View Full Version : (3.5) Good lvl 1 adventures?

2010-08-20, 09:08 PM
So I haven't DM'd 3.5 in a long time, and back when I did I wrote my own stuff. Need some help finding a lvl 1 adventure, preferably short and not too open ended.

Thanks : )

2010-08-20, 10:31 PM
I'd suggest about everything here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=164901
As an added bonus, they're free.

I ran the three mentioned in quick succession last summer when the group I DM for was having various travel/timing issues and we couldn't guarantee being able to follow up on a story the next week...or two or three. It was handy having a lot of one-night-adventures to play to tide us over along the road to the next city while everyone got past the rough patches in their schedules.

Scarey Nerd
2010-08-21, 03:24 AM
I cast my vote for The Burning Plague, it was the first adventure I ever played and the amount of hilarity that ensued was fantastic.

2010-08-21, 03:46 AM
Kill a bunch of dire rats in a tavern basement.

2010-08-21, 03:59 AM
Paizo's Hollow's Last Hope. Best part - it's free.