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Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-02, 03:34 PM
Click HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OS92VAIIvs&feature=related) for appropriate background music.

NoxTrona is a campaign world using the system of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 4th edition. It can, however, be modified to fit almost any RPG system including GURPS, PATHFINDER, and older editions of D&D.

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Welcome to NoxTrona, a dark and twisted realm shrouded in eternal twilight where the inhabitants are often as bizarre and eerie as their surroundings.
NoxTrona is a dreamlike place where nothing is finite, the landscape is constantly shifting and changing, one minute you are walking down a forest path and the next you find yourself hopelessly lost.
Strange, floating points of light illuminate the dense forests and bleak swamps that cover the world. NoxTrona is devoid of humans but other races are abundant, including Gnomes, Myconids, Elves, Trollkin, and many others.
Are you ready to face (or run, in the case of the DM) the nightmares of a world where nothing is what it seems?

1- The World is Dreamlike
Nothing stays the same for long, terrain shifts moves and moves around, pepole are spontaneously teleported to random locations, and more unstable areas go through more drastic changes.
The ling between dreams and reality is very thin and if you think about something to hard it might just become real. Because of this you may find yourself fighting for your life against the very real versions of your childhood nightmares.

2- It is Never Day Time
The world is shrouded in eternal gloom, illuminated by mysterious floating lights.

3- Fomorians Rule Most of the World
Insane, deformed horrors called Fomorians lord over the world, shaping it with their fiendish fantasies. It is said that if all the Fomorians are killed the world will no longer be cursed and daylight will return.

4- There are no Gods
Clerics and paladins pray to the more powerful Fomorians or to mysterious and mighty fey spirits with the power of demi-gods.

5- Humans are Non-Existent
There are no Humans in NoxTrona, as well as some other classic fantasy races (see chapter 2 for details).

NoxTrona was not always a nightmare realm cursed to eternal darkness.
In the beginning it was a beautiful storybook world called "Trona" rich with natural beauty where sylvan spirits danced to the sound of the pipe under the silver light of the moon. The Fomorians were trapped in sleepless prisons under the earth, their twisted power robbed of them. The Fomorians waited, plotting and conspiring to one day rise up from the earth and rule the world. They combined the little power they had left telepathically speak to those who had nothing to lose, driving them to do horrible deeds and slowly taking over their minds. Eventually they gathered their possessed cult to preform a mass-suicide where the Fomorians absorbed the concentrated life-energy, giving them enough power to burrow up from the earth and regain their dark might. They slowly took over the world turning it into what it is now.


Fools don't survive long in NoxTrona, and therefor the native races have grown paranoid and xenophobic. Those who venture out into the wilderness alone are lucky to die a quick death and nightmares have become a way of life. The world needs HEROES!


NoxTrona is home to several exotic races, from the silver-tongued Elves to the brutal Treefolk, from the scheming Boggarts to the paranoid Gnomes.

Once a noble race of sages and guardians, now twisted and demented - robbed of their former majesty.

Average Height: 5' - 5'9"
Average Weight: 110 - 150

Ability scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence or Charisma.
Size: Medium.
Speed: 7 squares.
Vision: Low-light.

Languages: Common, Elven.
Skill Bonuses: +2 stealth, +2 perception.
Shadowy Stealth: When making a stealth check in dim light or darkness you can roll twice and take the better result.
Mobile Defense: You have a +1 bonus to all defenses against opportunity attacks.
Wild Step: You can shift on difficult terrain.
Ghostly Dissipation: You gain the Ghostly Dissipation power.

Ghostly Dissipation
Your'e enemy's attack passes through you as if you were not there, leaving behind nothing but a trail of mist.
Free Action
Trigger: You are hit by an attack.
Effect: You spend a healing surge (regaining no hit points) and your foe must re-roll the attack and use the second result. If the second attack hits it does half-damage.

Elves were once a proud and noble race of forest guardians that protected the wilderness from those who would despoil it. But when the Fomorians rose from the earth they were captured and tortured - turned into what they are now: twisted thieves and mercenaries, possessing a shard of the Fomorian's dark power.

Play an Elf if you want...
- To be quiet and deadly, at home in the shadows.
- To be a morally-questionable hero with a dark past, haunted by your inner demons.
- to be a good Warlock, Rogue, or Wizard.

