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2010-08-19, 07:13 AM
i have revised and updated my RPG (the original thread died).
i need to come up with a name suggestions?

1. Index:
1. Index
2. Equipment
3. Hex System
4. Alignment System
5. Tier System
6. XP
7. Races
8. Feats
9. Resistances
10. Character Creation
11. Turn-Based Combat
12. Dice
13. Gods
14. Stances
15. Force/Fear
16. Magic
17. Praying
18. Weapons
19. Example of Combat
20. NPC Races (Monsters) and Tiers
21. Sample Monsters
22. Miscellaneous Rules

2. Equipment needed to play: This post, Random number generator or set of dice, Character sheet, Calculator and 1 Notepad per person.

3. Hex system:
My RPG works on a Hex system.

4. Alignment System:
I got the idea from here.
There are 5 alignment types: White, Black, Blue, Red and Green. At character creation choose 1 alignment. Every alignment has a code of conduct (“Morals”). When you die your actions are measured against those tenets to see if you go to heaven or hell.
White: Community, Conformity, Similarity etc. Tenets: always agree with group, NEVER disobey the law, use peer pressure as a tool.
Black: Survivor, Loner, Selfish etc. Tenets: always look out for yourself before anyone else, NEVER put the group first, and believe you are the most important person in the room no matter what.
Blue: Calculating, Clear-headed, Clear-cut. Tenets: always think things through logically, NEVER charge in without thinking, and analyse everything the enemy does.
Red: Hot-Head, Short fuse, Aggro etc. Tenets: always charge in recklessly, NEVER take time to think things through, remain in a constant emotional (extreme anger, sadness, grief, happiness etc) state.
Green: Tree-Huggers, Greenies, Hippies etc. Tenets: always try to maintain a balance in nature wherever you go, NEVER voluntarily disrupt the balance of nature, remove abominations and outsiders from the natural surroundings whenever possible.

5. Tier System:
Tiers replace classes, ability scores and levels from D&D.
There are 4 Tier levels: Character (TierC), Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3:
Character is how powerful your Character/Creature is. Example: 5, 3 etc. every time this levels up you gain 12 HP+ Racial, Feat etc Modifiers.
Tier1’s are general things. Example: Mind, Divine, Martial, Magic etc.
Tier2’s are specific things. Example: Necromancy or Elemental Magic.
Tier3’s are very specific things. Example: Fire or Ice Elemental Magic.

List of Tiers (not including Racial Tiers):
Character TierC

Magic Tier1
Might Tier1
Divine Tier1
Social Tier1


Elemental Tier2 (magic)
Necromancy Tier2 (magic)
Divination Tier2 (magic)
Summoning Tier2 (magic)
Ranged Tier2 (might)
Sneaky Tier2 (might)
Close Combat-Heavy Tier2 (might)
Close Combat-Light Tier2 (might)
Blue Gods* Tier2 (divine)
White Gods* Tier2 (divine)
Black Gods* Tier2 (divine)
Green Gods* Tier2 (divine)
Red Gods* Tier2 (divine)
Intimidate Tier2 (social)
Bluff Tier2 (social)
Coerce Tier2 (social)
Bargain Tier2 (social)
*you can only choose 1 of these.
*I decided to use the Colour alignment system found here.

Tier3s (magic):
Fire Tier3 (elemental)
Ice Tier3 (elemental)
Positive Energy Tier3 (elemental)
Negative Energy Tier3 (elemental)
Control Other Undead Tier3 (necromancy)
Raise Undead Tier3 (necromancy)
Death Spells Tier3 (necromancy)
Life Spells Tier3 (necromancy)
See Stat/Alignment Tier3 (divination)
See Location/Person Tier3 (divination)
The Past Tier3 (divination)
The Future Tier3 (divination)
Summon Combat-Creature Tier3 (summoning)
Summon Stat-Boost Creature Tier3 (summoning)
Summon Party Member Tier3 (summoning)

Tier3s (Might):

Bows/Slings Tier3 (ranged)
Daggers/Small combat weapons Tier3 (ranged)
Unnoticed Tier3 (sneaky)
Ranged Tier3 (sneaky)
Close-Combat Tier3 (sneaky)
Sword-and-shield style Tier3 (close combat-heavy)
Giant-Sword style Tier3 (close combat-heavy)
Two-Sword style Tier3 (close combat-heavy)
Evasive style Tier3 (close combat-light)
Two-Dagger style Tier3 (close combat-light)
Teamwork style Tier3 (close combat-light)
1-Sword style Tier3 (close combat-light)

Tier3s (divine):

Add gods here

Tier3s (social)

Stand Over Tier3 (intimidate)
“Accidentally” Break Something Tier3 (intimidate)
Outrageous Lies Tier3 (bluff)
Convincing Lies Tier3 (bluff)
Charismatic Speech Tier3 (coerce)
Appeal to Humanity Tier3 (coerce)
Point out Flaws Tier3 (bargain)
Haggle Tier3 (bargain)

Tier3s (Character)

Climb Tier* (Character)
Speed Tier* (Character)
Forge Things Tier* (Character)
Climb Repeatedly Tier* (Character)
Marathon Running Tier* (Character)
Forge Things Repeatedly Tier* (Character)
* Treated as Tier1 for XP and Character level up but T3 for Feats and other things.

6. XP:
XP is gained when you use abilities in that Tier (Example: Dave casts Fireball. {Dave gains 2 XP in Character, Magic, Elemental and Fire}).
Character: Character levels up when you level up a Tier 1.
Tier1: Tier1’s usually Level Up when you get to 60 (insert name here) XP points (the Feat/Skill must have the Tier‘s name in its Keyword {Example: Fireball has Magic as it’s Tier3 Keyword so Magic gets XP when it’s cast}). (Specific Tiers may need more or less XP to Level Up).
Tier2: see Tier1 except replace 60 (insert name here) XP with 40 (insert name here) XP.
Tier3: see Tier1 except replace 60 (insert name here) XP with 20 (insert name here) XP.

Gaining XP:
every time you do something successfully you gain 2 XP (some Feats {like all Passive Feats} reward things differently. Check the Alternate XP Rewards section in the Feats description) if you fail while trying to use something (except Mistake) roll a D4 on a 1-2 you get 0 XP, on a 3-4 you get 1 XP (this represents you learning from your failures).

Levelling Up:
when you gain a level (see above for how) you gain 10 (insert Tier here) points to spend on:
1. Buy more XP for a lower Tier (Example: Dave spends 1 Magic point to gain 4 Elemental XP (must be connected, Might can‘t add XP to Elemental)
2. Buy another Tier (Example: Dave spends 5 Magic points to buy Necromancy {Tier2 Magic}). (You can buy new Tiers with multiple levels {Example: Dave spends 3 Magic points to buy 3/5 Necromancy. At the next Magic level Dave spends 2 Magic points to buy Necromancy}).
3. Buy new Feats/Skills (Character, Tier1 and Tier2 have some Feats to buy) (TierC-2 have 1 spell of their own but they can buy ‘Meta’ Feats for Tiers and Sub-Tiers (Fire is a Sub-Tier to Elemental, Magic and Character). (Example: Dave spends 1 Might point to buy +5 to hit with Long-sword and Short-sword but not Great-sword) (Tier3 has most of the Feats/Spells).
4. Upgrade Existing Spells/Feats (you must have used the Feat at least once after your last Upgrade) (to add-on too the previous Example: At the next Might level Dave spends 1 Might to turn his +5 to hit with a Long-sword and Short-sword into a +10 to hit with a Long-sword and Short-sword).

