View Full Version : [Exalted] Is "Be Famous" A Valid Cecelynian Urge?

2010-08-15, 09:42 PM
Well, actually it's phrased "Be beloved by mortals, preferably through the granting of wishes" but:

Is an instinctive craving for social attention and friends under the general domain of "the Urge to Dominate"?

2010-08-15, 10:32 PM
Warning: Does not play or know Exalted.

I'd phrase it more "wants other people to need him/her"--focusing on the power part of fame, if you want/need to be dominating-ish.

2010-08-16, 10:40 AM
To the poster above me, that is not exactly how an Urge works, an Urge is a goal of some sort inside a specific theme. In this case Cecelynian: The Urge to Dominate.

To the original poster, I would say it is more Adorjani than Cecelynian. Also I would phrase it more like this: "Gain the love and adulation of mortals through the granting of their wishes."

Yuki Akuma
2010-08-16, 10:46 AM
I agree with Sanguine, except I'd spell it "their". :smallwink:

2010-08-16, 10:59 AM
I agree with Sanguine, except I'd spell it "their". :smallwink:

Woops :smallredface: