View Full Version : D&D 4E: Dark Sun Creature Catalog???

2010-08-22, 01:02 PM
I couldn't find this book last night at Barnes & Noble OR Borders. I just checked B&N.com and it says it's not out until the 31st. D&D Product Catalog still lists it came out on the 17th.

So what's the deal? Does anybody have this book yet? :smallfurious::smallsigh::smallannoyed:

EDIT: Just checked Amazon and it agrees with B&N's date.

2010-08-22, 01:04 PM
Barnes and Noble usually gets books a little later than the general release date.

2010-08-22, 01:27 PM
yup i got both the setting & catalog earlier this month at my FLGS. DS monsters are a bit more destructive then their same level equivalents in other books.