Levelling Up your Feats/Spells

Essentially Feat/Spell specific Meta-Feat/Spells. These can turn your 2D6+6 Fireball can turn into a 12D6+18 Fireball. It just requires (A LOT) of practice. Every time you cast a spell you can say which part you want to improve (Range, Auto-Damage, variable Damage (D6 etc) and Overcome Resistance etc). But this comes at a cost; every Meta-Feat/Spell you attempt to learn adds -10 to your roll. Every time you successfully cast the spell it is cast with ½ the upgrade and you learn 1/10 of the Meta-Feat/Spell. If you roll a natural 100 you automatically learn the Meta-Feat/Spell. {Example: Dave Casts Fireball (-5 To Hit anyway) with Meta-Spell (Add 2D6 Damage). To cast Fireball he needs to get a 65 or more, he has already cast it 4 times before so he already knows 4/10 of the spell needed. He rolls a perfect 100! So he auto learns the Meta-spell. Because he was still learning when he cast the spell though he only adds 1D6 (1/2 the increase) to his damage roll instead of the 2D6 increase he will get the next time he casts Fireball.} you can learn the same Meta-Feat/Spell 20 times per spell (so Dave can only increase his fireball damage 20 times before stopping but he can increase the range on the fireball or increase damage on another spell).

7. Races:
Elves: stupid tree hugging fools -dwarf. Most of these lithe, graceful creatures live in the woods and don’t make contact with the outside world. Some though are more adventurous, leaving the safety of the woods and colonizing nearby plains. Entire Elven kingdoms have sprung up all over the place. It is generally these adventurous ones who mingle with humans and cause Half-Elves. They live about 1000 years, weigh 50-60Kg and are 185-215cm tall. -2HP at Character level up. They are generally the scouts or messengers in an army.
Half-Elves: *swoon* -a gaggle of women upon seeing the Half-Elf Bard. The offspring of an elf and human, these half-elves are a common enough sight near any medium sized wood. They are the most likely out of all the races to go on an adventure (except Kender but Half-elves run a very close second). They can be roped into anything if you mention the word adventure. Funnily enough Humans are more trusting with Half-Elves than Full-Elves AND Humans (combined in some cases). You will usually find them as 2nd in command of anything- armies, bandit parties etc. they are also regularly employed as advisors to kings and queens. They live about 600 years, weigh 60-70Kg and are about 175-195cm tall. +0HP at Character level up. They are generally the 2nd-in-command of anything (Unit, Mission, Team, Army etc).
Humans: a Fighter, a Cleric and a Rogue walk into a bar… -Bard. I think we all know who humans are. They live 80 years, weigh 70-90Kg and are 170-185cm tall. +0HP at Character level up. They are generally the standard troop in armies, though they can fit anywhere.
Dragon-Born: I have never seen such an honourable lizard! –human. They are the descendants of dragons. They are smart, honourable and won’t go chasing after a fleeing army, preferring them to live with the fact they retreated than end their time on this world prematurely. They live 100 years, weigh 80-100Kg and are 175-185cm tall. +2HP at Character level up. These scaly skinned creatures are the knights of the army.
Half-Orcs: THOG HUNGRY -Thog the half-orc from OOTS. Not the most common sight but more common than their Brutish ancestors. They live 75 years, weigh 90-110Kg and are 190-200cm tall. +2HP at Character level up. They are generally found in the Bezerker unit (though some do become sorcerers) of the army because they won’t go Bezerk too soon but when they do….
Orcs: …and this is what’s left of the city hall –a Tour Guide pointing to a small mound of rubble and dust after an Orcish Barbarian Horde went through a city. Not generally found outside of the wilds but sometimes the more intelligent (by Orcish standards) figure out that bounties=money and money can buy good cooked food. They live around 40 years (due to infighting), weigh 100-120Kg and are 200-210cm tall. +4HP at Character level up. They would generally rather be the invading Barbarian Horde than be in an army.
Dwarves: Surly Clannish Bastar*s –Elf. More common than Orcs and Elves but not by much, these reclusive creatures prefer to stay inside their giant stone keeps than go outside. Sometimes their god wills it or they are banished (or they leave voluntarily {HIGHLY unlikely}) and they go. As they leave their keep they notice all the beauty of nature and some don’t ever want to go back. These Dwarves are generally the instigator of Half-Dwarves and Elf-Dwarves. They live around 300 years, weigh 50Kg and are 90-110cm tall. +3HP at Character level up. They are generally the Front-line troops in armies.
Half-Dwarves: they’re crazy!! Absolutely crazy!! –anyone except half-dwarves. These half-dwarves are generally thought to be just like their Dwarven Ancestors; Surly and Clannish. They couldn’t be more wrong, they are almost anti-clan. They dislike groups based on Family; instead they prefer groups based on Friends. They believe that one parent should look after a child (mum if girl, dad if boy) along with their friends. Due to this a Half-Dwarf has no contact with his family unless they are friends with the Half-Dwarf or have mutual friends. A Half-Dwarf can spend 100 years without knowing it is an orphan or has a Brother/Sister. They live for 200 years, weigh 70-80Kg and are 130-150cm tall. +2HP at Character level up. See Human for Army position.
Elf-Dwarves: The elven wizard and the dwarven cleric did what behind the bushes! –human. Formed from the union of an elf and a dwarf this child is forever confused about which Pantheon to follow. None of the gods have elf-dwarves in their portfolio and none want to lay claim to them (godly-politics). If an elf-dwarf breeds with any other creature (elf, dwarf, orc etc) the child is still an elf-dwarf. They look like slightly smaller, bulkier versions of Elves with Dwarven faces and beards. They live for 700 years, weigh 50-60Kg and are 170-180cm tall. +1HP at Character level up. Either an Elf’s or a Dwarf’s position in the army.
Aasimar: …and he appeared in a swath of holy light and crushed the monsters with his mighty blade –Excerpt from the legend of Zon the Aasimar. These are descended from the very gods (Good and Evil) themselves. A god has the ability to turn into any race (elf, orc, elf-dwarf etc) (except Batnian). If a child results from the god’s ‘meddling’ then it and its descendants will be Aasimar. An Aasimar (regardless of who the non-god parent was) looks like a Half-Elf. Some Half-Elves have been confused with Aasimar and vice versa. They live 100 years, weigh the same as humans and are as tall as Half-Elves. +1HP at Character level up. Knights, Casters or Front-line troops.
Tieflings: Infernal People resulting from an ancestor’s deal with devils or demons –a university teacher. Tiefling’s ancestors made a deal with demons (or devils) for more power, wealth etc. those ancestors offered their descendant’s purity as their half of the deal. Everyone who can show a direct bloodline to any of those people have reddish skin. They also have at least one of the following: horns, fangs, tail, demonic voice and completely black eyes. Tieflings live until killed (they usually die before their 200th birthday so we don’t actually know if they can die naturally), don’t seem to age past their 20th year (no real change at all to figure out age) and are the same height and weight as humans. +1HP at Character level up. Most armies don’t even let Tieflings join (curses and the misconception they are all evil).
Belkans: I am a sexy shoeless god of war!!! –Belkar from OOTS. Halflings are blood-thirsty little mongrels (basically Belkar from OOTS is almost normal compared to these Bastar*s), they thrive on violence against Sentient beings yet are strangely fond of Non-Sentient beings. They will kill any Sentient or Semi-Sentient thing just because they can, but will gladly give up their life for a single Non-Sentient. They are 110-130cm tall, weigh 45-65cm and should live 100 years (if other Belkans don’t kill them, they will be executed). Belkans can’t have blonde hair. You think they can just join the army with a criminal record?
Kender: the only good Kender I saw was a dead one! –annoyed city watchman. Kender are easy-going as a race, always travelling and adventuring. They take no notice of ownership, theirs or others. They are very curious (Kender are the most likely to die of curiosity and the second most likely to be executed {Belkans steal first place}), most inns and taverns in cities will refuse Kender despite the fact they will pay simply because the Kender will “find” more money and items than the cost of the stay is. Kender look remarkably like Belkans (minus the murderous glint in their eye and animal companion) except all Kender are blonde and Belkans can’t be blonde. Some Kender have taken to shaving off their hair and getting a pet just to have a place to sleep in the city. Kender aren’t fighters, can’t be locked up long enough to throw them at the advancing army (or defending army as the case may be) and steal valuable maps, plans, armour/weapons etc.
Descendants of the Magic: They are fluid like a river yet solid as a rock –Unknown Biologist. Near the beginning of the universe the God of Powers (Arcanum) was young and in-experienced with his Powers. The other Gods were concerned with this and set up a series of tests for him to better know his powers; unfortunately one of the tests was created wrong. Some of his power leaked out and fell into Reality. Some of it fused with the Laws of Reality and created Arcane Magic as we know it but the rest fused with Life itself and created the first Descendants. Arcanum was so ashamed with what had happened he tried to become Mortal to join the Imperfect Creations for that, he thought, was all he was good for. The other Gods talked him out of it and convinced him to become the God of Arcane Magic and the Descendants instead.
A Descendant is never truly a Creation like Humans and Elves though that is what they always aspire to be. A Descendant seeks Life wherever it takes them, always looking for a way to fully Descend into Life rather than Ascend into Magic. Sometimes they can’t comprehend why people seem to seek death (War, Hunting etc) yet they know it is that which makes them so full of Life and so follows them seeking the same experiences (Party Hook). A Descendants’ features are never quite solid, never quite real from one moment to the next. Every Descendant looks Fluid and less than Real, yet that is the only thing similar about all of them (except they are all awesome at Magic); they can be as small as a Halfling or as tall as a Giant, they can be as Charismatic as a Half-Elf Rogue or as Socially Awkward as a Half-Orc Barbarian, as Strong as an Ox or as weak as a Sorcerer. They are 100-240cm tall, weigh between 10Kg-130Kg and they live for thousands of years. They are generally the Casters in the Army.
Batnians: *Faint* -lady upon seeing a Batnian’s normal form. Batnians are so big I put it in a spoiler:
Batnians were originally just giant bats with a hive mentality (and giant teeth, claws etc). Then a Necromancer decided to change them and create the perfect army, a race of beings completely devoted to him and able to cast Spells. At first it went well, he made them Magical by feeding them the Magically-Charged Bones of creatures. Then he gave them the ability to transform into a human-like creature with wings and back again. Unfortunately at this point it started to go wrong. When the Necromancer was out a female Batnian found a pile of bones and gorged on them (because they now needed Bones and nothing else) with every Bone she consumed she became smarter until suddenly she underwent metamorphosis into the first Queen Batnian. This Queen was fully intelligent and all the other Batnians, due to their hive mentality, immediately bowed down to her. When the Necromancer got back he found a surprise waiting for him. His bones were used to sate the first eggs that would hatch into intelligent Batnians. If a Batnian has not got a Bone in his stomach at sundown it will become Feral and attack everything until it either finds another Feral Batnian (then they make a Pack like the original Batnians), it is killed or it starves (2 weeks since a Bone). A Batnian can hold 5 Bones in its stomach and at sundown 1 is consumed. Batnians get 20 bones in their inventory at creation and since Batnians are widespread most towns have a store with Bones (entire species are bred just for Batnians) which cost 2 CP each (average). Batnians can’t breed with other creatures or Gods and only Queens can lay eggs (5-10 per laying) Eggs leech Bone energy from their surroundings so are usually placed together in a nest of bones and are isolated from normal Batnians.
Queen Batnians:
Queens are Female Batnians who consume 50 Bones over 10 days. When a Female wants to become a Queen she must gather Male supporters to gather the Bones and support her claim to Territory. When a Female becomes a Queen or a Queen encroaches on another’s territory they must either fight the current Queen or move somewhere else (most new Queens move somewhere else and take their Male supporters along with them). If a Queen doesn’t have any supporters then she loses all claims to Territory and must gather supporters from other Queens or Batnian adventurers. Every Male supporter entitles a Queen to 1 square Kilometre of land (please note that Territory can be within other Races Kingdoms because they still follow the rules of that kingdom and they don’t have wars only Queen Duels to the Death).
Queen Duels are like regular Duels except it is to 5 wins, Queens aren’t pushed back and the Duel starts again until one or the other dies. When a Queen falls in a Queen Duel it is Customary for the old Queen’s supporters to support the new Queen. Territory claims are all or nothing: if there is a dispute about even 1 square kilometre between 2 Queens then the Duel for all the land both of them own or give up that square kilometre to the other Queen (this may cause supporters to leave the Queen making them lose more land).

