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2010-08-14, 10:00 PM
OK so I am somewhat new to the forum, and so far I have posted only one homebrew so I decided to dig through my scraps of homebrew (in a folder) and attempt to get some suggestions for it.

Ash of the Undead Oak

stats as a goblin except type becomes undead, only attack is slam +2 and 1d6 damage, environment becomes any, organisation becomes any Treasure becomes none, and advancement becomes none.

Also as a special quality they may emit some of the ash of which they are comprised inflicting 1 negative energy damage in a 50' radius and adding one damage to the next ash emission of other Ash of the undead in the area.

They may only stay out of their ash pit for one day at a time without harmlessly drifting away in the air.

Assume they enter combat with no damage bonus.

Pit burner [Epic spell]
spellcraft DC: 200
Target: touched plot of land
Effect: The ground sinks in a 10' by 10' square 10' deep, and instantly fills with a crackling blaze. Every fire elemental that enters this pit is trapped within, and as firewood is added and ash cumulates Ash of the Undead Oak form within Interdemensional space in the pit and the fire elementals begin loosing HP at a rate of 10 per Ash of the Undead Oak created. Ash of the Undead oak can't be created if there is a total of less than 10 HP of fire elementals trapped in the pit.

This spell also creates a dagger which when slashed through air can summon any number of the inter-dimensionally stored Ash of the Undead Oak as it's wielder desires.

So any advice on it?

2010-08-15, 01:24 AM
Sounds like a homebrew that a campaign would be based on, because from where it stands fire elementals take 10 damage per... whenever, as long as they are in the pit, and the knife can create infinite oak ash at a time so that'd pretty obviously be a relic.

2010-08-15, 08:17 AM
yah it would either be the basis of a campaign it's self, or perhaps at Epic levels The party could end up having to fight one battle of a war or something. I forgot to say in my initial post is that rather than using the challenge rating system to determine XP gain one simply gains 200XP for each one killed, and the fire elementals in the pit don't recover lost HP. This leaves the caster in need of forcing/tricking/summoning Elementals as frequently as he/she intends to make Ash of the Undead Oak

I don't think this is too outrageous If we consider that a group can deal up to 10,000 damage per a turn max, assuming that they don't form a mob or the such in which they close together, and an individual only dose 1 (total/turn), 2 dose 4, 3 dose 9, and you can work out the rest.

This race was primarily destined to be a group of small things that can give any level party a run for their money, using an ability which helps them, and hurts enemies.

Also I was considering going with an older add on which was never finalized, in that perhaps they gain some temporary HP from this negative energy attack. perhaps limiting it at +2 per Ash of the Undead Oak in the area of the ash cloud. this would prevent Epic campaigns from simply dropping two fireballs and a cloudkill before even getting in range of the ash. Also perhaps a swarming ability (up to 3 can occupy one space)?

2010-08-15, 01:10 PM
A monster good vs all levels would be:
HP: dies when you feel like it
AC: enough to be entertaining
Base Speed: Faster than the characters when escaping, slower than them when chasing
BAB: Relative to it's weapon's nastiness

just blackscreen it and use intuition, if you are still new to DMing then you shouldn't be using homebrew!

2010-08-15, 01:20 PM
Perhaps, but one who's CR is relative to it's numbers is good enough for me. :smallsmile: