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2010-08-13, 07:32 AM
I'm currently in a game in which we are all playing the lowly slime. An ooze. Oozes have 1 in all stats except Int where they have 3. We have found some classes that work nicely without any stats but I find I'm lacking in fun feats to take so i have created some but need some help making sure they are not too strong for the level you can take them.

As a note Craft (body) is a new skill an ooze can use to help himself be something else.

Brigthly Colored ooze [Ooze trait]
You are brightly colored and unable to conceal yourself easily however this can be usefull in warding off prey.
Prerequisite: Ooze
Benifit: Creatures attacking you with natural weapons have a -1 to attack rolls.
Drawback: You take a -2 on hide checks

Chameleon Camouflage [Ooze feat]
You are able to control your coloring, changing to match your background.
Prerequisite: Ooze, Hide 4 ranks
Benifit: As long as you take no other action than a 5 foot step in a round you gain concealment and a +5 to hide checks.

Mitosis [Ooze feat]
You are able to split into two smaller versions of yourself. Although they are less capable.
Prerequisite: Ooze, Diminutive size or larger, Craft body X? ranks
Benifit: With a full round action you can split yourself into two smaller versions of yourself. The two halves are 1 size smaller than you and gain all the benifits and downfalls of their new size. They may each only take a standard action and loose the ability to use any spells or spell like abilities. Natural weapons and attacks are maintained however equipment may not be suited for use by the new smaller form. Each Ooze half has half your hitpoints, and you can form back together with a dead half in order to regain your normal form. Forming back together is a standard action for both halves. Any damage done while a split is carried over when you form back.

Ooze Swarm [Ooze feat]
You are able to split yourself into a swarm of Fine oozes
Prerequisite: Mitosis, small size or larger, Craft body Y? ranks
Benifit: With a full round actoun you can turn into a swarm of oozes, granting you the swarm template. You retain a hive mind like ability to control yourself. The swarm is considered 3 sizes smaller than you for the purpouse of score adjustments. You cannot use spells or spell like abilities while a swarm and may not use any equipment. Natural weapons and attacks deal double the previouse amount of damage dice. Forming back together is a full round action.
Drawbacks: You take the full damage energy based attacks unless you are completely immune to the energy type

Bodily Control [Ooze feat]
You are able to shape yourself with your will.
Prerequisite: Ooze
Benifit: You gain 1 extra skill point per level which must be placed into Craft (Body)
Special: If taken at 1st level you gain 4 skill points for that level instead of 1

Absorb [Ooze feat]
An Ooze may absorb magic items to make himself stronger
Prerequisite: Ooze, Control body 6 Ranks
This ability functions like the Ancestral Relic feat accept as noted. The bonuses from the feat may be spent either to improve an Oozes natural attacks or gelitan armour(consider the gelitan armour +0 ac wtih no check penilty or max dex). In addition an ooze does not have to spend time in prayer but simply consume the item for the length of time specified. An Ooze can only consume items of 1 size larger than them.