Batnians have an innate sense of distance and direction. If a Batnian has travelled somewhere before or knows roughly where it is they can lead you to it. This makes them excellent Tour Guides and Scouts; unfortunately this makes them susceptible to Madness when the landscape changes (like in Limbo or the Elemental Chaos) as the new map and the old map stay imprinted in their minds. These Maps cannot be wiped in a Mind-Wipe. They may not remember where the Map is for but it is there all the same. When a Mind-Wiped Batnian visit’s a place it went before it was wiped it may overcome the Wipe.
Batnians have 2 Different Forms they can take (it takes a full Turn to Transform). The Original Form is what the Batnians looked like before the Necromancer meddled. Batnians have a +10 to Intimidate when in this Form. Some Batnians refuse to leave this Form saying that the other form is unnatural and evil.
Normal/Human Form: Most Batnians remain in this form when around members of other races as they seem to like it better. In this form Batnians look remarkably like Half-Elves (with giant bat wings sprouting from their back), Due to this Batnians get a +10 to Social Checks (except Intimidate) when in this Form.

Death Rites:
If a Queen Batnian dies naturally (very rare) all the meat is stripped of her Bones and cremated, the stripped Bones are shared between Her 3 Male advisors to be given their next Queen or consumed by them. If a Queen Batnian dies in a Duel the Bones go to the Victor (along with the dead Queens Bone reserves) When a Female Batnian dies the Meat is sold (it’s apparently a delicacy) and the Bones are given to any remaining Male brothers of the same laying, if none can be found the Bones go to the Queen who hatched the Female (the Laying Queen) (or the Queens killer {or her killer and so on [records are kept!]}). If a Male Batnian dies the Meat is sold and his Bones go to his current Queen (if he is an adventurer it goes to his Laying Queen {or her killer etc}), if no-one can identify the body the Bones go to the finder (Batnian or otherwise) to sell or consume.

Social Hierarchy:
3 Male advisors (Territory, Bones and Supporters in that order)
Males (because they are Supporters)
Females (Potential Threats, Usurpers and Support-Stealers)

They live for 150 years (Queens live 400), weigh 100-120Kg and are 190-210cm tall. +3HP at Character level up. Most Batnians aren’t actually citizens in the kingdom they live in so they can’t join the army.

