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2010-08-22, 02:48 AM
So, made a tiefling Rogue 1/Swashbuckler 3. Where to go next? The first two feats (Hand Crossbow Focus and Versatile Combatant) are from Drow of The Underdark. Nifty book for these types of characters...

STR: 12
DEX: 21 (level 4)
CON: 14
INT: 16
WIS: 12
CHA: 10

1: Hand Crossbow Focus (+1 to hit, reload as a free action. Acts as Weapon Focus for feats.)
3: Versatile Combatant ( TWF with rapier and hand crossbow, shoot crossbow in melee with getting an attack of opportunity on you)

Swashbuckler 1: Finesse

I am of course maxing out Disable Device, Open Lock, Use Magic Device, Tumble, Move Silently, Hide, Spot, Search, Listen, all the usual suspects....

I was planning on a few more rogue levels next, at least until I qualify for Daring Outlaw.

Feats I was considering: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot Daring Outlaw, (Duh)
Crossbow Sniper (sneak attack out to 60', add 1/2 DEX to damage) Rapid Shot, Improved Rapid Shot, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, At Home in the Deep (another DoTU feat, allows you to see through magical Darkness).

Where should I go from here? DM is super stingy with equipment, wouldnt giving me starting wealth for my level, I had to use Jedi Mind Tricks on him just to get a Mithril Chainshirt. Can't start with magical equipment... I was allowed Masterwork weapons though.

Also, he doesnt seem to understand the concept of Level Adjustments. He is telling me, because I am a level 4 Tiefling, I have to wait til the Half dragon Cleric 1 is level 4 before i can level up... which will make the Half Dragon ECL 8? and me still at 5....

The Tielfing part is non negotiable, we played one session, and the fact that I can scout ahead without visible light has been a boon... We are doing the Largest Dungeon in the World btw.

Any suggestions for Feats or skill tricks, or items would be nice. I might be able to use my Jedi Mind Trick 1/day shenanigan to convince him to let me have another item next time. :smallwink:

ex cathedra
2010-08-22, 03:53 AM
Could you perhaps be a lesser Tiefling? The main advantage of the standard tiefling is the Outsider type, which... does very little for people who don't need the weapon proficiencies and can't cast alter self. The lesser tiefling is detailed in the back of PGtF, but it effectively drops the Outsider type and the associated traits (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typessubtypes.htm#outsiderType) in order to reduce its level adjustment to +0.

Crossbow Sniper and Daring Outlaw are definitely good picks, as would be Craven. I would stick with rogue until level 3 or 4, and either switch back to Swashbuckler before you lose another point of BAB or find a way to prestige class out.

2010-08-22, 02:49 PM
Okay, well again... My DM seems to not understand ECL. It doesnt matter if Im a level 4 Tiefling, or a level 4 Lesser Tiefling. I still wont advance until others are level 4. He doesnt understand that template and monstrous races are equivalent to class levels. IF Im a Tiefling, well, at least certain things dont affect me, like Hold Person. If Im a lesser Tiefling, I still will be level 4, and instead of being ECL 5, I'll be down to 4. Again, i coulda been a Half Celestial level 4, and I doubt he'd notice the difference.

I'd forgotten about craven.... Should i get Crossbow Sniper before or after Daring Outlaw? IF i get Craven, it will be later, when its affects will be felt the strongest, maybe 12 or 15. maybe,

6: Crossbow Sniper
9: Daring Outlaw
12: Point Blank shot or Craven?
15: Precise Shot?
18: I. Initiative?

Also, any "good" Flaws that wont affect my melee or ranged combat, that I could milk some feats out of?

2010-08-22, 02:54 PM
Okay, well again... My DM seems to not understand ECL.Explain it to him then. ECL = LA + RHD + class levels.
Also, any "good" Flaws that wont affect my melee or ranged combat, that I could milk some feats out of?Vulnerable is pretty mild. Murky-eyed depends on DM's style, but note that if there's concealment you wouldn't get SA anyhow.

2010-08-22, 03:59 PM
I spent 20 minutes talking with him, and trying to get him to understand ECL. It didnt stick, and it was all I could do to shrug, smile, and ignore it. I dislike it when people try to DM, and have little grasp of the basic fundamentals of the game.

Vulnerable isnt too bad, but I prefer not to take murky eyed... everyone takes it, if given a chance. However, that is a good point: Concealment is concealment, whether you miss the first time or the second, no sneak attack damage for you!

Thanks for the help everyone, Im just trying to make what I have better, in case the DM is truly unable to understand the ECL problem our party has, and won't let me level for awhile. I'll need to keep up somehow.