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2010-08-22, 12:15 AM
The Bolt-Shield is a strange and unique, alien weapon. It's name is unpronouncable in human or, for that matter, any language on the known planes. It is an oval shaped device that affords great protection but at the same time has two bladed rims on the elongated side of the shield. In a concave center of the shield is a strange looking device. It has two circular holes that drop back into the center of the shield. This powerful weapon/protection takes a pack of twenty bolts. The wielders hand slides into an internal grip in the shield that has a trigger for one finger.

This weapon has three uses, ranged offense, melee offense and melee defense. The bolts deal 1d6 damage each and critical on a 19-20 dealing x2 damage and two may be fired as a single standard action, with a range increment of 80ft. As a melee weapon it deals 1d8 damage unless used in a ride by attack wherein it deals 2d8 damage. The shield provides a +3 shield bonus unless it is used to attack in melee, wherein it provides no shield bonus. It retains it's shield bonus if used in ranged combat. The weapon/shield weighs approximately 15 lbs.

Each bolt pack costs 60gp and weighs 1 lbs.

The weapon/shield itself costs 750gp.

It requires Exotic Weapon Profiency: Mothership to wield as a weapon as well as Shield Proficiency to wield in defense.

Two Motherships may be dual wielded however they take the appropriate penalties for doing so. If dual wielded the shields may only fire two darts (either one from each shield or two from one shield. Author note: This stops the user firing 4 bolts every attack, ouch).

Due to the wielders hand being inside the weapon holding the grip the wielder may not maneuver any objects or pick up anything small or minor.

2010-08-22, 02:21 AM
I might need a picture.

2010-08-22, 02:30 AM
If it requires shield proficiency, why does it give you an armor bonus?

2010-08-22, 04:38 AM
*grins* Good catch! Shield bonus will replace armor bonus....Bad wording.

And if I could draw....I would show you.

Imagine an hill shape. This is your shield. Dig a cave into this hillside, this is where your two holes emit bolts from the bolt back. The shields are worn like a glove. The hill has two blades either side of it. Now minimize this hill to fit on someones arm.

Sort of like an elongated armadillo. Minus the tail. Dammit I wish I could draw.

2010-08-22, 09:51 AM
I can sculpt a lot better than I can draw... could you buy some play-doh or something, see if you can make it, and then take some pictures?

Sculpy or other polymer clay would be even better of course. You bake those in your oven, which turns them hard... it would require working at a small scale since it is sold in 2 ounce packs normally and that is a 2 to 3 dollars if I remember correctly.

2010-08-22, 04:56 PM
I may just get my father to do it. Old as he is he's still the best artist I know. Amazing at what he does. It'll be a while though. He rarely draws anything he didn't think up himself. Clay is a good idea.