to attack
Archer Package 15 BP From the Guide to Slaughtering your Foes - Have 5/2 attacks (2 one round, 3 the next) from 1st level
Astronomy 1 BP Navigate by the stars
Total BP Used: 32 (52 with using the 2 shoulder tattoos!)

Bonuses: Bonus:
Dirty Fighting Talent +2 to hit & damage, you get -2 to AC
Bonus for Height Advantage +1 pg. 132 in players handbook
Faerie Kind Martial Arts +2 to attack & damage in any combat - 5bp
Keen Sight - +1 to all ranged attacks and see 25% father in given light condition - 5bp (3 with archer package)
Flanking (side or behind) +2 to attack
Double Bow Specialization +2 to attack (within 30 feet)
Pixie Racial Flying Combat Bonus +2 to attack while flying
2 Tribal Magic Tattoos (Acckrink) +2 to damage with bow & -1 con for each tattoo - 10 BP each!
Archer Build Package +2 to attack
Treating the arrows after 1 month +1 to damage
Total Bonuses:
To Attack: +16 (flanking or from behind) +14 all other times
To Damage +6

Weapons: Cost
Bow, Great, Pixie Fairy 75 gp Guide to Pixie Faeries
Sheaf Arrows 3 silver/6 arrows 1d6 damage to S/M/L, 20/40/60 ft. range Guide to Pixie Faeries