Racial Abilities:
at Character Creation you have 2 points to spend on the following:
Elven Accuracy (+5 to hit with a Bow)
Elven Magics (+5 to cast a spell with {insert Tier2 Magic here} as a keyword) Elven Ambidexterity (+5 to hit with dual-weapons)
Elven Grace (+5 to Social checks).
Elven Heritage (can get 1 Elven Racial Ability)
Human Heritage (can get 1 Human Racial Ability)
Quick To Master (at creation choose another Tier1, 2 and 3 or level a Tier up for free) (costs 2 Ability Points)
Magically Gifted (+2 to cast all spells)
Inclined to Conflict (+5 to hit with {insert 2 weapon types or attacks here}).
Dragon Breath (Gains the Dragon Breath ability)
Scaly Skin (-5 on Opponents To Hit roll {stays even when you lose a Duel}
Dragon’s Claws (can’t be taken twice) (gains Dragon Claws as a natural weapon)
Dragon’s Might (+5 to hit with {insert 2 weapons here}).
Half-Orc: (Half-Orcs can get Feats with Orc or Human as a Pre-requisite unless stated otherwise) (Can’t use Magic).
Human Magic (allows Half-Orc to become a caster) (can take again for a +5 to (insert Tier2 Magic here)
Orcish Heritage (can get 1 Orcish Ability {Orcish Might is only half-power})
Human Heritage (can choose 1 Human Ability)
Orc: (Can’t use Magic).
Orcish Might (+10 to hit with all melee weapons)
Orcish Shaman (See Racial Tiers)
Brute (+5 to intimidate).
Rock Solid (can’t be taken twice) (when you are pushed backwards against your will make a check+20 to stay where you are {this applies to everything including Spells, Feats and Duels})
Stone-cunning (+10 to Search checks when inside)
Dwarven Warhammer training (+5 to hit with a Warhammer)
Born wearing armour (-5 to your Opponents To Hit roll when you are wearing armour {stacks with the normal armour bonus}).
Half-Dwarf: (Half-Dwarves can get Feats with Dwarf or Human as a Pre-requisite).
Dwarven Heritage (can get one Dwarven Ability)
Human Heritage (can get one Human Ability)
Best of Both Worlds (+5 starting XP on the Tiers you have) (costs 2 Racial Points)
Elf-Dwarf: (Elf-Dwarves can get Feats with Dwarf or Elf as a Pre-requisite unless stated otherwise) (can‘t get Divine) (+5 to (insert Tier2 magic here).
Graceful Mountain (can move +1 hexes a round and Opponents get a -5 to hit when the Elf-Dwarf didn’t move the turn before)
Dwarven Heritage (can get one Dwarven Ability)
Elven Heritage (can get one Elven Ability)
Where did s/he go? (+10 to Hide, Move silently etc checks).
Aasimar: (+5 to Divine OR Magic checks).
Holy Eyes (you can see in Blinding Light OR Total Darkness as if it’s Normal Daylight) (can take twice for both)
Holy Hands (can only be taken once) (gain Holy Hands Feat).
Divine Might (+5 to all Might checks)
Divine Prayer (+5 to all Prayers)
Divine Magic (+5 to all Spells)
Tieflings: (People distrust you: -10 to Diplomacy checks if they can see you or know you are a Tiefling).
Infernal Pact (+5 to all Prayers OR Spells OR Might checks)
Dexterous Tail (you must have a tail) (you can make a free action at any time {Max. one per round} with a weapon equipped to the tail as if you had attacked normally {note: this doesn’t count as wielding 2 weapons if you have a weapon equipped to any other part of your body} {you can attack with this even if wielding a bow or any other two-handed weapon})
Rams Horns (you must have horns) (+10 To Hit with a charging attack)
See in all light (you must have completely black eyes) (you treat all light as if it is normal sunlight in regards to vision {even magical darkness or holy light})
Belkans: (Gain an animal companion) (cannot have the White or Blue alignment) (Must make a check +0 to attack a Non-Sentient animal {wolf, bird, cat etc} if it hasn’t done more than 6 Damage) (-10 to convince a city watchmen/cop/warden you are innocent).
Shoeless God Of War (when not wearing shoes gain +5 To Hit and +3Damage)
“Good” Karmic Retribution (when you do something good that involves killing someone +10 on all checks OR double XP for the rest of the Encounter (2 Hours if not in an Encounter) (“hmm I’ve never had Karma work in my favour before” -Belkar)
Murderous Intent (gain Rage Feat)
Ring of Jumping +20 (+20 to all checks involving jumping)
Double Weapons of Death (gains Mastery of every weapon when wielding 2 of them) (ignores Height requirement and Minimum to use without Penalty requirements of all weapons EXCEPT heavy weapons)
Kender: (must make a check +0 to get a room in an inn or enter a tavern).
Wandering Hands (gain the Wandering Hands Background Feat)
Natural lockpicker (always has an infinite number of lockpicks, if you are searched and all lockpicks taken, you have 2 until you go buy more or find you old ones, +10 to Open Lock checks when using lockpicks {on a critical fail the lockpick breaks})
Completely Innocent (+10 to diplomacy checks when you haven’t committed a crime {GM’s discretion} in the past 2 game hours)
Descendants: (+5 to all Magic checks) (1/2 falling damage).
Fluid Movement (+1 Hex movement per Round)
Infused with Magic (+10 to all Magic checks)
Accidental Creation (can make a save check +10 {separate to other checks} on all Destruction/Uncreate/Soul-steal Spell/Prayer)
Batnians: (need to consume 1 Bone of a Magic-Able Race once a day) (+10 to Magic checks) (can make a Consume attack (see Racial Feats) if your opponent is on ¼ health or less).
Ravenous Hunger (can‘t be taken twice) (+1 movement hex per round and +5 to all weapons if you didn’t eat a bone yesterday)
Gnawing Hunger (you can make a Consume attack if your opponent is on ½ health)
Bone Magic (+5 to magic for every Bone eaten in the last 24 hours).

Note: you can take the same Racial Ability twice unless stated otherwise.

Racial Feats:


Strong Wings: +1 movement per round. (Cost: 3 Character Points) (Alternate XP: every time the Character moves his full movement it is capable of in a round gain 2 Speed (Character) XP, every time the Character moves his full movement-1 gain 1 Speed XP)
Consume Attack: +10 to hit (-5 for every 20cm bigger than you and +5 for every 20 cm smaller) 1D20+5 (Eat 1 Bone if you kill it). The Opponent MUST be on ¼ health (½ if you have the Gnawing Hunger Racial Ability) (cost: free. The Character gets it at Creation if they are a Batnian).

Racial Tiers:
some Tiers require the character to be a certain race as only those races have the physical, mental, psychic or specific training to use the feats that Tier encompasses (like Orcish Shaman requires the character to be orc or half-orc as they are the only two races with the ability to utilize their powers).
Orcish Shaman T1: Half-Orcs and Orcs. (Costs double the normal cost to buy the first time ) while Orcs don’t have access to Arcane Magic they can harness the Psychic powers of themselves and other Orcs around them (see Warhammer 40K Orks) (Note: Half-Orcs can’t access this Tier if they have the Human Magic Racial Ability) (+2 for all checks with this Tier for every Orc {including yourself} in the area {+1 for every Half-Orc in the area} {Max bonus 20}) this is mostly a monster tier but a PC can use it. I will add Sub-Tiers when I think of them.
Brute T1: Any except Batnian, Half-Elves or Elves. +5 to Strength, Endurance etc, +20 cm height (even if it goes above the normal height of the race).
More to be added later.

8. Feats/Spells:
this is EVERYTHING a character uses that needs a check to complete. From jumping off the wall onto an enemy to cleaving a Kobold‘s head open in one mighty blow to convincing the Duke to pay more gold for the head of the High Priest of the Cult. Everything that requires a check is helped in some way by Feats.

What a Feat/Spell needs:
Name: name of Feat/Spell.
Requirements to buy (if any): Cost, Race, Tier’s needed etc.
Requirements to use (if any): someone attacks you, an enemy casts fireball etc.
Keywords: Character, Tier1 used, Tier2 used, Tier3 used.
Element: Fire? Death? Steel? Wood? Etc.
Use: Is it Passive or Active?
Modifiers: are there any Modifiers on the To Hit roll? The range? The damage?
Effect: what does it do? On a miss?
Alternate XP Granted: is there? If so how is it different?
Rule Exceptions: pretty self-explanatory, does this ignore rules or do Feats affect this that wouldn’t normally?

Example of Feat/Spell:
Name: Dragon Breath.
Cost/Requirements to buy: 1 Racial Ability and Dragon-born as a Race.
Requirements to use: able to Breath.
Keywords: Character.
Element: choose 1 Element (Fire, Ice, Positive Energy, Negative Energy, Magic {see 8} etc)
Use: Active
Modifiers: Target’s (insert element here) resistance and Your Feats.
Effect: 2D6+ 6+ Modifiers.
Alternate XP Granted: N/A
Rule Exceptions: N/A

List of Feats/Spells:
Name: Toughness.
Cost/Requirements to buy: 2 points from anywhere (Character, Might, Necromancy etc).
Keywords: Character.
Resistance: N/A.
Element: N/A.
Use: Passive.
Modifiers: N/A.
Effect: +2HP at Character level up (Retroactive).
Alternate XP: Doesn’t give XP
Rule Exceptions: none I can think of.
More to be added later. Will contain list of Feats for all Tiers (Racial Feats above).

