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2010-08-08, 03:03 PM
Wow, I finally got the updated DDI character builder and I have to say I love the psionic classes :smallbiggrin:

I was always a bit put off by the encounter vs daily powers and how they were explained. If you don't have the energy to pull off another encounter power why do you have the power to pull off a daily power that is even more powerful? But anyways...

I have yet to be able to play them in an actual game so can anyone tell me how they stack up in actual game play?

Kurald Galain
2010-08-08, 03:24 PM
I have yet to be able to play them in an actual game so can anyone tell me how they stack up in actual game play?

Stack up, well...

The Psion is a strong choice, but has the problem that it's level-1 at-will powers tend to be stronger than the higher level ones. The other psionic classes (monk, ardent, battlemind) are rather weak or low tier compared to other classes in the same role.

However, (1) this purely reflects power rating, not how much fun they are to play; (2) the difference between high tier and low tier in 4E is smaller than in 3E; and (3) the psionic power splatbook was released, like, yesterday and I haven't read it yet, it may help the monk/ardent/bm quite a bit.

2010-08-09, 12:59 AM
I've seen the monk, ardent, and battlemind in play, and they're all good, but not mind blowing. The Psion is mind-blowing (I think it's a level 16 power). :smallwink:

But yeah, no idea on the psion stuff; but a few thoughts: The Ardent is a decent healer, and feels to be a slightly different take on the warlord. Same feel, though. The Monk is awesome, and has ridiculous mobility. I've been very impressed with it; and the two people I've seen play it have really enjoyed it. The battlemind is...interesting. It's a good enough defender, but what I've seen happen several times is they use their weird battlemind ability to get out in front before anyone else, and get gang-banged the first round or two. Once you're past that hump; they aren't so bad. I think they'll be even more impressive as you start seeing monsters with the MM3 damage blocks, because then their "you take the damage you delt" thing becomes much more vicious.

2010-08-09, 01:09 AM
I love the battlemind, but find myself increasingly annoyed that all of their defender abilities require you to be adjacent to your mark. Incredibly lame when, as in the D&D Encounters pregens, you're armed with a reach weapon. :smallannoyed: And there's no reason why mindspike should require being adjacent, anyway, considering it doesn't rely on a melee attack to function. :smallsigh: