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Lord Vukodlak
2010-08-17, 04:36 AM
These are probably one of the creatures my group fears the most. They can strike quickly make a full attack then retreat to a considerable distance. Even without their fearsome dimensional jump ability they are still quite fast and could retreat dispel a dimensional anchor then return to the fight.

Dimensional Shredder
Large Outsider (extraplanar, psionic)
Hit Dice: 16d8+112 (184 hp)
Initiative: +12 (+8 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 50 ft, Climb 50ft,
Armor Class:32 (+8 Dex, -1 size,, +11 Armor, +4 Natural), flat-foot 24, Touch 21
Base Attack/Grapple +16/+24
Attack: Claw +23(29) Melee (1d8+4/19-20x2) or Bite +18(24) Melee (1d4+2 plus poison)
Full Attacks: 4 Claws +23(29) Melee (1d8+4/19-20x2), and bite +18(24) Melee (1d6+2 plus poison)
()* Denotes attack bonus with Precognition, Offensive active.
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Dimensonal Jump Psi-Like Abilities,
Rend (see text), Poison, Lifesense 120ft
Special Qualities: DR 10/lawful, immunity to electricity and poison, spell resistance 26,
Saves: Fort +18, Ref +20, Will +15
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 26, Con 22, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 18
Skill: Climb+31, Jump+31, Move Silently+28, Hide+24, Survival+21, Knowledge the Planes+21, Spot+21, Listen+21, Search+21, SpellCraft+21
Weapon Finess(b), Improved Initiative(b), Imp Natural Attack: Claw, Improved Critical: Claw. Ability Focus: Posion, Improved Toughness Power Attack, Track
Challenge Rating: 14
Organization:Solitary or pack (2-4)
Alignment: always chaotic evil
Treasure: Standard.
*An Astral Shredders claws count as magic and chaotic weapons for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Astral Shredders appear as large gangly humanoid like creatures with four arms that end in razor sharp claws. Their faces are sunken and skeletal like with razor sharp fangs dripping a blue poison. Despite there size they are highly agile running across the ground on all six limbs at lightning speed before leaping upon their victims to rend and devour their flesh.
They delight in the hunt and the kill and come to the material plane only to feed

Poison (Su): The Dimensional Shredder's bite carries an unusual magical poison
Injury: Fortitude DC 26; The creature is slowed as if by the spell slow for 2d4 minutes.
Secondary effect: None.
The DC is con based.

Dimensional Jump(Sp): Once per round as free action[yes free] a Astral Shredder can instantly transfer it self from its current location to any other spot within range of 60ft. It can bring along possessions that amount to as much as a medium load but not additional creatures. This power is equivalent to a 9th level spell.

Rend (Ex): An Astral Shredder that hits with both claw attacks, it latches onto the opponent’s body and tears the flesh. This attack automatically deals an additional 2d8+6 points of damage. If three claws connect this damage increases to 3d8+9 if all four claws connect this becomes 4d8+12.

Psi-Like Abilities(Sp): ML 16th.
At—will, Precognition, Offensive (+6 insight to attack rolls), Inertial Armor (+11 AC), Claws of the vampire, Mind Thrust DC 22 (16d10 damage), Dispel Psionics, Evade Burst,
3/day— Body Adjustment (5d12), Ultrablast (16d6) DC 21, Psionic Blast DC 22 (6 rounds)
1/day— Energy Adaptation, plane shift, psionic,
*Augmentations for manifester level included.