Background Feats:
at Character Creation choose 2 RELEVANT Feats from the following list:
Latent Magical Ability: you can prepare 1 spell a day (stacks) (if the cost to learn the spell is more than ½ {round down} your Character level you can’t prepare it) but you only get ½ the XP gain. Choose 1 spell at Character Creation to use as if you had brought the spell normally (cost must be 1-4, if you choose a higher cost you must wait until your Character level is 1/2 the cost {Example: Meteor Swarm is 8 points so Dave must be Character level 4 to use the spell}).
Wandering Hands: if there are people around you and you aren’t fighting the DM rolls a D6 on 1-3 you make a steal check -10 on a 4-6 you don’t. If the DM rolls 1-3 he rolls a D6 again on a 1-3 he tells you, you are stealing something on a 4-6 he doesn’t.
Watched by the Gods: +10 to all Divine Checks.
Sneaky Blighter: +10 to all Feats with Sneaky in its Keywords or seem Sneaky in the circumstances (DM’s discretion).
Blessed by (insert God here): +5 to Praying and 5 (insert Tier3 (Divine) here) points.
Trained Swordsman: +10 to all Melee attacks with a weapon.
Marksmen: +10 to all Ranged attacks.
(Insert Tier2 (magic) here) Specialization: no spell difficulty in that Tier (or its Sub-Tiers) but double spell difficulties in all other Magic Tiers. (Example: Dave takes Elemental Specialization and can Cast Orb of Many Elements, Fireball and Iceblock {etc} without Spell difficulty but Raise Dead (Necromancy) has double spell difficulty).

9. Resistances:
There are 3 resistance scales (Fire-Ice, Magic-Divine and Positive-Negative energy) going from 50%A,
-50%B through to the opposite (-50%A, 50%B) and everything in between. Every attack (Spell, Prayer, Ability etc) has at least one resistance. Some Feats can increase certain resistances (this doesn’t affect the opposing resistance unless stated otherwise). (Example1: Dave has -25% resistance to Ice and Serena Casts Cone of Frost (1D6 damage), if the attack hits it does an extra 1D2 {roll a D4, on 1-2 it does 1 damage on 3-4 it does 2}) (Example2: Bob has 50% Resistance to Negative Energy and -50% resistance to Positive Energy so if Serena uses Negative Healing {Heal spell using Negative Energy} it doesn’t heal as much but if she uses Positive Healing {Heal spell using Positive Energy} it heals more).

10. Character Creation:
this is where you create your character. First choose a name and Gender for your character (Hereafter called Dave). Choose Dave’s race (list of races down below). When that is done choose 2 Tier1s, 3 Tier2 and 3 Tier3’s (you can sell 1 Tier to level up another Tier of the same level (Example: Dave buys Magic and level up Magic for 2 Tier1 points).
Example: Divine T1, Magic T1, White T2 (divine), Necromancy T2 (magic), Elemental T2 (magic), Create Undead T3 (necromancy), Fire T3 (elemental), Tyr T3 (White). Gain Auto-Feats from the Tiers you selected. Then choose 2 of the 4 Racial Abilities provided. Choose your resistance levels.
After you have done that choose Dave’s height and weight. Choose 2 RELEVANT Background Feats (Background Feats above). Choose weapons equipment etc. you are now ready to play.
Example Character:
Name: Dave
Race: Elf
Size: Medium
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60Kg
Elf Feats: (Elven Accuracy) +5 to hit with a Bow and (Elven Magics) +5 to cast a Necromantic Spell.
Background Feats: Latent Magical Ability (Raise Undead {cost 5} and
Character Level: 1
Tier1s: Might and Magic
Tier2s: Ranged (might), Close Combat-light (might) and Elemental (magic).
Tier3s: Bows/Slings (ranged) 1-sword style (close combat-light) and Fire (magic).
Character Level: 1
(TC) Character XP: 0
(T1) Might XP: 0
(T1) Magic XP: 0
(T2) Ranged XP: 0
(T2) Close Combat-Light XP: 0
(T2) Elemental XP: 0
(T3) Bows/Slings XP: 0
(T3) 1-sword style XP: 0
(T3) Fire XP: 0
Equipment: Bow, 50 arrows, Long-sword, Spellbook, Robe (Opponent’s To Hit Mod -2) and Boots (no effects).
List of Feats: Elven Accuracy, Elven Magics, Latent Magical Ability, Bow Proficiency (+5 to hit), Sword Proficiency (+5 to hit) and Resist Elements (Extreme Weather checks +5).
Spellbook: Magic Missile, Orb of Many Elements and Fireball spell.
Resistances: 0% for everything

11. Turn-Based Combat:
Combat is made up of turns which are made up of rounds. There are 3 rounds in a turn. Casting a spell, shooting, moving and attacking all take 1 round (unless stated otherwise). At the beginning of your turn you write down what you want to do in the next 3 rounds (Example: Move North then Shoot Serena with a Crossbow then Move North-East.) everyone then states their first round and it all happens at the same time (Example: Drow Wizard casts Fireball at Serena, at the same time Serena shoots Drow Wizard with her Elven Bow).
Before round 2 happens players can say that they want to change their actions. If they do they must make an On-The-Fly check (concentration check) at a -20. (Example: Dave said he was going to cast Fireball at Serena but now wants to Slash Bob with his Long-Sword; he makes a -20 roll. He rolled 71-20=51; he just makes his check and can Slash Bob with his Long-sword).

If 2 people decide to attack each other at the same time a Duel occurs: they become so focused on the enemy at hand that if in the next round someone else attacks them they lose all Modifiers (except some Magical and Armour) (the person not attacked gets a win if the ROLL (not the total) is more than 74. Each round (including the one where the Duel was initiated) Combatants roll Dice and add their normal modifiers (including Opponents armour) as if they were attacking. The higher score gets a win and attacks normally (using the roll the won with). This continues until one of them has 3 wins (or one of them rolls a natural 100). The winner pushes the loser back 1 hex and makes a free attack (without any of the Opponent’s Modifiers unless they specifically say they remain {like Dueller Armour or specific Feats}) resoling a failed hit. {Example: Dave and Bob both attack each other with Long-Swords and initiate a Duel. Dave rolls 86+8 (+10 skill -2 Bob armour), Bob rolls 85+10 (+15 skill -5 Dave armour). Despite rolling higher and having better armour Dave is overcome by Bob’s skill with the blade and numerous cuts appear all over him. In the second round Bob’s ally Serena attacks Dave and rolls 76 causing him to take his eyes of the Duel long enough for Bob to gain the better of him but not enough to fully drive him back, fortunately Dave‘s friend Gary throws a Dagger between Serena‘s eyes knocking her out and saving Dave from losing the duel. In the same round Bob (on 2 wins) rolls 57+10 and Dave rolls 100!(auto-win) +8 Bob feeling demoralized at Serena’s KO responds to Dave’s blinding fast assault slower than he normally would. Dave following up on the attack pushes Bob back and nearly cleaves his head in two.}

