View Full Version : Brainstorm - Turning creatures into Vestiges?

2010-08-14, 12:23 PM
So, i had this idea where you could bind the spirits of animal ancestor spirit type things to gain power. The binder is a nifty class, i just find the abilities and stuff a little schizophrenic and it would take ages to reflavour...

So, I was thinking, "what if we could come up with a basic guideline method of [relatively] quickly turning a creature with a three line personality into a Vestige...

I don't know if this has been tried, but i do have a few thoughts, which are spoilered below so as not to contaminate any good ideas you guys might have:
Each vestige, for simplicity, ought to have 3-4 abilities.
One that is either 'at Will' or static [like fire resistance, say]
One that is activated, either at Will or once every five rounds, depending on its power
One that is similar to the above but functions only when the sign is shown
Possibly one other that requires the sign but may be permanent.

The simplest start point might be to assign "levels" to abilities like breathing fire and so on and use it as a buit and match type thing, for instance a level 1 spell might be reasonable as an "at Will" for a level 1 vestige while a level 2 might be a level 2 at will or a level 1 once every five rounds power...?

Comments and suggestions appreciated...