View Full Version : [PEACH] Iaijutsu Duel of Wills? Here are some feats!

Morph Bark
2010-08-04, 11:00 AM
One of my players has become fond of initiating a duel of wills against potential opponents. Furthermore, the character might start learning to use Iaijutsu Focus. This gave me a little idea to try, and these feats were the result.

Prerequisites: BAB+4, Iaijutsu Focus 4 ranks, Intimidate 6 ranks
Benefit: You can initiate a duel of wills (ToB 27) as a free action once during combat if you hadnít done it already at the start of combat. The target cannot choose to submit to these duels.

Furthermore, if you initiate a iaijutsu strike on the first round of combat against someone you used a duel of wills against before combat, or if you had a duel of wills with them in the same round, you gain a +1 bonus on your Iaijutsu Focus check and a +1 bonus on each damage die you gain from Iaijutsu Focus, but only if you win the duel of wills.

Prerequisites: BAB+7, Intimidate 11 ranks, Sudden Challenge
Benefit: You can initiate a duel of wills (ToB 27) as a free action during combat an extra number of times per encounter equal to your Cha bonus. The target cannot choose to submit to these duels.

You can also, once per day, initiate a duel of wills as an immediate action, even right before you are hit by an attack. The target cannot choose to ignore this. If you win you can make a single Iaijutsu Focus check as long as you have a sheathed weapon and enough hands free to wield it. If this check beats your attacker's attack roll you manage to parry it and can make a single attack at your full BAB against your attacker. You cannot use Iaijutsu Focus to enhance the damage of this attack.

2010-08-04, 11:42 AM
These are such narrowly focused feats that you might as well combined Sudden Challenge, Striking Intimidation, and some other benefit into a single tactical feat.

Morph Bark
2010-08-06, 01:20 PM
I combined Striking Intimidation with Sudden Challenge and added something to Challenge-Obsessed. Is it better and balanced this way?

2010-08-06, 01:59 PM
I like it, especially Challenge-Obsessed. It reminds me of Kenshin, and he is basically made of red hair and win.

2010-08-06, 04:22 PM
I definitely like these. And the whole, "He [Kenshin] is basically made of red hair and win." Sounds like my boyfriend . . . who also happens to be a black belt in two martial arts and be capable of using a katana fairly well, if not in a completely "traditional" manner . . .

Now plotting to make a Kenshin-like character sometime . . .

2010-08-06, 05:54 PM
How would challenge-obsessed work if your attacker is attacking your with something that can't be parried by a mundane weapon, such as brilliant energy sword, an incorporeal touch, or a ray spell?

Andion Isurand
2010-08-06, 06:01 PM
The competition domain power grants a +1 bonus on all opposed checks.