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2010-08-07, 07:33 PM
So after reading thru Talbots alternate vow of poverty charater idea it got me thinking - there seems to be alot of good feedback on this forum so since i was thinking of making an Alternate as well if people would be interested in seeing it - also if they have any of their own? Would like to see more of what other people have done to represent this kind of character build.


2010-08-08, 07:04 PM
Ok Here is my first attempt -

Poverty Monster
The idea of this is to make a sort of classic movie badass that turns away from standard badass-itude and makes his own. You choose not to use or accept magic and thru it kind of lose touch with it so it has less to do with what you can do as a hero.

Think Conan, Samurai Jack, Also think a little about the guy at the end of flight of Dragons – those sorts of things

I recommend using the Unarmored AC Bonus provided in the Unearthed Arcana book if you want to go with really fancy equipment less guy.

Feat – The Riddle of Steal – prereqs – special
Special – you must choose to rid your self of all magical/psionic items that you carry.
Benefit: You gain an exercise routine that you perform in the morning for 1 hour –
From it you gain an addition +2 temporary hit points per level . You need the full hour and cannot be interrupted. As you continue to train and work on your routine, you gain a better benefit from the process.
- Since you have chosen to eschew and forsake all magical items if you choose to start using them again you lose the ability to continue to train in the Riddle of steal character path – If you take this after first level you begin gaining abilities from that point on and do not retroactively gain any previous powers you have missed out on.

You can wield any weapons that your class is proficient with, but you may only wield masterwork weapons that you have made, or that have been made just for you.

You can have allies spells cast on you – but it will suppress the benefits of the feat and fatigue you for 24 hours once the magic spell wears off on you. Multiple spells increase the fatigue time by 12 hours per spell.

Improved Riddle of Steel – The amount you gain in the morning from your exercise is increased to +3, also 1/day if you have an hour you can perform the exercise again – this time you only gain half the normal amount you usually do, and they do not stack with any you already have, they over write any previous ones you had.

Greater Riddle of Steel – The amount you gain from your morning exercise is increased to +4 temp HP per HD, also you gain another time per day if you have an hour you can perform the exercise again – this time you only gain half the normal amount you usually do, and they do not stack with any you already have, they over write any previous ones you had.

Self Mastery – You gain an amount of inherent stat bonus points, you can apply them to any stat. The maximum amount of inherent bonus that one stat can have is +5, and while you are applying these you cannot have one stat be more than 2 points away from another. So you if you have added a +3 to one stat you will not be able to raise it to +4 unless all your other stats have at least a +2 added to them.
(This is basically equivalent to reading all 6 stat boosting manuals)

Keen Response – Add your wisdom to you Initiative.

Own Master – You can apply your CHA bonus to your will saves.

Think Fast – You can apply your INT Bonus to reflex saves.

Grin & Bare It – You can apply your STR bonus to fort saves.

Improved Natural Healing – When you gain hit points or regain ability points from ability damage you gain back 2x the amount, if you have complete bed rest then gain back 3x. – If someone casts a cure spell on you, you only receive half the healing. This has no effect on ability drain.

Greater Natural Healing – When you get HP or ability points back from rest you recover 4x the amount, if you have complete bed rest you get back 5x – Also if not performing strenuous activities, you gain half your character level back in HP per hour. You gain back 1 ability point back from drain if you rest, 2 if full bed rest.

Supreme Natural Healing – When you get HP or ability points back you get them at an increased rate, you get back your character level per hour and an ability point per hour. And you get 2 ability drain back or 4 with complete bed rest.

Shrug it Off – When you are struck by any attack magical or otherwise you convert a portion of the damage into subdual – This amount is equal to your CON Mod +1 per 3 levels, the subdual amount is applied to your real HP and not your temporary.

Discipline of Steel – With any weapon you have crafted, or unarmed weapon you are proficient in you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and saving throws. Each instance of this adds on the previous discipline you have gotten.
( at level 10 you have a +3 to attack rolls and +4 to your fort, ref and will )

1 –Self Mastery (1) - Improved healing, Endurance (if you already have it, or get it from another source apply an additional +4), Discipline of Steel (+1/+1)

2 - Self Mastery (2), Keen Response

3 - Self Mastery (1), +10 to base speed

4 – Self Mastery (2), Uncanny Dodge, Bonus Feat

5 – Self Mastery (1), Own Master, Discipline of Steel (+1/+2)

6 - Self Mastery (2), Improved Riddle of Steel

7 - Self Mastery (1), Shrug it off

8 – Self Mastery (2), Grin & Bare It, Bonus Feat

9 – Self Mastery (1), Greater healing

10 - Self Mastery (2), Special Ability, Discipline of Steel (+1/+1)

11 - Self Mastery (1), Think Fast, Mettle

12 - Self Mastery (2), Bonus Feat, Greater Riddle of Steel, Special Ability

13 - Self Mastery (1)

14 - Self Mastery (2) , Special Ability

15 - Self Mastery (1), Discipline of Steel (+2/+1)

16 – Self Mastery (2), Supreme Healing, Special Ability, Bonus Feat

17 - Self Mastery (1)

18 - Self Mastery (2) , Special Ability

19 - Self Mastery (1)

20- Self Mastery (2), Bonus feat, Special Ability, Discipline of Steel (+1/+1)

Special Ability –

Physical Prowess – you gain the leap of the clouds ability, as well as you can now climb your full speed on a climb check without taking the penalty. You can also apply your bonus from Discipline of steel to your damage rolls in addition to its normal uses.

Mental Acuity – You have trained enough that you can now prepare your spells without your spellbook – you do have to have some sort of surface to write on, that can be a chalk board, in the dirt or on a beach. Upside you don’t have to have a book, downside people can see what you are preparing while you are doing it.

Evasion – as the ability, if you already have evasion than this becomes Improved Evasion.

Overly Cautious – You gain improved uncanny dodge and can act in a surprise round even if you didn’t start it. If you already have improved uncanny dodge, you may choose to take a bonus feat instead.

Master Crafter – When you craft an item for yourself you can apply certain enhancements that are non-magical in nature. Things such as keen, or distance – things that can be easily explained as though it were made by someone

Stealthy – You can move your full distance without taking penalties to your hide or move silent, you can run at half the penalty. Also when you are standing still while you have concealment you gain an addition +5 to hide and can Hide in Plain Sight.

I am sure that I need some more special abilities - and something to fill in those blank levels - The more feedback the better - thanks alot