Elves are shorter and lighter than most humanoids, with pale, green-tinted skin; amber eyes; vampire-like fangs; and pointed ears. They have high cheekbones and sharp, talon-like nails.

Elves are demented and ruthless, striped of most of their morals at the hands of the Fomorians. They are also sneaky, cold, half-mad, and sometimes sadistic. While not being inherently evil they don't have the same idea of decency that other races do.
Elves also tend to be cowardly, shy, bloodthirsty, and excitable; often cackling and doing a little dance after achieving a victory.

Elf Characteristics: Sneaky, cowardly, shy, bloodthirsty, estranged, excitable, slightly crazy, ruthless, greedy.

Male Names: Arannis, Dayereth, Erevan, Hadarai, Mindartis, Quarion, Riardon, Amnon, Barakas, Damakos, Ekemon, Iados, Leucis, Melech, Morthos, Pelaios, Skamos, Therai.

Female Names: Andraste, Bethrynna, Caelynna, Jelenneth, Leshanna, Naivara, Sariel, Bryseis, Damaia, Ea, Kallista, Lerissa, Makaria, Nemeia, Orianna, Phelaia, Rieta.


Stealthy hunters and brutal warriors, heirs to a mighty fallen empire.

Average Height: 5' 8'' - 6'7"
Average Weight: 220 - 410

Ability scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or Wisdom.
Size: Medium.
Speed: 6 squares.
Vision: Normal.

Languages: Common, Elven.
Skill Bonuses: +2 stealth, +2 endurance.
Hardened Sap: While bloodied you have a +1 bonus to armor class and fortitude.
Sturdy: When an effect forces you to move—through a pull, a push, or a slide—you can move 1 square less than the effect specifies. This means an effect that normally pulls, pushes, or slides a target 1 square does not force you to move.
In addition, when an attack would knock you prone, you can make an immediate saving throw to avoid falling prone.
Cursed Resistance: You have resistance to poison and necrotic damage equal to you constitution modifier. This resistance increases by 2 points at lv11 and another 2 at lv21.
Barkskin: You gain the Barkskin power.

You focus and draw energy from the earth, your skin grows harder and tougher until the link is broken.
Move Action
Effect: You gain resist 5 to all damage until you move from the square you are currently in.
lv 11: Resist 10.
lv 21: Resist 15.

Treefolk once had a mighty empire of sprawling kingdoms crafted by magic with organic material and sustained by the primal power so common in the green world of Trona. When the war with the Fomorians spread across this verdant world their empire was consumed in flames ans slaughter as the world gradually tuned to a nightmare hell. In these dark times the Treefolk made a pact with the Fomorian "Garxiblog", who tuned them into what they are now in return for granting them what they needed to survive in this new world.

Play a Treefolk if you want...
- To be Tough and resilient, as well as possessing a fair bit of strength and acute senses.
- To be a a hero born of wood and sap, but be corrupted by your strong connection with the now tainted world.
- to be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Warden, and Shaman classes.

Before the awakening of the Fomorians the Treefolk resembled tall, sturdy humanoids with bark-like skin and leaves for hair.
They still retain these characteristics but their limbs are knotted and uneven, their eyes are black and full of corruption, their skin is dark grey and charred, and their leaf-hair is crumpled and dead. Their bodies, before covered in twigs and vines, is now ridden with gagged thorns.

Treefolk tend to be quick to anger and afraid of strangers, preferring physical violence over problem-solving or talking it over. They have a unique connection to nature and the world, because of this they tend to pick of some of the characteristics of NoxTrona.

Treefolk Characteristics: Tough, perceptive, violent, aware, paranoid.


Hardy survivors and cunning thieves, gnomes are the underbelly of NoxTronian society.

Average Height: 3'2" - 4'
Average Weight: 80 - 110

Ability scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution or Dexterity.
Size: Small.
Speed: 6 squares.
Vision: Low-light.

Languages: Common, Elven.
Skill Bonuses: +2 stealth, +2 endurance.
Gnome Hardiness: You gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against poison, +4 bonus to endurance checks against disease, and a +2 bonus to endurance checks against food, water, or air deprivation.
Sneaky Opportunist: Combat advantage gives you a +3 bonus to attack rolls (not the normal +2).
Pull Through: When making death saving throws you can roll twice and use the better result.
Feytouched: You gain your choice of the Spectral Lantern or Tricky Teleportation powers.