If Dave attacks Bob, Bob attacks Serena, Serena attacks Anna and Anna attacks Bob (etc) then a Brawl forms:
A brawl is where 4 people attack each other. Every Round all 4 roll and don’t add any Modifiers unless they specifically state they apply in Brawls. The lowest takes 1D12 damage, 3rd takes 1D10 damage, 2nd takes 1D6 and highest takes 1D4. After 3 Rounds the person who took the most damage takes an extra 1D12, the person who took the second highest amount of damage takes 1D10, 3rd highest take 1D6 and the person who took the least takes 1 damage. If one of the Characters in the Brawl gets KO’ed they don’t get hurt anymore and you just get rid of lowest roll and highest damage taken.
Free Actions: you may use 1 Free Action a Turn at any time. There are Feats that allow some Actions to be Free and allow you to use more than one an encounter (Max 10).
If He Does: if you’re not sure what your Opponent is going to do you can ‘ready’ yourself for a situation: If He Does and If He Doesn’t. (Example: Dave is standing in front of Bob and Serena is in front of Bob’s ally Anna, Bob states that if Serena attacks Anna then he will throw his Dagger at her and draw his second Dagger). This applies until it is fulfilled, he states he won’t or he makes another If He Does situation. The action is a free action but doesn’t use up one of your Free Actions (see above). (This is basically a re-wording of Ready Actions for D&D) you can only make an If He Does at the start of your TURN (not round) and it only applies once (Example: you ready to shoot the first person to attack you. A kobold throws a dagger at you so you impale it on your arrow; a cleric then casts Smite You. You can’t shoot the cleric as a free action (unless you spend one of your Free Actions) because the If He Does is fulfilled.

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Part 2:

12. Dice:

The main dice needed: D100, D20, D6, and D4.
D100 table:
UberStrike: Natural 100 400%
Perfect: 97-100 300%
Critical: 92-96 200%
Semi-Critical: 80-91 150%
Hit: 60-79 100%.
Glancing: 55-59 50%.
Scratch: 50-54 10%.
Near-miss: 45 - 49 0% (some Things work (or part-work) on a Near-Miss).
Miss: 25 - 44 0%.
Mistake: 1 - 24 0% You're Unbalanced if you make a Mistake (Misfire if you’re Casting). SPOILER]

13. Gods: there are 2 kinds of Gods: Worshipped ones and Eternal ones.
Worshipped: most of the Gods known to the Mortal Races are present in this list. All gods were Eternal Gods but they interfered with creation too much and ignored their worshippers so Spodus decreed that the offending gods would be made to rely on their worshippers for life itself. This system worked fine for a while and Spodus allowed some Gods to become Eternal (On Probation).
Eternal: Eternal Gods have either been granted Eternal status by Spodus or never committed the act that forced Spodus to enforce the Worshipped status on them.
List of Worshipped Gods: Mortis: The God of Death and Limbo.
Cotan: the God of War, Orcs and Conflict.
Lilith: The Goddess of Life and Memories.
Arcanum: The God of Arcane Magic and the Descendants.
Malas: The God of Animals and Nature.
Tempus: God of time and Portals.
List of Eternal Gods: Spodus: the God of Balances, Alignment, Scales and Scaly Creatures (Dragons, Dragon-born etc). Alignment: Colourless.
Heross: Head God and God of Adventurers, the Struggle of Good and Evil and Dungeons.

Killing a god: a god can be defeated in three ways:
1. No priests/clerics/paladins etc who worship them (VERY hard to do) (Can be resurrected if future generations restart the church from history books). (This only works on Worshipped Gods)
2. Killing them on their home plane (Casoni for Black, Parth for Blue, and Hess for White etc.) (Can be resurrected with a deal with the other deities within 48 hours).
3. Binding them to the Mortal Plane and destroying the casing. (Can be resurrected with the Raise Dead Spell/Prayer cast with the God Meta-Spell {High Priests sometimes get this in case of emergencies}).
All of these can be thwarted in some way but are highly unlikely (recurring villain-god FTW :smallbiggrin:).

Heaven/Hell: a person’s alignment is chosen at Character Creation. Changing alignments requires a Change Alignment ritual performed by a High Priest of Spodus. The Ritual Components cost around 9,000pp (the Priest demands a Tithe of 1,000pp and the cost of Components so it costs 10,000pp). When you die (and aren’t resurrected) Spodus, the God of your alignment and the God you worship (if any) or servants of those gods weigh up your actions from birth (or your last alignment change {if any}) up until your Death. If your actions serve your Alignments main tenets (“Morals”) you go to that Heaven, if you do the opposite you go to that Hell if you’re in-between you are reincarnated and live a natural life (as the same alignment) and when you die you are rejudged.

Angels, Devils and Demons:
the name is practically interchangeable. An extra-planar being destroying your armies and aiding the enemy is a Demon but if the same extra-planar being was on your side and destroyed your enemies army they would be called an Angel. Devils are the jail keepers for the souls sent to hell (see above) while some may take greater than necessary pleasure in the eternal torment of trapped souls they are loyal to their own alignments (they do NOT have to be of the same alignment as the hell they are torturing people in).

Godly Blessings:
insert godly blessings here

14. Stances:
these give + and - to your attacks, Casting, Opponent’s attacks etc. it takes 1 round to change Stances. There is a Feat that makes changing Stance a Free Action.
Standard: this has no bonuses or penalties attached.
Aggressive: +10 to your melee To Hit rolls and +5 to Opponent’s melee To Hit rolls.
Defensive: -10 to Opponents To Hit rolls and -5 to your To Hit rolls.
Duelling Stance: (must have the Duellist Feat {character}) +10 to Your To Hit roll and +2 damage when in a duel.
Meditating: +10 to Casting and Prayers, +5 to Opponents To Hit rolls.
Sniper: +10 To Hit with a Ranged Weapon, +5 to Opponents To Hit rolls.
Deflect Arrows: -10 to Opponents To Hit rolls with Ranged attacks and -1 movement per round.
Charge: x2 movement per Round and +5 Damage to Charge attacks.
Unbalanced: you automatically become this for a round if you roll a mistake. -10 To Hit with everything (Melee, Casting, Ranged etc) +10 for Opponent’s To Hit roll, you can’t move.

15. Force:
Force is used to determine how strong a person/group is. Force is their Character Level x2 (unless otherwise stated). This lets you make an encounter equal to your party (bring balance to The Force :smallbiggrin:).

when half of you and your allies starting Force is nullified or you are outnumbered 2 to 1 (or more) (if both happen at the same time
-30 from your roll) you must make a Fear check +Your Force (not the group’s Force – yours). Each member in the group must make a separate roll (some Characters have the Fearless Feat and don’t roll Fear checks). If you fail a fear check roll a D6 on 1-3 you RUN! In the other direction 2x your normal movement. On a 4, 5 or 6 you surrender.

16. Magic:
Anyone (except non-magic races) can become an accomplished Caster, It just takes practice. How far and how fast depend on how many risks you are prepared to take, like melee combat really. You can focus on becoming a Fire Mage and burn your Enemies to death or train your Turn into Undead to convert entire graveyards of skeletons into shambling hordes of Undead under your control with one mighty spell. Every spell cast has a spell difficulty (like D&D DCs) more powerful spells have a higher difficulty while lower spells might even have negative difficulties (really easy casting!).
Misfire: if you roll a mistake when casting a spell look at this table:
Necromancy: XD4 damage where x=the Character level of the Undead you are raising, controlling or the character level of the person you are resurrecting or killing.
Elemental: xD6 (insert element used here {if orb of many elements was used it does Magic damage}) where x= the cost to buy the spell normally.
Summoning: roll a D6, on a 1-3 the creature appears but attacks you and your allies, on a 4-5 take xD6 damage where x= the character level of the creature summoned, on a 6 take xD4 damage where x= ½ the character level of the creature.

17. Praying:
Gods are very close by if you need them but you can only worship one so choose wisely. Some grant lots of Smite Enemy, others add some extra punch to Healing prayers etc. Choose which one you want to worship carefully because you CAN’T change gods ever (unless you Mind-Rape yourself {don’t Mind-Rape yourself :smallbiggrin:}).

