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2010-08-18, 01:40 PM
In a campaign I plan on starting shortly the PC's will be on the very loose quest of gathering together then scattered pieces of an ancient staff said to be used in the creation of the world (blah blah blah, fluff fluff fluff) and I am having trouble deciding what stats and abilites said staff will have when they finally assemble it.

I don't have it all worked out as this idea recently hit me but-
The Staff of Alue was once wielded by the great titans, slaves of the gods tasked with creating and shaping the world. The Staff was given to them with the purpose of creating and maintaining balance amonst all livings things, as well as the world itself. Though there lifespan was great, the titans did begin to grow old, and they themselves feared the day that a mortal being should find the staff amongst there bones, or worse, it being taken by the forces of evil. With this they split the staff into nine pieces and scattered them to the winds, and though tales of the staffs great power exist today, all are positive they are just a tale for children.

2010-08-18, 01:55 PM
What's the staff's fluff? I mean, what is it used for in the story?

2010-08-18, 02:06 PM
Added the fluff I have so far to the origional post, as well I should mention that the game will be ran in 3.5

2010-08-18, 02:10 PM
Sounds suspiciously like the Rod of Seven Parts. Maybe just look that up (i think it's in the Arms and Equipment Guide) and maybe repower it a bit if you don't want so much Law flavor. But the power level of the parts and the whole could serve as a guide.

2010-08-18, 02:12 PM
Yeah I figured that there must be something out there that would be similar, its such a recycled idea and all. Thanks

2010-08-18, 04:33 PM
I can give this a shot. OK, so it's an artifact. It's in 9 pieces. It's superficially similar to the Rod of 7 parts, but the whole 'put it together wrong and it disappears' bit may be a bit against what you want.

Well, my first though is: Hey, it's in 9 parts. There are 9 levels of spell. Maybe if you have more parts, you can use better spells?

So, first we take a concept: Each section of rod is attuned to one idea/concept/element. Each piece of the rod can also be used 1/day, or provides 1 charge to another piece of the rod, allowing the other piece to cast a bigger/better/extra spell.

So, here's the big picture: Each piece of the rod is attuned to one clerical domain. On a whim, I'll say that the pieces are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Good, Evil, Order, Chaos, Travel(Space). Each piece of rod gets 1 charge per day. Each piece of rod grants the user the benefit of that domain while they are holding it, plus you may spend any number of charges as a standard action to use the spell of equal level from any of the domains available - either you get 1 spell/day of a level equal to the number of pieces you have, or you get more spells of lower level. Once the whole staff is assembled, you get access to a 10th domain (luck, i.e. fate). If you don't think that's powerful enough for a artifact, let me remind you that the 9th level domain spell of the luck domain is Miracle, the divine equivalent of Wish. Which the wielder of the staff can use 1/day without XP cost. Yeah.

Sound like a worthy artifact?

Hope that helps.

2010-08-18, 08:18 PM
Kestrel, I must say, you are a genius- I love that the concept of tying the rod to clerical domains!

That also gives me an excuse to tie the campaign world to 9 vastly different areas for dungeons

2010-08-19, 05:01 PM
Quick update if anyone is actually interested in this progress haha

Now I am thinking of creating some situations in which this super artifact becomes inert, sort of a twist to keep the players on their toes to so speak... not sure how I am going to achieve that though

2010-08-19, 05:35 PM
how about, the good/ evil sections don't work (contribute their charge) in desecrated/ consecrated zones? could you homebrew versions of those spells (for npc/ story/ DM's use only) with the other domains?

2010-08-19, 05:45 PM
That could work, or perhaps since it is such a powerful item, it in fact fizzles the charge(s) spent, but removes that effect, maintaining balance.