Spectral Lantern
You summon a floating, ghostly orb of light; not only providing illumination but guiding you and your ally's attacks.
Minor Action
Effect: For a number of rounds equal to your constitution modifier you are surrounded by an aura 3 of bright light. You and all allies also also gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against foes within the aura.
lv 6: +2
lv 11: +3
lv 16: +4
lv 21: +5
lv 26: +6

Tricky Teleportation
As you evade your foe's attack you slip into the shadows and appear somewhere else.
Free Action
Trigger: You are
Effect: You teleport a number of squares equal to your dexterity modifier.
lv 6: Dexterity modifier +2
lv 11: Dexterity modifier +3
lv 16: Dexterity modifier +4
lv 21: Dexterity modifier +5
lv 26: Dexterity modifier +6

Gnomes (like most other races) are a dark reflection of what they once were.
They are short, tough humanoids that survive the brutal world of NoxTrona by fearing strangers, avoiding trouble, and not-dieing out of sheer stubborn-ness and strength of will.
Gnomes like in heavily-guarded subterranean colonies made of natural tunnels and built in fungus-forests.

Play a Gnome if you want...
- To be quick, tough, and good at surviving.
- To be a stalwart defender or a wily trickster by nature.
- to be a good Warden, Rogue, or Cleric.

Gnomes are short, bulky, and bald. With pale skin, orange eyes, and 2 long pointy lower teeth.

Gnomes are xenophobic, wary, tricky, stubborn, and loyal.
All though they are great at staying alive they try hard to avoid danger, staying out of trouble unless absolutely necessary. Curious gnomes don't live long.

Gnome Characteristics: Xenophobic, wary, stubborn, loyal, sneaky, tricky.

Male Names: Coming soon.

Female Names: coming soon.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-02, 03:59 PM
It's been about half an hour and no one has commented!?
:smalleek: :smallfrown: :smallsigh:

2010-08-03, 01:30 PM
It looks quite interesting to me, especially since I myself am descended from the mighty fomorian king Balor (no, really :smallwink:). I look forward to seeing you flesh this setting out, particularly in the case of its inhabitants. I suppose that in a world so inhospitable there is little of "the common folk?" Surely it would be a world of rugged survivors traveling the world in tight-knit groups (or "parties," I should say :smallamused:), save for some communities of the fomorians' slaves? That is just my impression thus far.

Also, where'd you get the name? I understand "nox" as Latin for "night," but I do not know the origins of "trona," and neither does my preferred online Latin dictionary.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-03, 02:34 PM
Also, where'd you get the name? I understand "nox" as Latin for "night," but I do not know the origins of "trona," and neither does my preferred online Latin dictionary.

Well "nox" meant night and "trona" sounded cool.

2010-08-03, 06:43 PM
Maybe "Trona" was the name of the world before the Fomorians woke up, and now people call "NoxTrona" becuase its always night.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-04, 06:05 PM
Maybe "Trona" was the name of the world before the Fomorians woke up, and now people call "NoxTrona" becuase its always night.

Good idea, that's what I'll do.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-22, 09:39 PM
I added the elf race with completely redone stats and fluff, also I took some sample names from other races, sue me.

2010-08-23, 04:24 AM
seems good. are you only allowed to play elves? and what's with bringing dreams into reality? is it a game mechanic you are gonna introduce or just fluff?

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-08-23, 10:57 AM
seems good. are you only allowed to play elves? and what's with bringing dreams into reality? is it a game mechanic you are gonna introduce or just fluff?

The answers are no and yes.
There will be more races such as the Treefolk and the Bogart, and yes there will be mechanics for dreams into reality.

For those of you who like DARK SUN there will be character themes similar to the ones in DS.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-09-03, 09:31 PM
There will be more character races, but right now I'm working on character themes like the ones in DS.
Later on there will be a new class (the name of which will not be revealed).

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-09-26, 05:15 PM
I added the Gnome race.
I meant them to be playable as either "Dwarves" or "Halflings".
Please tell me what you think.