18. Weapons:

Types of weapons:
every weapon has a type (some of more than one like the Throwing Dagger) this type allows you to advance your expertise in that field (Mini-Tiers)
Weapon Tiers: every weapon type is a weapon tier, when you use the same type of weapon 40 times you gain a +1 on the To Hit roll OR +1 on the Damage roll (Max +10 for both)
Throwing weapons (e.g. shurikan)
More might be added later (if I think of more).
How to make a Weapon: when making a weapon you should include the following: Name: Dur!
Type: see above.
Size: is it Very Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light or Very Light?
Attacks Disallowed: what attacks can’t you use? (Example: hammer can’t use slash).
Proficiency Bonus: + To Hit? + Damage?
Not Proficient Penalty: - To Hit? – Damage? Can’t use certain attacks?
Mastery Bonus: is it different? If so how?
Damage: self-explanatory, how much Damage does it do (like 1D6+3 or 1D12+1 etc).
T3 used: does it use Ranged (sneaky) or maybe Giant-Sword (close-combat heavy)? This allows for Feats and XP to be given out properly.
Height requirements: if applicable this has 4 parts:
1: Minimum to use (usually has a penalty involved).
2: Minimum to use without penalty.
3: Minimum to use two-handed.
4: Bonus Damage (how far above Requirement 3 to get a bonus, how much is the bonus). This is usually about 10cm (for every 10cm over the bonus you apply it again, this stacks 5 times ONLY {unless otherwise stated}).

Example of Weapon: Name: Longsword.
Type: Swords
Size: Medium
Attacks Disallowed: Crush.
Proficiency Bonus: +5 To Hit and +3 Damage.
No Proficiency Penalty: -5 To Hit and -1 Damage.
Mastery Bonus: Normal Bonuses.
Damage: 2D6+1.
T3 used: 1-Sword style (close-combat light). 2-Sword style (close-combat heavy) if using 2 weapons.
Height Requirements: 1: 100cm (Penalty= -5 To Hit).
2: 120cm.
3: 160cm.
4: +10cm (+2 To Hit and Damage).
List of Weapons: to be added.
Melee Weapon attacks: when you choose to attack (or use an ability that involves a melee attack) you can choose one of these attacks.
Normal (+0 To Hit) (+0 Damage).
Aggressive (-2 To Hit) (+3 Damage) (+5 on your next melee To Hit roll) (+2 on Opponents To Hit and Damage rolls for the remainder of the Turn)
Parry (-2 To Hit) (-1 Damage) (-7 on Opponents To Hit rolls for 3 Rounds {and this one}).
Cut (+5 To Hit) (-2 damage).
Slash (+4 To Hit) (+0 damage).
Riposte (Must use Light Weapon {or Medium Weapon with Medium Riposte Feat}) (Opponent must have missed) (+10 To Hit) (+5 To Hit).
Crush (-5 To Hit) (+1D10 Damage).
Bludgeon (Must use Warhammer) (Must have Bludgeon Feat) (-1 To Hit) (+1D10 +3 Damage).
KILL (Opponent must have ½ health) (must be Character Level 4 to use) (your Character Level must be Opponents Character Level -2 or higher) (-9 To Hit) (Instant Kill) (on a near miss it does 1D20+2 Damage).
More might be added later (if I can think of more).
Proficiency and Mastery: Proficiency [insert weapon here] is a feat allowing the character to lose the No Proficiency Penalty and gain the Proficiency Bonus. Mastery costs the same as Proficiency and (usually) doubles the Bonus. Some Weapons need Proficiency to be used and Mastery can allow disallowed attacks and give more (or less) To Hit and Damage bonuses.

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19. Examples of Combat: (only 1 at the moment)
Bob and Serena Vs Dave and Anna:
(Batnian) Bob (Force 2) and (Elf-Dwarf) Serena (Force 2) Vs (Half-Dwarf) Dave (Force 2) and (Aasimar) Anna (Force 2):
First Turn: Before anything else is done everyone writes down what their next 3 moves are.
First Round: Bob moves 2 hexes (he has the Fully-Formed Wings Racial Feat) North towards Dave,
Dave casts Fireball at Serena,
Serena Shoots Anna with a Bow,
Anna moves South-east.
Dave rolls 75-3 (-5 fireball difficulty +2 Magically Gifted Racial Ability) =72 =100% damage,
Serena rolls 56-10 (+5 Proficiency -10 Anna is moving -5 under attack) =46 =near-miss.
Dave does 1D6+3 (Serena has a -50% fire resistance so it does 1D6 +1D4 {reroll 4} +5) fire damage (Dave rolls a 4 and a 3) Dave does 12 Fire Damage to Serena.
Serena: 12HP, Bob: 24HP, Dave: 24HP, Anna: 24HP.
Round 2: Serena declares she wants to change her move. She makes a check. She rolls 85-20 (On-The-Fly check) =65 =made it.
She prays for Heal Self,
Bob uses a Free Action to change into the Charge Stance then Charges North 4 hexes into Dave,
Dave then spends his Free Action to go into Defensive Stance,
Anna prays for Smite Serena,
Dave tries to Cast Fireball at Serena.
Serena rolls 85-10 (Prayer Difficulty) =75 her god is listening and heals her,
Bob rolls 87-15 (-5 Charge Difficulty and -10 for Dave’s Defensive Stance) =72 =100% damage,
Anna rolls 45-15 (Prayer Difficulty) =30 her god is too busy elsewhere to Smite Serena,
Dave rolls 68-10 (-5 Spell Difficulty and -5 under attack) =58 =Glancing (50%),
Serena’s God heals her by 10 HP she is now on 22 HP,
Bob Charges Dave doing 1D6 +6 +3 (Charge Stance) (Bob rolls 5) Bob does 14 Damage to Dave,
Dave Casts Fireball at Serena doing 1D6 +3 (result is divided by 2) (Serena’s Fire Resistance is -50% so it does 1D6 +1D4 {reroll 4} +5) (Dave rolls 5 and 2) Dave does 12 Damage to Serena.
Serena: 10HP, Bob: 24HP, Dave: 10HP, Anna: 24HP.
Round 3: Dave declares he wants to make a change to his move. He makes a check. He rolls 64 -20 (Check Difficulty) =44 =miss. His mind doesn’t react fast enough and does what he was originally going to do (Cast Fireball at Serena),
Serena Prays for Smite Anna,
Anna uses her Free Action to go into Meditation Stance,
Anna Prays for Smite Bob,
Bob tries to Slash Dave with his Long-Sword,
Dave rolls 100-20 (-5 Fireball Difficulty, -5 under attack, -10 failed On-The-Fly check) =Natural 100 =UberStrike (400%)
Serena rolls 85 -20 (-15 Prayer Difficulty and -5 under attack) =65 =Hit,
Anna rolls 90-20 (-15 Prayer Difficulty and -5 under attack) =70 =Hit,
Bob rolls 49+0 (-10 Dave’s Defensive Stance and +10 Slash) =49 =Near-Miss,
Dave Casts Fireball at Serena doing 4D6 +12 damage (due to Serena’s -100% fire resistance it does 8D6 +24 Damage) Serena is engulfed by a Roaring Ball of Fire. When it dissipates only charred Bones remain.
Serena Prays for Smite Anna doing 1D4 +3 Damage (Serena rolls a 1) Serena does 4 Damage to Anna.
Anna Prays for Smite Bob doing 1D6 +6 Damage (different god) (Anna rolls 3) Anna does 9 Damage to Bob.
Serena: Dead, Bob: 15HP, Dave: 10HP, Anna: 20HP.
Bob makes a Fear check, Bob rolls 50-30 (half your starting Force is Nullified and Opponent’s Force is double your own) =20 =fail. Bob rolled a D6 and got 4, Bob dropped his weapon when he saw Dave wipe Serena out.

I might add another later.

