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2010-08-03, 08:23 AM
This idea is born from a thread of how PCs get together and also form a sig block calling all PCs hobos that walk around killing and looting.

The general idea is to provide inspiration for new campaigns and interesting ideas on world building and getting players together.

I am mainly pitching for 3.5, I also have a request for some more high level ideas, I would also be interested in how high level players usually deal with encounters. I have mainly played DnD and not managed to get out past lvl 7.

To start things off I give you a nice simple Paramedic Campaign.


A new service is being offered by the Temple of Pelor (or other healing god) in the city of Hill Street. After paying a certain amount of gold people can buy medical insurance against the rigors of daily life. When you buy the insurance you are given a magical bracelet. The bracelet monitors the health of the wearer, if the wearers health drops to a certain level it sends an alarm to the temple. The bracelet also includes a gem that when pushed also sends an alarm to the temple.
Three levels of insurance are available.
Basic covers recovery (where possible) and healing.
Silver covers recovery, healing and possibly resurrection.
Gold Covers recovery, protection, restoration, resurrection… (well everything really)

The Players

The players are hired as muscle to protect the healers as they go about their day (if you have a healer cleric in the game so much the better)
The pay is 10 gps a day, the players do get free room and board. Living in one of the temples new medical centres. The group also can keep what they find on their adventures.
The temple will also provide all the equipment the players need, some tabards (+1 enhancement bonus to armour) to act as a uniform for the crew. Simple stun sticks, +1 clubs enchanted to only deal subdue damage, or a nice stun quarter staff (again +1 only subdue damage).
A number of healing wands will be provided the best of which being a wand that allows a resurrection but only if cast within 10 mins of the victims death.
The crew will also be given a tracker that will point towards a chosen bracelet so they can in fact get to and heal the wearer.
The paramedic groups work 12 hours shifts (slightly longer calls at shift end are generally dealt with by the leaving crew so they can be kept out late.)

Encounters – I am setting up ideas here, how the players deal with them and what they do is kind of open.

The Princess

The players are called to one of the nicer districts in Hill Street, the home of a rich merchant. At first the house guards stop the players even entering the grounds being instructed to not let anyone pass who is carrying weapons.
Once the players get past this the Merchant himself insists only the cleric can see his poor ailing daughter. She is a delicate flower after all and shouldn’t be confronted with a group of scary guards.
If the group get past the merchant and to see the daughter, she is in fact not suffering from a headache but has in fact a large gash on her leg, this was clearly caused by a sword blow. Seems Daddys little girl has been sneaking out and seeking adventure in some of the worst areas of town.
As an added bonus having the princess fall for one of the players can only be fun, after all her daddy is sure not to approve.

The Crime scene

Answering a call to a nice area of Hill Street the players find the block of houses they need to go in is blocked off by the town guard. The whole area is a murder scene and no one is allowed in or out till the captain gets there.
Now the players need to deal with a guard sergeant that won’t let them past. Even if they do get into the area perhaps the murderer is still hanging around the area and might be upset with the medics resurrecting their victim.

The Assassin

The call leads the group to an abandoned building on the edge of the slums. It seems odd that someone would be calling for help in here. The whole building is in fact a trap, an assassin has been hired to kill the group, he will work his best to split them up and take them down one at once, using what traps and tricks he can in the house.

The Gang Fight

Called to the slums the party arrive in the middle of a gang fight, the client is down and the opposing gang seem to not want to listen to reason. (At last a nice normal combat encounter for people)

The Archaeologist

Harrison Jones famed archaeologist has managed to get himself in to trouble exploring the ruins outside of Hill Street, this of course would not be a problem if not for the fact he paid extra money for complete coverage on his insurance, as such the clerics of the temple are going to teleport the group close to the ruins and then let the party find Harrison and save him.
(Yay a dungeon as well, now I need a dragon)

The Bar Brawl

The party is called to the pig and mallet, 4 different bracelets have begun to flare. It looks like the players have their work cut out for them, the brawl seems to have about 25 fighters and nearly twice that many allegiances.

The Loan Shark

The party is called to an alley in a bad part of town. The alley is guarded by a couple of enforcers for the local thieves guild. Now the person in the alley owes money to some people and is currently being persuaded by a large man with a club to pay up. Unfortunately for the players as well as two broken legs and a bad run of luck, the victim also has a bracelet.

The Hacker

When responding to a call the magical tracking device goes dead within a certain block of one of the poorer areas of town. If the players investigate they find a young sorcerer is working to hack into the bracelet system so he can himself track down a bracelet wearer. His hacking attempt is disrupting the system.

Big Picture

The players will soon find themselves dealing with more and more problems, it seems someone is targeting the medics in the city. Assassins are working against them. As time goes on the conspiracy is revealed a young dragon, and enemy of the head cleric of Pelor in the city is pulling the strings. His main human agent in the city is going to run the players all over and weaken the structure until the head cleric has to start going on rounds.
If the players find out about this then they will have to step up and help defend the head cleric. Queue last battle of the campaign. And maybe the human agent dead and the dragon with a new set of enemies.