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2010-08-19, 04:11 PM
So im cooking up some alien races for my little d20 future game, and im wondering if their balanced.

The Morkath

The morkath are a hulking race of warriors, related to earth's crustaceans. A morkath resembles a sort of bipedal crab, with hands in place of pincers, a hard exoskeleton, and very little in the way of necks. They are omnivores, but generally prefer uncooked seafood, making Morkath restaurants rare in the human dominated Sol system. Morkath love to sing, a sound resembling whalesong, but take great pains to keep this tendency a secret, lest it make them appear "softshelled" to other species.

+2 Str, -2 Int. Morkath are strong and well muscled. Morkath are not truly unintelligent, but tend to spend a longer time pondering things than other races.

Base Speed: 20. Morkath are bulky and slightly slow. However, due to their immense strength, they never suffer movement penalties from medium or heavy loads
Exoskeleton: Morkath receive a +1 natural armor bonus, due to their hard shells.

Lukewarm Blood: Morkath suffer a -2 penalty to Fortitude and Reflex saves in cold environments, and receive 150% damage from cold based weapons. Morkath are not truly cold blooded, but are not physically suited to deal with the cold
Heavy Handed: Morkath receive a natural slam attack, dealing 1d6 damage. Morkath are naturally inclined towards melee combat
Aquatic: Morkath receive a +4 bonus to Swim
Powerful Voice: Morkath receive a +2 bonus to Intimidate.


More to come!

Edit: And heres more.

The Cyrilians
The Cyrilians are a subtle, deft race descended from avians. They stand about the same height as and adult human, but are noticeably thinner, especially around the waist. Their skin is slightly leathery, and covered in several places by patches of dry, snakelike scales. Cyrilians tend to have strict codes of personal honor that often lead them into conflict with other species. Their culture is divided into castes, but any Cyrilian encountered in Sol is likely to be one of the casteless, either an exile or a renegade.

+2 Dex, -2 Con. Cyrilians are agile and dexterous, but their hollow bones make them somewhat fragile.

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 30

Low Light Vision: Cyrillians retain their visual acuity in darker conditions.

Leaper: Cyrilians receive a +4 to Jump. Their powerful legs and hollow bones increase the distance a Cyrillian can jump.

Honor Bound: Cyrillians receive a +2 bonus to will saves. Their cultures focus on personal honor reinforces their resolve.


The Leshan
The Leshan are a species superficially similar to humans. They are lithe, bipedal humanoids descended from a type of gliding mammal. Their facial features are human like, with slightly smaller noses and slightly larger, triangular ears. They have vestigial patagia at the junction of their arms and torso, and thin semi-prehensile tails. Their skin tones are often striking shades of indigo and blue, and their eyes glow faintly in the dark. Their culture is often mistaken for hedonistic by humans, but simply possesses a lust for life many cultures have forgotten. The fact that their species evolved in a slightly lower oxygen environment than earth causes them to feel energized and alive in atmospheres developed for humans.

+2 Cha, -2 Str. Leshan are lithe and attractive, but having evolved in slightly lower gravity, are not as strong as other species

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 30

Prehensile Tail: A Leshan's tail grants them a +2 bonus to Balance. In addition, a Leshan can use her tail to manipulate or grasp items of Small or smaller size, but cannot use it for tasks that require digits, like operating a cell phone or wielding a weapon. A leshan can use their tail to hang upside down, freeing up their hands for other tasks.

Pheromone Attraction: Leshan emit a special pheromone that grants them a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks.

Darkvision: Leshan have darkvision out to 150 ft.

Keen Ears: Leshan receive a +2 bonus to Listen.


The Vareans
The Vareans are stout race with a natural aptitude for technology. They have a passing resemblance to earths armadillos, but are actually a bipedal, marsupial species. Vareans have six small eyes arrayed in threes on either side of their wedge shaped heads, above their wide, expressive mouths. While short and stocky, they lack none of the manual dexterity of other races. Vareans have large, soft, leathery plates covering most of their backs and shoulders, but this provides little protection, and is theorized to be the vestigial remains of the heavy shells the species once possesed. Their culture is focused on the extended famiy, and Vareans often make their way as traders and tinkers travelling in small clans. Most individual Vareans in the Sol system live on clan-ships passing through the system, but a few have been left behind or orphaned.

+2 Int, -2 Str. Vareans are often briliant engineers, but lack the physical strength of other species.

Size: Small

Base Speed: 20

Scavenger: Vareans gain the Ultra Immune System feat as a bonus at first level. Vareans are scavengers by nature, and their immune systems have adapted to support this.

Low Light Vision: Vareans retain their visual acuity in darker conditions.

Jumpy: Vareans suffer a -1 to attack rolls if suprised. Vareans are somewhat excitable.

Fixit: Vareans receive a +4 to Repair and Knowledge (Tech). Vareans posses a natural aptitude for technology.

Eyes Peeled: Vareans receive a +2 bonus to Spot. Vareans multiple eyes give them a slightly wider field of vision than most.

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They look pretty good, I'm not familiar with d20 future but I still like them all the same.