20. NPC Races (Monsters)
list of Races and some regular Tier stats. They don’t have Background Feats, Racial Abilities etc unless otherwise stated (to cut down book-keeping):
Goblins: Tiny Creatures (~20Kg, ~100cm and live for 100 Years if they aren’t killed) that seem to get everywhere. They prefer the Sneaky T2 (Might) Tier than any of the others but don’t usually take the Unnoticed T3 (Sneaky) Tier preferring the Ranged T3 (Sneaky) and the Close-Combat T3 (Sneaky). They do sometimes take the Divine and Magic Tiers and those that do rise to power rather quickly as the other grovelling cowards that are their comrades realize they would rather serve a Goblin Mage or High Priest than be a pile of dust. They are the Staple Adventurer-Fodder that Villains use to stop pesky Adventurers from prying to deeply in their business. -3HP at Character level up. Their Force is = to 2x Character level -1.
Dragons: Giant Long-Living Element-Breathing Lizards who generally like to invest heavily in the Magic Tier (where is up to you). These Lizards are the master minds behind and against various plots to take over kingdoms/territory/gold/the world. +6HP at Character level up. A Dragons Force is = to 4x their Character level rather than the normal 2x.
Gods: Look like humans (some exceptions) they generally use Divine T1 with their T3 being themselves (Double Effect when praying and rerolling if the result is 45-49). +10HP at Character level up. A God’s Force is = to 8x their Character Level rather than the normal 2x
Undead: they might be natural occurrences or the result of a Necromancer but Undead are generally mindless shambling zombies or skeletons seeking god knows what (probably a way to rest in peace) (Orcs can’t be Raised). Necromancers exert their will over the mindless hordes they have raised telepathically (no Range limit and can be commanded without speaking or moving. Despite common belief Undead are actually better in direct sunlight rather than night-time. Human height, 30-50Kg, Unlive until destroyed (around 6months-1year). -2HP at Character level up. Undead are generally of a White alignment because they serve their Raiser faithfully no matter what.
There a three sub-races of Undead; Neutral Undead, Positive Undead and Negative Undead. When this.
Neutral Undead: can only be Raised naturally or by Spells not Prayers unless otherwise stated (some Colourless Deities allow Neutral Undead to be raised but not all and no coloured Deities offer it). They are the only sub-race not to have a Racial Resistance to Positive or Negative Energy. Most (but not all) naturally occurring (not Raised by Prayer or Spell) Undead are of this type as it is the Raising that imbues them with Negative or Positive Magic (or Deity power).
Positive Undead: these Undead give off a faint light (-5 to hide in Dim light and -10 in the Dark) and are generally considered to be the only Good Undead (they are as Good as all the other sub-races). +5 Positive Resistance and Negative Heal Prayers and Spells deal damage instead of healing.
Negative Undead: these Undead seem to suck the light out of the surroundings and gain nourishment from it (+2HP per round when in bright sunlight and +1HP per round when in normal sunlight {light-giving Spells can replace sunlight but the Negative Undead must pass a check +0 to gain sustenance). +5 Negative Resistance and
I will be adding more later.

NPC Racial Tiers:
Racial Tiers for NPC Races. To be added later.

NPC Templates (Liches etc)
A creature can only have 1 Template:
Liches: cost: 10 Character Points. Gain a Phylactery (Respawn at Phylactery if dead {takes 10 days}) must have bought Necromancy before adding the Template. A Lich ignores spell difficulty when Casting spells with Necromancy as a Keyword and gets a +2 HP at character level up (Retroactive).
Minions: must select at Creation (not really an issue as they are usually in 1 encounter). Minions are the mooks guarding the gate or the sucky front-line infantry in the invading army. Minions get ½ HP per Character Level. They can’t have more than 1 T1 (unless it is Divine and Magic) per 10 Character Levels (so a level 1-10 Minion can’t have more than 1 T1 {except Divine +Magic), a level 11-20 Minion can’t have more than 2 (even Divine +Magic + something is forbidden) .Perception Check -10 to see the difference between a Minion and a normal creature. They have a Force = to ½ what a non-minion of the same race has.
Citizens: Not everybody is an adventurer yet they do things repeatedly enough that by 30 they should be Character Level 100+!! Citizens choose up to 2 Tiers at Creation and cannot add a 3rd or 4th no matter what. They can’t level up their Character Level (and so stay at low HP To Hit Mods etc) but can Level their T1, T2 and T3’s as much as they want.
Guards: is the person you are creating too strong for a Citizen but not strong enough for a Hero? Then you need the guard template. It has ½ HP +1 T1 Level (can’t buy another, it must be used for levelling a T1) and can have up to 2 T1s.

21. Example Creatures:
Bob the Goblin: Bob serves one of Dave’s lower level lackeys in charge of taking over a town. He is dabbling in Necromancy to try and overthrow the lackey and take his place.
HP: 9
Character level: 1
Magic T1 (level 2)
Necromancy T2 (magic)
Elemental T2 (magic)
Negative Energy (elemental)
Raise Undead T3 (necromancy)
Fire T3 (elemental)
Stat up some feats/spells etc and you have a Goblin Elemental Necromancer. If you need another duplicate him and change him a bit. He can make reappearances at later levels by simply levelling him up and you’re set. You know have a functional Goblin you can use in other games and this one if you level him up.
Dave the Lich Dragon: An evil dragon who wants to rule this plane (and others when he gets the chance). He uses Lackeys to conquer Cities/Kingdoms/Towns etc.
Template: Lich
HP: 60
Character level: 3
Magic T1 (level 3)
Necromancy T2 (level 2) (XP: 20/40)
Raise Undead T3 (level 3)
Control Other Undead T3 (level 3)
Death Magic T3 (level 3)
Resistances: 0% Magic, Divine, Fire, Ice. 50% Positive Energy
Again just add feats/spells maybe level and adjust accordingly.
These took me 5 minutes to cook up altogether (although I didn’t add feats/spells so it would probably take 10 mins each for a detailed creature). If this turns into an actual game (sold in stores, made by a company etc) I will probably make a book (think Monster Manual) detailing a variety of Creatures/Roles with Tiers, Feats and Spells included.

22. Miscellaneous rules:
Healing in combat: if someone Prays or Casts a Heal in combat and the damage healed is greater than the damage inflicted in the fight then the receiver gains the remainder as extra hit points that dissipate at the end of the encounter.

Animal Companion: when you buy Magic T1, are a Belkan or buy Malas T3 (Divine) you gain one of the following (this stacks {Example: Dave the Belkan at Character Creation buys Magic and Divine, he chooses Malas as his T3 (divine) so he gets 3 Animal Companions}):
Baby Dragon: shoots Fireball as if it was a spell (he gains XP for it but ALL points {except Character points} must go to Feats that upgrade Fireball in some way and can’t buy other spells. It has the Dragon Claws Dragonborn Racial Ability. It can level up Magic normally. +4HP per Character Level, they weigh 50-60Kg and are 100cm from nose to tail tip, 70cm wingspan and 60cm tall. Once per turn they can fly double their normal speed.
Baby Bear: stats added later
Giant Spiderling: stats added later
Baby Boar: stats added later
Impling: stats added later
An Animal Companion doesn’t gain XP unless stated otherwise and Levels up when its Master does. If you can have more than 1 Animal Companion then you can choose the same Creature twice (Example: a Belkan Cleric of Malas can have two Baby Dragons, he must choose different names for them and can spend their Character Points in different ways). The list might be added too later.

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Aran Banks
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IMO, get rid of the alignment-derived bonuses. I shouldn't want to minmax my alignment if I don't want to, and adding mechanical effects makes such a thing desirable.

2010-08-19, 11:49 AM
Under alignment, it should be "tenets (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tenet)," not "tenants (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tenant)."

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@Temotei: I'll edit it when i have more time
@Aran banks: this is a work in progress and i dont minmax so any ideas to stop minmaxing will be great.
@everyone: what do you think of the race abilities? any ideas for a name?