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2010-08-12, 04:11 PM
if any of you play magic the gathering you know the slivers. They are really cool and grant their powers to other slivers. I'd love to see slivers. I even found a way to do trample damage to a player. Lets say it only works on attacks against AC. They roll a 13 + 4 with bonuses. the person they attack has an ac of 15. Now 13 + 4 =17 subtract this number from the enemy's AC if it hits and it deals extra damage equal to the difference which is this case would be 2. How does this sound?

2010-08-17, 03:16 PM
no one likes the idea of an odd mechanic like this?

2010-08-17, 10:58 PM
That sounds somewhat more like how a Swarm creature would act. (I'm not very familiar with 4th edition, but i think my idea could be adapted.)

Just my two cents but If you're talking about making a monster based upon slivers, then i would suggest you look at the supernatural, extraordinary, and magical ability(s) list. Roll up a base critter. and it has the (HIVE) ability, when within sight of any Sliver w/ any ability or stats it gains that ability.

Id say the "Blank" slivers would look kind of pale and sickly but lets say you, as a GM, added a fire spitter. (I'd say once /3rounds 1d6 in a cone, and maybe 5/- vs fire.) The fire sliver should be obvious that it's the fire sliver, IE maybe it has a reddish hue, or its belly glows with a red heat. and all the other slivers upon seeing/sensing it all sudden puff out their chest which begins to glow with a pale but visible heat. This gives the party a chance to weaken them (like in a sliver deck vs critter destruction) and makes it a challenge if you throw a "brain" sliver (coordinates them perhaps?) to where they protect the fire sliver. If you need a reason for the party to come across them, when in doubt a wizard did it.

For greater Strength make one look ripped, for Dex, maybe make it thin and move in a way reminiscent of a sidewinder snake. or send one of each described and you have 3 very different looking creatures that seem to be mimicking the traits of each other. You can boaster your number's with "blank" slivers if you want the party to be able to remove a special ability while still keeping the danger on.

As for abilities of slivers here is a quick go at it;

Mana+/ Lifegain/Drawing, unless you have a Wizard/leader they are fighting with not much use, but if you had too, the Wizard could regain spells by sacrificing minions, or be healed, or something...

Flying: Flight speed 30/60 clumsy/good (this can be a party killer as making the party unable to escape is just plain mean >:3

+1's : Up con, AC, BaB, whatever suites your concept, just a numerical increase to something beneficial.
Shroud: Spell Resistance, normaly only for very high creature in d20

Destroy target permanent.": sliver suicide bombs

Whenever a Sliver deals damage, its controller gains that much life. Vampiric strike?

Flanking; Double flanking bonus, or gives bonuses to attacks of opportunity.

Double Strike: additional attack
First strike: reach attack, or increased range for attack of opportunity

Poisonous: just look at a CR appropriate creature

Slivers can't be blocked except by Slivers. Make them incorporeal, or have some kind of concealment.

haste: movement & initiative +

provoke: provokes PC, causing them to be vulnerable to an attack of opportunity

Protection <Color>: gain protection from a school of magic (player cast Fireball, Sliver reacts on its turn giving them bonuses vs the Evocation school of magic, would probably make this consistent per encounter)

Return this permanent to its owner's hand; if the number of each type of special sliver is limited, this lets them teleport away from the encounter, alternatively lets them "blink" around the battle field, perhaps as a Blink Dog.

Damage to target creature or player; Fire spitting sliver, or Ranged attack sliver.

Regenerate:As written, maybe fast heal as well.

absorb : DR/-

flash; slivers can teleport in >;3

Tap target permanent; trip attack

trample; bull-rush, maybe tack on a free grapple attempt, traditional trample is hard because slivers are normally presented to be medium sized creatures.

Cant be countered: abilities cannot be suppressed due to anti-magic fields, or the like.

I've attempted to make a campaign around this very idea, but my party died to quickly which is why i suggest putting in blanks in addition to the "power up" versions :smallbiggrin: