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2010-08-03, 10:54 PM
Currently I'm building a Sorcerer, and looking at the Exalted Arcanist class. Now, I never really used the Book of Exalted Deeds all that much in my own games, but this DM has said that, although he will watch out for outright abuse, he is okay with us making use of it (he's usually pretty reasonable). Like I said, the Exalted Arcanist class caught my eye, specifically because it adds plenty of spells known to my Sorc. I love the idea of spontaneous casting, but don't like how limited the number of spells they have are, and I'm also not fond of using items to increase the number (I've also stopped by the Sand Shaper PrC to get access to the spell list it offers). In the past, I've used the Eidetic Spellcaster option with a Wizard (and just carried my spellbook around in my head), but I still needed to memorise spells, which is partly what I want to get away from this time around. I also want to avoid Mage of the Arcane Order if I can, too, because that relies on having something else to "draw power" from, rather than the character just having it himself.

Exalted Arcanist adds all Sanctified Spells to the character's spells known list, if I'm not wrong. My question is, does this include Sanctified Spells from other books as well? The FR sourcebook Champions of Valour, for one, includes a couple of Sanctified Spells, so would it be reasonable to say that the character should gain those spells as well?

Additionally, what methods are there available for mitigating the ability damage/ability drain/whatever that comes with using Sanctified Spells? Again, methods that don't just involve using items to block the downsides (e.g. item that prevents ability drain) would be preferred.

Similarly, are there any ways (in Dragon Magazine, or scattered through splatbooks - I have a few, but not vast numbers of them) to remove the issue of Wizards getting 9th level spells before Sorcs do? Preferably ways that don't involve being a Kobold? Is there some way you could mash the Sublime Chord PrC in order to do it? Music-related stuff is possible - even helpful - for roleplaying, depending on how I spin his backstory.

2010-08-04, 02:44 AM
I don't think they expected anyone to print more sanctified spells, but sanctified is sanctified: I'd add them too. It's not very many spells anyway, and they're really specific from what I remember. To offset ability damage, remember that you take the damage at the end of the spell's duration, and use a Rod of Bodily Restoration (MiC) when that happens. To get 9th level spells at the same time as a wizard.... either get your DM to houserule it because it's dumb anyway, or be a kobold cheesemaster. Note also that you're losing a level of casting from Exalted Arcanist, and another from Sand Shaper if you take that, neither of which is really fair to offset.

You'd probably also like Runestaves, also from the Magic Item Compendium.

2010-08-04, 02:48 AM
Being able to meld a Strongheart Vest helps mitigate the damage it effectively grants DR1/- to ability damage